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in the north caucuses. wall street is the biggest reforms in decades but some economists say the bill is a watered down version the way off the ball. and to the arab convicted it is rather by deception would you put your jewish women into consensual sex since the really highlights race is that the country. a very warm welcome this is a live from moscow i'm a less habits a gang of alleged new knowledge. for a series of deadly attacks on terror plots and of course one of. the cool for us they see what all. the who all the defenders what exactly all the challenges that
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they face. ok this is what breaking some of the defendants said that they are guilty of some of the charges some of them say that they are innocent so there is like a nit picking of who is guilty and who is and it's that and we spoke to a defense attorney of one of those people during a break and he really went at the prosecution saying that they had errors in the pullin mini investigation and their error is going on right now as that is the reason why this trial is closed now the not the defendants on this case are young guys they're only in their twenty's but the prosecution says not let their age pull you that they are extremely dangerous and that they are governed by extremists i know the thirteen alleged neo nazis are accused of four main thing of murdering twenty seven people because of ethnic hatred prepping to log a terrorist attack participating and an illegal extremis. network and fighting
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ethnic hatred now according to the f.s.b. when agents went and slow recipes they put on a strong defense wounding several agents and the agent also says that during this the west arrests they found several weapons and explosives now in between that time and today's trial for the defendants. to have their trial heard before a jury goes request words a night instead the trial is going on behind closed doors away from the public and away from the press and the judge but the moscow district military court is hearing that case and it's because one of these thirteen men is alleged to be a military deserve now if these men are found guilty they could face life in prison . read the. charges being laid against these these people stacey what's the use of should do we think behind the reactions of people like the thirteen
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accused in this particular case. and a word power i mentioned earlier that these men were found or are accused of being guilty of having illegal ties with and extremists network and that group is called the national socialist society and the mission behind this group is to rule a socialist russia and to up root and essentially get rid of all immigrants so and they've done that since overweighs police accuse them of going about the stage and through violence but they've also flexed the muscle of their political arm running races candidates and. elections throughout the region and this because they've done all of these different things you have critics especially those who are part of the of the activist community saying look police are doing a great job because they stepped up their efforts to arrest these criminals but who was. really responsible they're arresting essentially people who are foot soldiers
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they're young and they don't have the money or the power to have a network like this so who's funding that. and who's organizing it and they say until the the masterminds behind this organization are brought to light and brought to justice russia cannot claim victory against extremists and say see what is being done to reduce house extremist movements in russia. were there been several thing groups in the us like i mentioned the russian supreme court ruled that organization legal the nation is also adopted a more anti extremist legislation to really empower police and to help them really focus on a part of the community that they say is small but it's very dangerous and there is also a war behind the scenes you have got these in and tinier was. laughing and even at that meeting each other leader. but you have the foreigners of the national
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movement saying look you can come at us at whatever direction you want we're not going anywhere we're fighting a race war and we're here to stay and i spoke to a supporter a wife of a person who was a market that he was targeting traders for central from central asia that were in a moscow and she said you know what i'm proud of my husband he is a soldier and more russia's need to step up and be heroes here's more of our amazing interview. this self professed and deeply religious woman is filled with heat heat for those who are different. she accuses of. disrespecting and contaminating her nation russians she insists are fighting the race war motivated by love books. and i win the. good. families where people don't just date and then break up but rather they get
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married in church they don't practice abortions don't support interesting marriages or who are ethnically mixed communities and what are your thoughts about me i'm not russian i'm african american i'm here are you upset that your government gave me a visa what are your thoughts on that. i believe everyone should live in their own homeland where they belong. armed with this belief and inspired by racist blocking her husband. and two fellow students. the market in two thousand and six they targeted because of the number of traders that come from central asia and china the blast killed fourteen attacks against looking people are often brutal and in cases like the market they are deadly the deeds of angry mobs pummeling outnumber victims all recorded by racist and then posted on nationalist websites. activists call the situation out of control when
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a local nonprofit crime watchdog group acknowledges it is slowly getting better let you know what needs to started seizing the most odious groups that had been involved in systematic violence and terrorism during the last two years and largest formations in moscow were dispelled and the key activists and murderers detained. she says one thousand people have been killed due to hate crimes in two thousand and ten that's down from fifty for the same time period last year but that map does little to satisfy maggots who feel suffer alliance is better than police protection is supposed. to learn there are crowds of people take care of their own safety. comes into action after a crime is committed not before. as for veronica her husband is serving a life sentence for actions neither of them regrets and for a cause they both support. noer gratin go were more sympathy for the
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victims who lost their lives than the families that they left behind but she did show some sadness when talking about her own situation she says that she and her husband can't have children because they can't feed each other because of his life present at the fed says that the thirteen alleged neo nazis could face if they're found guilty. that was awesome. now russian media is reporting a militant from the north caucuses could be behind wednesday's attack on the hydro power plant in the southern republic of korea investigators say poor security at the station made it vulnerable to a time of night as these of a explains how events unfolded claiming two lives it's been reported that the militants leaders are not sure who was behind the storming of this hydro plant in the north caucasus on wednesday morning a group of opp to five gunmen forced their way into the. power plant killing two
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police officers at the entrance members of the sure gang were reportedly identified by employees of this station as the attackers although there's been no official confirmation so far the gang detonated four bombs equivalent to ten kilos of t.n.t. the explosions didn't damage the planned day and didn't affect the electricity supply of the region security has been tightened at all the energy facilities across russia manhunt is underway all they. say is less violence than are the nearby north caucasus republic such as. it was the scene of the fierce fighting in october two thousand and five then dozens of militants stormed the capital city at night attacking police man and government officers one hundred and forty people were killed among them ninety two militants last ten attacks on law enforcement officials. in this region is in the very heart of
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russia's north caucasus known to be a haven for militants. well that was night as these are reporting from russia's southern republic of couple of. well on the way here on r.c.u. for a bit of interfaith relations it is rather in the spotlight as an arab man faces eighteen months in jail for allegedly tricking a jewish woman into pads. the international court of justice is set to decide whether kossovo his declaration of independence from serbia thousand and eight was legal if the hague sides with it may force cost going back to the negotiating table with belgrade the region unilaterally declared independence from serbia in february of two thousand and eight after un brokered the go stations failed or balkans expert the governor says this independence is
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declared illegal it could provoke instability around the world. well let's be quite clear this isn't merely an issue that has local implications this is huge international implications because here you have a foreign power in fact and on europe you know bombing its way into sovereign straight in the balkans for the republic of yugoslavia at the time and subsequently as a result of it. and label for session to take place and the united states in fact was the very first country to recognize course it's clearly that they want to control this country if the international court of justice. and we have all these countries still sticking with. recognition of the situation i'm talking about most of the european union countries and above all the united states. is right i mean some very serious situation that we are not in
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a position to resolve international issues legally if we have large powerful states simply create their own free from all over the world that are simply going to create instability everywhere and people will not be able to refer to international law. well that was basically experts on the balkans and we got it off it thank you it's president barack obama has signed into law the biggest financial overhaul since the great depression the main goal is to prevent another economic crisis where the bill was strict banks are making risky bad advice more transparency and you can see where protection agency and the government will have the right to seize control of the struggling banks publicly opposed the changes in arthur modifications some experts are now dowsing the effectiveness of the neighborhood saying it's written down. pleasing. this is
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a weak bill makes major exemptions it doesn't even replace what was done in the years after the great depression and it leaves all of the real deep bite of what might happen in the hands of regulators who are given an enormous amount of discretion by everybody knows that those regulators will come under the pressure of the very banks they're supposed to control and so i would not agree that this is a very sweeping legislation i think this is a victory for the banking sector they are very happy that much less was done than even some of their more open minded people thought would be likely what we've really seen here is the power of the financial community to cause a crisis to be bailed out at public expense and then with a horrible irony to use some of the money they got as a bailout to make sure that there wouldn't be the kind of reform and regulation
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that would really prevent this again so my guess is that after a little bit of fear about how there's all this regulation and reform this will fade out of everyone's memory and we will unfortunately very much go back to business as usual with the democrats claiming they made a reform the republicans brushing it off and ignoring it and that will be the end of the story and that is a tragedy because we will have not learned the lesson of something that almost collapsed our entire economy and the world economy with it. breakthroughs in treating aids have been attracting march's tension at an international conference on the disease in vienna but activists have also been trying to highlight the need is universal access to treatment campaigners continued to protest him on the rights for those with a child the and aids complaint has been launched against the u.s. and united nations on behalf of nineteen organizations they claim president obama's policies favor multinational pharmaceutical companies and make treatment more
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expensive which washington denies when we can of course like to london to speak journalist neville hodgkinson he specializes in or forcing on aids and mr hawtrey many are joining us now thousands of people have been protesting this week not only in vienna calling for more funding in the fight against aids do you think that their calls are actually being heard. i think that their calls are being listened to but the. direction in which the science is going is misplaced and that's why people are angry. for many years i've reported on this subject i started writing about it twenty five years ago and held the conventional view that it was caused by a new virus when that was first. put forward in the 1980's but over the years i've come to the conclusion that scientists who've been challenging that idea who say that hiv has never been proven. a specific entity and therefore the
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tests that claim to. be infection are faulty i think they've got a very strong point and that's why after all these years we're still seeing such dissatisfaction with the efforts of the scientific community. not trying but misdirected their efforts well mr hutchinson you say that the direction in which the study of aids is is wrong but much has been made at this particular conference this year about a gel for women that's claimed to help prevent aids and it's being billed as a real breakthrough is it that. no i wouldn't see it that at all and that's a very good case in point in fact of how the tragedy of this mistaken approach i saw a headline in the new york times african studies give women hope in h.i.v. fight but i looked up the detail of that study and found that it really does no
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such thing what what was found was a study of nearly nine hundred women in south africa there were during a period where they were followed for about eighteen months on average having received half of them receiving this this supposed virus cycle jail and half not and they found that there were ninety eight of those nine hundred women became infected supposedly and of those thirty eight have been treated with this and sixty not which is not a very big difference in itself it's claimed as being a forty percent reduction in a hiv infection but actually that's a very high rate of infection in eighteen months i would see that there's a study that if one were to believe those figures we would say that this was a great failure in fact because of the problems with the hiv test that these people are using i think that the entire study is is misrepresenting what's really going
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on the best options and the facts sounded at this aids conference that we saw taking place over the weekend in vienna this particular vaginal gel was making all the headlines why are you saying that all these scientists you've gathered there were wrong. well i'm saying that. it's a tragedy that the best that they can come up with after twenty five years and something like two hundred billion dollars focused on this virus research and treatment that the best they can come up with is a study where they claim that they've reduced made a reduction of forty percent in hiv infections and yet that study actually admits. but out of these nine hundred women sixty who weren't treated become infected forty who were treated. no this is no advance ok the scientific community will remain divided over this issue i can see i'm afraid we're out of
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time neville hutchinson many thanks for joining us and speaking to us this afternoon from london or you're welcome. now in israel an arab man's been found guilty of rape by deception for tricking a woman into agreeing to have sex by saying he's a fellow jew so monica sure has been handed an eighteen month prison sentence that says he'll appeal and paula say reports even couples who choose to have interfaith relationships face hostility in the country. this jewish jerusalem suburb is surrounded by arab neighborhoods and far from cultivating a culture of tolerance vigilante style jewish patrol groups calling themselves fire for judaism stand watch outside the local shopping mall their mission to prevent arab men mixing with local jewish girls the municipality has created a twenty four hour hotline where parents and friends can phone to rat on jewish girls breaking this to boot a specially trained team of counselors and psychologists is on standby to rescue
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them at least for more. it's important to save our traditions culture history and identity because without this who are we from my experience we can see that the chances for a healthy relationship between these really jewish woman and an arab man very very low it's because of the great differences between these two cultures share up with any of the most recent case involves an arab man who posed as a jewish bachelor a jewish woman agreed to have sex with him but after she found out he was an arab and not a jew she filed a police complaint the courts took the case so seriously that he's now been convicted of rape by deception and same tools to eighteen months and present the judge said he had an obligation to protect the public funds of the state of criminals who could no innocent victims but reactions to the verdict differ i think if the women want to do it it's story blog a lot different it's our belief or model because something like this is usually
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jewish girls don't know where their guys. unless it's a choice you know. there should be a choice you didn't leave a choice but in prison is too much and this is the way that this is going to take these ruining our present arrives that we cannot have relationships that we cannot be just human being arabs make up a foot of israel's population but relationships between arabs and jews are rare former palestinian minister ziad abu is a yard says fights break out almost weekly in nightclubs and other puppy. places over the issue it's not religion he says it's racism there are jewish gangsters which are against. the relations between jewish jewish men and hunting jewish. those who can go out to a bar board or anywhere with an out of guys and threaten them and force them to break their relations with in the two years rami who are here and kelly been
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touched her have been together they've never been physically threatened he's muslim she's jewish but they're not thinking about leaving israel because they say it's simply too difficult on other levels and when my family found out they were very adamant about cutting me off on every level. for acting as a traitor to everybody and for being in israel and in making that choice right now israeli parliamentarians are considering a law that will require prospective israeli citizens to declare loyalty to israel as a jewish democratic state i would be israelis are furious most refuse to swear allegiance to a state they believe explicitly excludes and marginalizes them police here r.t. jeff. i think that is the way the news this hour here on r.t. to go away all the latest business is on the way with daniel.
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welcome to business and usually uncertain was how ben bernanke he described the prospects for the world's biggest economy the response by the financial markets to the federal reserve chief testimony has also been one of uncertainty as his comments fuel fears about the strength of the global recovery. ben bernanke used testimony did little to reassure the financial markets about the durability of the global economic recovery on the one hand he declared there was little probability of the recession returning but on the other his says it a number of first factors including high unemployment and the weak housing market an important drag on household spending is the slow recovery in the labor market and the attendant uncertainty about job prospects after two years of job losses private payrolls expanded at an average of about one hundred thousand per month during the first half of this year a pace insufficient to reduce the unemployment rate materially the chairman said the central bank stooge ready to further ease monetary policy if they would cover
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a showed signs of stalling but with interest rates close to zero he has little room to maneuver here in europe there are additional layers of uncertainty in the immediate future there of the results of the e.u. bank stress tests to contend with there's also the prospect that this sovereign debt crisis will come back to haunt the markets once the summer low is over but for the time being at least investors are able to take some comfort from unexpectedly strong corporate results from both sides of the atlantic when you know which not business r.t. . time to check out the stock markets in asia they've traded mixed following weakness of wall street where stocks declined in response to those comments from bernanke asian markets also reacted negatively on the opening the nikkei should more the whole four percent a stronger yen hit exporter stocks there as investors buy into the safe haven japanese currency but in hong kong the home saying recovered slightly half a percent in the black. and european shares
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a flat to positive on the choppy trading day those gloomy comments from bernanke here reigniting fears over the economy and corporate news is failing to inspire so far on the footsie kingfisher is down nearly two percent after an investor updates the british outsourcing group capital islam. some support three percent higher this hour of the posting a fifteen percent rise in first off profit. remorse go to the markets again and having it raised earlier losses but my six is now three quarters of a percent higher. performing. up around one percent is the worst performing blue chip on the more six after its power plants suffer the blast yesterday shedding a quarter percent this hour russian social network russo its profits increased nine times in two thousand and nine the company source net profit jumped to twelve million dollars compared to the only one point three million a year earlier the better than expected result was million new tributed to new paid
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services and cost cutting mccluskey has forty five million members and receives ten million hits a day. russia is suffering its worst drought for a century sixteen regions have declared a state of emergency and with harvest is predicted to be twenty percent lower than last year the head of the country's grain union is warning that the poor crop could push up prices on the high street if get in the door she an economist at trust bank says the drought could add to inflation but not straight away. pieces of her like. negative make negative negative price growth rates. will be deflation so finally we will see and these will decrease the total year to beat inflation from four point seven percent four point eight percent by the end of july to the lowered. them by this occasion a change on fortune and the proposal for all this but are likely to continue so because before you will will be weaker than usual and the decrease in prices will be patient will begin in september. so. one might
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expect that. that's it for now you can find more stories on our website dot com slash business and i'll be back in fifty minutes.
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wealthy british scientists and time to. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger for a no holds barred look at the global. headlines tune into kinds of reports on our. tories which are made to police children. harm their health. ministers should illness is given away from nurse in the. state. to secure itself against them.
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would be soon which brighton if you knew about someone from phones to christians. means for instance on t.v. dot com. this is a group of alleged to me a nazis go on sean in moscow accused of killing dozens of people in sneaking motivated crimes investigated.


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