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the attackers behind a series of explosions at a power plant in the north caucasus. wall street is slapped with the biggest financial reforms in decades but some economists say the bill's a watered down version of way off the mark. and an arab man convicted of rape by deception for having consensual sex with a jewish woman in israel since the ruling highlights racism in the country. you are coming to live from moscow i'm arena josh welcome to the program now a gang of alleged neo nazis are on trial in moscow for a series of deadly attacks and terror plots respond as a courthouse for us and we can get the latest from her so stacey tell us more about
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those defendants who are they and what are the charges. ok well the trial is going away for about an hour and the defendants thirteen of them are all in their twenty's and they're accused of being extremely dangerous and ruled by extremist ideas now the thirteen alleged neo nazis are accused of killing twenty seven people because of that preparing for a terrorist attack participating in the legal extremist network and inciting. hatred. tells our t.v. that when they tried to arrest these men about a year ago they put up. with an armed resistance wounding of the agent but in between then and now the men have appealed to have their child heard by a jury but those appeals have been denied and they're going to have their case heard in a closed courtroom the judge at the military military district. and they're all
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being tried to gather at a military court because one of them in fact that military deserve these men are found guilty of all the charges laid out for you they could serve life in jail. while the state what you think is a motivation behind those offenses what prompts people to commit those crimes. while in a word how are they want the power to rule the socialist state and they want the power to. ethnic russians from the hunch and i mentioned earlier that these men are accused of being part of an illegal extremist group well the group is called the national socialist society and this group is allowed to go towards these ideas of an ethnic russian russia by many ways first by the violence and second also by the political arm of the and. so they've had. candidates run in regional elections so far and this has many critics especially in the activist community
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wondering just who is behind them and us that you have young people that are arrested or do we need bombings but who is funding them and who is organizing this pretty large extremist group and these activists say once you can point those the culprits behind. the behind the and then russia can say that it's been successful in bringing extremists. so is there anything done in the country to root out extremist movements in russia and what is it. well first of all. legal extremist group that came about earlier this year actually when the supreme court ruled that they were illegal also earlier the nation. legislation that is really our police officers also police officers have taken more head broach. and then taking them
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to trial and also. twist. a war where they tried. to. this problem is. so legally but you have supporters. here. all these people they are coming and i spoke to a woman who was supporter of this movement and her husband. mark it that was full of people from.
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this self professed and deeply religious woman. hate for those who are different. she accuses of. disrespecting and contaminating. russians she insists. that when these. people. but they get married in church they don't practice abortions interesting marriages. who are ethnically mixed communities and what are your thoughts about me i'm not russian i'm african american i'm here. what are your thoughts on. i believe everyone should live in their own homeland where they belong. armed with this belief and inspired by racist blocking her husband. and two fellow students.
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market in two thousand and six they targeted because of the number of traders that come from central asia and china a blast killed fourteen attacks against looking people are often brutal and in cases like yours market they are deadly the deeds of angry mobs outnumber victims all recorded by racist and then posted on nationalist websites. activists call the situation out of control when a local nonprofit crime watchdog group acknowledges it is slowly getting better let you know what needs to certain seizing the most odious groups that had been involved in systematic violence and terrorism during the last two years and largest formations in moscow were dispelled and the key activists and murderers detained. she says one thousand people have been killed due to hate crimes in two thousand and ten that's down from fifty for the same time period last year but that map does little to satisfy magritte who feel suffer alliance is better than police
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protection is supposed. crowds of people take care of their own safety. comes into action after a crime is committed. as for veronica her husband is serving a life sentence for actions neither of them regrets and for a cause they both support. noer gratin no remorse and no sympathy for the victims of that bombing her husband said but she did show some sadness when talking about her own family she says that she and her husband are not able to have children because he can't save his life. that the third trial could face if they're found guilty. ok thanks very much for bringing us the latest on this trial taken by some moscow at the moment. and rush. the media is reporting that a local militant leader could be behind the storming of exxon hydro plant in the north caucasus it's said that members of back to sure skank have been identified as
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the attackers by employees of the station a manhunt is now underway in a disease of explains how events unfolded at the scene of the attack. this is the hydroelectric plant that the militants stormed wednesday morning police say that the gunman killed two security guards and easily and to the control room there is a legend leave a tied up and tortured them with knives trying to. cation all the control switches to work is injured after that police say the criminals do the generators room and layed warms them the blasts the tomato destroyed two or three generators and one bomb was defused by police who arrived at the site later this is the first ever attack on russia's energy infrastructure the country's most wanted terrorist threatened to carry out such attacks in the past he claimed
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responsibility for the most news in march two lives of forty people although you know a bowl cut is less violence than other nearby north caucasus regions such as. and . it was the sign of these fighting in two of the two thousand and five back down dozens of militants stormed the capital city of. attacking police and government officers more than one hundred forty people died including ninety two militants the north caucasus region is seen as one of the most volatile places not only in russia but in the world forces across the region are on permanent standby to prevent a tux. night as these are reporting they're now on the way here in our team for bed in the lobby. interface relations in israel are in the spotlight as an arab man faces eighteen months in jail for allegedly bringing
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a jewish woman into bad. u.s. president barack obama has signed into law the biggest financial overhaul since the great depression and the main goal is to prevent another economic crisis the bill restricts banks from making risky bets and provides more transparency and new consumer protection agency is to be set up and the government will have the right to seize control of struggling banks republicans have opposed the changes and asked for modifications and some experts are now doubting the effectiveness of the overhaul saying it's a watered down version aimed at pleasing the republicans. this is a weak bill makes major exemptions it doesn't even replace what was done in the years after the great depression and it leaves all of the real bite of what might happen in the hands of regulators who are given an enormous amount of discretion even though everybody knows that those regulators will come under the pressure of the very banks they're supposed to control and so i would not agree
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that this is a very sweeping legislation i think this is a victory for the banking sector they are very happy that much less was done than even some of their more open minded people thought would be likely what we've really seen here is the power of the financial community to to cause a crisis to be bailed out at public expense and then with a horrible irony to use some of the money they got as a bailout to make sure that there wouldn't be the kind of reform and regulation that would really prevent this again so my guess is that after a little bit of fear about how there's all this regulation and reform this will fade out of everyone's memory and we will unfortunately very much. back to business as usual with the democrats claiming they made a reform the republicans brushing it off and ignoring it and that will be the end of the story and that is
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a tragedy because we will have not learned the lesson of something that almost collapsed our entire economy and the world economy with it but mike norman chief economist from the broker dealer john thomas financial says the bill will help stabilize the american economy and that critics are simply trying to scare the public this argument that it's going to limit credit i mean i think that's more or less a scare tactic a political ploy that's being put out there to get the public fearful but here's the thing if it leads to a more stable investing environment if it leads to a damn thing down excess of speculation and volatility in the markets that should also lead to better economic conditions more investment and more job growth and look if people have jobs because that's really the bottom line issue right now in this economy if this leads to a more stable financial climate people will earn higher incomes and the
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reliance upon credit may not be as high you know you might lose a little bit off a one side you might not get your free checking but look if it results in a more stable environment i think everybody comes out of this more you know happier that was chief economist mike norman giving his view on the wall street reforms. and to nab managed to appeal his conviction of rape by deception in israel after having consensual sex with a woman who thought he was a fellow some boxes sure who denies pretending to be jewish was sentenced to eighteen months in jail but as our policy reports even couples who knowingly choose to enter into an interfaith relationship are ostracized. this jewish drucilla i'm suburb is surrounded by arab neighborhoods and far from cultivating a culture of tolerance vigilante style jewish patrol groups calling themselves fire
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for judaism stand watch outside the local shopping mall their mission to prevent arab men mixing with local jewish girls the municipality has created a twenty four hour hotline where parents and friends can phone to rat on jewish girls breaking this to boot a specially trained team of counselors and psychologists is on standby to rescue them as a leash more. it's important to save traditions culture history and identity because without this are we from my experience we can see that the chances for a healthy relationship between is really jewish woman and an arab man and very very low it's because of the great differences between these two cultures showed up at any of the most recent case involves an arab man who posed as a jewish bachelor a jewish woman agreed to have sex with him but after she found out he was an arab and not a jew she filed a police complaint the court's top ok so seriously that he's now being convicted of rape by deception and sentenced to eighteen months and present the judge said he
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had an obligation to protect the public from sophisticated criminals who could know an innocent victims but reactions to the verdict differ i think if the women want to do it it's story blog a lot different it's arabic or more of a because something like this usually do is girls don't know where they're guys. unless it's a choice you know so there should be choice he didn't leave her choice but in prison is too much and this is the way that this conflict is ruining our present their lives that we cannot have relationships that we cannot be just human being arabs make up a foot of israel's population but relationships between arabs and jews are rare former palestinian minister ziad abu is a yard says fights break out almost weekly and night clubs and other public. paces over the issue it's not religion he says it's racism there are jewish gangs which.
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even. in the two years rami where he'd been tata have been together they've never been physically threatened he's muslim she's jewish but they're not thinking about leaving israel because they say it's simply too difficult on other levels and when my family found out they were very adamant about cutting me off on every level. for acting as a traitor to everybody and for being an inch and making that choice right now israeli parliamentarians are considering a law it will be quiet perspective israeli citizens to the kid loyalty to israel as a jewish democratic state i would be israelis are furious most refuse to swear allegiance to
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a state they believe explicitly excludes and marginalizes them. and breakthroughs in treating aids have been attracting much attention at an international conference on the disease in vienna but activists have also been trying to highlight the need for universal access to treatment campaigners continue to protest demanding more rights for those with hiv and aids plane has been lodged against the u.s. the united nations on behalf of nineteen organizations they claim president obama's policies favor multinational pharmaceutical companies make treatments more expensive obama is said to be hurt by the accusations. north korea has can damn the u.s. and south korea for this weekend's joint military exercises saying they pose a security risk to the peninsula pyongyang also criticized washington's decision to impose further sanctions on the country to help prevent nuclear proliferation secretary of state hillary clinton announce the new measures during
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a visit to seoul on wednesday tensions heightened after the sinking of a south korean warship in march which an international report concluded it was responsible for accusation that denies. the u.s. senate has passed a bill to help america's jobless they voted to restore state handouts to millions of americans who have been out of work over half a year benefits have left at the end of may with democrats and republicans deeply divided on the issue of overall cost thirty four billion dollars. fishelson chad upset sudanese president omar al bashir not be arrested during his visit to the african country the international criminal court is calling for bush years detention on charges of genocide and war crimes committed during the conflict in darfur it's his first visit to a country which recognizes the i.c.c. since his dive in last year for sure denies the charges. southern china is bracing for its second typhoon in
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a week as the country continues to battle its worst floods in over a decade. two was upgraded from a tropical storm after gathering strength over the south china sea shipping between high not and the mainland has already been suspended and dozens of flights cancelled more than seven hundred people have died since the start of the year as a result of tarantula rains in southern and central china. the international court of justice is set to decide whether cost of his declaration of independence from serbia in two thousand and eight was legal nearly seventy countries have recognized costs of the independence of ethical brainiest comprise a vast majority of the population of casa were tensions remain high the province you know laterally declared in pan's from serbian family already two thousand and eight after un brokered negotiations failed balkans experts we should govern a lot of it says it is an important test case. but it is the very little that can
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do against the powers. that have made this secession from and from the federal republic of yugoslavia are possible but if the international court of justice requests with it as the legal and we have all these countries filled with. recognition of the situation i'm talking about most of the european union countries and above all the united states will mean might is right. very serious situation that we are not in a position to resolve international issues legally. that was one of the experts on the balkans mission ever large the. twenty four hours a day with many more stories and videos so let's take a quick look at what's on right now. some ossified to getting their us rails from a to even more dangerous than bungee
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jumping so log on to our website to see more of this latest grades. find out why money is making one british woman miserable and. rush experiences its hottest summer in years the record of what is top of the wish list of zones lists waldron and where to find it. and it's now time for the business news and stephanie joins me to you know. and you've got good news for car dealers and russia we hear yes it seems that way moving at the industry looks set for a fifteen percent rise in newcastle's this year i'll have more in just a moment but first federal reserve chief ben bernanke said on wednesday that the
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outlook for the u.s. economy was unusually uncertain feeling investor fears about the strength of the global recovery the nikkei added that unemployment to remain a key concern in the coming days and finding jobs for those unemployed will be a challenge he added that central bank expected g.d.p. to grow three percent in two thousand and ten and three and a half percent in two thousand and eleven and two thousand and twelve. the economic expansion that began in the middle of last year is proceeding at a moderate pace supported by stimulative monetary and fiscal policies however the housing market remains weak with the overhearing a very good or foreclosed houses home prices construction. and if you've got time z.x. you markets asian stocks have traded mixed following weakness on wall street where stocks declined in response to those comments from but nikkei asian markets also reacted negatively on opening the nikkei showed that more than half a percent a stronger gun has hit exports of stocks that investors buy into the safe haven
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japanese currency but in hong kong the hang seng has recovered slightly i thought of a percent in the black. and european shares a flat to negative on thursday those gloomy comments from ben nikkei are reigniting fears over the economy and corporate news is failing to inspire so far on the footsie imperial tobacco is shedding two point three percent and kingfisher is down two percent after updating investors here in moscow markets have turned positive in the last otherwise six is now gaining a third of a percent energy names and leading the game so far from his getting proper percent plus telecom and also outperforming up half a percent teach the rest is still the worst performer. seven point nine percent. investment bank no more international has been highlighting the growth potential of emerging markets managing director victor believes that there has been a permanent shift in the global economic order it is a permanent coupling between developed markets and emerging markets although one
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has to say that not all emerging markets are made equal russia is still very much an option already or dierks already economic recovery and product prices while some mergers markets like turkey are much more of a structural story. the russian government's plans to raise mineral tax may not be as punitive as some companies first feared the state plans to increase gas extraction tax by six percent in two thousand and twelve and five point four percent in two thousand and thirteen this will help to raise an additional one point nine billion dollars during the first year and a further two point two billion the following year the oil sector will also face changes to its tax regime results companies have been objecting to the new plan saying they will need to reduce investment in the sector the finance ministry says it will offer concessions dolls and i would say through no new mechanism should be created to help the worker new fields and provide tax breaks for them the fields of vancouver in turn can will be included on the list of those receiving tax breaks
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that will also feel some changes starting from twenty twelve under the plan oil extraction tax will be raised to six point five percent in twenty twelve and fourteen point four percent to twenty thirteen. thousand new cars in russia tipped to grow fifteen percent this year according to accountants p w c the company says the cash for clunkers program drove the sector's rise but it's unclear what will happen when the scheme ends nick pool reports. russians are once again getting annoying to buy new cars to wait to get behind the wheel of a miss sadie's is up to three months and if it's a new russian built do you want well that could take as long as one for year in some regions so far overall sales are up three percent in the first half of this year however the market remains segregated with the most expensive and the cheapest shifting quickest the true colors are doing quite well in the city it's been tough to hear out of a. drug i noticed on and certainly that people have got my ass still competitive
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and with some good quality comes. it's the second in the middle that i was talking about the middle class calls the conference use by vote. for general motors that segment for that the middle class is is still struggling some more sales are russian not as a reason twenty percent this year price waterhouse coopers says the main driver has been the cash for clunkers program which has been more successful than expected it's clearly been very effective the question is how long the program will last and whether there will be any modifications to the program at the moment it's aimed at the cheapest cars in the market it's possible that the program could be modified to target say the new modern cars that have been produced by russian producers in alliance with farm promise the cash for clunkers program together with higher import duties on foreign calls boosted the share of domestic manufacturers in the
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russian market to sixty four percent this year p.w. c. believes the russian ordinary market still has tremendous potential for growth at the moment for every one thousand people there are two hundred thirty five because in more developed markets the figure is two or three times greater nick pool business. than just the united football club is the most valuable franchise in sports that's according to forbes magazine they english premier league giant topped a list of the world's most valuable teams compiled by the big. journal forbes estimated manchester united to be worth one point eight four billion dollars with the national football league's dallas cowboys in second place one point six five billion dollars but even so my just united currently has around one of billion dollars worth of debt. and that's all the business use for now but of course i'll be back at my update the next event. to.
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ensure sailors call it the sea canary due to its high pitched. this moment now in this highly communicative. what's it trying to say. i'm coming to code to china which. most. secret so good. they faced this is not a prohibition but more and. pay for it and we should say it's never
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said you should disapprove retraced recently they have no idea about the hardships the face to. face one it is this is all going to new since. the army the life of the usaf is the most precious thing in the world. years of self-sacrifice and heroism but those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. the truth nine hundred forty five dollars on t.v. dot com. on the back over there to here's a look at the top stories a group of alleged neo nazis going to trial in moscow accused of killing dozens of
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