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well welcome if you just joined us this is the r t news channel broadcasting live from central moscow just a bit after eleven pm tonight good to have you with us now russia's unprecedented heat wave rages on with friday seeing another record breaking temperature of moscow and with no immediate end in sight to the high mercury readings artie's told barley explains the impact of the heat wave and how people are coping with russia's tropical weather right now. here it's the gorky park in the center of moscow people are enjoying the sun there strolling around the temperature here is still about thirty six degrees centigrade celsius so the temperature hair is about the same as inside my body now it's about a quarter not totally comfortable the people here might be enjoying it but others not so much the temperatures complained it was ruling so far have been true the
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record breaking this is the fourth time in july that the temperature of a bad day was the highest ever recorded the asphalt on the roads is melting trucks having to go with water tanks on the back trying to stop the roads rushing to melting on the other people's tires the air quality has been steadily declining over the course of this heat wave in the outskirts of the city people have actually seen and smelled smoke and that's that's been coming from large forest fires that have been raging not very far really outside moscow and there's those fires all over russia sort of white in the picture out to send it to russia as a whole. experience twenty thousand fires that are so far this season the forest floors are as dry as a tinder than any spark so they are ignite a forest fire this is supposed to be about one hundred seventy raging are still as we speak and five marches still trying to control them farmers have experienced unprecedented drought part of the worst for
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a century i think and it's thought that huge millions of tons of grain will be lost in this years that we'll see those farmers just having to watch their crops die in the fields and the last rather more serious some of the more tragic consequences the huge numbers of people to be trying to get away from the heat by going to lakes and rivers to cool off in the last week alone three hundred people have unfortunately drowned it's seen as a great irony really the whole through the cold winter rushes long for to feel summer they always wish they always talk about wanting there to be the summer sun and now it's here they're realizing maybe they wished a bit too hard. because this is this heat is absolutely crippling the city really so people are trying to enjoy it and people are making light of the situation as much as they can many muscovites saying. thirty six thirty seven degrees the temperature here is already greater than the exchange rate somewhere between the ruble and the dollar and it's approaching full exchange rate between the ruble and
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the euro people also saying why on earth do i need to go on holiday to the mediterranean we've got everything we need here in terms of terms of the other places or other ways that russians are trying to get out of the heat or explored by my colleague peter oliver in his report. when temperatures soar everyone has to find their own way to keep cool in the sweltering city summer two brothers in moscow of come up with a plan to beat the heat as well as make a bit of cash on the site and the tolly and boris rent out their apartment in the summer months and set up camp on a small island in the state one kilometer outside of the city center i camped here in one hundred sixty when i was in my second year at school we came here in a car and we saw the place was vacant we bought a boat right away and brought it here to paradise there's good fishing. in might seem like a strange choice but it's all perfectly legal anyone can pitch their tent and start their own camp as long as the base certain rules it's not that elusive our chief concern is to avoid harming nature these people are clean and tidy and don't harm
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nature but if other people can pitch a tent and start throwing rubbish around they'll have to face punishment as far as ways to beat the heat goes on the telly and boris have certainly adopted a fairly novel approach with the spike robinson crusoe esque existence they still can't live without some of the creature comforts they go hand in hand with city living and that's good news when we have to t.v. sets two radios and a notebook but no internet my house is in moscow a six minute ride from here the retired pair have just about all they could need on their thirty meter wide island getaway and if they. anything they want it's only a short trip to the nearest shop wants to take in the boat right to the shore of course heading for some alfresco sleep isn't a new thing for muscovites in the past before the invention of air conditioning many people would sleep in the courtyards of apartment buildings to try and get some respirators from the times oppressive heat not many would be willing to go to the same length as boston on the tolly but with temperatures still around the
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thirty's more people will be looking for ways to stay cool this summer peter all of the party. a good time to tell you we've got some ideas for escaping the sweltering city in summer a bit later tonight this week's edition of moscow gives you the lowdown on the golden ring which is where renowned tourist attractions are situated just outside the capital entertainment guru martin andrews has more on the next hour here on our . walking for a picture it's so peaceful the ones that get us out from all around the world it's also packed with history and interesting facts and figures it's the great took refuge here inside these walls what is going on is buried here and also how the home place of the for the famous.
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wall in those temperatures with the two receipts in at its height right now many peach goes have been flocking to the black sea coast for some summer sun but alongside the hotels and restaurants there one ukrainian resort has a murkier side. has become a thriving hub for the sex slave industry as a strategic porter's location makes it a hot spot for human trafficking to and from the region as artie's alexy on a jet ski found out. it is fun in the sun in the ukraine in port city offered us hundreds of thousands come here during the height to receive them. but for this woman from central africa it became a living nightmare with her identity concealed she told us how she was turned into a sex life. i met a man who told me he'd marry me and take care of me he brought me here then he
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locked me in a hotel room some men came every day and raped me sometimes there were three of them at once later the man said he'd sell me to turkey but i managed to find help. she managed to escape from the man who had been slaves her now she lives in the dust under the protection program but many young girls here are not as lucky every day ships bring thousands of tourists in and out of a death but for many of this harbor becomes a point of no return as many sex slaves are being shipped from here to other countries turkey italy united arab emirates these are some of the most popular destinations for the sex slave trade and it does so with its strategic port serves as the marketplace police talk of fifty cases solved over the last two years but in reality the number of victims from all across the c.i.s. which are being brought here could be a thousand times higher and fighting organized sex trade gangs is very difficult
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because it's thought some are highly connected with the authorities for insects traders use local men to find girls from deprived regions who are struggling to make a living so they're easy to create these men over there when you live they promised them jobs abroad in hotels and restaurants but eventually ended up as six slaves in a stripped of their passports. this organization called faith hope love helps sex trade victims to rehabilitate from their terrifying past in five years they have offered assistance to more than a thousand women it's still pretty had says it is impossible to keep track of how many sex slaves are out there as most are there are simply afraid to call for help both social workers and authorities admit in the last several years a densa sex trade has slightly diminished but they say while ukraine's economy is in tatters the sex industry will remain as one of the most burning problems for
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this resort city regardless of the season. ski r.t. reporting from address ukraine. malana the center of her own fashion is a fitting scene for talks about cultural ties between russia and italy and indeed dmitri medvedev and solvable discone of name twenty eleven as a mutual year of culture to be held in both countries. reports from one of the cultural arts of italy. well it's really hard here in milan the atmosphere of the meeting was warm as well syria but a new school started opening opened the press conference with the words let's together greet our dear friend dmitri medvedev who is back well indeed relations between the two and russia could be described as a privileged relationship and it seems that very of has taken the lead from his predecessor vladimir putin to treat berlusconi not just as a partner but as a true friend and is the third time the two have matched in the last eight months
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the last time their match was during the g. eight and g. twenty summits today they discussed the outcome of those gatherings seem particular such international issues as the iranian nuclear program situation in afghanistan and the reform of the u.n. which they both said was needed well similar to law school and indeed tried hard to create a proper refined zone viewers for these high ranking meeting he was invited for a walk around the sixteenth century cathedral they do your tea palace where the meeting took place later a visit legend read warm with the symbol of this city and it took five centuries to complete this cathedral one of the biggest golf it could be drills in the world well to build russia's cozy relationship special relationship with the to the also took time and it's the time we know that berlusconi frequently has personally lobbied on russia's behalf in the european union and it will be interesting to see
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whether he's authority now will be enough to push through such important deals as the new european security treaty all girls school and i admit that if we're talking about how the economic situation has been improving after the crisis the trade turnover grew forty one percent in four months this year and reached the twelve billion dollars but with that it turned to berlusconi for a helping hand he said he wanted italian businesses to help more than as russia. corner me current biggest headache of the russian president berlusconi is sad to hear italian businesses would eagerly do that but the biggest obstacle so far has been chrissy. correspondent catherine approach over reporting from milan president videos visit to the city. people in india is hard to reach areas struggle to get proper medical care but now the country's government and international aid
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organizations have come up with a water based solution cut in singapore. wellcome to water world this is the mighty brahmaputra river originating in debate it enters india and flows on into bangladesh it's the peak of the rainy season and here in the state over sam in northeast india. by boat for those living in remote villages it can take three or four days to reach some of the island's. many villages we can go on when the rainy season it's more difficult to get to them during the dry season we have two to seven kilometers this could take two hours we can't carry all our medical equipment such a long distance one hundred thousand people live in the district of nobody but there is only one functioning medical center no wonder then that the arrival of the book clinic is a big event here the entire village turns out to meet the staff. sixteen year old
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is pregnant and feels this free check up is a far better option than traveling to the nearest town the book clinic is run by the center for northeast studies and it's funded by the indian government and unicef its main focus is the immunization of children while locals were initially hesitant to get their babies vaccinated mothers now actively supporting but there are limits to what the doctors can do dr hark examines who has been complaining of a pain in his abdomen to diagnose the course doctor needs an x. ray but for that to allow didn't we'll have to go to the city. the doctor said i will have to show this to the medical center in. how do i do that the poor man and i can't afford the money it costs to go there and look at it we can deliver babies and do blood tests but we don't have an x. ray machine for that the patient has to go to the medical center in the city if
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there's an emergency we have a stern bible that we can use to transport to patients. getting access to health care is never easy and more so during the monsoon when the river problem was much of the land by delivering health care to the doorstep of villagers the book could well mean the difference between life and death got and seeing r t on the obama. this is actually called past lemon idea of moscow let me take you through some top international news headlines now from r.t. and in switzerland a popular tourist train has derailed in the swiss alps killing one and injuring forty two police said six of the injured were in a critical condition but did not identify who died a probe is looking into why two carriages at the rear of the train came off the track and a third tipped over in the town of fish. tropical storm bonnie is approaching the gulf of mexico and it's already reached the coastline workers on ships at the b.p. spill site are making final preparations to leave officials a temporary camp now on the well there looks safe enough to be left on monitored
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for now but the evacuation is feared to be a major setback in efforts to plug the well for good. demonstrators have clashed with israeli forces in a west bank village during a weekly protests the actions have been taking place in since two thousand and eight in protest over spring that palestinians say was taken by jewish settlers protesters threw stones after their access to the well was blocked by israeli soldiers and border policeman who then responded by firing tear gas and stun grenades. renshaw rains in pakistan have triggered floods killing at least thirty people and washing away thousands of homes army helicopters and troops are assisting emergency crews and rescuing people trapped by the waters in the south west of the country medical camps and shelters have been set up for the victims of the pakistani red crescent providing aid to the worst affected areas. the fallout continues from the hague's ruling that kosovo's declaration of independence was
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legal while the international court of justice is decision is not binding it has sparked international controversy the u.s. and many european countries have praised the move but moscow says it sets a dangerous precedent still wants dialogue between serbia and kosovo well great argues the court only focused on the declaration and said nothing about the legality of. also kosovo as of the independence day so be it claims of course of succession in two thousand and eight violated territorial integrity and has pledged to step up its diplomatic efforts to stop countries recognize in kosovo journalist of the story and then a voice spoke to us and says there are several reasons why costs of a cannot be called they depend state it's pretty much a death sentence for international law this is a textbook case of a clear violation of both the un resolution twelve forty four and all the accepted norms of international law on asli was expecting
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a more nuanced decision along the lines of it was illegal but it doesn't matter i quite honestly didn't expect the world court to take such a directly pro-american position to be perfectly honest kosovo is a much independent does manchukuo vichy france was in world war two it's a puppet state it suffers from endemic corruption abuses of power is its government structure can be best described as a organized crime is not a state in any way shape or form just because the us state department says it is a doesn't mean it is a case of course or just a naked land grab and if it's allowed to stand and serbia itself may actually soon fall apart disappear serbia as a country cannot afford to simply let this slide past twenty years there have been wars and conflicts in the balkans stemming from the collapse of yugoslavia and each time there was any sort of dispute the serbs turned out to be on the losing end and the principles that the so-called international community adopted along the way
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varied according to the needs of the moment there's no principle here really that can consistently apply over the past twenty years except the serbs always lose and that's clearly not a principle you can build a policy on. well eggs opinion on kosovo spot reaction from two other states seeking recognition of cars here and south of setia say the move confirms their right to independence they hope the decision will push other countries to follow the example of russia and the number of other states which recognize them after george moore in two thousand and eight because his prime minister sergei shamba says these republics have more of a right to independence than costs of. work but we are very proud of the president confirms the people's right to determine their own identity at the same time giving our arguments more weight on the other hand it's all politicized and we can be sure that if we went to the hague we would get a similar ruling we probably wouldn't in spite of the fact that we have more historical legal and moral grounds to demand independence than constable double
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standards do exist it's not a secret to anyone in any case people who object to our independence will now find it difficult to openly claim that we don't have the right to determine our own standing. the glamorous redhead at the center of a spy swap deal between moscow and washington is getting more and more popular in the united states it seems what american companies capitalize on that by making the anna chapman daw customers can choose from versions called predator and the spy i could love seems ages available for purchase online for around thirty dollars but chapman herself will not benefit from the sales because of the conditions of release from arrest the twenty eight year old girl refused to roll off in an adult movie you may want to know it was more news at r.t. dot com charles have your say as well as the discussion but by all the stories you see now in ten minutes time marty's paid lavelle debates with his guests whether women should be banned from wearing in public a face veil may be a story you feel strongly about stay with r.t.
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to find out more first though daniels got the business news tonight. welcome to business the much anticipated results of the european bank stress test are out seven of europe's ninety one largest banks failed the exam which was intended to reveal which institutions would not be able to survive a sustained economic downturn or a sovereign debt default the banks which were found wanted including germany's hyper real estate which is now government owned following a bailout eighty bank of greece and full regional spanish lenders a number of other banks only passed the tests now early on they are likely to face more pressure to increase their capitalization the governments in countries with suspect institutions say they're ready to help the braes more money the european markets have not yet had the opportunity to cause their verdict as the result came out of the close of the market. if you're a spanx struggles when markets open on monday this is likely to feed through into
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russia but according to peter weston chief strategist at ats on it may represent a boring opportunity for investors. the exposure of the russian banks to the force out european countries plus ireland is two point seven billion dollars thousand times almost less than what they suppose is the european banks they will be punished the russian banking stocks will be punished but they probably will be punished and justifiably so do if you do see that negative reaction in the financials and you do see russian banks fall in with them and in fact creates another buying opportunity of russian financials. stock markets here in moscow had a mixed day on friday financials look held by those stressed result of european banks p.t.b. and more than one percent but it was a big day for miners no real cynical ended up one point three percent reports the government may take a stake michel in one point six percent of the quarter to profit jumped to
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confident twenty percent year over year i'm petrified is looking at announcing an initial public offering on its final business. president medvedev appears to have revised russia's economic growth forecast for this year last as leader made the announcement at a news conference with italian prime minister silvio berlusconi in milan last month the government was still predicting a growth rate of four percent. but he is capable of making his mother in law this year the russian economy will grow by almost five percent which seems to be very good after the crisis however it is still not the growth that we need them now the former international air show ended with nearly fifty billion dollars worth of deals last year as paris was disastrous in terms of orders as the aerospace industry was hit by the financial crisis many believe this year is your cave and the recovery of the civil aircraft industry within a question of a has the details. this is the a downturn in the civil avocation industry is zero for the deal signed in found
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bros speak for themselves at nearly fifty billion dollars worth compared to seven billion at the paris air show last year the star of the show was the boeing seven hundred seven dreamliner made from composite materials the manufacturer claims the planes for the next eighteen years will be more adult on this design this is a test airplane number three you know we will start by their own plane by the end of the year and we're told that the first custom of the launch custom a japanese airline and they will get the first green light this year russian civil aircraft maker has had a particularly good airshow signing of a ten billion dollars worth of deals in good company agreed to supply malaysia with fifty m. s. twenty one planes for around three billion dollars sequoia sold seventy f. and super passenger planes in various deals worth a total of about two point five billion dollars on the other side of the question air flight eleven airbus a three hundred thirty planes reaffirming its commitment
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to western plane making us the asho also presented in upper teens russian helicopters to market its way is selling four machines to an indian company just as a commercial market for us it's a perk that the new market with care of several commercial critical. but that's not a big quantity for such big confusion canonically developed on the i was in there. so we have additional officers on this market to right now new orders at the event didn't come close to the record breaking eighty eight billion dollars an ounce of farm bro in two thousand and eight before the global recession hits still many believe this show confirms the recovery trend that has been in evidence since the strain but some analysts believe the moment is being artificially stimulated ramón had added to true websites as super jets one hundred are being sold below cost price and that the results from fund grow up being exaggerated. i think it's too
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early to talk about a recovery in russian civil aviation we might see in several years but for now it is more important to get all the new planes certified and start manufacturing them still he represents a minority of the international air transport association predicts the global industry will make a profit of two point five billion dollars in two thousand and ten indeed hardly a fortune but better than a loss of nine point four billion dollars last year my dimmock which in the business ati. that's it from the business team you can always find more stories on our website that's all true dot com slash business.
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culture is the same i understand not only are there for you or some of them would be new buyers in the market banner not discussions continue whether muslim women should be barred from appearing in public with their faces veil is this a. wealthy british style. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into a report on our hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest
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issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. they
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faced it this is not a good warm. steverson you should support the tree they have no idea about the hardships to face. one it is this is a. sunni. army the life of the usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism to understand that you have to live a. real life stories from world war. one nine hundred forty five dot com.
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