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on wiki leaks dot org. they paint a portrait of an afghanistan aided by pakistan which is supposed to be helping the u.s. government they also demonstrate a point u.s. senator john kerry sums up the also calling the leaks unacceptable and illegal that after nearly nine years of war more than a thousand american casualties and billions of u.s. taxpayer dollars. the taliban. appear to be strong as they have a stronger enemy means experts on policy in the middle east are calling for a stronger strategy asking for more time i think the first time we ought to do is to stick is to stop talking about twenty eleven and start talking about twenty four tane and more resources the second they want it is a big tactical hit on the taliban dr david kilcullen a counterinsurgency expert says in other words you have to do a lot of damage on the taliban before they'll be willing to talk
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a strategy that may sound familiar more money more troops and more time and if you do well there's no guarantee anything will change is it possible that this war is just unwinnable it's certainly possible the thing is we want to know until we get to the point where we begin to pull out and we see if the afghan government is sustainable and the tragedy that significantly breaks from the one president obama announced in december and the lawmakers say they are listening to many do not like their hero now what point do we say that we camps we can't make this work u.s. senator ted kaufman not accepting the familiar strategy i'm not for spending one more dollar and one more american life until we have a conviction that we can get governance that's good enough this is not about resurrecting afghanistan with all due respect i care about afghanistan but the standard is not that we be something better we just when the day we decide. that we
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don't have carmen's that is good enough we should leave that day a pushback while others work to push ahead a tug of war within a real war with no end in sight christine for sound r t now saying in the us were the anti muslim sentiment from the immediate aftermath of nine eleven a lingers on some worry it's innocent muslims going about their lives that are falling victim to media scaremongering and us to see a church going to takes a look. has the religion of islam turned into a source of fear in the us well the american media has been doing a heck of a job if you will in phobias to me that you are not. working with our enemies have had enough some of bin laden became the poster boy for all muslims or a billion muslims in the world as one guy symbolized all those all muslims for most americans because americans are so politically and educated unaware of what's going
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on in the rest of the world our t.v. doesn't report it our schools don't teach about it the latest estimate from the council of american islamic relations says there are seven million muslims currently living in the u.s. there are no exact numbers available however the american census bureau does not collect data on religious identification but this identifying yourself with a religion or rather standing behind it is exactly what seems to have been spreading paranoia across the united states islamophobia as a term became commonly used in the u.s. only after the attacks of september eleventh that racism is alive well and kicking with its main focus now on muslims i think after nine eleven is when the big shift happened because. nine eleven was largely about demonizing muslims and the recurring images that we get every couple of months of
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a new car. or an underwear bomber or. the impression is that crazy. the popular. over half of american muslims reportedly believe that the u.s. government's anti-terrorism policies have been singling them out twenty five year old mohammed says he's stereotyped every single day of his life you go to work as. many names more than the kind of like you know skip you like to read a hard next person study you basically sometimes like when i travel like you know an airport and all that like you get because of the name and i. a wave of protests has taken place in new york the muslim community once just to their religious holidays to be days off in schools only today i mean if christmas holiday to get a ten day break why cannot we have today it's elementary i want the
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school system michael bloomberg. the chancellor klein clothes to educate the schools. here they have the abilities they have the power they can do it if they wish to because the muslim kids are as much as part of this community as everyone else to many this non inclusion in the education system is just the tip of the iceberg projects to build a number of mosques around the u.s. . whatever skeletons of intolerance for meaning in the closet we're going to use a simple search system to try to see exactly what the deal is with the number of mosques in new york compared to locations representing other religions this is what you get for catholic churches all these red dots right here this is what you get for synagogues in new york. and this is what you get for mosques a staggering difference that really speaks for itself
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a planned islamic center and mosque just steps away from ground zero is the biggest such project if you willing resistance right now nobody in their right minds would have any problem with that but of course the islam. including people who've been brainwashed by the nine eleven inside job and the people who are history that are going to make sure that there is a lot of controversy about it the belief is growing that when islam does turn radical it's because u.s. foreign policies create the circle eighty percent of the soldiers in iraq were asked why are you here they said payback on nine eleven you know even though iraq had nothing to do with lebanon a person is radicalized not by the ideology of it but by american u.s. foreign policy and this is actually the objective of the quote unquote terrorists if you will to get the west to show its true face in the international arena to show itself as an imperialist power to show itself as an ideological power that is false and so the more they suppress domestic rights the more they are exposed for
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each and every muslim to see and the more muslims will take the view that we are at war with the west hundreds of hate crimes have been committed since nine eleven and the end of the decade of fear is not yet insight. new york and the u.s. congress has been asked to give the green light to an israeli attack on iran and nearly one third of house republicans expressed support for a measure of backing a military strike against the islamic republic iran expert trita parsi from the woodrow wilson center for scholars says the move sounds a dangerous signal. we are reaching silly season in washington with the elections in november and for that there has already been signs that israel is going to be a major element that some republicans will use to be able to get both voters as well as finance donations to campaigns away from the democrats but the problem is that this is not a theoretical exercise at the end of the even silly season has real repercussions
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in the real world and the danger here is that signal is being sent to israel that actually if it were to take this action in spite of the fact that the white house has sent a clear signal supposing congress at least if the republicans take over or even take take over are sending a signal that actually they would welcome it i think it can be seen as an encouragement for various reasons one being that this is essentially a preemptive greenlight this is not a situation in which the israeli government had made a decision to do it then afterwards u.s. congress comes out and the support of it but this is actually in advance of that coming out and saying we would support that so that is a little bit different and can be interpreted as an encouragement. and later people of l. and his crossed out guess discuss whether israel's policies towards the palestinians are stirring terrorism in the greater middle east. there are going to be a million two hundred thousand palestinians living with the in one nine hundred
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sixty seven so are we suggesting that there should be a transfer of population bilaterally and that the palestinians that are living increase sixty seven israel should be transferred to the west bank today in some area and that you dance ok well you know jay and then i don't know you did you know how do you write israel that may not necessarily coincide with international law robert you know i don't think i've ever come across someone that knows the greater middle east better than you do tell me in your opinion after what thirty four years of living in the region if the palestinian issue all resolved with dignity with justice how would that change the face of greater mean middle east politics in your opinion it would be like spraying salt water and al qaeda i think it would start to wither because the idea of injustice is what feeds the vicious warriors in afghanistan and pakistan in iraq. watch crosstalk and. in just twenty minutes time here on our team and every year
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thousands of vulnerable elderly people across the world fall victim to abuse while in care however in the czech republic many feel that the government is turning a blind eye to the ugly statistic but as for poor it's the country's first helpline for the elderly could offer some hope most to arrive at this home in suburban prague are no longer able to survive on the. money have no close family owners the entire pension goes on paying medical bills. their lives are entirely in the hands of the carers independent charity say that up to twenty percent of elderly checks have been subject to abuse they say that the country have simply failed turk knowledge the problem the basis for the call and mental it happens at home and institutions which govern my grandmother was straight to the bed naked and
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covered in her own excrement she said the nurses dropped the bed under her got angry and just slapped her there telling her to behave when i found the chief nurse she said my grandmother had been bad and we could take her home if you wanted. ninety abe's to change attitudes it's the country's first telephone hotline for the elderly responding to dozens of pleas for help daily. that is when i was pleased to gear home i send my flight over to my son but he promised to take me to my country house during the summer months but he didn't when i from the house some people have never met answered saying they have no idea who i am earth the hotline's founder believes that with the health care system inherited from the communist regime and pensioners of little economic power compared to their counterparts in the worst older people will continue to suffer. the
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people working at the institutions want to decrease their workload even if this means that the pensioners themselves are restricted in what they do but the problem is wider than that there is little concept of the rights of older people are doing . stuff here say several unfortunate cases of cast a shadow on a difficult profession recent loss of introduce more independent care assessments and have penalized the worst care homes. but things are not nearly as bad as they were even three years ago i have a place just ordinary housewives working here with trained nurses where changing. you know there is little doubt that the czech republic likes christian and western europe you know how it treats its senior citizens but no you prove once may be too late for some eager of the sea. it will happen our program enjoying the summer and no one of the coldest places on earth find out how people are coping with high temperatures in
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a safe area and cdrom. the pentagon has lost track of almost nine billion dollars which was meant to be spent on reconstructing iraq and that's ninety five percent of the money given to the development fund the american military was given the money raised from the sale of iraq a gas and oil by the un after the invasion in two thousand and three a us audit found poor control over where the assets were spent in a country still suffering a lack of electricity and other basic services former cia analyst y. mcgovern says the lack of oversight needs further investigation. there were doubtless people who were supposed to be supervising overseeing these funds the fact that as it's said here that they have sort of disappeared and that they were liable to have been loyal and you know that's no explanation and we have to find out who provided them and what happened to these funds you know most reminds me of of the search for weapons of mass destruction in iraq the so-called the b m d's
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judging from who didn't get sacked last time there probably will be people promoted despite all this there doesn't seem to be much in the way of accountability here in specially in the pentagon where money has always been so plentiful that a billion here a billion there nine billion billion is a drop or a drop in the lake or for what the pentagon spends now to the degree that the mass media choose to play this up well then you will get a lot of very angry americans. angry at the expenditure of funds in this way abroad and in iraq. and afghanistan but also the expenditure of seventy five billion a year on the so-called security intelligence industrial complex which is a two and a half fold increase from the time before nine eleven and when people say
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after nine eleven everything changed well yeah it sure did but not to the good. former cia analyst raman govern there and our website or two dot com has a lot more for you to check out and here's a taste of what's streaming there. russian american drug police busted a trafficking ring involving a show man and a corrupt officer. and russian lawmakers predict the last days of sham psychics on their trusting clients out of thousands of dollars or more had to r.t. dot com. let's now take a look at some other international stories and at least three people have been found alive after an airplane passenger plane crashed in two hills close to the pakistani capital islamabad another five bodies have also been recovered and rescuers are working at the scene were of the jet carrying one hundred fifty two
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people when down their efforts are being hampered by rain down to the roads in that region which has made them difficult to navigate. and the oil giant b.p. suffered a record loss of seventeen billion dollars in the second quarter of this year in the wake of the ass of oil spill in the gulf of mexico the announcement came as b.p. boss tony hayward took the decision to step down and bob dudley will replace him as chief executive in october meanwhile hayward's expected to be offered a new role in the joint venture between b.p. and the russian oil company t m k. south korea and the u.s. are holding joint military drills for a third day in the sea of japan the exercises have already involved locating and destroying potential submarine attacks off the korean peninsula the north was accused of sinking a cell belonging to south korea in march something and denied young expressed anger at the war games threatening a physical response. not even siberia usually associated with freezing temperatures
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and icy landscapes has escaped russia's heat way that's why families there are taking the chance to head for the rivers to cool down and we spend lindsey france to the city of alms to how look to. siberia may not be what comes to mind when you think of sand surf and sun but in the summertime on the river that's exactly what you get and it's hot very hot which means the boats are coming out so the boating competition all the beach lovers the family and friends let's go talk to some people. people with a long time for summer they always want to get away from the vacation but right now we've got great conditions for the. three thousand miles southwest of moscow you'd never know that these sweltering siberians will be running for shelter from the most famous winters in the world in just a few months. twelve hours a day here we have such a long cold winters that people just one toy out there hours between three and
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eight o'clock can be a problem there are the hardest and that's exactly what the people who are here at the beach. like one particular veteran of fifty siberian summers with no air conditioning or t.v. with sure that it's impossible to stay at home it's to hunt a can believe in the flood there's just no air is been like this since may the climate is changing it's like said beer is becoming a part of southern russia weather experts say maybe not like southern russia but so far this summer siberia is pushing through moment or in both directions of nature of the situation siberia is very diverse i mean both hot and cool records and they have broken homes because located between the cold center and the heat of its unique region in a way the contrast between summer and winter is overwhelming. we hit the road from the beach to find people working in this weather instead of just enjoying it after a minor setback when the cab overheated we found
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a farmer and his daughter toiling on their land twelve kilometers outside of town where the snows of the steps make way for potatoes though and right as you can tell by my face it's very hot now more than thirty degrees weeds are growing quick and we're fighting them you can grow anything here if you've got the skills we have very good black soil and we have more sunny days than cent pieces but. we found these old soviet river about right where the air here should be on a river as me. it's funny because heat in the countryside is so cycling you come back to town to get still equally as hot but the air coming off these rivers it's. still funny people are sweating here. gorgeous. and the captain agrees. everybody comes here especially in summer when the weather is nice everything depends on whether sometimes i make seven or eight trips
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a day yesterday we carried over eleven hundred people we have nice summers in siberia i've been enjoying them all my life and for the rest of the short summer the people of omsk will be enjoying these record breaking temperatures before they evaporate in the winter siberian weather decidedly takes over. in the france r t. and charlie joins us with the latest business update and some exciting developments in the russian car industry hello that's right russia's car giant gas group is in talks with dime over simulink its sadie's benz in the city of nation and of course gas is a similar discussions of cries that in just toss off but failed to reach a deal rather details later in the program but first this hour is too since robert dudley then head of b.p. but russia after a dispute with russian shareholders on tuesday he was declared the new boss of b.p. taking office in october and in
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a final twist the outgoing chief tony hayward's may return to russia as a board member. so united invited reports. robert dudley has already earned his created for handling of the gulf of mexico oil spill the gulf represents one third of the company's oil and gas was and refineries and his experience in russia where team key b.p. generates about a quarter of b.p.'s revenues and she should be well prepared to take over the whole company where she's likely true means central to b.p. strategy with analysts dismissing media reports that the company could sell a stake in its cash generator team t v p possibly to gas room or ross nifty to be easy cash generator on an original investment of seven billion dollars in two thousand and three b.p. has already seen twelve billion dollars of dividends officially for the last. year reported for more than thirty five billion dollars of revenues and if they can stand alone. indeed is the largest piece of cedars in terms of revenues
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and probably in terms of the dark and profit and of course thank you he's one of the largest cash sources for b.p. so obviously catching aeration now for b.p. is one of the promised target countries are lining up to pull the barrels from b.p.'s flour the company has already confirmed that is looking to sell of assets with few details an ounce to exxon mobil and chevron now both in talks to take over the company but first things first to stop the leaking first asked to begin with to plug the well that's still not done yet we're still two to three weeks away from that even though the spill has now been contained it has not been plugged so the first order of things is to get the plug done second is to figure out how the reinvestment side going to be done and then it's a question of reconstructing in winning back the trust of the american people who
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are dudley has shown his skills at getting a good price when he's sold to masses of team keep b.p. tell him to. come in handy now that b.p. needs to raise cash to people consequences of its oil spill in u.s. waters the question is how much he has to dilute the b.p. brand in the process than any bit of a business r.t. a close contact of b.p.'s new chief executive says b.p. is russian interests will be managed directly by robert dudley that runs counter to me just speculation the outgoing c.e.o. tony hayward is being dragged into look off to. the chief executive of b.p. will oversee russia along with the board of directors of b.p. will make all the key decisions. i think that the fact that michael friedman apparently according to bob dudley today in one didn't offer to help bob get his visa garamond car on another key. or partner t.
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and k b p said that they're working for to dudley's taking over as chief executive as well as tony hayward coming in as a member of the board suggests that. i think really signals that things are going to go reasonably well. present to me she went a bit of waltz to tap new souls as a final five russians economy he said investment along with business support services from law to accounting of the key to innovation all correspondence has the details meeting of the presidential commission on more devastation has shown that when it comes to venture capital investment in russia it's easy to say what needs to be done but to make what has already been achieved since i was there i will be twenty three venture funds working in russia with a total capital of two billion dollars which of course absolutely not enough for
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the country build a bit of a tough economy now president to decide that there is a lot to help them on all these products on the market and we criticize the properties which are reluctant to take the risk and the best in the patient to post some pro concrete measures that are designed to or how make venture capital investment work in russia so. we need to develop the services needed for business accounting information and services it's also necessary to increase support to small enterprises using grants and loan finance we need not only to attract foreign investment but also to develop our financial market so that capital inflows stay in russian companies regardless of the situation in foreign markets. let's take a look at how the lockets the performing now both the russian forces according to what's going on are stunned there as nick was leading me it falls to anyone not off the sound and over and the high on wednesday we're charging ahead on so we could
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put on there some kind of companies just like three point eight percent of the trading funds across the region are growing following chooses gains from the european and american financial sector banks saying is gaining point eight percent in the south. russia's car giant is negotiating with dima over assembling is a cost no side is benz in the city of nation of course gas is seeking to launch production of the base of its bogus siberia construction line now both sides are trying to come to an agreement on the price gas will get for assembling its services gas has how soon the towards the and in just talk tough sell to break the deal. that's all of this is news for now but you can always find more stories on our website dot com slash business for.
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a little bit with. culture is that so much given to each musician working on a new product and the market should be obama in its has publicly mended fences with israel after the show when really isn't enough to restart what is called the peace process.
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right. from plans to. start don't. take a look at the headlines here in r.t.e. the u.s. senate is studying the faltering campaign in afghanistan even as another thirty billion dollars extra funding is approved for the war that's despite the leak of thousands of documents detailing among other things the cover up of civilian deaths
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. the czech republic has introduced a hotline for its senior citizens in need of help and outdated health care system and poverty mean many of the country's elderly are at severe risk of both physical and mental abuse. and russia suffers from the worst heatwave in decades some areas of the country haven't seen rain since may with crops being destroyed by fires blazes have also gulped several villages in several russian and caused a heavy small to hang over the capital. now peter with al and his guests crossed swords over israel's tactics in the west bank that's across the next r.t. . for the. we've got. the biggest issues good human voice face to face with the news makers. wealthy british style.


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