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he can bring peace to the region stay with us. and i will not be. near her car again betty norman finkelstein has never shied away from controversy. the american jail is banned from israel and pledges support for the palestinian people the author and former professor has lost a job. working at the pygmy everything old family he did to be documented in the film american radical i'm a subject we begin with during our teeth interview i want to start with a question about your new documentary american radical it has been described in many ways one being an intimate portrait of a man behind a controversy tell me about the documentary why you decided to make this film where you actually have not seen the documentary. but many of your suicide somebody there
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was some reason i didn't want to see myself on the silver screen and so i chose not to watch it but my friends many of my close friends watched it and for better or for worse they said it's an accurate portrayal of me but i was obviously involved in the making of the documentary. not to be consulted about the content i didn't want anyone the future to say that i was making a promo for myself. involved in the money basically if feeling was well my closest friend over many decades is professor chomsky and i tried to look to him for moral guidance and he made many films or he would participate in these films himself and about his personal background so i thought there was nothing politically incorrect or
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a vain about participating in such a. and so i went ahead and did it but one thing that didn't quite turn out right was i thought there would be a lot more on my time in tell a story and to meet some of my friends from there. when we went over to shoot that segment of the documentary i was barred entry and so we never really got a full picture from that or you brought up professor chomsky and the issue of being barred from entering israel you know that he was personally in that same situation were you surprised were you not surprised because you yourself had experienced that i was a little bit surprised because professor chomsky is in a category all of his own and however much jews may feel still believe towards him for his political views they still take pride in the fact that professor chomsky is a certified in their knowledge genius so they take pride in the fact that he's
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jewish and a genius and it was surprising that a person of his stature with also have been turned away and there represents i think you know a serious deterioration in israeli let's just call it decision making the israelis for a long time prior themselves and being very rational as against the emotional arabs but now they're acting clearly very irrational and also counterproductive from their own point of view counterproductive way to make a terrible p.r. for denying an eighty two year old man who is by any reckoning one of the greatest minds in human history denying him entry because it used to be that when israelis dissented the world praised them look how beautiful the israelis are when they do wrong they feel anguished they feel tormented but now for the first time the world this saying we don't care about your anguish and. torment we're holding you
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legally responsible for what you're doing don't give us the anguish and torment there as it's called in israel the shooting and crying we don't want the tears we want accountability and now israelis feel very threatened because the for the first time in the specially after the goldstone report and the threats of holding israel before the international criminal court they don't want to hear from dissent anymore because they're being asked to pay a price last time we sat down. shortly after that word gaza and it was right before. obama became president you were very open in your opinion on what took place and who was wrong and that and that military conflict. it's been over a year since. there's really assault on gaza what's your assessment of how the
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obama administration has done so far in bringing permanent peace to the middle east at the time when they made those comments they appear to be very controversial indeed you might even say they were extreme but when the goldstone report came out and bear in mind richard goldstone is not our only a respected jurist but he's also jewish and by his only reckoning he says zionist goldstone report concluded there were no i'm quoting here that israel launched a deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish them terrorize the civilian population while those are pretty strong words punish. the civilian population as to the record of the obama administration my recollection is that they didn't have great expectations from one. administrator and in fact it's quite
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clear that nothing much came. there are occasional spats you might call them between israel and the united states but there's been no american initiative to try to resolve the conflict in terms of international law the resolution of the conflict which the rest of the world embraces if you move for a moment away from israel palestine and you take the case of iran since that's very topical now. around kept promise. kept promising there's going to be a change there's going to be a change but in fact as several commentators wrote the iraq obama administration is carrying on like all other administrations there was an offer made in october two thousand and nine by the u.s. administration to iran and how to resolve the nuclear issue around that time rejected the offer for several reasons mostly because they didn't trust the main powers who were involved france the u.s.
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even russia but now except to go the offer and as the leading academic specialist on the topic american academic specialists trita parsi dr parsi wrote in the washington post he says that barack obama is refusing to take yes for an answer and so there is no real difference between the so-called diplomatic approach of barack obama and the. mill touristic approach as it's sometimes claimed or belligerent approach of the bush administration at the end of the day they demand their what they want is for around to cry uncle for iran to give in to u.s. power maybe barack obama does that with softer words and presents it with a more. appealing image but the policy is basically the same do you think that there were a sound a message also sent possibly to turkey and purcell what that. with the draft
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resolution being introduced so quickly after this the fuel swap t l y's are agreed upon with turkey personnel and iran you know it's quite clear the united states feels like power shifting it's becoming more the if you use and the us doesn't call the shots in every place in the world and turkey has carved out a more independent half in recent years most low notably when it refused to participate in the us attack on iraq. brazil is an emerging power and this was an attempt to cut them down to size less than the topic of the united nations and diplomacy because from what i understand you are lobbying to speak at the your lack of why and what you want to say well i have been involved in the conflict in a public way for the past thirty years i first got involved in june one thousand nine hundred two when israel invaded lebanon and i do feel that in the wake of the
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massacre in gaza the goldstone report public opinion has changed its dramatically changed not only internationally but in the united states and there's a real opportunity to know to put forth a reasonable settlement to the conflict not only to put it forth but for there to be a receptive audience for such a real a reasonable settlement and i feel that given my personal background the fact that my parents were both survivors of the nazi holocaust my father was a survivor of auschwitz concentration camp my mother my don their concentration camps every member of their families on both sides were exterminated during the war we never had the nuance on close cousins grandparents nothing we were just as my late mother used to say five people in the world my mother my father and my two brothers and myself my family background my professional background i have written
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many books in the topic and i think it's fair to say with. out sounding immodest am a recognized authority on the conflict and. the fact that i have been personally involved i've made a substantial commitment one might even say in my own little way of paid some price for the commitment of made and most importantly i've tried very desperately very hard to be reasonable to figure out the reasonable proposal based on international law to end the conflict but we should be clear i have no interest in being a vet victory over a vanquished israel i have no desire to no interest and wanting to humiliated embarrass it degraded or as i say push it against the wall so it feels like it has no choice except to strike out he won a reasonable settlement we want a settlement which allows everyone to live proud productive and peaceful lives we want a settlement allows everyone to live in dignity and we want
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a settlement obviously which is in the accordance with the law with what the world should look like no you're right in the real world the law is often disregarded and replaced by the use of a big club people scolds but we're talking about how we think the conflict should end and i think most people understand maybe not people in power regular people but understand the rule of law and that we should respect the law and i think you can reach a large audience without principle and i think the audience is now ready to listen and that's why i want to go to the united nations and hopefully achieve our reasonable settlement of the conflict and we're going to leave it right there thank you very much for staying out of speaking with me thank you.
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every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for dick knology update on r g.
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as washington hunt for those who leaked top military secrets of the afghan war talks to american soldiers who say civilian casualties were sometimes a means to an end they claim to have received specific orders to kill everyone in
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sight when. relying on neighbors for help latvians forced to survive on other people's handouts their government for failing to fix the financial crisis wreckage the country was once the fastest growing european economy it suffered more than anyone else in the recession. and illusions and delusions mysticism gains popularity in russia while the authorities warn of fraud some doctors fear that magic could become fatal for health the government is now trying to enforce the ban of unprofessional psychics in an effort tax evasion and swindling. or more on these stories in about fifteen minutes time for the meanwhile though it's andrew the latest sports. oh thanks for watching the sport here on r.t.
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and this is what is coming up over the next few minutes. champions league dreams any facial inner ear is they need to reach europe's biggest club competition. while brazil's new boss rings the changes as he takes over from. there's a jubilant homecoming for the tour de france king alberto contador. but we start with athletics where the first gold medal at the european championships has been one russian stand off taking it in the men's twenty kilometer walk in barcelona he came home in one hour twenty minutes and ten seconds and i was twenty eight seconds ahead of the italian alex weighs a while portugal vieira took the bronze another russian out on the big finish six and there is a chance of further chance of gold for russia in the women's event on wednesday double world and olympic champion. fancied by many to without one. now and four boys in the face of ammonium remain inside universe here and the third qualifying
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round of the champions league tonight but despite the russians being clear favorites their coach luciano he says his men have to beat a dangerous team as any have been training at this stadium in bucharest which is being used for tonight's game grand only holds seven thousand fans and the start suggest this should be an easy win for this impeded team who topped the russian premier league and are on a ten game winning streak but despite that he is being cautious having seen in place form a club last season which is understood as you because they are going in this competition with lots of good and. very good to be good so this next year when the. warnings. so you then have it all to do and now if they have any chance of reaching the playoffs they have to get something from this match with for the return leg next week they've had a poor start to their domestic league goalless draw with penury at the weekend and
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in a cup defeat to kluge and coach ronnie levy isn't exactly upbeat it's. not just the. really good players. difficult to play against. but this is a. good player but this is the worst that can get. if he thinks his side are up against experiment thought for welsh league side the new saints day they face belgian champions and elect and will play them that rex's racecourse crown because their own stadium only holds two thousand fans are you saying this did play liverpool four years ago in the champions league and also manchester united in the cup seven years ago and going to nice game relishing the chance to another big no. bigger than the whole league.
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i think. what a game to be involved in a tremendous that's a great history of the club and. we've just got to enjoy the cage and make sure we don't let ourselves down as well as they must be quietly confident on paper at least it is a mismatch with and elect having won six european titles in the past but of course their manager points out being favorites doesn't guarantee anything. if you see the small pretty. small teams. from that. respect. big teams of small teams of other qualities. it's a competition where you know that. after four games at this stage you can. to reach. the most important petition in europe now also giving his wise opinion on the game has been brazil's latest coach man to man is as he was officially revealed as their new man on monday the forty seven
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year old was in charge of corinthians before being named his replacement and then is has already picked his first quarter for twenty four days they fly to new jersey for a friendly with the united states and the ten top stars are missing after world cup duty and only silver. are included from the team that went to south africa for the new coach says there must be changes after the national size disappointing quarter final world cup exit. losses are always difficult to do with in a team that is always considered the best in the world and i always think that better than most of the teams that would have been hit hard in the last two years we couldn't be like that in the last two world cups but for who have to take this back we still have to choose that route maybe we'll have to invest more to develop the maturity. because the only thing to europe is very harmful in some situations.
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meanwhile it is d.-day for the marathon it will be decided later today if you'll stay on as argentina coach the forty seven year old ladies' country for the world cup quarter finals and says he wants to remain in charge today really if you can keep his entire backroom staff are going to met with arjun time football association president on monday for two hours to talk. while the fifty delegations showed you were to visit russia no samantha stopped over and evaluate their bid to host the world cup in twenty twenty two. federation president main recalls and his assistants were welcomed. their fifth allegation would be down under three days before moving on to other countries find it around the world cup you need a twenty eighteen all four years later russia. england the usa as well as joint bids from belgium and the netherlands are spying on portugal are in the running for the fence while it has helped to focus only on twenty twenty two.
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time not to indulge in the highlights from last weekend's football in the russian premier league standings beaten while the others are still playing catch up enjoy the action from game with fourteen it is go. thank you. thank.
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some great goals than our wife and football and thousands of fans and given toward a french champion alberto contador rapturous homecoming the spaniard is back in his hometown of pinto just outside madrid after winning yellow jersey for a third time he is psyching his new superstar in the twenty seven year old could well suppost long song strongs time for the seven tour de france titles not to mention the five one by speaking to the cycling biking to get insurance contador telling the crowds that gathered his latest success i've described her how. the race is what it is and can either win or not. it's all the match there are many months away from home concentrates it's freezing training with water. with sun orders are actually very difficult moments which girl wants to get here when you're on top of the boardroom you see that this has all been worth it. and finally n.b.a. star kobe bryant expects himself to be one hundred percent fit for the pre-season
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training camp which starts on the twenty fifth of september at the l.a. lakers guard and i've seen nothing china meeting with fans just over a week going see a tree to his right knee which i'm quite enjoying the playoffs however the two thousand and eight champion won't be able to pay for the drink at the world championships in turkey the five time n.b.a. champion and tell fans the most recent title question i satisfy. so that is all the sport for my own so we've got more. hungry for the full story we've got it first the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. in
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taiwan multis available in this type of. the how would close a hotel tonight be sure to type the hotel's hotel while show his the groom's photo the show would hotel and some will be hotel kuvasz photo photo saloon hotel resort evergreens the hotel type b. victoria hotel gloria prince hotel springs resort and spa all tied to
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a hotel royal she plans ambassador hotel hotel. the evergreen clothes a hotel in thailand to eat london hotel time ambassador type the hotel four points by sheraton would prince hotel the splendid hotel in touch with a hotel in touch a girl the photo of a good girl how would international house flood to change every hotel. has washington hunts for those who leaked top military secrets of the afghan war talks to american soldiers who say civilian casualties are sometimes a means to an end. relying on neighbors for help latvians forced to survive on
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other people's handouts slam their government for failing to fix the financial crisis wreckage. mysticism gains popularity in russia but while authorities warn of fraud some doctors fear that magic could become fatal for health. twenty four seven this is our t.v. live from moscow. well the pentagon is hunting for the sources behind the biggest leak in u.s. military history the whistle blowing web site wiki leaks published some ninety thousand classified documents exposing cover ups over the war in afghanistan reports include details of civilian casualties that the hands of american and allied troops as.


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