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handed to three newspapers by the whistle blowing web site wiki leaks they include reports on the deaths of hundreds or hundreds of civilians increased taliban attacks as well as nato fears that pakistan and iran are backing the insurgency artie's lower and it has more from london. this is essentially a detailed account of the last sixty six years of the war in afghanistan and it begins at the beginning of two thousand and four and right at the end of two thousand and nine and there has been quite a lot of criticism and skepticism about these documents criticism from the white house which says that the release of documents like these could lead to danger for the personnel who are on the ground and compromising operation and skepticism about whether this is really new information military experts are saying that we've always known that there was corruption going on in the war in afghanistan and that this is this is nothing new essentially but nevertheless these ninety thousand documents many of them refer to the toll that the afghan war has taken on civilians
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that are hundred forty four details incidents of the deaths of civilians during this conflict some of them have been from controversial as strikes that we've already seen a lot of in the news in that the afghan government has complained about but some of them also with us from something as simple as troops shooting at all gnome civilians on the streets either the drivers of cars over the drivers of motorcycles because they wrongly thought that they could be suicide bombers there's details in these reports over one hundred ninety five civilians killed and one hundred seventy four wounded but that's considered to be a massive underestimate that there are we assuming all that have not been revealed by these documents also something very worrying about pakistan or pakistan receives the billion dollars from the u.s. government to support the fights against afghan insurgency but what we're seeing from these documents is in fact that the pakistani spy service appears to be
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holding secret meetings with the taliban in order to organize the militant groups that are fighting u.s. soldiers there is just some of the things that we can see in the story the real story of this material is that it's it's one thing after another. it is the continuous. continuous. this children. insurgents. howard forces he said that he was expecting that people whose abuse he had exposed would come out and criticize him essentially shooting the messenger and he also denied the fact that these leaks would cause any kind of operational insecurity or danger for the troops that are on the ground he said all the documents that he's released are seven months old and they have no real bearing on what's going on operationally in afghanistan at the moment he said that he had a home minimization process that those were his words he also defended the
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reliability of these documents is that there are instructions on the wiki leaks websites about how to read these documents obviously we should exercise caution while reading them but he's confident that they are all accurate account. or i would reporting there from london let's let's get some more analysis on this right now from political analyst christophe porter joins us live from the german capital good to see you sir there's been some criticism of the leaks from the white house but it didn't seem particularly harsh what do you think that is. what do you see ninety one thousand documents coming out of we could say it's very clear that without some kind of test tested ok from u.s. institutions leagues would not have been able to publish anything. and what we see here and what we have to make of this is what the new york times writes pakistan
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aid insurgency in afghanistan reports a surge that is what on page a one the new york times carries this morning and they use the whole week you leaks information to accuse pakistan of a double game and they say about this double game the flood of reports of pakistani complicity in the insurgency i read from new york times this morning has at times led to barely disguised tensions between american and pakistan the office in the ground and the dreadful so on and on for ten pages with new york times with axes ations of the double game against pakistan and what i accuse the new york times and what i think hughes american institutions of is of lying all the time in their teeth so i'm not so i'm sorry if i may i may have to hold this double game there are going to be there are going to be conspiracy theorists having a field day with this so your with these leaked documents you were touring pakistan
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into the story now. now it's not me this is the new york times doing it and the new york times is the voice of america so to say they draw pakistan into that and i don't know how they managed to read the ninety one thousand documents and find out this truth in them but explicitly do they talk about leaks the documents there are times writes made available by an organization code and then they start rattling off and that is something which i find very astonishing and it reminds me in fact of the practice of nine eleven where the american knew within seconds that this was a bed. some of bin laden killing american citizens and what we have here somehow is making use of these leaked documents to make a case that pakistan is not playing straight in this war in this so-called war against terror and that's of course wrong when i say it is and i have proof for
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that and i've written three books on it america itself is playing a double game and it's forcing pakistan to play this double game alongside america that's what's going on right now and all the rest of this is a dirty lie and we should not believe anything of it are so we've already had a partial reaction from capitol hill saying well these leaked documents are now undermining our project to promote stability in afghanistan but nato european members say that they hope the leak won't harm the current situation in that water on country what's what's your take on this. well you see i have checked this material now for several hours on and what i find out is that it's interesting to read it i think the stuff is genuine it is not worthless to read it but certainly how to say it is soft material there are much bigger cases both in politics and leaky leaks how to say admits to that that they have done to have the big political cases they just have no day to day basis the events that
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happened on the battleground that is good to read but of course also these events are so so to say screened you don't get the real tough things you get some softer things for example when there's a green on green as they call it if to say uniform afghan security forces opened fire on other uniformed afghan forces well these cases are rare according to this material and they're not so many dead to mourn but the fact is for example if the afghan national police has at times stolen hold of convoys of diesel tank trucks and that the army had to go after them and find these trucks and bring them back on the road and of course they were killings in these cases in this case which was an afghan t.v. for example does not take place in the key leagues and this means weak elites got
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a soft and version of what is really going on today in afghanistan so i will be keeping our is to the ground for more developments on this story political analyst christoph costello from berlin thank you. well robert fisk the middle east correspondent for the british daily the independent says the internet stepping on the toes of newspaper and television journalism we've got all these expensive newspapers with huge investigative staffs watching the new york times in london in france and yet we didn't get this story it was the internet that got it this is the most important proof so far that in many ways newspaper journalism is retreating and going along with authority please can i be embedded i mean i'm not imbedded but please can i be embedded can i go with the tenth mountain division can i be with the british army and these reporters are not getting the story and these people this weekend leaks organisation which i have some serious concerns they have managed to do it on
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a mass bulk scale that we've never seen recently in modern newspaper journalism or television journalism this i think is one of the lessons for us journalists. still to come for you this hour here on r.t. . this is a baby box if a mother wanted to leave her child all should have to do would be to pull on the handle and put the child inside it's designed to save infants lives but critics say it's encouraging women to give up their children. russia face a record heat wave the capital moscow is quite literally smoking hot. iran has denounced that you use decision to impose new sanctions targeting the country's nuclear program the measures are set to come into force in the next few weeks and announcement came after the foreign ministers of turkey brazil and iran met in ankara but u.n. and u.s. imposed tougher sanctions on iran last month after the country failed to accept
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a u.n. fuel swap deal instead it opted for a plan backed by turkey and brazil which doesn't halt to ron's enrichment process israel claims iran poses a real nuclear threat to the region but pressuring british journalist alan hart says tehran would never make the first strike. let's just supposing iran had one to three dozen nuclear bombs do you think you would be stupid enough to launch a first nuclear strike on israel of course it wouldn't because the whole of iran would be devastated the real reason why israel is paying up the iranian threat is to deflect political and other attention away from what it is doing in the occupied territories but the only real problem. is if iran did possess nuclear weapons it would greatly limit israel's ability to go on imposing its will on the entire
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region. and you can watch this interview in full next hour right here on r.t. . well moscow is struggling with its hottest days since records began one hundred thirty years ago and there's no end in sight according to the scorching weather as the unprecedented heat wave in the country is sizzling on thick smoke from burning peat bogs is spreading over moscow as emergency teams struggle to bring the flames under control ati's maria phenomena braved the sweltering streets of the capital. the russian capsule is now a college with a bale of brothers six miles as you can see behind me visibility is rather low and yes the raise a strong smell of burning in the air something i can right now feel this it is skyscrapers and high towers and buildings one you can probably see over there or you could not see because all of them are barely faizabad all that know because of
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smoke of course and although has been a coast by puppet boko fires in the moscow range and then i was struck in the city first the southern and eastern districts all but most could have been hit but now the smoke has already reached kremlin which is in the very center of the city and if it is continuing to move to the north british ministry of emergencies is now reporting that over seventy peat and forest blazes broke out they smaller than in the areas around in moscow covering almost sixty half tears which is the area equivalent to. that. hill so you can see that the area is quite huge although ministries now reporting that all of the fires have been assisting bush doesn't speedballs us to smoking but this smoke has not totally warse and visibility it's also increased absolution in the city it is now one point five times above the normal level but it's also made the air here in moscow very hard to
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breathe so when i woke up in the morning i filled the smell of smoke and it was very difficult to breathe of course. it seems to me that most guys move to africa it's the third week since we have no it a brief the only relief can be found at the lake and it's very uncomfortable to live in the small brief different smells it's like living in a garbage i'm gasping for breath because i live in the countryside and try to go to the city only if it's really necessary to day came and now i feel bad i have to take special medicine to be able to breathe in the city people have been literally tortured by over thirty degrees says says temperatures since may june seventh temperature records have already been registered in russia within the last two months. maria phenomena they're reporting it's about a quarter past the hour now here in the russian capital you are with odds he and it's been ten years since the international space station became suitable for crews
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to both live and work upon new russian and american life support systems also meant more research could be carried out at the i assess that sean thomas went to witness some of the wonders of space engineering. it circles the globe about three hundred fifty kilometers from the earth's surface it is the largest construction in space it is a marvel of modern engineering which is approaching a crucial milestone moment christmas christan for the i.s.a.'s is a major contemporary space project it has a huge mass of around three hundred eighty tons it involves a big number of program participants including the united states canada european countries belonging to the european space agency and japan and the station is being used as a big scientific laboratory. though it is a prime example of international cooperation now the roots of the station stem from the apollo soyuz program thirty five years ago when two rival space programs of the u.s. and soviet union integrated technology for the first time. twenty years later russia
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and the u.s. expanded on that shared experience with the goal of creating a permanent space presence. we've done a lot with in the near shuttle program which was the ancestor of the international space station we work hard to ride cymbal tinnies operation of both the mir orbital station and preparation for the i s s launch i remember those years the most interesting period of strenuous work which finally did to this great result during the link up there were no hiccups and everything went smoothly. this is the mark up of the capsule which is where astronauts and cosmonauts come to train at star city who are traveling to the international space station and it is in here that you get a sense of the significance of this capsule in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight the zarya and the unity capsules worldwatch but it wasn't until ten years ago when the capsule was attached that the space station became livable.
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i'd say was a foundation of sorts for the rest of the station if the module had failed then other systems work would be pointless since the module consisted largely of life support systems the module made it possible for the crew to stay in both the station it would be impossible to build the station at the pace it was constructed that without the special part of the infrastructure was now in place it was up to the station's first crew to get everything in motion good with being in two weeks were critical since a lot of the systems were being activated for the first time some russian system segments were merged with us systems of those machines had never seen each other in earth and that was the first time they would work together to bill's it was huge and that was why they're pretty had been composed of experienced cosmonauts with him. ten years on the i.s.o.'s is approaching the record for a structure being continuously inhabited in space and on are currently held by russia's mir project and while it was originally only supposed to be in service
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until two thousand and fifteen it looks like a bright future for the international space station which i think a part of among us but in order for my assessment was decided to prolong the station's use until twenty twenty and possibly even longer if the technical state of the station is good things. you know ensuring a continued international presence in space for many more years to come john thomas r.t. moscow. and we have greetings for you from the current crew of the i assess fair go to go to chicken russian flight engineer tells our feelings about the had fought it years of working in space. square i can hear you know a space officer is the best window of you know traffic jams on the way to work you know though there are not many people around in space aliens haven't visited us yet who never balls crashed and luckily we are far away from me he. is nearly twenty minutes past the hour here in the russian capital and a short time away from daniel bushell to give us the latest from the world of
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business for the meantime though abandoned babies are often found in strange and sad places sometimes even discarded like rubbish in the czech republic of though it's five years since a special facility was set up for women who give away their new born children the so-called baby box has sparked protests from clergyman and even doctors who claim it encourages mothers to abandon their babies. they're all around the czech republic at first sight they're just nondescript metal doors on the sides of hospitals and government buildings but they've already helped to save dozens of lives this is a baby box if a mother wanted to leave her child all she'd have to do would be to pull on this handle and put the child inside now it doesn't just a metal container an infant would be able to survive here for several hours but usually they're rescued wouldn't several minutes by those on the other side. the first one was placed in this private hospital it's still the most popular with
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nearly fifteen children left in five years for now so maybe books as soon as the babies placed inside the door locks on the outside and in the alarm they settle i remember running to the books for the first time to see the baby inside and showing it to the doctor to be examined like i felt special i think it is an amazing invention here. the baby box inventor is not a doctor but a writer and horse breeder but his idea was not immediately well received with protests from some clergyman and even doctors. though the baby box is high tech with three hundred twenty parts stores special places to leave unwanted children existed even in ancient times. but the government was wary of the baby blogs and didn't provide funding is if i was encouraging people to get rid of their children i know the perception has changed or not but it is love and christina have dated for two years and run a hostel in prague although they can have children of their own don't also like to
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adopt the baby box charles. i come from a big family i have four brothers and three forty cousins. nephews and everything so i like children they do not know where or when but sure enough it is a matter of time before someone that want the child will become a welcome addition to their family. artsy prog and in just a few moments joined on the off for the latest business news. hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice ceased to face with the news makers. every month we give you the future we help you understand how to get there and
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bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join our technology update on our g. welcome to business b. people tony hayward is expected to step down before the company's quarterly results on tuesday he's likely to be replaced by robert dudley the b.p. executive who made his name in russia as chief executive of b.p. two thousand and eight the decision is expected to come at the b.p. board meeting head of its second quarter results hayward been widely criticized over the gulf of mexico spill which has cost the company forty percent of its market capitalization but his replacement is no stranger to conflict robert dudley left russia two years ago after a dispute with the russian shareholders of tick a b.p. there have been reports b.p. could sell lucrative russian venture t.i.n.k. b.p.
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states on gazprom all rules next but oil and gas analyst alexander newshour for metropol says the deal would make sense. no i don't think so and the prime reason is there probably is not there is no buyers there at the market but the reason is that he doesn't need to sell take you right now because think you know an excellent as it would be because the board b.p. needs now a lot of cash in order to sale consequences of these fields in the mexican gulf he's an excellent cash cow and generates several billions of dollars every year as a dividends for b.p. that actually that what b.p. needs now. in the last several months was rumored not as an acquisition target but seeking an acquisition target primarily in downstream and retail the finance ministry is planning russia's biggest asset sale since the early ninety's the government aims to raise up to thirty billion dollars over three years to cut
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the budget deficit minority stakes in ten companies are up for grabs including russia's largest oil producer rose nerved power generated bruce hydro and top lenders bt b. and burbank the government could keep fifty percent plus one share of these partially listed companies it may lead to still stakes in unlisted firms like russia's rail monopoly. the stress test of europe's largest banks has given a boost to the euro despite claims that were not tough enough the banks which failed the. girls by their respective governments while. withholding information or their exposure to sovereign. russian markets have demonstrated quite a humble reaction on the european banking stress but that comes as no surprise that analysts say they haven't been expecting any serious implications for the russian markets i have to remind you that last friday in ninety one european banks under
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one stress tests designed to show how europe's financial institutions would behave in case of another financial downturn the banks have been asked to estimate how much additional capital they would need it first in areas such as continuing recession and additional sovereign shock now seven out of ninety one banks failed the exam but that's less than expected the banks that failed include german mortgage bank real estate bank of greece and five spanish savings banks now critics say the test wasn't tough enough as it didn't look at what would happen if one of the members of the euro zone defaulted they also point out that the members of the european union didn't even consider the possibility of a sovereign debt crisis at the same time the task is believed to to help restore confidence in the european banking system but a market players say that the test such tests can only work if the market believes
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it's credible. rosena finished more than three percent. reporting. thirty seven percent in the first half of the year and the goodness. of the price of light sweet seventy nine dollars a barrel. and the european bank of reconstruction and development is in talk to buy a ten percent stake in the russian stock market is buying the stake from kit finance a bank which was an only victim of the financial crisis even all the plans to make the purchase with an undisclosed russian state lender the stakes estimated to be worth eighty million dollars. as it aims to improve standards on russian stock markets. rosy move prices have boosted russia's budget revenues the state budget to one hundred twenty two billion dollars from the first half of the year up thirty percent from the same period of two thousand and nine the low in share represents
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tax payments on oil and gas production. or to make it gas has shot its factory in nizhni novgorod for a fortnight claiming the brick would heat the vulgar producers sending thousands of workers on paid leave after a month of temperatures topping thirty degrees celsius the company is owned by tycoon ali pascoe. that's it for me you can find more stories on our website dot com slash business.
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right. from the studio pressure. starts on t.v. dot com. it
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is how past the hour here in moscow you with let's get you had lines now embarrassing exposure the biggest leak in u.s. military history reveals major cover ups over the war in afghanistan but is it old news rather than revelations. a space to call home it's ten years since the international space station first became public when a russian module with life support systems docked with the orbiter. plus abandoned to be adopted looks at the concept of baby boxing swear by this and anonymously leave the newborns with hope for a better life. well in about half an hour's time kevin owen will be here but for the meantime let's go to a lively debate show cross talk and today host pete lavelle and his guests discuss whether pakistan is becoming a failed state and if it could be the target of the next american led invasion in that region.


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