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citizens there are also reports of u.s. concern that pakistani intelligence helped the taliban insurgency parties got in there to check and spoke to some of the soldiers that served on the front line. something that any military tries to keep under wraps civilians killed during an operation this april the pentagon saw one of its skeletons walk out of the closet a secret video of american soldiers opening with looks like indiscriminate fire in a baghdad suburb three years ago more than a dozen people were recruited dan including two reuters news staff also two children were wounded the incident was investigated in the u.s. military concluded that the actions of the soldiers were in accordance with the law of armed conflict and its own rules of engagement so while the u.s. military is ok with causing some collateral damage it's when civilians die in the course of action a number of soldiers who were involved in those killings now speak out and say this
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shouldn't be a norm of warfare you can see in even mcu or a soldier with the unit that's shown in the video said it hadn't been a one time experience who went as far as to say shooters in his unit were ordered to kill civilians in certain circumstances mccord said the message they got from their commander was if someone in your line gets hit with an improvised explosive device three sixty rotational fire you kill everyone on the street. just the burgers served in the same unit as ethan mccord he refused to talk about the order because as he said this rights and warnings that he'd received from his former army fellows with the secret video of how they come to killings seemed nothing unusual to him from our experiences what was shown in that video was no
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uncommon and happened on a fairly regular basis just as the training they'd gone through did not angry much sensitivity either he remembers one of the sons soldiers were made to sing more than ten songs going as far as i went down to the market where all the children were all women shop where i was shoddy and i began to chop josh and a group of other former soldiers are now touring the us and telling people of their experiences and their regret from here was when i was finally able to kind of put myself in the shoes of of all the people. and really start to imagine how i feel as people were turned to me when i was doing so people on regular basis of storms in people's homes sometimes in the middle of an eye. and children's faces. some blamed the type of
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war the us was finding for the psychological trauma so many american soldiers are now going through it was a very disorienting and destabilizing condition of warfare for most american soldiers to try to separate the benign populace from the insurgents who wanted to kill them that were absolutely indistinguishable from regular civilians. seven rather. eason according josh the bush signed a letter of apology to the mother of the children hurt during the operation and pledged to change from the inside out again is chicken art team washington d.c. phyllis bennis from the washington institute for policy studies and believes the classifying military records is a strategy to hide the failures of the war in afghanistan from the public. i think that things get kept secret for a reason often that reason is to prevent political embarrassment to prevent the
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american people in this case from finding out that this war is a losing war a failing war and has been all along that's what's key here this has been a failing war all along many of us said right at the beginning that this war was never going to quote succeed if i succeed we meant transforming afghanistan into something it never was and will not be under under the boots of american soldiers people need to know in this country what is being done in our name by our young soldiers with with our tax money and for which we are being held accountable but we don't know we don't have the information and if this spurs people to more opposition so that the war can be brought to a halt sooner i think that that's a heroic act and it will it will end up being very important in history documentation from a different us conflict now the american military cannot account for over ninety five percent of nine point one billion dollars in iraq reconstruction money
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a federal watchdog blames the pentagon for weeks about control former cia analysts roy mcgovern says the military lacks accountability. there were doubtless people who were supposed to be supervising overseeing these funds the fact that as it's said here that they have sort of disappeared and that they were liable to have been loyal and you know that's no explanation and we have to find out who them and what happened to these funds your own reminds me of of the search for weapons of mass destruction in iraq the so-called. jeje. last time there probably will be people promoted despite all this there doesn't seem to be much in the way of accountability here since specially in the pentagon where money has always been so plentiful that billion here a billion there nine billion nine billion is a drop or
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a drop in the lake or for what the pentagon spends and still ahead a fortune telling is under a question spell run psychics get a reality check as authorities pushed for proof of their abilities before allowing them to make any predictions. now fresh sanctions imposed by the e.u. one canada against iran have come under fire from moscow russia's foreign ministry says the move falls outside the scope of the latest u.n. restrictions and undermines collective efforts to resolve the ringin nuclear issue the tougher restrictions target the country's energy sector in an attempt to prevent the islamic republic from acquiring nuclear weapons some of the measures included banning investment in iranian banks and insurance companies tehran strongly denies it is trying to build an atomic bomb however some iran watchers say the new sanctions are unlikely to make the country copper great on its nuclear program. as it is there really any need be unilateral
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sanctions like those adopted by the us in the e.u. when they are already un restrictions russia has been warning against unilateral moves if these can only further eighty around and make their return to international troops over its nuclear program even more problematic there have been sanctions in place against iran says nine hundred seventy nine people that are used to this and don't feel the fact it the only thing that latest sanctions can bring is even deeper distrust between iran and the global community. for many lothians a drastic economic conditions mean they have to turn to charities for survival formerly the fastest growing european economy these days the only thing thriving is unemployment and as artists on board reports a sustainable recovery is a promise many believe that the government is incapable of keeping. dynamic gives out food to people in need for months she's made sure families can get
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a square meal but this isn't a developing country it's the modern economy of latvia and recently joined the. when we brought the first food bags to those families many parents wept there could have never foreseen a crisis of this magnitude they had jobs they were well to do are respected and all of a sudden they find themselves in a situation where they have to plead for help to feed their children latvia speculated aggressively international markets leaving the so-called baltic tiger vulnerable in the crisis hit those with loans and mortgages are suddenly seriously short of money yes we. have brussels sneezed we are latvia already had a bad case of angina. a very small and very open economy felt the world's problems more painfully than the others and we were experiencing our own mistakes much more painfully two. years unemployment soared to over twenty percent middle class families with houses and cars couldn't afford to put food on the table. and almost
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eight percent of the population registered below the poverty line this appears to go we could never imagine if giving food to people in this country would ever be needed the situation showed that it is needed so we decided to start it the food bank relies on donations of money and food to supplement the diets of hard up families the charity raise half a million dollars in two thousand and nine money vitally needed if the government is failing to support. the most because that's where it all came too soon and created sort of a traffic jam of the social services were not prepared for an influx of people who needed aid all at once unable to rely on their leaders not going to dip into their own pockets and cupboards to help each other out and it's not always the rich you give the most we read newspaper the donors are often not the richest sort of people more often than not we notice there are women with children and quite often the children who say let's leave some charity money here in this food part we've got to
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end pork and fish we've got some sugar we've got condensed milk got flour we've got stock pastor cooking oil and much more but it's this food that shows how deep the financial crisis has cut in love here until the families affected get more work this food will only be a temporary comfort not a cure tom barton r.t. that view. don't forget to log onto our web site r t v dot com where there always are more stories for you and here is some but my catch your eye snail mail of russia's post office has been fined for a late deliveries even clients paying for the express service complained their letters don't arrive on time. also find out how a joint operation by a russian and american drug movies has cracked the cocaine trafficking ring with a showbiz twist.
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now a u.k. court has refused to extradite former boss in president are you gonna serbia where he's wanted on war crimes charges dr garnett is accused of ordering the deaths of more than a fourteen yugoslav soldiers in sarajevo at the start of the bosnian war in nineteen ninety two he was seized at london's heathrow airport in march after a serbia issued an interim our national arrest warrant ganesh denies being responsible for the atrocities we shrug of you know political expert on the balkans said the former leader should stand trial in his own country. it would be best if boss near him caught trying to mr garner it's because this after all or kurd on the territory of bosnia and herzegovina in fact it should be the responsibility of the
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boss no the government and the boston institutions to try mr graham or if not mr garnish to resolve this whole case it is a war crime it needs to be resolved in some way but it appears to me here that the british position is to run away from it and possibly whitewash this whole thing. and now for some other stories making headlines around the world. tony hayward will step down after the company posted a seventeen billion dollars second quarter loss its first in eighteen years old or to much of the blame for the firm's poor handling of the oil spill in the gulf of mexico the british company has already confirmed bob dudley one of its american executives who will take over in october meanwhile here where it is expected to be offered a new role in the joint venture between b.p. and the russian oil company. a cargo plane has
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caught far as it was trying to land at saudi arabia's riyadh airport the pilot and the copilot were taken to hospital with minor injuries officials say the plane burst into flames and split in two while landing but haven't given any reason for the incident. people living by china's young sea river are bracing themselves for more flooding as water levels reach the highest mark in thirty years with more rain predicted roads across the region are submerged relocating to higher ground a landslide caused by downpours in the south of the country has left more than twenty one people missing almost a thousand have died since april in what's been the worst flooding in a decade. breaking spells healing and fortune telling the occult is big business in russia but authorities say among the respected psychics there are many calling artists who not only swindle people out of their money but also
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jeopardize their health. the allure of the unknown and the showcasing of psychic abilities have become big business in russia while simple entertainment for some others turned to these self-proclaimed mystics for healing and the promise of answers to the problems of everyday life just get massive national seem hopeless lad six years ago trouble came to our family through my son was lured into a relationship by a woman who use some witchcraft as a mother i couldn't help seeing by his house was impaired and was getting worse but his mind was suppressed he changed completely yes she put her trust in a psychic who claimed to have a special insight into the situation but as time passed it became clear that all the psychic was after was more of lewis's money but as are taxes that are good there's a but they'd her about six hundred thousand roubles a year for three years but that's not because we're rich but for the sake of your childs how do you do anything sell possessions take loans anything experts say the
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nature of this industry provides a prime opportunity for people to take advantage of those desperate for a belief system. even though it is some quasi should manage things in the worst meaning of this word or all too close to hopes but people want to keep believing so they trust them and when they finally turn for help to real doctors they find out it's too late too hard or that a patient is in need of critical measures now there is a movement in the state duma to protect people like yourself from being conned mausam give them a riveting of divertissement for services which are not backed by professional commercial experience we believe these people practice tax evasion and swindling moreover their deceiving potential consumers with these occult service laws the law is a at ads an article printed in magazines like this one which is called oracle and it is all literally chock full of people who claim that they can heal or tell the
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future using these of mystical abilities but those who are actually in the business say. this bad water affect them really at all. and while it may seem counter intuitive some who claim to have such powers see the provide a valuable service and that a ban on advertising could actually be helpful here's my soon to help people in their family relationships and i do fortune tellers depending on their needs most psychics do the same thing however those who don't know what they're doing at traits can not write see through ads and that means i believe there should be a set of documents to prove their abilities. a point that the duma is trying to push through as well. they could get a diploma or a medical certificate undergo a medical commission each region of russia their particular diplomas which means each healer can work only in that way in the same way they can be deployed claim if the treatment does not work just like any other don't at all or in other words
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making the magical and mystical majority more mainstream sean thomas r t moscow. at up next here in our teen armory in a port in iowa speaks to a high profile jewish supporter of the palestinians to find out why he thinks he can help bring peace to the region. no not really but we're near zero crimes again probabilities norman finkelstein has
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never shied away from controversy. the american jail is banned from israel and pledges support for the palestinian people the author and former professor has lost jobs. last time we sat down it was shortly after the war in gaza and it was right before. obama became president you were very open in your opinion on what took place and who was wrong and that and that military conflict. it's been over a year since there's really assault on gaza what's your assessment of how the obama administration has done so far in bringing permanent peace to the middle east at the time when they made those comments they appear to be very controversial indeed you might even say they were extreme but when the goldstone
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report came out. richard goldstone was not or only a respected jurist these also jewish and by his own reckon the zionist goldstone report concluded their norm calling israel launched a deliberate. the disproportionate attack designed to punish you merely ate and terrorize the civilian population while those are pretty strong words punish a million and. a civilian population as to the record of the obama administration my recollection is that they didn't have great expectations from what would come of people. administration and in fact it's quite clear that nothing much came there are occasional spats you might call them between israel and the united states but there has been no american initiative to try to resolve the conflict in terms of international law the resolution of the conflict which the rest of the world
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embrace is if you move for a moment away from israel palestine and you take the case of iran since that's very topical now. around kept promises. obama kept promising there is going to be a change there's going to be a change but in fact as several commentators wrote the iraq obama administration is carrying on like all other administrations there was an offer made in october two thousand and nine by the u.s. administration to iran and how to resolve the nuclear issue around at that time rejected the offer for several reasons mostly because they didn't trust the main powers who were involved france the u.s. even russia but now except to go the offer and as the leading academic specialist on the topic american academic specialists trita parsi dr parsi wrote in the washington post he says that barack obama is refusing to take
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yes for an answer and so there is no real difference between the so-called diplomatic approach of barack obama and the. mill touristic approach as it's sometimes claimed or belligerent. of the bush administration at the end of the day they demand their what they want is for around to cry uncle for around to give in to us power maybe barack obama does it with softer words and presents it with a more. appealing image but the policy is basically the same do you think that there was a message also sent possibly to turkey and purcell with that with draft resolution being introduced so quickly after this additional swap the l y's are agreed upon with turkey personnel and iran you know what's quite clear at the united states feels like power shifting it's becoming more than a fuse and the u.s.
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doesn't call the shots in every place in the world and turkey has carved out a more independent path in recent years most low notably when it refused to participate in the u.s. attack on iraq. brazil is an emerging power and this was an attempt to cut them down to size lets them the topic of the united nations and diplomacy because from what i understand you are lobbying to speak at the your land why and what do you want to say well i have been involved in the conflict in a public way for the past thirty years i first got involved in june one thousand nine hundred two when israel invaded lebanon and i do feel that in the wake of the massacre in gaza the goldstone report public opinion has changed dramatically changed not only internationally but in the united states and there's a real opportunity known to put forth
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a reasonable settlement to the conflict not only the put forth but for there to be a receptive audience for such a real a reasonable settlement and i feel that given my personal background the fact that my parents were both survivors of the nazi holocaust my father was. a survivor of auschwitz concentration camp my mother my down there concentration camp every member of their families on both sides were exterminated during the war we never had any on suncoast cousins grandparents nothing we were just as my late mother used to say five people in the world my mother my father and my two brothers and myself my family background my professional background i have written many books in the topic and i think it's fair to say without sounding immodest am a recognized authority on the conflict and. the fact that i have been personally involved i've made a substantial commitment one might even say in my own little way i've paid some
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price for the commitment of made and most importantly i've tried very desperately very hard to be reasonable to figure out the reasonable proposal based on international law to end the conflict but we should be clear i have no interest in being the vet victor over a vanquished israel i have no desire to no interest in wanting to humiliated embarrass it degraded or as i say push it against the wall so it feels like it has no choice except to strike out he won a reasonable settlement he would a settlement which allows everyone to live proud productive and peaceful lives we want a settlement that allows everyone to live in dignity and we want a settlement obviously which is in the accordance with the law with what the world should look like now you're right in the real world the law is often disregarded and replaced by the use of a big club when you crack people skulls but we're talking about how we think the
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conflict should end and i think most people understand maybe not people in power regular people they understand the rule of law and that we should respect the law and i think you can reach a large audience without principle and i think the the or. is now ready to listen and that's why i want to go to the united nations and hopefully achieve our reasonable settlement of the conflict and we're going to leave it right there thank you very much for saying that and speaking with me thank you. we. last saw.
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last. every month we give you the future we help you understand how to get there and want
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india is available in the grand central shirt in mumbai the. president of the children they will resume monday beatriz will. taj mahal hotel. cement her turn on a certain clothes in the radio and leave them to join the church in new delhi who to. be her turns her introduction the load of clothes and. made. those a movie don't read this and it was punished but they promised. you're watching live from moscow two thirty in the morning here and these are the top stories damage control at a manhunt in washington after the u.s.
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military reports of the afghan war leave no civilian deaths former american soldiers say the content should focus on examining it's questionable warfare that that's not who exposed some claim to have received orders to kill everyone inside. new sanctions on iran from the u.n. under fire from russia moscow says the move falls outside a recent new address research and undermines efforts to resolve the nuclear issue. once going boss living off. the government for doing nothing to help the country cover from the financial meltdown leading many to fend for themselves used to be the fastest growing european economy but suffered more than other member states from the recession. and up next we reported america's largest the maximum security prison.


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