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our walk of john may run for president of haiti find out more next here on r.t. . it's time for tonight's told time winner and this one comes from the state of tennessee republican lieutenant governor wrong ramsey is running for governor in next month's primaries now he claims to be a man of god he vows to follow the constitution unless of course you have to be a muslim and all bets are off take a listen. to the title already oh oh oh it's going. to be all of you were in love with. the law school or oh sure you are but so this is the hour struck. so the lieutenant governor called islam a cult or maybe a nationality but not
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a religion. was speaking at an event in chattanooga when he was asked about the large number of muslims coming into the u.s. and that just sent him off on his rant about muslims and a large mosque is being built near nashville and how it's dividing the community you know what somebody should really tell ron ramsey that islam is in fact a religion in fact it's the second largest religion in the world so when politicians go around spreading false information just to win votes it only leads to more muslim bashing and that's why the tennessee lieutenant governor ron ramsey is tonight's two all time winner. now since september eleventh two thousand and one i think it's pretty clear that some things have changed america that fear has become a constant for many and that that fear gets channeled into prejudice into a growing culture of islamophobia are to correspond unless they see a chicken or has the story. has the religion of islam turned into a source of fear in the us well the american media has been doing a heck of
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a job if you will in phobias to me that you are not. working with our enemies some have had enough some of bin laden became the poster boy for all muslims are a billion muslims in the world as one guy symbolized all those all muslims for most americans because americans are so politically an educated unaware of what's going on in the rest of the world our t.v. doesn't report it our schools don't teach about it and latest estimate from the council of american islamic relations says there are seven million muslims currently living in the u.s. there are no exact numbers available however the american census bureau does not collect data on religious identification but this identifying yourself with a religion or rather standing behind it is exactly what seems to have been spreading paranoia across the united states islamophobia as a term became commonly used in the u.s.
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only after the attacks of september eleventh that racism is alive well and kicking with its main focus now on muslims i think after nine eleven is when the big shift happened because. nine eleven was largely about demonizing muslims and the recurring images that we get every couple of months of a new car bomber or an underwear bomber or. the impression is that was crazy. impression over half of american muslims reportedly believe that the u.s. government's anti-terrorism policies have been singling them out twenty five year old mohammed says he stereotypes every single day of his life you go to work as a. person and study you
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basically sometimes. you know. because. i. know we will protest has taken place in new york the muslim community wants just two of their religious holidays to be days off in schools today i mean if christmas holiday to get a ten day break why cannot we have today it's elementary i want the school system michael bloomberg. the chancellor klein close to educate the schools . and. they have the abilities they have the power they can do it if they wish to because kids are as much as part of this community as everyone else to many this non inclusion in the education system is just the tip of the iceberg projects to build a number of mosques around the west so in whatever skeletons of intolerance by remaining
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in the closet we're going to use a simple search system to try to see exactly what the deal is with the number of mosques in new york compared to locations representing other religions this is what you get for catholic churches all of these red dots right here this is what you get for synagogues in new york. and this is what you get for mosques a staggering difference that really speaks for itself a planned islamic center and mosque just steps away from ground zero is the biggest such project if you willing resistance right now nobody in their right minds would have any problem with that but of course the islam of including people who've been brainwashed by the nine eleven inside job and the people who are history that are going to make sure that there is a lot of controversy about it the belief is growing that when islam does turn radical it's because u.s. foreign policies create a vicious circle eighty percent of the soldiers in iraq were asked why are you here they said for payback on nine eleven you know even though iraq had nothing to do
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with less than a person is radicalized not by the ideology of. american u.s. foreign policy and this is actually the objective of the quote unquote terrorists if you will to get the west to show its true face in the international arena to show itself as an imperialist power to show itself as an ideological power that is false and so the more they suppress domestic rights the more they are exposed for each and every muslim to see and the more muslims will take the view that we are at war with the west hundreds of hate crimes have been committed since nine eleven and the end of the decade of fear is not yet insight and. new york. now perhaps some of you are still not convinced perhaps that you think stereotypes affect everyone not every religion is allowed holidays and school and that not every religion is allowed as many houses of worship as they like to build but take this next example a church in florida with signs in front of it that say islam is of the devil is
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planning a burn the koran day on september eleventh they say that their mission is to warn but what are they warning against is this a sign that the freedom of religion in america no longer exists where earlier in studio i caught up with. my two and a blogger acca bob bess and dr terry jones a senior pastor at the dove world outreach center from florida i first as dr jones why it is that he wants to make september eleventh burn the koran day. well of course september eleventh was a and what happened was. of course a very very serious thing. i believe that it reveals the true colors of islam and we thought about what can we do to really show. the dangers of what happened that day and it's not only what happened that day but actually what islam does around the world and we felt burning the koran would be
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something of that magnitude but what is it here that islam does do around the world . well i believe it's islamic mission to dominate the world. to replace local governments if you replace the constitution of the united states was surreal all i believe that's very obvious that as you look around the world you see difference of islam if you look at the trouble that england's having the trouble there germany's i haven't. you see dominated countries who are dominated by islam even countries like saudi arabia you see there are no individual freedoms and rights. and it is they are mission. according to care to replace the constitutional united states we sure real all and we believe that it is time to stand up now. before it's too late it is almost too late for europe and
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i had already stated that because you are you are muslim do you think that your mission here the mission of your religion is to to dominate the world to answer to sharia law wipe away the constitution of the united states i don't believe so and i expect a doctor in his opinions but the fact is i think he's totally wrong in this subject because islam is not the snapshot nine eleven was a snapshot of relations progress people make mistakes it's unfortunate all the death of the civilians in nine eleven there are two hundred day muslims who got killed that day so they are part of that narrative i hope the doctor is aware that these muslims were also worshiping. the koran the very very book that he plans to burn on september eleventh and that's frustrating because the city where he is from is gainesville florida which is the most technologically advanced city in florida but this philosophy is very backward and it comes from the city i think it's very insulting for a lot of us and for that as events of that city now dr jones you know this is
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america after all the freedom of religion is written ed to our constitution so you know it by your actions. by wanting to burn the koran aren't you discriminating against towards a certain or against a certain religion. no not at all we feel also as a church should use our job to stand up we not only speak out against islam we speak out against homosexuality same sex marriage abortion we speak out against it . because we as a christian church christian organization we believe that the only way to salvation eternal life is through jesus christ and of course islam in the koran. where you choose just the opposite of that i mean you cannot you could believe that dr jones i mean islam talks a lot about the virgin mary and the stories of jesus and his much as much of the muslim narrative as much as of the christian one and the jewish one the fact is i mean you could discriminate against muslims gays are more other cherished
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dominations i went to a christian school here i don't think you would say they are christian but they think they are christian so this is that's probably where this discrimination it's obviously frustrating for many of us in the muslim community who try to work hard and do what they can to progress and grow in this country that's been good to us that you come here and want to burn the koran when i think you that what you do is for the extremists you're very supportive of that agenda because that's what they're doing and yes the united states is at war two wars with more same country so they're not safe in a tone just chilling and hanging out so that they lament what you're doing i think in the enjoys a lot of the american troops who are you know practically trying to protect freedom so that's another aspect you ought to think about that dr johns what do you say to the a lot of people i mean for example burning a koran isn't exactly the most peaceful and rather it's kind of violent and so don't you think that in some ways that creates more of a religious war that that and then makes pits more people muslims versus americans
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versus christians. well we believe that it will definitely open up a dialogue. people's attention it is our hope that all night so you may cause i think that and the dialogue i mean just i think emma was i think you're not opening the dialogue by banning the qur'an and i think that honestly a very ignorant mistake i mean the only way the proper way to. terminate a book of the qur'an is to burn it so you're not doing that offensive act your intentions might be offensive but your act for many muslims that's what we do and we want to get it it's a copy of the qur'an we just bear in it but your intentions are clearly violent and i think you know i don't see that as an opening a dialogue that's just ended and i'm sure i am sure my mike has his back and that they're like oh look at this now these americans are burning the koran when it you call it an international day when it's actually not even a state wide event as far as i know so that's frustrating for me to you know
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everything we have eric and we've got national. comments on that on our day and i think what we're also basing ours on we believe that right now it is time to speak up against islam as i said before because it's too late you may get a statement a couple times in european literally in your dr jones you know later why. but before we end up like europe before we end up like oh you were talking about the financial crisis in europe or what crisis where are you talking about as if organization in america they said it is their goal to replace the constitution of the united states we should real all that is what here i mean i'm not going to defend care but i think that's very inaccurate statement they've been part of the american nation is here in the land if you look at the fruit of europe you should look at what is going on in europe look at the violence they are in his law the very we are sale of god if you're looking at and then it's very minister who
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championed the campaign to ban the niqab might because converting to islam pretty soon so it's not a a piano problem muslims are much of a happy ending as you know as everyone else and yes the arctic samus their limits of that is you know i mean you would have to be a tirade not to see the extremism in their religion but you know then i had to say it's as old so you know is waging war as a people and for just here to come and burn copies of the koran i think you're just complicating to think i love their log i'm part of it all the time but i think that's their own act and a divine intention is doing what dr jones tell me this are is for you is this simply a religious battle or religious topic or is this an american one because to me it also seems very un-american it seems like you yourself want to change the constitution if you no longer want to respect the freedom of religion if you want to go out and burn the koran if you you know want to offend other people of other religions. well we believe it is our constitutional right to stand up and say your opinion of course of course it is
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a radical thing to do but we believe that the times and we believe that islam and the koran is that dangerous a religion that drastic means or necessary like i said before we look at europe we look at what they did with their political correctness we look how they how they tolerated how they've done nothing and now it's virtually too late in germany and so they have called in the turkish police to help them because of the moslem islamic dominated areas in germany. now i had ok we have to wrap up here but very quickly as an american muslim how do you feel these days post nine eleven how do you feel the people who are advocating for for burning the koran i think america's a great country and the biggest thing about is the freedom of speech a pastor wants to burn the qur'an go ahead do it i don't think it's a wise decision but it's their freedom to speak i think it's hard sometimes for some people to be here because there have been backlash is that it's the
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discrimination cases and things i have seen none of that i don't speak to that their pay and i you know that it's many documented cases of discrimination and delicious. and what's not but the fact is i think america does it's not perfect but it's always perfect and it's so that's that's what i'm going to end well there definitely are a slew of very different opinions here and we've got two of them gentlemen thank you so much for being here. all right we have one more segment ahead on tonight's shell gone vacation and cheat on your money a new study says that it's possible but you might be surprised to learn who's more likely to cheat for some fun and we talk to our relationship expert. every month we give you the future we'll do you understand how we'll get to. the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join our
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technology update on our.
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great for the feast we've got it's. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. as if the poor people of haiti haven't suffered enough there are now reports of hip hop star why club john is planning to run for president violin nation that's right a canadian newspaper says that he's planning to file the paperwork in the next few days because the filing deadline is next week and the election of a new president is going to come at a very crucial time as haiti struggles to recover from january's devastating quake one that left more than two hundred thousand people dead and more than a million homeless so the next president will have to be a proven leader someone ready to take on serious problems that is why club john
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really that leader. you know because this is the. nominee. now the earthquake hits he began raising money for the victims and there were allegations that some of the money raised was actually used for his personal use now he denied those of course but come on haiti i know he may be your native son of the most famous musician from your island but you really want he was president for some un known reason justin bieber's. here in the u.s. but that doesn't mean he should run for office why do all musicians think they can rule the world making good beats and making wise political decisions are not the same thing and let's face it haiti was already the poorest country in the western hemisphere before the earthquake so the recovery is definitely going to take years if not decades so why clef want to just keep on making your music and maybe taking
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a little money off the top your charity but leave the politics to the pros. now who doesn't enjoy a feel good romantic comedy does not lift the spirits well perhaps one study out of australia says that women now have an unrealistic expectation for relationships because of those movies and they expect things like flowers and candy just because now at the same time another studies found that while on vacation women are more likely to cheat than men are on their significant others or their spouses so do we blame that on movies too well joining me from our new york studio is relationship expert diana falzone diana thanks so much for being here i want to start with this whole cheating story because sure you know i guess you go to a nice sunny place maybe it's tropical there's a lot of bodies around people are going to cheat but did you ever expect that women would be the ones more likely to cheat than men. you know i kind of did i know that sounds a little crazy but reading these these studies and what it indicated is that when
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women are away they like to play and why is that because they're out of their environment they no longer feel the shackles of responsibility or feeling like they're somebodies wife or girlfriend and you know they have a little bit of the mohit a little of them are great and the next thing you know they're fallen in love with rico suave a ok so men that maybe are just always unrestricted even if they're in their hometown. right which is which is a little scary for us now isn't it i think so i would definitely say so i really want to get into this whole thing about romantic comedies because i love romantic comedies i don't know any girl that doesn't but you know your mother always tells you your friends always tell you this isn't real life this is just a movie and you have the people in australia that have done this study are now saying that they're living in this world of happily ever after addicts. do you think that the you know that's giving us an unrealistic expectation. i think we need to unrealistic expectations what are our expectations supposed to be you know
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fifty percent of us are all going to divorce and probably hate our axes and have nasty custody battles i don't like to go into it thinking that love can be eternal and last forever i think there's nothing wrong with being a realistic optimist and if these movies lead us to believe that or treat each other a little better then so be it and for any guys out there that say it's too hard to give a woman flowers on expectantly come on you can get them a five dollars to anybody anywhere that's a bad excuse guys i'm totally with you on that one the fact that they men think it's ridiculous that we want flowers and that we want candy just because that's ridiculous to me why not don't we deserve it but i mean that in the long run are all men just kind of a let down for us women i mean you know they've been over they never can live up to to the huge grounds to the matthew mcconaughey the guys that know how to say the right things and those perfect endings. right well i think it goes back to having realistic expectations you know we're not going to be saved by
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a car like matthew mcconaughey in the wedding planner and he's going to nurse us back to health and fall madly in love i don't think any of us realest stickley expect that but there's nothing wrong with believing in a romantic notion that someone should treat you well that you are entitled to how those romantic nights out and for anybody who says oh that's silly well the whole notion of love is silly ok my your relationship expert how can you possibly say the love is silly. well it is when you think about it you know from a cupid standpoint a little you know cherub floating around the sky an arrow and you're going to fall in love at first sight that's a silly notion i mean it really love is really about two people partnering together having responsibilities i mean that's what marriage is but love the whole different thing ok ok if you're really in there well tell me this is wearing clothes while you're having sex with someone a part of love because there's now an even study that i want to bring up that says
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that more than more than half of all women actually like to keep their modesty keep their modesty you know keep some of their clothes on one having sex is it really about keeping their modesty or is it about the fact that you know they're a little embarrassed or no uncomfortable. i think there's and security issues i mean modesty was one of the words they used in that study saying forty percent of women like to keep their brawn or some sort of undergarments where they said like something like thirty percent of men only prefer for women to keep a garment of clothing on so we're saying it's very much of female side it feeling to want to keep something to keep your modesty intact it really comes down to body issues which is really a shame i'm telling women out there tonight go take it all off and have a good time ok ok i like that and you know i mean for all those women that are on vacation probably in their bathing suits and that's where they're more likely to cheat somehow it just doesn't all add up to our day and thanks so much for joining
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us thank you. all right speak before we go today it's time for our tweets of the day now we just discussed how these romantic comedies can in some instances give you false hope about your own relationship so that god is guessing what would you grant tweet since he is the biggest star of all romantic comedies so we thought he'd say something like this like damn don't you know i'm a paid actor i've got a mortgage about hookers to pay so please everyone still go see my movies that's our tweet of the day we will have another one for you it's morrow all right that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in make sure that you come back tomorrow we'll speak to author gab or steinhart he's author of the book the war of wealth the true story of globalization or why the flat world is broken he's going to tell us why the middle class in america might never be the same and actually in fact thanks to globalization and might have never even come back now in the meantime don't forget to become
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a fan of the launch on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch it all at youtube dot com slash the alona show where we post the interviews as well as the show in its entirety coming up next is the news with the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world. issues that seem. to be sitting. in the markets the bombing of the beam and then says israel should release is enough to restart what is called the peace process. to be soo much brighter if you move. from plans to.
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don't come.
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if. wealthy british style. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy is a report on our. the u.s. senate looks at a faltering campaign in afghanistan with billions more in funding approved despite the leaks of thousands of documents detailing cover ups at a village we're using its way. now data health care system and economic poverty leave the czech republic's elderly at risk of abuse despite the
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intervention of politicians and activists. and russia's heat wave reaches some of the country's coldest climates the people in siberia heading for the beaches to stay cool in the scorching sun. this is archie coming to live from moscow i'm marina joshua welcome to the program now the u.s. is preparing to pump another thirty three billion dollars into the afghanistan war that's despite the massive leak of classified documents giving a bleak picture of what's actually happening there and critics suggest it's not more money that's needed but a massive turnaround in strategy artist christine frisell has more. ugh.


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