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just trying to cool off. so it will never recognize cause of a separate state after the un's top court rules its declaration of independence does not break international law while the binding decision was praised by the u.s. and some european countries there are fears it sets a dangerous precedent for separatist movements all around the world. also a popular ukrainian holiday resort all of odessa is also a thriving hub for human trafficking with many sex slaves being shipped from its port out to other countries. well up next it is the latest edition of moscow out. explores the ancient cities and towns and just outside the russian capital stay with us.
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and good to see you again now about seventy five kilometers north of moscow along the road. is the small town south of the main goal to ring the nations. of the next few weeks we'll be visiting several of these historic wonderful cities and towns day out on a beautiful some of. them out of moscow you can see the journey. to just over the centuries. throughout the journey is a long way. today it's about a two hour drive when you along as you greeted by smooth house is surrounded by street forests and this moscow starts which is boom in the new capital of concrete and steel it's a time traveling the treat of relaxation history and tradition. and
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the thirty and forty percent and it's more a straight have been the greatest and largest religious cultural center in the russian state it's a get away from the hustle and bustle of busy moscow and i think a great example of true russian life if you have time to come here. in the soviet times the time you speak. to commemorate revolutionary. it was returned to its original name in one thousand nine hundred one. which means the main. it's a magnificent century complex founded by. in the area surrounding sacred sounds in the state and historical museum here this is one of the action of russian everyday life as it was centuries ago unlike
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historical palaces that focus on the sparkling a lavish lives of famous russian families our royalty here in this reconstructed you can see a true reflection of basic life. many think that all items that are displayed here in the museum belong to the past in fact they were mostly used at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century is that in the north of the country. there are many homes which look like only museum people living there still use this things in everyday life. is what often embellished by special architectural features for example rich wooden carvings which decorated the windows and significance of elements in the use of the russian of it still found in many most country houses in the middle but nineteenth century b.c. attic windows were extremely popular they reflected the traditional view of russian
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life the top represented heaven with the birds the middle of the present day underneath a very interesting depiction of how take notes of a whole range of weird and wonderful creatures such as this mermaid. back outside the cellars blazing down on the town and it's picturesque more straight. if i'm looking for a picture it's so beautiful there when the tourists visit so you get sad from all over the world it's also packed with history and interesting facts and figures the great took refuge she inside these walls is buried here and also the town claims to be the home place of the true the famous russian nesting dolls in every corner you can't you don't more impressive tower but it's not just a. styria beauty here inside the various cathedrals it's also a wonderful yet calming visual treat. in the splendid surroundings of hypnotizing holidays. the grave of the founder. of.
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the place. that. is. treasures. of. the saints in turn. its unique status here for example you can see a piece of stone supposedly from the tomb of christ the site was so charged with history that even stallin couldn't bring himself to raise it even so the monks were sent to labor camps after the bolshevik revolution. saying cool inside your rival a room full of russian antiquities. secrets from centuries gone by from faded religious clothing to ancient gold ingo blitz it's really worth coming inside here
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. the most trees museum houses an impressive collection of old paintings jewel encrusted robes gems and i tones from centuries past. suppose several works by. russia's most famous i compare. the rings featured various push icons books my fourteenth century on was the thing you have a problem reading more in piece because of its size take a look at this amazing handbook imagine this bedtime reading. on a trip to circuit percent there are other places of interest you should visit to. get me a small straight is visited by thousands of pilgrims empty. always tourists it started with a simple underground sound which is done here by month from moscow in the middle of the eight hundred forty s. now it's a whole underground church its main relics include an icon of our lady this is
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believed to have magical powers and also a spring with a bath house which many people this is hoping to have their diseases cured. the museum of toys is also a popular attraction to the open in moscow in one nine hundred eighty seven one hundred thirty one museum has a number become an exhibition that is home to more than thirty thousand toys around the world the rising as belonging to the children of the last person so it was the second including expensive french and german dolls a railway set. drives for interrupting our normal programming there but let's cross now live to milan where russian president dmitri medvedev has arrived there for talks with italian prime minister silvio berlusconi to ranging from cultural ties to issues related to
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nato the e.u. energy security and bilateral trade let's cross now live to my life to hear what they have to say. melanne gallery this is this is going to be our so-called touring. train then go to sigma lanka seadrill. and then. course we're going to watch. some are too diverse and we have around one hundred thousand churches and palaces. with a wonderful sorry sherry and atmosphere and a lot of museums archaeological museum this. on and other sites historic buildings for example last carla going to visit his. well that's why. this is as it is too short hard little time because there are so many beauties in need to leave to show and president medvedev promise me. many
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times so that's your public promise and then i invite my guest to my villa. where we're going to visit the university elaborate on your call which will start writing you know just starting from january or february and offered all right invited mr president. as of a she is one of the prominent politicians of the past twenty years and i wanted to address that alton's. mr putin has already visited that university. and i would love to. remember it or i would like to say that forty percent. that's the increase of our trade turnover and over the past twelve months. and we're also going to through on it. paddling with you for
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a wonderful event where the hero of the russian language and russian culture will be. in control of the language and telling culture russia also discussed our age of malaysia about the talent companies operating in russia as well as russian companies operating in italy. and the two governments are said to rank over all the issues to support all these companies also many international issues such as the middle east that we all want to start direct negotiations after these whole. border i mean the situation around gaza also discussed the situation around iran and also to get back on the negotiations track and. we also discussed a situation in afghanistan we're at the conference we still want lazy me out on july the twenty four as with the g eight summit we reaffirmed point out what we
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need what our goals and that peaceful way it is very important and that we should resolve it i will also decided that these follow what's happening in a loud the leaders of the eight major in all countries of the world. also will see participation of two three other leaders to have such wonderful chance to discuss many issues together and to become friends at a discuss everything in a friendly atmosphere and to have. had. really for a to discuss many problems to resolve them quickly and efficiently of your mind. and as a. can proceed discussing issues by telephone for the role of which we've discussed before all of this is routine counsel and we're going to continue discussing this
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it will surely go into detail regarding it. so i have finished and now please mr medved if it's your turn to give you address but i thank you very much hope you are. very grateful. that you need out and i'll. put my thumb over in. italy for the past twenty years for various reasons. before i used to come here for vacations and on business trips and lately i've come here to represent our country politically but so came that i've never actually been to milan and that. has always a gap to be filled i'm very grateful to mr berlusconi for inviting me for this working visit here in northern italy where northern people i come from the north of
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russia as well. so. it's very convenient to stage talks of this kind not only in capitals but in other major cities around countries that mr berlusconi has just told you about what we've been talking about . this is a hundred percent correct and ready to back this up but these were the issues we were discussing starting with the international problems and we will continue to discuss them during our short walk around the city and lunch and i hope we will manage to discuss other issues as well. a we've named the g eight and g twenty has the formats that. the key players on the arena are represented in an economic systems mr bill is going to set the g eight was a very convenient format to discuss international issues especially considering the fact that two or three new heads of states come up at every meeting of the g eight
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him then there are also the leaders who have stood the tates of a test of time having. taken part in g eight meetings repeatedly and. is one of them and a bit of the. so in light of this i always watch silvio very carefully during discussions monitoring his reactions to various questions. a lot of events have occurred over the past years the g. eight is changing. the g twenty has just. come along but the issues we did discuss they they largely stay the same concept situations issues related to terrorism and states who failed to comply to their international obligations. problem of these this was the sort of problems we discussed today with their own nuclear problem and their situation around afghanistan that we
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discussed the institutions that sort of. that are supposed to be looking into this sort of issues. namely the u.n. which should change. to keep up with time. or the point of discussion is how these changes should take place we've been discussing this at the g twenty summit and i have to say our positions are not always the same but what's important is that we're ready to modernize the work of the un and its security council. so. we've discussed a number of bilateral issues just. like it's always on the agenda during meetings like this one to make you think we've discussed the ways our economies are recovering from the crisis i was pleased to hear mr berlusconi. talk about the recovery of italy's economy. and i'm pleased to note that the figures the italian
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economy is showing there are growing but i have informed mr berlusconi that the situation in russia. suggest that the situation the russian economy is recovering quite well as well but this doesn't mean that we have nothing to talk about at the g. twenty summit because the international financial system has still not been reformed and we don't have any guarantees that we would be secured from stress is similar to what happened in two thousand and eight so we should do everything we can to create a modern financial system that would correspond with the interest of all states that want to develop along your problem absolutely as a free market. but i discussed economic issues namely if it leads investments into
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russia and issues related to russia's investments in the italian markets. consultations like this helped free move some of the issue in us that are unavoidable but in europe and what's going on for my lateral corp but i just would belize and i was pleased to hear about how much detail and government works on resolving their economic struggles and i told mr berlusconi about how when my mother and we manage these tasks and about how the russian economy has modernized his mother and i told him we were unhappy and i structure of the rushed. you know and so i don't it will grow. as much as five percent this year with all this is not growing a white girl if we want to be someone you're pretty much so what we need is modernization . of cornish. you would have peace in light of this i stressed the importance of a major european states the states that we are in which. we have an economic
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relations with with that they should take part in the creation of a high tech economy in russia we would welcome them and we would welcome our telling our partners assisting exploration dealing with these issues we will continue negotiating. we will discuss several other issues. i'm waiting. for you looking forward to the short walk around the city. especially since this is my first time going to milan. i'd like to thank what is to be any once again before inviting me to visit italy one figure that i think that for me i think like to thank you because in order for. other things i'd like to add.
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the. mr president has just touched upon which is part of what is ation a between the e.u. leaders of the of russia very small one of the problems your task to be resolved immediately because they're all interested in it he totally promised to do exist ask all of us no matter their. copyright resolve these issues so please you're welcome to ask a. question for mr berlusconi and. it does become more relevant lately. just a second place. wasn't least. a subject has become somewhat relevant lately during the russian president's meetings with the heads of european states airport and it's been touched upon treason to negotiations
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. finish leaders is the visa free regime between russia and the e.u. and mr berlusconi called you. saying in two thousand and eight that you would. visit a regime the reason being introduced because your position has changed since then and if it hasn't what specific take steps have you taken to promote a visa free regime the. norm in. my opinion as simple as that. it has changed it has become. i have become even more confident that we should go for a visa free or if she is passionately regarding the country's. east east european countries. who have ties with the saudi.
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and due to some just issues. here i somehow don't want to do it but i think that from the historic point of view look at right now any problems. there should be no boundaries between the russian federation and the european union and that's why i know strongly believe that. a positive solution regarding intimate talking to do. i promised here that i'm going to discuss this issue all the european tribunes deloraine the interest. to put this issue. at the next meeting in brussels. and i have already tackled the sprawling. vice prime minister the minister of the european union so as you can see i am discussing this issue with everyone if they say it in every european tribune
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so that all the e.u. leaders can reach a consensus. it draws them. that. second channel till. i knew. mr berlusconi. government is going to become a partner and i wouldn't izing the russian economy with the participation of a number of italian problem. telling companies but i miss home i am going to participate in this process or i will go to. a listers to work. relations. so in which areas should participate what you think it telling companies are our major partners at this moment they are working
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very appears. at the minute but i'm not in not just an energy in oil and gas fears but industrial supply new industry as well and we've accumulated a certain experience in the way it has been positive so far there have been difficulties of course there unavoidable when we talk about the future it's especially important to us that italian companies take part in some of the high technology. of industries but i have formulated five so-called. modernization priorities but they are issues related to creating new pharmaceutical production lines. using space air space technology telecom. and here mobile issues. related to creating. to two using nuclear energy and there's
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a range of other question is if you know any of these fears is open for our friends to take part of about it besides i'd like to stress once again. an idea has been approved to create a high technology center around the. mosque or something like the silicon valley and the united states this center will be created near moscow when you told your surveillance. on the i hope this will be a convenient spot for the italian investors. and foreign investors in general this idea is unique in a way for a country. which we have a tax exemptions for for this project thus creating a special business climate in. this doesn't mean. this should be the only target for investments as i've said or i tell him partners have launched several large
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scale projects in various areas in russia russia most of them are high technology. i'd like to see those investments grow. as for. this event i slipped back into the. question that interested me with. troops which are already participating in the russian economy. one of the barriers facing. the development of our economic relations is all wrong. and italian businessmen are confronted with it in. both of us have a repeated corner and i told the president about it. and the caller asked to be liberally a revolution i used. as a result to call forth. a dark new rules that would allow
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for example for those who want to start up their business not to get. not to have to get lots of permissions to do so. so the procedure will become much easier and business will have a chance to start other businesses as than to undergo all the controlled procedures and to get recommendations from a certain officials. there is a better business complies with the existing rules that's one of the mechanisms which can be launched. and by this means we can overcome bureaucracy. which we should try. simply why many processes. and to help companies. build their business and work on the russian
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market. and so shocking image well we must do our best to simplify the red tape. preventing the business businesses to develop. what about you i'll going to be the leader of this process oh yes i think that. we hold. a certain consensus in this issue i'll radio realized what. economic development minister should be in charge of. and i have changed patten all of these of the work of the ministry and in the coming week we're going to appoint a new a finance development minister in italy. a question to both
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leaders. like russia and italy are planning to have the corresponding years of culture. in two thousand and eleven. now within those years of culture with specific events would you highlight maybe some of them you will oversee personally and will you start visiting each other more often. now we're working. and we have over five months to go to finalize the program for this year many ministries are participating in this progress and i know that a lot of tourism initiatives are up and coming i mean. different cultural areas. and different couper's to get acquainted with the
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cultural monuments and i know that many programs many cameras will be designed for st petersburg which both wrists wonderful architecture. one of the major this is one of the major parts of. of the program for these hearings and a major t.v. shanel also are going to take active part in this program progress program which at least they will have a great responsibility in devising a number of. programs telling about events. as part of these here and will make for military. history and culture of the two countries as well as as contemporary life is so that both two and the t.v. viewers can become more familiar with the two countries which. it's
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