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in the hope sites will give you a second chance at life. whether you're watching r.t. world news and much more welcome to the program now thousands of american homeowners facing foreclosure have been queuing for up to thirty hours to get help from a housing advocacy group in washington d.c. more than three hundred thousand homes are being repossessed in the country every month many of those who face losing a roof over their heads feel the government's programs aimed at helping them off failing ati's christine for reports. these are the faces behind the crisis we're waiting and hoping and praying to but we get inside to get help everybody really help you know how to help and that's what we're looking for help the desperate voices of those who have reached the end of the line or am i too am
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what time nine thirty nine thirty last night when did you sleep here yeah. naomi lawrence took several buses from florida eighteen hours then arrived at the washington d.c. convention center thursday morning waiting thirty hours to get in oh you've been our boy it's hacked and we don't have no place to go and bathroom. but they waited anyway for a chance to restructure the mortgages on their homes all part of the save the dream tour good you need to go all the wood on by the neighborhood assistance corporation of america or natca this is a look at foreclosure activity around the united states during the last year the height of it came in march of this year but never once did it fall below three hundred thousand homes in a month everybody here has tried to work with their lender and it's failed c.e.o. bruce marks calls himself a financial terrorist and with the help of many volunteers works with people to
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help them they get counseling and meet with lenders to come up with an affordable mortgage or to lower their interest rate or book not everyone qualifies but everyone is at least promised an answer the where in adjustable rate mortgage and that rates just keep going up and it's this and believable not the targets people with nowhere else to turn my more dish basically is out of reach some actually. choosing whether to keep or pay more ditch. who are also targets studios of big banks who they say caused this crisis. protesting outside their houses putting furniture on their. why they also protest inside the capitol even though congress wants to pretend that there's no crisis out there and repression obama wants to pretend that. the fact of the matter is it's just as bad and it's not getting better deborah phillips told her daughters it was president obama they were here
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for. the white house that's all they've been talking about saying obama but. i guess that we're not trying to let them understand it's a struggle shared by everyone here in varying degrees and struggles with paying our bills we had to take our son out of private school and i'm actually doing it for my dad he can't come here. family members passed away i. went over. started a last hope in an economy still in peril reporting in washington christine for south r t well the prospects for struggling americans continues to the as a federal report says more people face defaulting on their mortgages. says that's because thousands of people are simply thrown off president obama's programs which are meant to save. i was in atlanta with the naacp.
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for closure effort there to try to help people and you know twenty five thousand people showed up there they've been showing up around the country precisely because the government programs are not working something like five hundred thousand people have been thrown off the government program because they don't meet various criteria as a consequence only a small relatively small percentage of those facing foreclosure are being helped at all and when we say helped means that their mortgages are modified either the interest level is reduced or the in some way the terms of payment are made more affordable for people but by and large the services the so-called mortgage servicers who work with the banks are really controlling the process the government is not imposing rules here they're not really offering debt relief to people as they do to people in other countries so we have a situation where the foreclosure crisis could lead to
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a million new foreclosures this year. britain's defense secretary has admitted that u.k. forces used depleted uranium i mean during the iraq war in two thousand and three it follows an iraq inquiry which allegedly uncovered more than thirty sites across the country that had high radiation contamination up to the fox told lawmakers that approximately one point nine metric tons of depleted uranium was used and that the u.n. has been told locations the ammunition is widely condemned because of the potential long term health effects such as cancer and birth that it is a dish position labor party m.p. paul flynn says the iraqi people are suffering the consequences. we know that in the first iraq war depleted your radio was used in shells and it certainly is very very likely to be used again and it's used as a ballast because of its density and shells but unfortunately it's not as
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radioactive is it might be. you really into three eight with gamma radiation to be reduced to a weapon of mass destruction but sadly you to a weapon of eternal destruction because the dust on the battlefield and gets into the water supply into the. and it can cause give children cancer. called birth defects and the iraqis would be for a long time know where the battles took place there's evidence of big increase in childhood cancers and even birth defects and threatening to sue. the united states government for this awful contamination it's almost certainly taken place. but if people feel in their own the dangers of depleted uranium weapons deal with this outputting life. even refrigerated gas are
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stored in this liquid nitrogen field that. you can't make any promises but this might just be a way to get them to. visit any facility in europe to offer the prospect of life after death by freezing brains. the wage gap between men and women in. the widest in the whole of the european union according to the figures most women third less than men it's the russian speaking minority that suffers the most. and discovered. today the sun is shining on. it's a break from hardworking life learning money to raise her son but as a single mom she has to sweat it out in the factory just to bring in the meat get paid. it's just. it's thirty three degrees celsius in the workshop but our employees don't care if you try to stand up for your rights they'll point you to
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the door if you don't like it you're free to leave it's very hard to find a job here and therefore put up with working in slave like conditions. one of europe's worst pay gaps between men and women. do say women get paid seventeen percent less than men on average but in the stone year it's as much as thirty percent people think that we don't have the problem. they're very problem and. and the problem that people don't have their gender lenses how to say to see when there is an equality going on. it goes much further than wages so-called segregation in the economy means women often remain in lower paid jobs like health care and education while men dominate the more lucrative private sector experts say that's not just inferred it's bad for business if for example a concrete to a woman feels that she cannot do the job or cannot take up the career that she
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would lie and she she has a talent for that and of course this is some human resource loss to their cause there also appears to be an ethnic dimension with the sony is large russian minority receive a lower pay the merest early in counterparts and ethnic russian women come out bottom of the list it's a structural a show in the labor market. that. a russian speaking we mean the they are perhaps working in the sectors where the pages where the wages are especially low and this where of course increase. the pay gap even more whether it's over at the city or gender stereotypes that have been identified as one of the root causes of inequality ingrained attitudes of what to see as the proper roles men and women should perform passed down through generations the government says it's trying to weed them out but it's going to take time. i would
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submit. the problems there is no point of. hiding the problems that your country faces it is a lengthy process and. and these attitudes of people to not change overnight are all good though it's simply a case of double standards. let them speak the national i think if our prime minister was paid my salary even if he didn't have to pay the use. i don't think it would last him a week. children and parents are enjoying the summer sun behind me but for many estonian women it's a rare luxury and with gender stereotypes dying hard it could be years before stoning women catch up with their male counterparts tom barton r.t. to lynn stern. and you can see more on the stories we're covering online that's r.t. dot com let's have a look at what else is on the site like a woman in georgia had mistakenly took. its mom's isn't tale.
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that samick. tran discover how russians are less prone to depression than smadi americans according to a new study. washington has apologized to moscow for failing to report it had detained of russian citizen in africa in may and blames it on someone pressing the wrong facts button constantine a pilot is accused of transporting four tons of cocaine worth up to six million dollars but moscow says he has in effect been kidnapped by the united states and to save chicken there is following the story. basically we have moscow accusing washington d.c.
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of having abducted a russian citizen a pilot going under the name constantini or shen co and failing to inform russian officials about having done so and traditionally under international law when one states. arrests or captures or dogs or kidnaps or whatever it may be a citizen of another country they're supposed to inform the country of citizenship that this has been done this is not the case however and we have washington d.c. accusing this man of having been part of an international cocaine trafficking ring and he was he's been accused of having been part of a scheme to transport as much as four tons of cocaine from south america to africa with the intention of leader transporting the drugs to europe and the united states right now this man is that jail in manhattan awaiting trial with four other people who were arrested along with him and we have been hearing from the prosecution that they're saying that the group wanted to acquire as much as four and a half million euros as part of this profit of the scheme meanwhile we have the
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defense lawyer in russia saying that. it's not true that your shine co didn't even have a plane that was good enough to fly overseas and the defense lawyer of his family has been seeing that he has never actually been to south america let alone traffic drugs from there but for all of the details of the missteps carried out for u.s. officials now let's go to the report of our correspondent. he was abducted and covertly transferred to the united states from africa he was not an american or liberian citizen he was a russian citizen and was effectively missing for over a month his home country russia did not know about his abduction and rendition to the u.s. and the fact that the americans did not tell the russians until now is what's during controversy we have. apologized to russia the u.s. says sorry and insists everything minus faxing the memo to the wrong embassy was within the rules and regulations of an international transfer but that is not how
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the russian government has interpreted ness we pressed the wrong button on the fax machine. to be brutally for a reset button and. the russian foreign ministry called the incident a kidnapping of a russian national from a third country and because the us did not follow the formalities of international rendition law which requires all parties involved in the secret transfer to know about it prior to the prisoner leaving the third country the russians have labeled it as sign of open lawlessness so were we involved and sharing information with liberia yes indeed were that was were there particular u.s. participation i'm not aware of that. but it's it's hard to say what the true reasons are for such behavior of the american side especially considering the fact that here at the consulate you don't have the official information from our american colleagues on the matter in question it's
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a case very reminiscent of victor boot and alleged arms dealer who was apprehended in thailand with the knowledge of the russian government the difference the u.s. struggled to extradite due to the u.s. for prosecution and conviction but thai authorities were cautious of the evidence from the u.s. and deny the transfer in the case the u.s. skipped the legal procedures and rendered him without his home country knowing. about it so who's that if the u.s. doesn't follow laws in terms of how alleged suspects are transferred from one country to another is the case mean the rule book is no longer valid it's an incident that could spell disaster for the u.s. especially as the details of how your schenkel was transferred are leaking out and whether the u.s. violated its own laws to hand our t. washington d.c. . well meanwhile investigative journalist contributor wingnut's thinks the idea
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that someone simply press the wrong fax machine button is a poor excuse i think this is part of the carry over from the bush cheney administration where the u.s. basically thumbs its nose at international law and we've seen it time and time again it seems like the reset button doesn't work at the state department fax machines but the idea that there's a bank of buttons that they push it i guess if they push the next one they would have gone to rule rwanda which is next in the alphabetical list so that sounds like a very strange story and i don't think anyone would buy that why didn't they contact the russian embassy or the russian government itself why wasn't justice department to the ministry of justice in moscow you know direct talks between. well let's take a look now at some other news stories from around the world this hour at least twenty three bodies have been found buried in northern mexico in what's believed to be a mass grave used by drug gangs to dispose of the victims security forces say an anonymous
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tip off led them to the pit where the remains were found crime scene investigators have been using heavy equipment to search for more bodies and they may at least discovered fifty five bodies in the band and silver mine in central mexico. tropical storm bonnie has reached the gulf of mexico while the ships monitoring the cap on the leaking oil well withdrawing to safer waters the remote operated vessels will be the last to leave the pieces of work at the site will be suspended for nearly two weeks in the way they'll know if we can't has failed will be through satellite and aerial images of oil gushing to the surface. but tourists train has derailed in the swiss alps killing one person injuring forty two others twelve are believed to be in mission to be passengers were japanese it's not yet known how the glassy express came off the tracks despite its name the train is
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known as the slowest in the world because of its long winding mountain journey. now it's said that the only certain thing in life is death but not everyone is willing to accept their fate putting their mortality on hold by having their brains and bodies frozen until science catches up to help them beat the grim reaper hottie stacey givens visited the only facility outside the u.s. which offers such a service and talk to one of its clients. well that's just all known put death on ice in the science fiction film demolition man freezing his body to be awakened in the future. and more than a decade later must abide by his love for bitching is attempting to have his immortality on earth and his mind heaven can wait my parents had a mixed reaction to this my mom thinks it's
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a stupid waste of money most of my friends support me in this decision because they are also procrit on it. he's paying thirty thousand dollars to have his body stored after he dies at the cruise clinic near moscow which freezes humans in the hopes of future thirty it's the only facility of its kind outside the u.s. and so far it can expand accounts for and the head of aid refrigerator gas are stored in this liquid nitrogen field that cracker who says it can't make any promises but this might just be a way to get a take to farm life if science catches up with imagination will be transferred to new bodies the cost of a simple brain freeze is ten thousand dollars even if we can't. spend it animation right now if we can preserve the structure of the information about the course and then we can still put pressure revive him in the future while some in a scientific community support investing in cryogenics they believe major advances
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in the field are a long way off controlling the thawing process is a major challenge but nothing compared to bring someone back to life. the problem at hand is resuscitation it's biological death and irreversible derangement. but if the future can bring this lazarus of the icebox back to life what does he hope to do. my immediate goal is to fly somewhere to a star closest to us. for vadis laugh and investment in what seems impossible today may be worthwhile and many tomorrows. r.t. . this. for the full story we've got it from the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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every month we give you the future we help you understand how to get there and bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join our technology update on our g. welcome to business the much anticipated results of the european bank stress tests are out seven of europe's ninety one largest banks failed the exam which was intended to reveal which institutions would not be able to survive a sustained economic downturn or a sovereign default the banks which were found wanted including germany's hyper real estate which is no government owned following a bailout eighty eight bank of greece and full regional spanish lenders a number of other banks only passed the tests now early on the likely to face more
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pressure to increase the capitalization of governments in countries with suspect institutions say they're ready to help the braes more money european markets have not yet had the opportunity to cause their verdict as the result came out of the close of the market. if your struggles when markets open on monday this is likely to feed through into russia but according to peter westin chief strategist at ats on it may represent a boring opportunity for investors. the exposure of the russian banks to the force that european countries plus ireland is two point seven billion dollars thousand times almost less than what they supporters for european banks they will be punished the russian stock banking stocks will be punished but they probably will be punished and justifiably so do if you do see that negative reaction in the financials and you do see russian banks fall in with them and in fact create another buying opportunity of russian financials. stock markets here in moscow had a mixed day on friday financials look held by those stressed result of european
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banks p.t.b. and more than twelve percent but it was a big day for miners no real cynical ended up one point three percent reports the government may take a stake michel one point six percent of the quarter to profit jumped to constant twenty percent year over year petra public is looking at announcing an initial public offering on its final business. president medvedev appears to have revised russia's economic growth forecast for this year last as leader made the announcement at a news conference with italian prime minister silvio berlusconi in milan last month the government was still predicting a growth rate of four percent. i see it because i'm against what they don't know this year the russian economy will grow by almost five percent which seems to be very good for the crisis however it is still not the growth that we need them now the former international air show ended with nearly fifty billion dollars worth of deals last year as paris was disastrous in terms of orders as the aerospace
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industry was hit by the financial crisis many believe this year is your cave and the recovery of the civil aircraft industry within a question of a has the details. this is via downturn in the civil avocation industry is the deal signed in found bros speak for themselves at nearly fifty billion dollars worth compared to seven billion at the paris air show last year the star of the show was the boeing seven hundred seven dreamliner made from composite materials the manufacturer claims that planes for the next eighteen years will be more adult on this design this is a test airplane number three you know we will start it by their own plane by the end of the year and we hold that the first custom of the launch custom made japanese adeline and they will get it for us dreamliner this year russian civil aircraft maker has had a particularly good airshow signing of a ten billion dollars worth of deals in good company agreed to supply malaysia with
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fifty m. s. twenty one planes for around three billion dollars sequoia sold seventy f. and super passenger planes in various deals worth a total of about two point five billion dollars on the other side of the question air flight eleven airbus a three hundred thirty planes but we have firming its commitment to western plane making us the asho also presented in upper teens russian helicopters to market its way is selling four machines to an indian company just as a commercial market for us it's a perk that the new market with care of several commercial operators there but that's not a big want to force us to be confusion there are economic we developed on the rails in their. so we have additional process on this market today no new orders at the event didn't come close to the record breaking eighty eight billion dollars an ounce of farnborough in two thousand and eight before the global recession hits still many believe this show confirms the recovery trend that has been in evidence
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in the stream but some analysts believe the moment is being artificially stimulated . had added to true websites as super jets one hundred are being sold below cost price and that the results from fond of being exaggerated. i think it's too early to talk about the recovery in russian civil aviation we might see in several years from now it is more important to get all the new planes certified and start manufacturing them still he represents a minority of the international air transport association predicts the global industry will make a profit of two point five billion dollars in two thousand and ten indeed hardly a fortune but better than a loss of nine point four billion dollars last year my dimmock which in the business ati. from the business team you can always find most tori's on our website that's all t. dot com slash business. areas
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which are made to police children. and their health. illnesses. nursing them. to secure itself against.
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the blood. but.
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wealthy british style holds a spot on the front. of the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report on. take a look at the headlines now thousands of struggling homeowners have been queuing for up to washington d.c. to get more help from the housing. government's mortgage. criticize the foreclosure rate which tops three hundred thousand downloads. britain's defense secretary admits he knew.


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