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america have already arrived in phoenix so we'll get a report from dayton to solve skee who's on the ground there and we'll go further into the ruling class what's going to come next will the injunction hold up and should it and will the dust now settle on the immigration debate or could this battle only be getting worse we're going to hear from both sides next the house of representatives voted yesterday in a vote of three hundred eight to one hundred fourteen to provide fifty nine billion dollars to the afghan war effort but with the majority of americans opposing this war does this show more than ever how desperately out of touch with reality the washington establishment is and could that be bad news for obama in two thousand and twelve we'll speak to jane of the young turks and there is word that tony hayward is going to be sent to russia for a joint venture looks like he'll be free to live a posh life of extravagance without the judgment of american doesn't sound like much of a punishment to me but we'll get a report from moscow on what life for ex-pats really does like there next the
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mexican drug war rages on and just as medical marijuana becomes legal here in washington d.c. so do you think americans will ever come to understand the connection between legalization and that war going on across the border we're going to speak to a former law enforcement official who is against prohibition and the american media has found its next top russian spy except well what she actually has an accused of spying at all and she's not even russian so why the media obsession and on top of that snow cave from the jersey shore is also taking over the united states so my question is are americans getting dumber or are they just getting bored that's all later in the show but now let's move on to our top story. tomorrow arizona's new immigration law is due to take effect and today with the clock ticking down a federal judge ruled to block key provisions of it u.s. district judge susan bolton halted the implementation of the parts of the law to require police to determine the status of people they stop and think they're in the
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country illegally she also forbade the state from charging anyone for a new crime of failing to possess their immigration documents but bus loads of activists on both sides of the debate had already arrived in arizona what was the reaction like on the streets or earlier i caught up with our two correspondent who is there so first what the scene was like outside of the courthouse as the country waited for that judge's ruling. there was a lot of media alone one immigration activist described the ruling as a very very very small victory as part of a larger battle we were expecting to see a lot more people lot more activists perhaps protesters outside of the courthouse not so much i mean you really had this lady from so many got there and all the media was swarmed around her because the sides that there weren't that many people there there was another gentleman and he had a t. shirt on with a picture of the sheriff of maricopa county sheriff arpaio and it said stop are now
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and we saw a few people carrying a balance that had a huge swastika up on the front and their message was that they didn't want their state they didn't want arizona or even the whole country to turn into a nazi state but they weren't willing to speak on camera they were kind of hiding behind the banner but beside that not many activists or protesters today outside of the courthouse but we are expecting some more a little bit later tonight so perhaps not the turnout that we expected but regardless you spoke to a few people what were those initial reactions when they find out that some of the key provisions in this law weren't going to hold the cold according to this ruling . well i can say that they were terribly happy of course they were pleased they said it was a small victory but the critics of s.b. ten seventy take issue with the whole entire law not just some of the more contentious issues like whether or not we saw officer can stop someone if they suspect this individual of being an illegal immigrant so so the activists the
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critics of this law are really fighting the whole entire thing but it's going to be interesting to see if the supporters of the law which i should add is actually a majority of americans whether or not they're going to come out in mass and say look the federal government is not doing their job they're not doing anything to curb illegal immigration so it's up to the states to take matters into their own hands of course the federal government disagrees with that that's why you have that suit but it going to be very interesting to see whether or not those people now are not the critics but the supporters of the law will come out that is a very interesting take because for the most part we've only seen protests against this arizona immigration law so i think they'll have to see if it gets appealed you know where the case goes further what the reactions are going to be but still in anticipation of this law going into effect in anticipation of this ruling that the district judge made today i know that people were bussed in from across the country and are they still planning the rally despite this ruling or is everything still on
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. we're expecting a rally march in a few hours outside of the state capitol building and at four am there is supposed to be a religious person and then an interfaith service very early between four am and six am against this law instead of trying to pray that they do away with the whole thing you mentioned appeals that kills process is going to start immediately so far with legality goes this immigration law the legal issues it's far from over and then tomorrow morning there is also expected to be a big protest outside of sheriff arpaio office now let's not forget he actually built. an extension a tent city outside and the back of the maricopa county jail and people are very very disappointed with the actions he's taking his critics say that he is abusing power but the interesting thing is that while he's viewed as a villain to some people he's really
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a hero to others here in arizona yeah well it's very true there's definitely two sides to this debate like you said hero to some villain to others i think arizona right now is reeling as just showing us perhaps a picture of what the rest of america could look like if some kind of comprehensive immigration reform doesn't come soon but we will catch up with you again tomorrow as we as we see the protests and the visuals and the rest of the developments take place dana thanks so much. so what do we expect to happen from here on out could the dust settle on this debate or will it only continue to rage until comprehensive immigration reform takes place well joining me here to discuss that is mathias ramos a blogger and immigration activists and jordan human rights attorney and director of international operations for the american center for law and justice you got to change that title if you want very much all right i'm going to start with you and i want to ask because i'm not in arizona i can't get the reactions straight from the
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people that are there outside the courthouse right now but you're an immigration activists how do you feel about this ruling today are you reading a fresh from an air breath of fresh air i think the people welcomed the ruling but it feels like there's still many of the parts of the law that are going to be implemented that are going to disrupt people's lives and that it still will continue to highlight the need for congress to take action rather than waiting on this politics of the governor which is like a partial line item veto from the judge but as long as the focus is a nurse on a we're not going to get a real solution now joining can you tell me since you're the lawyer here what exactly is what provisions are still going to be in this law the provisions that are still. are pretty mild to say the least guarded everything that we've debated everything you've talked about the broadcast everything that's been in the media that's gone right now that's been enjoined the rest are very simple provisions that were already on the books this was an existing law but the reasonable suspicion after a lawful stop she said that law enforcement official state officials do not have
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the ability to check someone's immigration status and should not she's enjoying that provision she has not said that it's unconstitutional she's just said the damage that would be done if if we don't stop it before we had the case would be so big it would be irreparable so if we do decide to have iran are they still allowed to check on your immigration status especially if they bring you in there just no longer required to play or not yeah they were already allowed to do that under the law that's not new that's not new they're just not they're not required now but she made it clear that it should be it should not be state law enforcement officials she's giving a hat tip to what she's going to do i think in the case that this is a really cold injunction thirty six pages of information she also struck the provision about seeking work illegally so what i what i see here is it's a defeat for those who like us who are in support of the arizona law but president obama is not going to be gloating and bragging too much about this because of how unpopular this judge's decision is with the american people and we're getting close to those elections but we're still left in the place where those people who employ
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day laborers are still up for suspicion here they could be hurt by this law it's still illegal to as they say blocked traffic go from the day laborers that's what they're now putting them under i mean so you know is this a step forward or are all these things are like you said still going to affect people in the sense that it is going to affect their lives and that they can't get work that they're not going to be able to feed their families and what i will do i think is put a stop to what the what the judge says which is the potential for really drastic things to happen but what we've got to shift our attention now is in what ways can we start providing real tangible. solutions in congress and i think one of one of the ways that we work with the young activists myself as an undocumented student is the dream act i think we've had bipartisan support again earlier there was a bipartisan letter from senators durbin and lugar saying that this should stop the deportation of dream eligible students and we should enact this law before the
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election so that i would say this is all a great discussion but it's also it does highlight the issue and i think it does again as we've discussed over and over that it highlights the need for immigration reform in the country but when it comes to arizona there's something about this law that i think is coming out now and that is that now president obama owns it when there's more violence if there's more violence if there's more drug activity if there's more in the who now represent fifty percent of the crime illegal immigrants in maricopa county where phoenix is he owns this because he stepped in when his federal government said we can't process the illegal immigrants that they stepped in and said you can't do anything about it either state of arizona even though you're willing to be responsible now he owns it when there's more violence it's on president obama's hands because he said we're not going to let people like arizona we're going to do everything we can to stop them from taking this from law so it's now barack obama's fault and you know that's a major one i hear not allowed is that he's not allowed to say i was very want to do that i do think about issue where his his i don't officially have to sally he's
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going to that they're not doing it the right way no no i think you've got i think it's better overall i think that's what i was alone in fact because i think when you think about all the things you bring up the gangs the drug war all the stuff we're going to be talking about later on the show we have to understand that i may be here without papers but those you know we those community as well and young people now sixteen seventeen years old who are growing up amidst all this increased immigration enforcement increased gang activity they have to be provided with an opportunity to prove themselves to the american american public and i think that's what the dream act will do you know i don't want to talk about the dream that we're talking about have. gotten stats about how orderly it caribbean what i know now what we're saying. is that this is about human beings this is about even if these. are illegal immigration broke the law if they live in a community where there is a lot of violence it does it still affects them and how it was affected the united states and our sovereignty no other country would put up with this not no one there is not you know they're not going to and integrate not another country has
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a system like this in place and you see in europe you see in mexico where there are a lot of people coming therefore they don't get treated like this we are hope to go out and i was told i would raise a lot of expectations on in this issue because the united states is we already are as we are so far ahead of the way we're having now we've got immigrants it's got to be what we're going to serve it's absurd it's absurd well it's i swear i can live i had he has. been so far i've got to say. i got to say is that. understandable though susan i understand that there's a lot you know when you just take about fifteen twenty years to the moment of law breaking in that family moment of my family but at the same time you have to understand that the system is broken for everyone there's a lot of folks there's a lot of russian people who want to be watching who entered this country illegally and they caught up in this bureaucracy that we created to drive people down towards that system that keeps people in the early going to to through ellis island came to russia that's you know the last name i and my family they waited through they got
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their things they were there for our back then the united and we have our assistance and while he's had. his work or able to leave the border does that mean that's the only group that should be coming to the united states earlier this year which i didn't have is next i want to know what happens next after this ruling has been made now clearly there is still debate right here in this studio right now so does this mean that you know the obama administration maybe was crossing their fingers hoping that if this ruling went in their favor the things that kind of settle down that are there you know i think this would simmer down benefit this is going to make this is going to backfire on what the other side's going to come out i think we're going to see now is pinner eleven states say to the federal government we're going to drop the same law come get us bring it on federal government you take us to court on this because maybe this is one district court judge in a case that has not started yet in a trial and president obama now has to do with the american people are overwhelmingly supportive of arizona he now has to go out there and say well i stopped arizona two months before an election it's not good for president obama i
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don't think this is the way you probably want to see this done exactly and then what he says is right there's going to be people like governor brewer trying to score cheap political points in other states and there's also going to be people like the young activists in arizona and all over the country center now for what is right demanding a working system for immigration reform the finally brings people together and stops up but is there any way that obama can win here because he's going to have the people that look at him the way george and i'm going to say i think you know it's a he stepped in and now the blood. the violence is all on his hands he stopped them from putting in place policies from helping their state and that the same time you're going to have activists that are saying that obama didn't give me comprehensive immigration reform i actually believe that the president did the right thing in stopping what it could have been with all this going into place and people being stopped all the time in arizona what would be nothing in this law is different from federal law suit your post of the federal law and that too i think you are all that reactive this law would have required the fully have to. travel
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awful stuff you after a lawful stop but that would have changed federal law that's not a good way would have been to change several officers have to check immigration status they're allowed to check your immigration status like you said people will still have immigration there's i got stopped by federal immigration officers in february i know what that's like but it also does not help to make every call what some of the people soon discover actual in this bill are actual cobs because it does not help to help us to have every cop out there like an immigration or if there we are going to really actually have to wrap it up but i we will obviously continue to cover this because it looks like the debate is only got a war going i wonder if perhaps some police are going to try to take it into their own hands and even though they're not required to take advantage of the federal law and really don't start until there's already you said what do you think when you think of it has been doing that for years and it's going to keep doing is going to keep following the wall that's on the books all right gentlemen thank you so much for being here all right time for a break but coming up tonight i'm going to sound off on congress for giving the
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president billions more in war without end afghanistan it's my unplugged moment coming up and could obama start turning on him are they fed up with his handling of that war with the change that hasn't been delivered going to speak with jane clinker of the young turks in just a moment. for the full stop. we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on the. wealthy british style sun. it's no time to. go. to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with max cons are a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our. yesterday washington d.c. show the country once again just how disconnected they are from the american people and a rare show of bipartisan might the democratic house overwhelmingly approved fifty nine billion dollars in funding for the war in afghanistan all of this fall a majority of the american people disagree with that war and it's pretty damn obvious to the naked eye that we're losing that war and that there is no chance of winning that war but here's what made the news that one hundred and fourteen brave representatives voted against the bill most of whom only voted against it because social spending provisions got cut out so for this the last time the house voted for war funding thirty two democrats voted against the bill that was last year at
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this time around three times as many a hundred into democrats voted to defund the war but you're right it was a tough battle because a lot of the president's fellow democrats in the house didn't want to sign on to this some of them already anti-war but even. you see it should have made headlines that only one hundred fourteen members have the guts to stand up to this losing war when will washington get it in their heads that it's time to plan the way out and in time i mean now stop funding the war without a winning strategy and stop sending our soldiers to this endless war we can't afford it we can't win so how long until washington starts to get it. now on that note if this war does continue if the defense spending continues could support for obama begin to fall i just sad one hundred fourteen representatives was a low number and i stand by that but at least it's a number at least it's
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a semblance of wavering support and i just wonder if this could be a sign that things might get a little hairy for this administration unless we see that promise change whether a crisis of power might be in the midst or earlier i caught up the chain cleaner host of the young turks in our studio in l.a. so i first asked him if he was at all shocked or at all surprised that the wiki leaks release of over ninety thousand documents didn't hold up the approval of the war spending bill. but you know i would have been shocked if they had they were largely ignored i'm not surprised by that you know the difference between them in the pentagon papers is that the media used to care back in the day so that was a big story now the washington post wall street journal are saying i hope what's this week you leaks oh this is all stuff we already reported which is you know generally speaking the macro picture the report of things we're going badly but are there very interesting stories in the actual documents of course there are so it's
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partly the media's reaction to it and partly that the democrats were never going to actually stop the war funding they just love to say that around election time not actually do it when they're in charge well that's a thing as right now of course they're touting the fact that one hundred fourteen people actually stood up and voted no against it is that means is that something is changing your do you believe that or is this just some kind of a scheme that you know nancy pelosi put together pulled some strings behind the scenes and told who to pretend to stand up against the war. yeah i don't know if i'm going to skeptical or cynical but i find that to be a joke i mean look i don't think nancy pelosi told those people ok go ahead and vote this way i think they genuinely voted that way but they're bragging about getting clobbered in the vote nearly three to one. hundred fourteen people to vote for it so why you're nowhere near close to getting enough votes to stop the war it's not something to brag about well i'm totally with you on that you know i think
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that the cynicism the skepticism that all kind of comes from being in this business when you constantly are observing these things and constantly aren't seeing anybody you know be true to their word and follow up on what they promise which brings me to of course that barack obama the current president. i don't know because you know one hand we're saying that it's still pathetic that only one hundred fourteen people here stood up against this decided to say no but is that at all a sign that perhaps the support is wavering the perhaps obama is losing some ground with with those in his own party why i like your transition there and i know the democrats will never stop the war they obama has now got an enormous political stake in making sure that we get to july two thousand and eleven and at that point the american people who are already weighed against this war will be tremendously against this war and then finally hold gather up the courage to say all right we're
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going to transition now all the way it happens faster is not because of the democrats but because the republicans if the republicans think it is to their political advantage so all the sudden. enormously change their view on that go one eighty the other way into what afghanistan were never they were of afghanistan and start pressuring obama well you know what obama does in regard to conservative criticism he buckles so if the democrats it is going to matter to obama at all but if the republicans say god forbid box new says it then obama gets scared and maybe will leave earlier however how many things can he keep buckling on him and some of the things that i think definitely got him elected and got people excited was the fact that he was going to close guantanamo bay that was the first thing he did his first day in office and as he promised that within a year it would be closed that still hasn't happened even simple little things like not telling the f.b.i. if they're not allowed to do raids anymore in california in the med a medical marijuana farms and you have those raids are still going on every day
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we're just not seeing anything happen so how much longer can he keep riding this wave do you think that in two thousand and twelve he's going to be completely gone is going to be a you know a one term president. well look you know and i knew dozens of more examples let alone surely sharod van jones acorn i mean the guy loves to buckle and but the real problem with obama is that he did what he said he was going to do he got taken hostage by the washington conventional wisdom so for example day we're talking about afghanistan and the bloomberg poll fifty eight percent of americans say that it's a lost cause we got to go sixty percent of them say even if the situation has not improved at all when july two thousand and eleven comes we gotta go we gotta get out of there it's not worth it it's not worth the money etc right but obama won't listen to them because that's not what washington says washington which is a very right of the rest of the country says no you have to stay in afghanistan
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that's why i say he'll flip when the republicans and fox news decide to flip on afghanistan because then washington they stablish wisdom there will say oh then now we gotta go right so yes i'm afraid to answer your question going all the way to two thousand and twelve a list there is some dramatic change no he's going to just keep listening to conventional wisdom in washington is going to listen to his advisors rahm emanuel tim geithner larry summers and he's not going to give us real change is going to give us pocket change and having a mission accomplished banner now if it does not look good going into it so far the only upside is a twenty twelve is a long time away and maybe get some sense in him before then but i would hold your breath well yeah you're right two thousand and twelve is still a ways away things can change but what happens if he gets let's say a primary challenger. yeah i love that dream i love it and don't get me wrong i dream about it all the time and i think maybe
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howard dean we had on the show yesterday was like maybe maybe maybe but i think realistically you're not going to get anybody other than a dentist who said it's the challenge of it's not going to be a real challenge i think even the democratic voters are too scared to go in that direction the only way they can get a real primary challenge is not afghanistan not because of any of those issues it's of the economy crashes again and this time it's a colossal you know believable crash and then at that point you know then you have a serious discussion about primary challengers i guess i don't want to see a colossal unbelievable crash i'm sure that americans and the rest of the world that have had enough of economic crashes at this point jake tell me this this is a kind of a personal question would you ever run for political office. or you would i be in a lot of trouble if i ran for office now look first of all the country is not quite ready yet. because when it whatever even if it's howard dean who's
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a million times more considered more legitimate than i am incredible etc even when he runs what does the rest of the media do all outsider crazy angry upset or etc now luckily with the internet things are being a change and people are beginning to wake up to the fact that the media wants to protect their privileged positions so that's why they hate people who bring you real change like howard dean let alone me but then for me i've said so many controversial things that in the age i don't think it's possible i think that's a good thing i think we need a president that says some controversial things and maybe isn't such a smooth talker that you know by the time he gets to washington is completely like you said swallowed up by the conventional wisdom here and just becomes like the rest of the d.c. elite somehow washington is very powerful and definitely changes people jan thanks so much. thank you. we've got to take a break but coming up ahead our tool time winner tonight involves
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a candidate who started a hair war brides and involved two female billionaire candidates in california and i'm sorry what year is this but moving on coney hayward is now being shown the door at the pay after the gulf oil spill but he's being shipped to russia for oil it's big business so we'll look at how his life will change and we'll have a report from moscow. q. q. u u. u.
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u. u u. u q x m d. q. x m. sixty. you're watching r t seven thirty in the morning here in moscow and you are at the top stories for this hour security experts advise the u.s. senate to negotiate with insurgent leaders and of ghana sent to stop fighting politicians say a new thirty billion dollars legislature to fund the troops surge in the country
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will cost more lives. and jumping on the spot and wagon a lot in born women seized with a weapon parts of new york sparked a media frenzy with americans comparing her to the taal of the recent russian u.s. spy saga the twenty four year old who also has american citizenship has this miss the allegation saying the high tech night vision scopes work for hunting. and a judge in russia's far east dallas websites with extremists content including the popular video sharing site you tube interviewing that's already raising fears for need of a speech in the country. and that brings you up to date this hour now washington d.c. looks set to join an exclusive club as one of the few major capitals were smoking marijuana is illegal find out more about that in just a moment in the second part of the yoga on the show.


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