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has been said. this is the way that this conflict is ruining our present that we have a relationship. be just a human being. an offender or a victim of racism an arab israeli man of finds himself behind bars after having consensual sex with a jewish woman who complained to police afterwards saying he tricked her into believing he was also a jew. and a moscow court delays moving on in the alleged. accused of dozens of murders and all the race crimes while psychiatric tests are carried out. you're watching our team broadcasting live from moscow six in the morning here
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thank you for joining us kossovo z. unilateral declaration of independence from serbia in two thousand and eight did not break international law the international court of justice in the hague has ruled the judges decided there is no legal article which prohibits declarations of sovereignty sparking concerns among countries with separatist movements but a dangerous precedent has been set the highest court of the united nations rejected serbia's claim that kossovo succession in february two thousand and eight violated its territorial integrity the u.s. and most european nations recognize kossovo but the russian foreign ministry backing the serbian position said the court intentionally avoided moving on the legality of possible as an independent state moscow wants bilateral talks between serbia and kosovo to resolve their differences journalist and historian the bush of knowledge criticized the court's decision as inequitable. it's pretty much
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a death sentence for international law this is a textbook case of. clear violation of both the un resolution twelve forty four and all the accepted norms of international law. honestly was expecting a more nuanced decision along the lines of it was illegal but it doesn't matter i quite honestly didn't expect the world court to take such a directly pro-american position to be perfectly honest of course i'm always a much independent does montreal quarter vichy france was in world war two it's a puppet state it suffers from endemic corruption abuses of power in government structure can be best described as a organized crime is not a state in any way shape or form just because the u.s. state department says it is a doesn't mean it is a case of course or just a naked land grab and if it's allowed to stand in serbia itself may actually soon fall apart. sapir serbia as a country cannot afford to simply let this slide for the past twenty years there
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have been wars and conflicts in the balkans stemming from the collapse of yugoslavia and each time there was any sort of dispute the serbs turned out to be on the losing end and the principles that the so-called international community adopted along the way varied according to the needs of the moment there's no principle here really that can consistently apply over the past twenty years except the serbs always lose and that's clearly not a principle you can build a policy on rape by deception and this was the verdict of an israeli court an arab man now facing eighteen months in jail for having sex with a jewish woman who says he tricked her into falsely believing he was a jew the case of some are crushed or was planning to appeal the court's decision has raised questions about discrimination in the israeli judicial system and its artie's policy or reports even couples who openly choose to enter an interracial relationship face hostility. this jewish drusilla's suburb is surrounded by arab
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neighborhoods and far from cultivating a culture of tolerance vigilante style jewish patrol groups calling themselves fire for judaism stand watch outside the local shopping mall their mission to prevent arab men mixing with local jewish girls the municipality has created a twenty four hour hotline where parents and friends can phone to rat on jewish schools breaking this to boot a specially trained team of counselors and psychologists is on standby to rescue them as a leash more. it's important to save our traditions culture history and identity because without this who are we from my experience we can see that the chances for a healthy relationship between us really jewish woman and an arab man very very low it's because of the great differences between these two cultures share about any of the most recent case involves an arab man who posed as a jewish bachelor a jewish woman agreed to have sex with him but after she found out he was an arab
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and not a jew she filed a police complaint the courts took the case so seriously that he's now being convicted of rape by deception and same tools to eighteen months and present the judge stated he had an obligation to protect the public funds of the state of criminals who could know it innocent victims but reactions to the verdict differ i think if the women want to do it it's story blog a lot different it's our belief or more of a because something negative usually do is girls don't know where their guys. unless it's a choice you know. there should be choice he didn't leave her choice but in prison is too much and this is the way that this conflict is ruining our present life that we cannot have relationships that we cannot be just human being arabs make up a foot of israel's population but relationships between arabs and jews are rare former palestinian minister ziad abu is a yard says fights break out almost weekly and night clubs and other puppy. paces
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over the issue it's not religion he says it's racism. even. in the two years rami where hip and kitty been tata have been together they've never been physically threatened he's muslim she's jewish but they're not thinking about leaving israel because they say it's simply too difficult on other levels and when my family found out they were very adamant about cutting me off on every level . for acting as a traitor to everybody and being in it and making that choice right now israeli parliamentarians are considering and all it will be quiet prospective israeli
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citizens. as a jewish democratic state i would be furious most refused to swear allegiance to a state they believe explicitly excludes and marginalizes them. here with our team news channel broadcasting twenty four hours a day from the russian capital and still to come in the program a manhunt is underway in southern russia. we follow a police station across north caucasus searching for those behind the attack on the hydroelectric power station and the shooting death of two guards. and american government tries. to stop controversial draconian immigration laws coming into force in arizona next week for more here on r.t. . but first a moscow court has delayed its verdict on a group of the. of murder and other new race hate crimes until psychiatric tests on
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four of the accused the men are accused of dozens of ethically motivated killings and terror plots and if convicted could face life in jail say see vivants has more . us some of the defendants said that they are guilty of some of the charges some of them say that they are innocent so there is like a nit picking of who is guilty and who's innocent and we spoke to a defense attorney of one of those people during a break and he really went at the prosecution saying that they had errors in the pullin air investigation and their arrows going on right now and that is the reason why this trial is closed now the not the defendants on this case are young guys they're only in their twenty's but the prosecution says not let their age pull you that they are extremely dangerous and that they are governed by extremist idea another thirteen alleged neo nazis are accused of four main things of murdering twenty seven people because of ethnic hatred prepping to launch
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a terrorist attack participating and in a legal and illegal extremist network and citing ethnic hatred now according to the f.s.b. when agents went in slow recipes they put on a strong defense moving so agents and agents and also says that during this the west arrests they found several weapons and explosives now if these men are found guilty they could face life in prison these men were found or are accused of being guilty of having illegal ties with and extremists network and that group is called the national socialist society and the mission behind this group is to rule a socialist russia and to up root and essentially get rid of all immigrants but who is really responsible they're arresting essentially people who are foot soldiers they're young and they don't really don't have the money or the power to have a network like this so who's funding that. and who's organizing it and they say
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until the masterminds behind this organization are brought to light and brought to justice russia cannot claim victory against extremists but you have the. saying looking at whatever direction you want we're not going anywhere we're fighting a race war and we're here to stay and i spoke to a supporter and a wife of a person who market that he was targeting traders from central asia that were and moscow and she said you know what i'm proud of my husband he is a soldier and more russians need to step up and be heroes. this self professed and deeply religious woman is full of hate hate for those who are different. groups she accuses of occupying disrespecting and contaminating her nation russians she insists are fighting
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a race war motivated by. the books. and i would nation of. families where people don't just date and then break up but rather they get married in church they don't practice abortions that don't support interesting marriages. who are ethnically mixed communities and what are your thoughts about me i'm not russian i'm african american i'm here are you upset that your government gave me what are your thoughts on that. i believe everyone should leave in their own homeland. and inspired by racists blocking her husband. and two fellow students. that in two thousand and six they targeted because of the number of traders that come from central asia and china the blast killed fourteen attacks against people often brutal and in cases like market they're deadly the
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deeds of angry. outnumber victims are recorded by racists and then placed in nationalist websites. activists call the situation out of control. and profit crimewatch acknowledges it is. getting let you know what he started seizing the most odious groups that had been involved in systematic violence and terrorism during the last two years the largest formations in moscow were dispelled and the key activists and murderers detained. she says one thousand people have been killed due to hate crimes in two thousand and ten that's down from fifty for the same time period last year but that map does little to satisfy magnons who feel self-reliance is better and police protection is supposed. to take. comes interaction after a crime is committed and. asked for veronica her husband is serving a life sentence for actions neither of them regret and were able to support.
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r.t. . with just a week left until the u.s. state of arizona implements a controversial new immigration law the american government has launched an eleventh hour court challenge to halt the measures new police powers allowing officers stop and search people simply on suspicion of their immigration status are being criticized as racist the rouse provoking a furious debate by the radically opposing views of u.s. radio host tony katz and rights activist reverend grillin hagler. well i think that one of the things is that obviously there are calls for boycotts of arizona particularly over this issue because one of the things that we need to do is obviously deal with the people the zation of places that that are not opening that are not welcoming that do not advocate public policy in a humane way and that's not what that's one of the things our concern is always
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about every conversation about the law not being humane is a red herring it should not be discussed it's an embarrassment as b ten seventy is federal law and all the state of arizona is doing is making sure that federal law is enforced and the answer to start with is to seal the border to quite literally build the fence fifty feet high if need be and the full length of the border from san diego through texas those of us from the civil rights community we see a whole lot of racial issues that are really come to play in terms of the arizona law that this law is basically going to allow for racial profiling and they have discriminatory it is true you don't live on the same hours of driving that i you don't live on a slide you do not live on the same china tracks that i live on maybe you live in a privileged situation but the reality is in my community if it's in stock all the time cause they're in the wrong neighborhood people are stopped all the time because they look at different way the rotty way in terms of the eyes of law
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enforcement and that's reasonable cause to stop somebody on it and unfortunately it sets up a situation for racial profiling and when we look at someplace like does not arizona have created a law that is basically screwed discriminatory in its nature and a happens i didn't create a law and making a two tier citizenship system it's a cap would be jumping you're absolutely not first of all let's be clear reverend they are not citizens they are legal invaders they do not like an apology given i as i've said united states of america because they look a certain way they may be citizens but they look a certain way that's the nature of racial profiling the reality is the law is racist the law sets up a dynamic to attack a certain segment of the population and to attack them with absolutely not. you can find more stories and analysis on our website r t v dot com that's available to you whenever you want it and here's some of what can be found there right now. an iraqi
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american that turns his own skin into a canvas for the memories of the forgotten war he's determined to draw attention to the killed in iraq anyway. and an impressive force is gathering in ukraine's seaside resort of sevastopol as bikers from around the world gear up to show off their battle states for more head to our team dot com . the russian president has ordered security to be stepped up at all critical facilities in the north caucasus this follows wednesday's attack on a hydroelectric station. where a gunman shot dead two security guards before setting off explosions and trying to blow up the dam at the plant have also warned a top officials could be sacked if they fail to ensure safety at key infrastructure sites. this isn't a sporadic event this is a case of criminal activity and blatant negligence. companies should do everything
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in their power to avert any repetition of events like this in the future and if this does happen again. company executives will remain in the job we've seen nothing similar to this before so we must draw the most serious conclusions from it. meanwhile a huge manhunt to track down the culprits for the attack is underway in the north caucuses artie's nader as he is of a has the latest. it's been reported that the militants are. behind the storming of this hydro plant in the north caucasus on wednesday morning a group of up to five men forced their way into the box. killing two police officers at the entrance members of the gang who were reportedly identified by the station attackers. the gang detonated
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equivalent to ten kilos of t.n.t. the explosions didn't damage the planned day and didn't affect be electricity supply of the region security has been tightened at all the energy facilities across russia manhunt is underway although. less violence than. north caucasus republic such as. it was the scene of the fierce fighting in october two thousand and five then dozens of militants stormed the capital city attacking police man and governmental officers one hundred people were killed among them ninety two militants last ten attacks in force and officials. in this region in the very heart of russia's north caucasus known to be a haven for militants that are reporting from russia so the republic of korea
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and some other big stories from around the world. at least fifteen people have been killed and twenty want to wounded by a car bomb near the northern iraqi city of. the blast struck a shopping area near a shiite mosque demolishing buildings and setting cars on fire it was the third attack this week in the diyala province which has been known as an insurgent stronghold iraq has seen recently of a sustained violence and is still without a new government five months after inconclusive paula mentary elections in march. venezuela's president hugo chavez has called off diplomatic ties with a neighbor colombia over claims he's harboring and leftist guerrillas giving its ambassador three days to quit a colombian dossier alleging evidence of rebel camps presented to the organization of american states in washington sparked the furious reaction colombia says up to
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fifteen hundred militants could be launching attacks from venezuela both chavez says its evidence is bogus the radical reader believes the accusations are part of a plot to justify a u.s. military invasion of this country. the route between north and south korea is center stage at the sea and summit in hanoi it's the first meeting both koreas really turn together since the sinking of the seller of warship in march sparked the current crisis there's a deep division on how the incident is to be described in the organization's security statement with seoul and the u. was wanting tough condemnation opposed by china and pyongyang which denies responsibility speculation from russian diplomatic sources suggests the north may consider returning to six party talks about its nuclear program to bypass the warship. now i'll be back in ten minutes with the headlines update next on r.t.
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though our detox in journalism after jonathan cook about middle east politics and why israel could actually be benefiting from instability in the region that's coming up. with now have jonathan cook a freelance journalist and author of three books mr cook thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. you are the only western journalist to be based here in nazareth the largest arab town in israel what kind of different insight does this give you to the conflict as
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opposed to most foreign journalists who are based in the centers of tel of a of jerusalem and ramallah that location in itself. tends to select the focus of your work tends to prejudge what the issues major issues here are in the conflict and i think journalists who are based in the normal cities like jerusalem tel aviv tend to assume that the conflict began in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven but it's a product of the occupation of the palestinian territories the west bank and gaza whereas my focus has been based being based inside israel in a palestinian or arab community how do you want to describe it is to see that conflict predates nine hundred sixty seven why do you feel that is all should not be classified as a democracy bearing in mind that the arab community here can vote they can form their own political parties this idea that just because you have voting rights therefore you live in a. see so superficially it sounds persuasive but actually it's not very persuasive
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and one of the ways to highlight that is by looking at the very early years the first twenty years of israel's existence when the palestinians inside israel lived under a military government. they couldn't move outside of their communities without a permit from military government government they lived under martial law but during that period they had full voting rights so with where they are living under in a democracy the question really is how did israel engineer a situation where it could give voting rights to its palestinian minority and not feel threatened and today that there are several palestinian parties guards none of them have ever been allowed to serve in the government none of them of held any positions of responsibility what's happened is that you can only participate in the government if you subscribe to this position which is that the jews are privileged population inside the country this isn't just about the parliament applies to many other kinds of spheres of life for them for instance there's no the palestinian minority have no control of their schooling their curriculum is decided by the jewish majority in your book blood and religion you've accused israel of
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a long slow process of ethnic cleansing but do you not think the fact that since nine hundred forty nine the arab israeli population as well as the palestinian population within the west bank and gaza the fact that those populations have grown considerably doesn't that challenge the the theory you put forward well it's grown yes but the question is not just about the numbers it's also a question about where they live and of course there's been a lot of ethnic cleansing going on in the last seventy sixty seventy years and some people would argue that actually what israel is doing qualifies as genocide whether one wants to adopt that view or not there's a very clear issue here about where palestinians are being allowed to live and slowly they've been pushed further and further out of their historic homeland to the very margins of it now outside of it is always something changed the oath upon entering the israeli. parliament no longer do members of parliament swear allegiance only to the state of israel but also to
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a jewish democratic state why do you think this happened what is the significance well this is part of a much wider trend to do with loyalty to the will to legislation as the government's now calling it mr mr lieberman's party. was far right party i've already mentioned he he he got elected on a plan he's the third largest party in the parliament he was elected all of them or you look out over the world to your citizenship and his party's been introducing a series of buildings to try and ensure that palestinian citizens have less and less legitimacy within the political system and not all of the bills are being passed but but they're changing the whole discourse in israel now into one in which the assumption is that palestinians are not loyal they have should have no rights they have to prove their loyalty and so this is very much part of that whole search the same kind of move you talk about lack of loyalty but recently in elders where the member of parliament earnings wabi lost some of her privilege just because she participated in the fraternity which some israelis felt essentially put her head
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wall with as well it's a strange idea that you need to be at war with humanitarian activists to try to bring aid to people of gaza. i have asked question for all of us we should look at say well what is it legitimate to attack in international waters both taking aid to people who are you know what according to all the other surveys taken by by international bodies like the united nations are suffering from malnutrition many other things so but i mean of course it was a very different situation and she's not only doing that as a concern global citizen which is interesting because it's her people she's a member of the palestinian people you've stated that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is first term of office was characterized by the deceit of the american president clinton and also attempts to destroy the peace process do you believe that the strategy continues now in his second term of office he's saying to a group of settlers he does. i think he's being filmed he doesn't realize he's being filmed but he tells the this group of settlers exactly what he did in his
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first term in the late ninety's during the whole slow process and that what he did was to deceive bill clinton to give it away free small areas of of occupied territory in return for agreements that they would have to give much larger areas of occupied territories and thereby destroy the whole principle of the overall slower process and of course although he doesn't say it's that bad very much explains the palestinian reaction which led to the second intifada while following on from what you've said is this ways and why you say that israel actually once and benefits from the chaos of the middle east well i've argued that israel is in favor of chaos in the middle east partly because. it's following in a tradition of a well known colonial tradition of dividing and rule one that israel has implemented in the occupied territories the lesson israel learned from that is it's a very effective way of stopping any kind of resistance to your plans the palestinians have struggled to to counteract israel's initiatives because they've
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been so divided. it's been a very useful strategy inside israel in the occupied territories what is the solution would you support a one state solution i'm support anything that brought peace and gave palestinians and israeli jews the right to live happy contented lives. the question is how do you achieve that now some people say you can do it through two state solution i don't actually think that's even technically possible any longer if it ever was we're talking about very small areas of land that would be left to the palestinians nobody's talking about it being a militarized state who control the borders i mean there are all sorts of questions that nobody really wants to look at in any kind of depth at the moment because everybody knows the answers would mean that this wouldn't really be a proper state jonathan karl thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. .
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culture is the same i understand my family has interest more recently i was on the faculty of new buyers in the market panorama discussions continue whether muslim women should be barred from the period public with their faces veil is this a. wealthy british style seinfeld's america that's not on the spot by the front. of the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports. you're watching r t live from moscow on tests or so here with the headlines the international court of justice in the hague.


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