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russia had made it to the surface safely four miners have been injured and one is still unaccounted for. and feeling the heat as temperatures in moscow sorta all time highs the heat wave spells disaster for some farmers in russia as they suffered the worst drought in the sense. you're watching our team broadcasting live from central moscow six in the morning here thank you for joining us now a russian a pilot detained in may in africa and sent to the united states is accused of transporting four metric tons of cocaine worth up to six million dollars charges against calls and didn't get a shango had been brought by prosecutors in new york moscow says the man has been
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in effect kidnapped by the united states on a c a chalky that is following the story. basically we have moscow accusing washington d.c. of having abducted a russian citizen a pilot going under the name constantini or shen co and feeling to inform russian officials about having done so and traditionally under international law when one states. arrests or captures or doctor kidnaps or whatever it may be a citizen of another country they're supposed to inform the country of citizenship that this has been done this is not the case however and we have washington d.c. accusing this man of having been part of an international cocaine trafficking ring and he was he's been accused of having been part of a scheme to transport as much as four tons of cocaine from south america to africa with the intention of leader transporting the drugs to europe and the united states right now this man is that jail in manhattan awaiting trial with the four other people who were arrested along with him and we have been hearing from the
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prosecution that they're saying that the group wanted to acquire as much as four and a half million euros as part of this profit of this scheme meanwhile we have the defense lawyer in russia saying that. it's not true that. didn't even have a plane that was good enough to fly overseas and the defense lawyer of his family has been saying that has never actually been to south america let alone traffic drugs from there but for all of the details of the missteps carried out for u.s. officials now let's go to the report of our correspondent. he was abducted and covertly transferred to the united states from africa he was not an american or liberian citizen he was a russian citizen and was effectively missing for over a month his home country russia did not know about his abduction and rendition to the u.s. and the fact that the americans did not tell the russians until now is about steering controversy we have. apologized to russia the u.s.
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says sorry and insists everything minus faxing the memo to the wrong embassy was within the rules and regulations of an international transfer but that is not how the russian government has interpreted ness we pressed the wrong button on the facts of. to be brutally for this reset button and. the russian foreign ministry called the incident a kidnapping of a russian national from a third country and because the us did not follow the formalities of international rendition law which requires all parties involved in the secret transfer to know about it prior to the prisoner leaving the third country the russians have labeled it as a sign of open lawlessness so were we involved and sharing information with liberia yes indeed word was were there particular u.s. participation i'm not aware of that. but it's it's hard to say what the true
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reasons are for such behavior of the american side especially considering the fact that here at the consulate you don't have the official information from our american colleagues on the matter in question it's a case very reminiscent of victor boot and alleged arms dealer who was apprehended in thailand with the knowledge of the russian governments the difference the u.s. struggled to extradite due to the u.s. for prosecution and conviction but thai authorities were cautious of the evidence in the u.s. and deny the transfer in case the u.s. get the legal procedures and rendered him without his home country knowing. about it so clues that the u.s. doesn't follow in. terms of how alleged suspects are transferred from one country to another this case means the rule book is no longer valid it's an incident that could spell disaster for the u.s. especially as the details of how your schenkel was transferred are leaking out and whether the u.s. violated its own launch jan hoffa's r t washington d.c.
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. and still to come the dark side of life in the ukrainian a seaside resort. every day ships bring thousands of tourists. but for many this harbor becomes a point of no return as many sex slaves are being shipped from here to other countries. according to reports u.k. forces used depleted uranium ammunition during the two thousand and three war in iraq it's alleged an inquiry has uncovered more than forty sites across the war torn country contaminated with high levels of radiation the use of uranium ammunition is widely controversial because of potential long term health effects british naval part of the labor party that is m.p. paul flynn says the iraqi people are suffering the consequences we know that in the first iraq war depleted your radio was used in shells and it certainly is very very
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likely to be used again and it uses a because of its density and shells but unfortunately it's not as radioactive is it might be. two three eight with the gamma radiation is being reduced but it's a weapon of mass destruction. destruction because the dust on the battlefield and gets into the water supply into the. to give children. of course birth defects and the iraqis have been saying for a long time now that when the battles to place there's evidence all big increases in childhood cancers and even birth defects and they threatening to sue. the united kingdom the united states government for these awful contaminations it's almost certainly taking place russia's unprecedented heat wave continues with
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a record breaking temperature across the country and with no immediate end in sight to the high mercury readings artie's tong barton looks at how people are coping with the tropical weather here in moscow. here a park in the center of moscow people are enjoying the sun they're strolling around the temperature here is still about thirty six degrees centigrade celsius so the temperatures have been truly so far been truly record breaking this is the fourth time in july that the temperature on a bad day was the highest ever recorded in the outskirts of the city people actually seen and smelled smoke and that's that's been coming from large forest fires that have been raging not very far really outside moscow and there's those fires all over russia sort of white in the picture out to send it to russia as a whole the farmers have experienced president drought part of the worst for a century and i think other places or other ways that russians are trying to get
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out of the heat or explored by my colleague peter oliver in his report. when temperatures soar everyone has to find their own way to keep cool in the sweltering city summer two brothers in moscow have come up with a plan to beat the heat as well as make a bit of cash on the side and the tolly employees rent out their apartment in the summer months and set up camp on a small island in the state one kilometer outside of the city center a camp here in one nine hundred sixty s. when i was in my second year of school you came here in a car and we saw the place was vacant and we bought a boat right away and brought it here to paradise there's good fishing on there you know it might seem like a strange choice but it's all perfectly legal anyone can pitch their tent and start their own camp as long as they pay certain rules it's not anything new that our chief concern is to avoid harming nature these people are clean and tidy and don't harm nature but if other people come to tent and start throwing rubbish around we'll have to face punishment. as far as waste the big that he goes on the telly
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and boris have certainly adopted a fairly novel approach with the spike robinson crusoe esque existence they still can't live without some of the creature comforts they go hand in hand with living next door to music we have to t.v. sets two radios and a notebook but no internet or my house is in moscow a six minute ride from here the retired pair have just about all they could need on the thirty meter wide island getaway if there's anything they want it's only a short trip to the nearest shop wants to take in the boat right the shore of course heading for some alfresco sleep isn't a new thing for muscovites in the past before the invention of air conditioning many people would sleep in the courtyards of apartment buildings to try and get some rest bite from the times oppressive heat not many would be willing to go to the same length as boston on the telly but with temperatures still around the thirty's people will be looking for ways to stay cool this summer peacher all of us . and just remind you we've got plenty more on our website r t v dot com and some
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of the stories that my cash or i online. from tom lloyd to clay thing since becoming the darling of the russian spies chapman is now the inspiration for a barbie like dog. and as strange as it sounds in georgia woman is claiming her cat defied science and gave birth to a dog. dot com online twenty four hours a day. now the fallout continues from the hague's ruling that cost of us declaration of independence was legal while the international court of justice is decision is not binding it has sparked international controversy the u.s.
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and many european countries have praised the move but moscow says it sets a dangerous precedent and still wants dialogue between serbia and possible belgrade argues the court only focused on the declaration and said nothing about the legality of kossovo as an independent state serbia claims that its accession in february two thousand and eight violated its territorial integrity and has pledged to step up its diplomatic efforts to stop more countries from recognizing the kossovo balkans export market gossip says the court made the decision he wanted to make and ignored the main question. this ruling by the i.c.j. appears to be an attempt to avoid the real question asked by the general assembly. judges of the later country the people are trying to stream to a question they prefer to get to ask in order to get the answer yes the question i asked was whether the people who wrote the declaration had the right to write the
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declaration and about the question i answered not the question of the general assembly really wanted answer as to whether a unilateral secession is legal under international law. the hague's opinion on kossovo has sparked reaction from to whether states seeking recognition and south a set here say the move confirms their right to independence they hope the decision will push other countries to follow the example of russia and a number of other states which will recognize them after the georgian war in two thousand and eight one minister sergei shamba says these republics have more of a right to independence than kossovo. but the president confirms the people's right to determine their own identity at the same time giving their arguments more ways. on the other hand it's all politicized and we can be sure that if we went to the hague we would get a similar ruling we probably wouldn't in spite of the fact that we have more historical legal and moral grounds to demand independence than constable double
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standards do exist it's not a secret to anyone in any case people who object to our independence will now find it difficult to openly claim that we don't have the right to determine our own standing. for miners have been injured and one is reported to be missing following a methane explosion at a coal mine in russia's gamut of our region in siberia most of the sixty six people who were underground at the time of the blast had made it to the ground six rescue teams are working at the scene pulling their information suggests a high concentration of methane gas may be responsible and may explosions at that. lesion russia's biggest claimed the lives of nearly seventy miners. and now for other news making headlines around the world this hour. seven out of the ninety one the european banks have failed a stress test to show how well they could withstand another financial crisis of the
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seven five were from spain and one each from germany and greece european banking officials hope the financial health check would show the continent's economy to be strong enough to weather the current debt crisis however the tests have been criticized for being too easy to pass. north korea has threatened a nuclear response to joint u.s. and south korean military exercises set for this week at pyongyang said it is prepared for a quote retaliatory sacred strike tensions between the korea's has been high since the sinking of the south korean naval vessel in march both washington and seoul claim the war games to curb aggression forbidden war. with the tourist season at. it's hard many beachgoers flocked to the black sea coast for some summer fun but alongside the hotels and restaurants one ukrainian resort has a marquee tourist site adesa has become a thriving hub for the sex slave industry as
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a strategic port its location makes it all hot spot for human trafficking to and from the region as alexei ownership ski reports. it is fun in the sun in the caribbean port city of odessa hundreds of thousands come here during the height to season. but for this woman from central africa it became a living nightmare with her identity concealed she told us how she was turned into a sex life. i met a man who told me he'd marry me and take care of me he brought me here when he locked me in a hotel room some men came every day and raped me sometimes there were three of them one later the man said he only to turkey but i managed to find help. she managed to escape from the man who hadn't slept now she lives in the just under protection program but many young girls here are not as lucky or every day as ships
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bring thousands of tourists in and out of but for many of this harbor becomes a point of no return as many sex slaves are being shipped from here to other countries. turkey italy united arab emirates these are some of the most popular destinations for the sex slave trade and a strategic port serves as the market place police talk of fifty cases solved over the last two years but in reality the number of victims from all across the c.i.s. which are being brought here could be a thousand times higher and fighting organized sex trade gangs is very difficult because it's got some are highly connected with the authorities foreign sex traders use local men to find girls from deprived regions who are struggling to make a living so there is a great these men over there when you live with the promise them jobs abroad hotels and restaurants but eventually they end up as sex slaves and
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a stripped of all of their passports. this organization called faith hope love helps sex trade victims to rehabilitate from their terrifying cost in five years they have over the systems to more than a thousand women it's still pretty had says it is impossible to keep track of how many sex slaves are out there as most of them are simply afraid to call for help both social workers and authorities admit the last several years a desa sex trade has slightly diminished but they say while ukraine's economy is in tatters the sex industry will remain as one of the most burning problems for this resort city regardless of the season let's see reporting from adesa ukraine. and up next in the latest edition of our weekend entertainment show moscow out martin andrews explores the ring of ancient cities and towns just outside the russian capital don't miss that.
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hello i'm good to see you again now about seventy five kilometers north of moscow
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along the road. is the small town. the main goal to ring. in the next few weeks will be visiting several of these historic wonderful cities and towns day out. some of. them out of moscow you can see the journey. to just over the centuries many fasting throughout the journey is a long way in the second full day today it's about a two hour drive where you live your greeted by smooth house is surrounded by the forest and this mosque is scarse which is booming in the new capital of concrete and steel time traveling the treat of relaxation history and tradition. and the thirty and forty percent and it's more a straight have been the greatest and largest religious and cultural center in the russian state it's a get away from the hustle and bustle of busy moscow and i think
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a great example of true russian life if you have time to come here. in the soviet times the time you speak. to commemorate revolutionary. it was returned to its original name in one thousand nine hundred one. which means the main. street is a magnificent century complex. in the area surrounding said it stands on the stage and historical museum here this is one of the actions of russian everyday life as it was centuries ago unlike historical palaces museums that focus on the sparkling a lavish lives of famous russian families. here in this reconstructed you can see a true reflection of basic life. and then two buildings. i think
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that all items that are displayed here in the museum belong to the past in fact they were. beginning of the twentieth century in the north of the country. there are many homes which look like our own museum people living there are still things in everyday life. often embellished by special architectural features for example rich wooden carvings which decorated the windows and such decorative elements and the use of the russian oven still found in many modern country houses in the middle of the nineteenth century attic windows rex really popular they reflected the traditional view of life the top represented heaven with the birds the middle of present day underneath a very interesting depiction of help take notice of a whole range of weird and wonderful creatures such as this mermaid. back
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outside the cell is blazing down on the town and it's picturesque more straight. if i'm looking for a picture it's so beautiful there when the tourist visits i get sad from all over the world it's also packed with history and interesting facts and figures the great took refuge years side these rules is buried here and also the town claims to be the home place of the trust of famous nesting dolls in every corner you catch a new impressive tower but it's not just the exterior beauty here in the inside the various cathedrals it's also wonderful yet calming visual treat. in the splendid surroundings of eternity holidays. just the grave of the founder. of. the.
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the same. it's unique status here for example you can see a piece of stone supposedly from the tomb of christ the site was so charged with history that even stallin couldn't bring himself to raise it even so the monks were sent to labor camps after the bolshevik revolution. saying. that a room full of russian antiquities. secrets from centuries gone by from faded religious clothing to ancient gold ingo blitz it's really worth coming inside here . most trees museum houses an impressive collection of paintings jewel encrusted robes gems and i cones from centuries.
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of russia's most famous i compare. the rings featured various push icons books from the fourteenth century on was the thing you have a problem reading more in piece because of its size take a look at this amazing book imagine this i'm reading. on a trip to their other places of interest she should get to. give me a small straight is visited by thousands of pilgrims and curious tourists it started with a simple underground sound which is stuck here by month from. now it's a whole underground church. this is believed to have. a spring with a bath house which many people have been to have. the museum of toys is a popular attraction. exhibition
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that is home to more than thirty thousand toys around the world. belonging to the children of the lost. cleaning expensive french and german dolls and toys. and the symbol of the town is the this traditional russian one of the museum's highlights. during the. development particularly attention was paid to faces. so expressive among the admiration of adults and children this one here is. if you plan to visit other nations you may want to stay the night. open in two thousand and one this hotel risky to want to become popular with visitors this location. is provincial sean and hospitality hotel accommodate up to eighty people each of its rooms having
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a different theme but all aiming to represent a traditional style of life in a small town mixed with. expensive prices for a standard start at one thousand five hundred roubles that's around fifty dollars. to the grounds of the trinity it's clear this location is special and spectacular in every way though when the ministry to reopen after world war two a spiritual center of the muscular state monitors orthodox church during the soviet era and now we enter the factory building with intricate and brightly colored decoration. its structure and at the time of its construction the largest school in russia. in one. it was where important religious figures face receptions
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and this beautiful. colorful building was built in the sixteen eighties and you can see it goes all the way through to this spectacular golden altar which is only used and open today on special occasions one of the best things about visiting the various nations is the time as a pill and striking history some scenes and images alike to be much he lifted out of a book. even if you're not in a fictional of russian church architecture or a medieval history but it's worth a visit the rest of the city's typical for russian town i'm assured grand architecture instantly crumbling buildings but it gives you an idea of what the life was like and still is for millions around the country. finally we leave the center. and head to the nearby countryside. it's a peaceful picture perfect world of blue skies green fields bush forests and yes
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millions of mosquitoes. and just because we're outside the center that doesn't mean the legends stop their. mission says that since they came here during the battle against guitars he put his stuff into the ground pray for god to support it was at that moment beautiful middle school was created. so surrogate the sounds of first in many locations we visit over the coming weeks to complete contrast to the cities of moscow. popular with everyone over the centuries from so. if you have a chance to make only one day trip out of the capital and this is certainly where you should go. fortunately that's all the time we have for this week's program on the beautiful area of so sad i'll see you again at the same time next week well we'll be exploring another fascinating go in destination until then for me and the
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rest of the three by now. you watching live from moscow i'm tesser silvio with the headlines in the u.s. and arrests a russian pilot in africa accusing them of smuggling millions of dollars worth of logs russia says america has a virtually kidnapped one of its citizens from a third country. deadly weapons according to reports the u.k. admits using to.


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