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moscow and these are the headlines a group of alleged neo nazis go on trial in moscow accused of killing dozens of people in ethnically motivated crimes investigators claim the gang was part of the national socialist society on one to turn russia into a nazi state. authorities are hunting for the attackers behind a series of explosions at a power plant in the north caucasus two security guards were killed when the assailants stormed into the station in what authorities have called an act of subversion. wall street is slapped for the biggest financial reforms in decades but some economists say the bill is a watered down version that's way off the mark if you as president obama sacrificing consumer protection to suit the republicans who opposed the changes and demanded modification. at an arab them convicted of rape by deception for having consensual sex with a jewish girl in israel says the ruling highlights racism in the country couples who choose love over cultural differences say to you persecuted by the state and
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have to flee to keep their relationship going. israeli palestinian conflict is continuing to divide the middle east r.t. said down with journalist and author jonathan koch who says that israel is a regional bully and actually benefits from the division. what i have jonathan cook a freelance journalist and author of three books mr cook thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. you are the only western journalist to be based here in nazareth the largest arab town in israel what kind of different insight does this give you to the conflict as opposed to most foreign journalists who are based in the centers of tel aviv jerusalem and ramallah that location in itself. tends to select the focus of your work tends to prejudge what the issues major issues here are in the conflict and i think journalists who are based in the normal cities like jerusalem and tel aviv
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tend to assume that the conflict began in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven that is a product of the occupation of the palestinian territories the west bank and gaza whereas my focus has been based being based inside israel in a palestinian or arab community how do you want to describe it is to see that conflict predates nine hundred sixty seven why do you feel that is all should not be classified as a democracy bearing in mind that the arab community here can vote they can form their own political parties this idea that just because you have voting rights therefore you live in a democracy so superficially it sounds persuasive but actually it's not very persuasive and one of the ways to highlight that is by looking at the very early years the first twenty years of israel's existence when the palestinians inside israel lived under a military government. they couldn't move outside of their communities without a permit from military government a government they lived under martial law but during that period they had full voting rights so where they are living under in a democracy the question really is how did israel engineer
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a situation where it could give voting rights to its palestinian minority and not feel threatened by me today there are there are several palestinian parties but it's none of them have ever been allowed to serve in the government none of them of held any positions of responsibility what's happened is that you could. only participate in the government if you subscribe to this position which is that the jews are a privileged population inside the country this isn't just about the parliament it applies to many other kinds of spheres of life for them for instance there's no the palestinian minority have no control over their schooling their curriculum is decided by the jewish majority. they you know it was only revealed a few days ago that for the first time in sixty years sixty years after israel's creation that there would be bus services running to arab communities in your book blood and religion you've accused israel of a long slow process of ethnic cleansing but do you not think the fact that since nine hundred forty nine the arab israeli population as well as the palestinian
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population within the west bank and gaza the fact that those populations have grown considerably doesn't that challenge the theory you put forward well it's grown yes but the question is not just about the numbers it's also a question about where they live and of course there's been a lot of ethnic cleansing going on in the last seventy sixty seventy years as we've seen the population of palestinians being driven further of further away from what israel would want to claim i mean israel hasn't defined its borders so you know the problem is defining israel but this question of where palestinians live of course is crucial to the whole idea of ethnic cleansing and also questions of depending on how you define it genocide there are there are definitions in international law about genocide. and some people would argue that actually what israel is doing qualifies as genocide whether one wants to adopt that view or not there's very clear issue here about where palestinians are being allowed to live and slowly
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they've been pushed further and further out of their historic homeland to the very margins of it now outside of it and that's a process of very clear ethnic cleansing now there's a question of what's going on now you know this in agent from gaza created a whole question about whether gaza was can. part of the palestinian people for most israeli jews now they consider gaza to be a separate state that no longer under occupation even though it's besieged on all sides by israel. and therefore in a sense out of the picture the question is what israel is planning to do with other palestinian groups is what we said the change the oath upon entering the israeli parliament no longer do members of parliament swear allegiance only to the state of israel but also to a jewish democratic state why do you think this happened what is the significance well this is part of a much wider trend to do with loyalty what it would boil to legislation as the government's now calling it mr mr lieberman's party. this far right party i've
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already mentioned he he he got elected on a plan he's the third largest party in the parliament he was elected on the platform of no loyalty no citizenship and his party has been introducing a series of bills to try and ensure that palestinian citizens have less and less legitimacy within the political system not all of the bills are being passed but but they're changing the whole discourse in israel now into one in which the assumption is that palestinians are not loyal they have should have no rights they have to prove their loyalty and so this is very much part of that whole search the same kind of move you talk about lack of loyalty but recently in elders where the member of parliament earnings wabi lost some of her purpose just because she participated in the fatality which some israelis felt essentially put her head wall with as well but it's a strange idea that you need to be at war with humanitarian activists to try to bring aid to people of gaza. i have asked question for all of us we should look at
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say what is it legitimate to attack in international waters a boat taking aid to people who are you know what according to all the all the surveys taken by by international bodies like united nations are suffering from malnutrition many other things so but for haneen of course it was a very different situation and she's not only doing that as a concern globe. citizen but she's also doing it because it's her people she is a member of the palestinian people as a various commentators in the media pointed out the much more sympathetic ones than with the new find in most of the parliament for instance but they're suggesting that if if there were jews struggling under the same kind of blockade in the same kind of threats that the people of gaza are suffering under the first thing that israel would be doing all the jewish people would be doing it would be organizing fertility flotillas of humanitarian aid and the idea that they should be attacked militarily would outrage the world and i don't think that there's anything any reason to take a different view in the case of the palestinians you've stated that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu his first term of office was characterized by the
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deceit of the american president clinton and also attempts to destroy the peace process do you believe that the strategy continues now in his second term of office he's saying to a group of settlers he doesn't think he's being filmed he doesn't realize he's being filmed but he tells the this group of settlers exactly what he did in his first term in the late ninety's during the all slow process and that what he did was to deceive bill clinton to give if away very small areas of occupied territory in return for agreements that they wouldn't have to give much larger areas of occupied territories and thereby destroy the whole principle of the of oslo process and of course although he doesn't say it that very much explains the palestinian reaction which led to the second intifada course this palestinians are very aware that netanyahu wasn't giving anything away let's be clear it wasn't just netanyahu this this whole process carried on with other prime ministers so the palestinians saw that actually there was no good faith to the americans were either being deceived or were allowing themselves to be sick and that there was no hope of
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a palestinian state ability what we see netanyahu do this time which is so different we've seen him make minimal concessions to the americans after a huge amount of arm twisting by americans he's almost destroyed the relationship with washington by recruits. he's powerful zionist lobby in washington to his to his course so he showed he's very unwilling to make any kind of serious concessions to the palestinians while following on from what you've said is this was my you say that israel actually once and benefits from the chaos of the middle east well i've argued that israel is in favor of chaos in the middle east partly because. it's following in a tradition of well known colonial tradition of dividing and rule one that israel has implemented in the occupied territories the lesson israel learned from that is it's a very effective way of stopping any kind of resistance to your plans the palestinians have struggled to to counteract israel's initiatives because they've been so
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divided. it's been a very useful strategy inside israel in the occupied territories you say that the fact that they started relatively large jewish community around makes you skeptical of the threat that iran poses to israel and you've also ridiculed comparisons between at and then. do you not think that israel has cause for concern reason to be afraid of a nuclear iran jewish population in tehran of at least twenty thousand maybe thirty thousand people who are living quite seemed quite happily there when they talk about their lives there they seem to be very comfortable they don't seem to be any signs of that they've been persecuted why would iran not start if it wanted to if it had this kind of racial hatred of jews if the iranian regime was really just a kind of symbol of a new hitler regime not nazis why would they not be starting with their own iranian
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population the reason that israel can't allow iran to have you clearly this is because if iran developed its own nuclear arsenal it would totally change the balance of power in the middle east at the moment israel has it's the regional bully it has the nuclear weapons it can pull them out as it has done several times in the past most notably during the night in seventy. three war where it threatened the u.s. that it might use those weapons if it wasn't riyadh and that's why the americans had to come in and intervene it has that kind of ability to pressure america and terrorize the rest of the neighborhood if you like because they have nuclear weapons now if iran had nuclear weapons there would be a balance of power there be this mutually assured destruction principle which we may not may not be the ideal principle but at least it's something in terms of. counteracting the benefits that israel has of the only nuclear power what is the solution we disappoint to a one state solution i'm support anything that brought peace and gave palestinians and israeli jews the right to live happy contented lives. the question is how do
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you achieve that now some people say you can do it through two state solution i don't actually think that's even technically possible any longer if it ever was we're talking about very small areas of land that would be left to the palestinians nobody's talking about it being a militarized state who control the borders i mean there are all sorts of questions that nobody really wants to look at in any kind of depth at the moment because everybody knows the answers would mean that this wouldn't really be a proper state but i don't think it would end the conflict i think it might postpone it very briefly but we would just end up with the same kind of conflict my argument has been that you almost certainly need to do that in the context of a one state solution doesn't make things simple it's still going to be very difficult but at least you can see that technically it would it would it's possible it could work we're already seeing israeli groups starting to back the idea of one state solution it's interesting that the senior members of netanyahu particularly could party the right wing party were actually a forefront of pushing for the idea that palestinians and israeli jews might share
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the land together realizing the some of them have done a pretty size the whole concept that that's very key to the whole left in israel which is the idea that peace will come through some kind of segregation the the argument that some people are making is once you create these banta stones in the first one is garza what you actually end up with is endless war jonathan karl thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. .
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areas which are made to believe. there is no. illusion. the shooters against. a group of alleged nuances go on trial in moscow accused of killing dozens of people in aspic only motivated crimes investigators claim the gang was part of the national socialist society and wants to turn russia into a nazi state. authorities are hunting for the attackers behind
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a series of explosions at a power plant in the north caucasus two security guards were killed when the assailants stormed into the station and while the sorties have called them absent some version of. wall street the slabs were the biggest financial reforms in decades but some economists say the bill is a watered down version that's way off the mark they have used president obama's second fison consumer protection to suit the republicans who opposed the changes and demanded modifications. of their of man convicted of rape by deception for having consensual sex with a jewish girl and israel says the ruling highlights racism in the country couples who choose over cultural differences say need feel persecuted by the state and have to sleep to keep their relationship going. well breeze as of today those are the headlines i'll be back at the top of the hour with more updates for you in the meantime we've got the sports news was.
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better there will come to this. things for joining us for this hour let's take a quick look at our top stories. it is a victory defending champ a nickel a dividend through to the third round of the masters. plus we've got all the action from the russian premier league in this week's girls gold. and taking it slow. snails get the stakes on in a race with world glory at stake. and we'll start with football where in the russian premier league spots are beaten sabir five three this is a match. back in game with the leaven and a re each came out with a double so their names for the red lights this victory means for the coppins men
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moved to seventh in the league while their opponents from the severe scots struggling as their seconds from home with only eight points. now to france footballers have been questioned by police about an alleged underage prostitution ring karim benzema and frank ruby were detained in paris on tuesday robbery scene here is in those to have paid for sex when with an underage prostitute as a birthday present to himself. is accused of flying zazen up to germany when she was just seventeen although he says he thought she was over the legal age of eighteen real madrid starker in buddhism i was also quizzed by officers investigating an underage prostitution ring both plays deny wrongdoing but guilty they could face up to three years in jail. and i saw the kontinental hockey league has announced the official calendar for the coming season the garden cup holders and last season's runners up now renamed united health clubs
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will play the opening game of the regular season eight september and preside those games will start on the twenty third of february all matches in the knockout stage will be the steps of the series remember the season two new teams join the league in the form of you draw from intimacies and the like inside lives. tennis now and world number six nickel a dividend has got off to a quick start in his defense companion assists searches for his first title since returning from a wrist injury last month the russian is stops it at the german open and received into the second round where he took on frenchman for i think the made a quick job of it storming six three six one victory in less than sixty minutes and he never faced a breakpoint in the process the next place because i enjoyed that a bit and says this is that i am number one here and she i need
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should be win this tournament then i need to find my form and just after the first match we'll see what's happened in a second. it's a rest day in the tour de france on wednesday and with just another four stages to go the main title contenders have been talking up the chances spain's better can target is both the defending champion and they held of the yellow jersey that's tough to stealing the late from of luxembourg on monday night but czech is still hot on his heels. ride it trails by in their eight seconds brimming with confidence but check knows that saturday's time trial could prove crucial. to really early on the start room for the. full time drug due to have a chance to be induced to you know. be caught. on that domain but you know i cannot tell you if i need how much i need i know you know and i have to jersey i'd be really motivated. i pretty sure i would do
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a good time tried i cannot tell you know if it's. if so the second is enough or if it's a minute but you know of course i prefer to have like two minutes in one minute. by hand russia where thirteen weeks into the new season and the latest action salt. as in it remains. in the public and this and other action enjoy the highlights. for i. can't.
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a great place to go but this is about to change. the list of the well capitals. of poles. but. however. many people just don't understand what makes. them to join and. tell them on. the. runners understand that this is not sure that this will just you know some thoughts behind in order to change people's attitudes sportswear firm nike has
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opened ten running clubs in moscow sparks when you athletes can get professional opinion and some wise advice. when you're on the asphalt or in the park there is a big risk of getting injured but we can recommend to all around us some special shoes and give a few tips about this technique and respond asian is trying to prove running can be easy and exciting for everyone from the very young jolene pick medalists put it on the sabbath of course so do most of my running indoors but i enjoy running in parks as well there's a very special atmosphere there and it's easy to green mosco may have some small streets but now there is a better chance to get some fresh air in to get people to water but it was through our teeth. this could be the slowest race in the world but it's still packed with action and nail biting experience as fans and snail owners cheered on their modest paths. in the recent world championships one hundred sixty five snails and to the
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competition held in and then this finished but only ten made it to the final races that put inside the inner circle of the challenger thirty three sentiment i. says organizers and off they go first to reach the outer circle of the stalemate at three minutes and forty one seconds to make it. back to the back of the world must stand at just two minutes and will set fifteen years ago with the result today an awful sydney to glory and proud to transfer to boot the world's fastest gold at the silver tankard but the least of which is called rockets and lawrence. with pride his name sydney and he normally lives in late june he's been training since the early spring. has been put on rocky and when the view now i don't forget
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. when he first sort of woke up after the winter. time i think yes how do you know he was that well championship. he just had that look about him. ok that's all from man this. guy. hungry for the full stop we've got it for. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers.
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how would prince or to the splendid hotel in touch with the hotel and touch of the photo of a guru go how would international house flood to change every hotel. sailors call it the sea canary due to its high pitched. this small town. want to trying to say. how can we do come to. see. a group of alleged neo nazis go on trial in moscow accused of dozens of murders and ethnically motivated crimes join me for more in just a few moments.


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