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peace activists say nato could find it hard to carry on artie's laura amis went to meet a former british soldier who was jailed for his refusal to fight what he calls an unjust war. this is the soldier who said no to the to of speaking out against the conflict one he calls illegal and unjustifiable his advice to the government. to simply. people. with. these conflicts. fall off the wagon which was the message which confusion the. two public clinton joined the army in two thousand and four and fought for seven months in afghanistan he says he came home a changed man suffering symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder for which he claims he was bullied when he heard he was being sent back to afghanistan he did from the army and didn't come back for two years initially his military superiors
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were understanding but when joe spoke at an antiwar rally in london they charges to desertion which carries a ten year prison sentence martha says that exposes the hypocrisy of the conflict bringing democracy we've got freedom of speech we're fighting to introduce understand in the middle of some deep speaking of optimism benton paid a price for his outspokenness in the notorious military jail the glass house he thinks the reason it wasn't longer was to avoid a public outcry which could have brought on an examination of the war he served his time along with other soldiers who he says were with him all the way on the stand he'd taken. support from fellow prisoners who. was going to die. for the first. record. jews
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become the poster boy for the stop the war coalition. a hero's welcome following his release from prison for someone they consider a brave and principled well i mean should have been punished a tool hussein was every one believes and everyone knows who war is not just on winnable it's immoral. defeat for the people of us from still a more and more young british men and women are being sent out to risk their lives for a war that only the politicians support even in private i know it's a disaster joe blanton story is ok because it comes straight from the front line as do the ninety thousand documents released this week showing the vaughn this truce of a bloody conflicts and going by clinton's account of the support he received from all the soldiers during his time in prison is just sends inside the armed forces something the government could have a hard time ignoring nor and it's artsy london. parts of
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a controversial immigration law in the us state of arizona which faced accusations of racism have been blocked by a federal judge the new legislation has been designed to make illegal immigration a crime and penalize anyone helping undocumented workers but the judge dropped the crime part and a requirement for immigrants to carry papers at all times the state is a states government has vowed to appeal the changes and critics of the law say it violates people's freedom while defenders argue rights have nothing to do with it my colleague spoke to both sides. it's a victory first and foremost for civil rights and human rights and so-called the illegal immigrants are part of our community there are millions of people who are in the united states without authorization they live in our communities they they go to the schools with our children the members of synagogues and churches they're part of the u.s. fabric and they should be treated with respect and dignity as a black man as a west african descendant of the slaves it's a slap in our face because what has happened is citizens of foreign countries have
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invaded my country the united states of america on the which i have jurisdiction even in the days when i was a slave i was on the jurisdiction of the united states and these folks have come into my country in the name ironically of people of color my color skin color and the civil rights of legacy and creating their struggle whatever the suffering in mexico but the mother saw with. their struggle is not to be equated with the struggle and slave ancestors and the massacre of the forefathers for them to come into my country and take my legacy is to rob me of everything that i am and if they get amnesty the black people in this country we will die because of the numbers that are coming in this country through the through the twisting of the fourteenth amendment you know you spoke about your kind of black heritage and flavor and all of that yeah and you call yourself a third all right back to vet activists here
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a black guy and most of the protesters against this lot they this is the rate if they show and this is the new federal rights there and the united states if that's true how can someone like you support this law i think for many people it seems like a contradiction here to business that united states had with the emancipated slaves has never ever finished you see we blacks lead the country in every. country and every negative social statistic that there is we are not finished with us so how can these folks come into my country in the name of my. civil rights and take it from us i think it is right to the extent that he's suggesting that there are many injustices that are experienced by african-american society that need to be addressed i think it's fundamentally wrong. to suggest it has something to do with unauthorized immigrants being in the united states with people from mexico el salvador other countries being the united states if he thinks he's going to. and injustices against african-americans by waging war effectively by creating
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a repressive climate against human beings who happen to be born on the other side of the us mexico border he's wrong and he's fundamentally misguided in the sense that he's creating the same type of races climate what he says war we did not invade his country mexico very innovative country and they are killing people but also we need to make the united states a country that respects migrants first and foremost human beings and doesn't see. or intends words invaders they should be able to vote they should be able to pay taxes they should be able to come out of the shadows and be full members of the commute like everyone else. sociologist joseph and a civil rights activist ted hayes talking to my colleague there watching live from moscow still have for you this hour the spy sagas continue the new guest starring on screen in the american media this summer. and stay with r.t. for a visit to the region the center of russia's science industry and a thriving place to do business. in the meantime the heat wave in the russian
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capital has been breaking records with temperatures approaching forty degrees celsius for nine days running and it's thought to be the longest hot spell since records began more than a hundred and thirty years ago it's been made worse by the harmful smog caused by fires which is envelop the city and doctors are urging people to stay indoors to avoid breathing difficulties caused by the rise in airborne pollution there is some good news on the horizon though with forecasters saying moscow could see some. cooling down pours this weekend but the high temperatures are likely to stay until the beginning of next week at least. both hollywood and the media have been gripped by spies sagas this year heart of the heels of a chaplain and the other a martyr hari was arrested in the u.s. with thousands worth of hunting guns bought as a gun education records the law being born american citizen has fallen prey to the
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media's james bond favor it seems the u.s. can't good without a hot spy story this summer the banished then a chapman now another and there has. also in her twenty's this time more of a smuggler than a spine and if i'm on the vote was arrested in new york for trying to smuggle several state of the art night gunsight devices into russia. she says she bought them online for her husband and his friends who happen to be friends of hunting there is no connection whatsoever between anna and. the folks that were boarded back on july tenth and ne she's not a spy the government's not even saying that she's a spy this is just this is just the press trying to us it's a show on this story but to most american media she's yet another twenty something russian agent. in light of this season's spy
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hike every russian woman in the us seems to use mystery. young maybe a schoolteacher maybe a reporter doesn't matter what you do but the allure of a russian spies there and the women are the most intriguing. movie critics say the rest of ten russian agents in the u.s. this summer was the best and campaign possible for the latest movie with angelina jolie a russian spy story saw all too might have come across as a little outdated but after the rest it appears fresh a new of the most challenging was speaking russian very hard language hard beautiful study if they're feeling could make a great to get into this movie next to the only one of the seminal flick night and day up with tom cruise it's a favorite books in hollywood but i think in the future they're going to be more
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comedy spice rather than serious drama. real life spying is no joke but when a young attractive woman enters the picture things change. i was. used by the. pretty. almost fixation of the mata hari six. on the superman the best proof networking site shows she's online but she's not responding to any media requests as soon as american police put the alleged asked that his should slash english teacher under home arrest her web page was boarded by visits she seems to be known as high and as chapman who had lived in manhattan and hung out with new in years but this in there has also earned her own spotlight with the media. r t.
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i n r t dot com has many more stories for you to look at and hear some of what's a line at the moment. and the ukrainian city of the anniversary of the baptism of old russia was marred by a bomb blast in a local church killing an elderly man and injuring eight. days of animal rights abuse in russia catches the eye of told them co-chairing red map has decided to take care of the russian donkey and parasailing over the sea in a p.r. stunt or had to calm. alice ecosystem of stories from around the world and pakistan has declared a day of national mourning for those who died in the country's worst ever aviation incident on wednesday a passenger jet crashed into hills outside the capital islamabad leaving all one hundred fifty two on board dad the air blue plane was flying from karachi bound for the capital it's not yet known what caused the crash but best a geisha continues. the government in greece has ordered all striking fuel tanker
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drivers back to work or face arrest and the loss of their licenses their protests are threatening to or. business is and causing food shortages here one has run out in all but a few of the capital's petrol stations the stand off follows months of labor union opposition measures in the debt strapped country. in somalia's capital mogadishu good at least eleven people have been killed and over forty injured in fighting between the government and fighters a gun battle broke out after islamic insurgents attacked positions held by pro-government for near the presidential palace the two sides exchanged automatic weapons and a mortar fire islamic insurgents have been trying to overthrow the fragile un backed government for three years. u.s. scientists say oil from b.p.'s leaking well in the gulf of mexico has been queering from the surface of the water much faster than expected they say but tyria may have
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contributed to the rapid dispersion aiding the marine cleanup asked for beaches from louisiana to florida have been closed amid warnings that swimming could be dangerous skimming crews are reportedly now having trouble finding oil to clean up . well b.p.'s boss tony hayward has been replaced by robert dudley later max kaiser in states herbert discussed whether the new chief executives local accent is intended to lure people into a false sense of security. what do you replace them with robert dudley and their openly saying it's because he has an american accent and the american people will take an american accent in a better way that's right well george bush proved that you can fool american people do something anything in the senate and the senate deep south texas and so he said look. we're going to completely destroy your economy and you're now left with nothing and everyone bought into it now you've got tony hayward's got that kind of
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british accent and of course i was like oh no it's foreign we don't accept it so they put in an american what's his name dudley robert dudley robert dudley so he'll get on there for b.p. and say well. bill goes completely destroyed totally eviscerated. and we're occupying your and you're all bunch of peasants now but the american accent so it's ok. it was the kaiser report in just over an hour here in our team and let's take a look at russia close of now as we take you to another part of the world's biggest country. of the day we're just two hundred kilometers away from moscow in the region the center of russian science and industry the country's largest scientific research complex develops high tech advances in engineering and i would try but the region
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can also boast a flourishing car industry with giants like volvo and v.w. having their joint ventures in colder the number of cars sampled their grows every year providing jobs for thousands to their children at some ex-pats will find the kaluga region a good place for business. for a long time carlo has been primarily associated with. maverick scientists from beyond of the last century who financed work on rockets the region was dubbed the cradle of astronautics but what is good transportation leads to the capital with a population of just over a million people the region has definitely room to grow today colloquies want to rush those hot spots for foreign investment we met some of the exports managers working here to find out how they do that business and cope with their everyday lives here. renate may be afraid of horses but she's
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not afraid of horsepower every day she handles one hundred forty and your husband drives just as many the two work of the full expand. tree and were among the first expanse to settle down in color. the only brazilian color loga everywhere i go and i say i'm from brazil of course i get this cheery and people talk about football and bailey so it's always positive maybe in such a big city like most call you are just one more in a crowd and here you stand out especially as a foreigner we're talking as a foreigner here moving out and harold certainly turned hats locally when they drove the german car john's first fully russian made vehicle the production line russians proud of russia of being russian at the same time we. reserve a share in towards products made in russia so we work on that
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reads everybody. has the same quality as we use to form germany from chickie become penny was an early bird to place its bets on the region that's worth one billion dollars on seven hundred ten as a build a whole industrial park something which would be unlikely closer to moscow juta higher costs are to come a cause will halt on their tail lights today it is home to bobo peugeot citroen and renault just recently is still stamping factory was open and now it caters for all full car parts this is not just the biggest german investment in russia but also an example of local life patient it is no longer just the car assembly as it was four years ago these car parts are built with russian hands and ultimately will be built what the russians steve. unlike renate and harold while
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desegregate was born in cali good but in a way he also stands out from his three thousand chorley he was recruited from a local orphanage. out of work sylvia says he's now driven to succeed because i want to stay and work here if they give me a chance to grow i would like to become a foreman and ultimately a manager i see perspectives from my friends to more and more companies are opening up in the region which was renowned he was behind the idea to employ all funds to set up a women's club in which among other projects to patronage of local orphanage is government does a lot and also private. but after eighteen years old they are on the streets and what can we do so if we give clothes one day it's worn out so we thought that. beginning a project it's not about giving money or giving things but giving an opportunity for them to grow their dues learning german in the hope that one day he will land
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his dream job eager to work and give something back to those that gave him a hand when he most needed it. even though the region has many call makers that doesn't want to become a new detroit color is seeking to expand a production line for instance it's not actually building industrial parks to talk more ambitious plans i'm now joined by director of the regional development agency . helen thank you very much or maybe you would like to leave it in your detroit michigan no we don't want to live in your detroit never thought of this goal how do you persuade such giants. to stop the businesses from scratch. no roads no infrastructure but for us to have started to build this road. to create industrial parks perpetrated good strong urge to team every program.
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trying to be prepared for for example investor of the mob and what is the originals . compared to other places and. you know. there are already. but not on the team really really all of these huge humorous or really three years. of the room we are sure to. do it the real. do it right away. time thank you very much for that insight brown on behalf of the regional development agency from calgary for russia close up. shot joins us now with a business update good morning charles and charles got a story on the u.s. all affirmed that selling its stake and russia will call here that's right conoco
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phillips is selling its twenty percent stake in russia's independent oil producer but the real health billion dollars office saying it failed to profit from its investment will have the details later in the program but. the russian government has called the list of candidates and what could be the biggest privatization of the country in fifteen years dropping the rail monopoly a mortgage agency eleven companies have been prepared to sail with the aim of raising at least a thirty billion dollars to help plug the budget deficit the united bed of a report. if you want some of russia's blue chips oil general snifter say the largest bank bank now is the time some call it the biggest privatization since the nine hundred ninety s. but it's not yet clear which buyers the government will target therefore we're talking about. minorities and this is much different from what we have seen in russia taking place in mind this or prove it is asian in. general so
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usual when we're talking about truth with some salesperson for strategic investors so i think that in russia's case now we're really talking wild government convention to increase flu flood of the state around companies only months ago some said russia no longer deserved its position as a leading emerging market and you inflow of foreign investment could change that perception but the government has work to do before it can sell some of those companies some state monopoly is known to be unfriendly to individual investors others are simply too big to be easily sold her talk about the large stake for across nafta. probably of course going to be on a more. realistic so it's. some effort on the government for a serious effort for. from the companies make them for investors to
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sell them at. a fair price the pricing of the assets and the timetable are unclear the government initially suggested thirty billion dollars over three years and only see the government has a choice it can sell quick and cheap but to get the best pricing cover the budget deficit the privatization could stretch over several years they may be a business archie. tunnel cycle of how the markets are doing and the r.t.s. index is open for trade in moscow is climbing one point four per cent and it is up to overtrain. in the previous session i'm now leading the have gone through or i guess probably the main game is played ball and over in asia stocks are lower that's after fresh evidence of slower u.s. growth which airs on new street and then elsewhere in the world the past make a sliding into the red as investors move to locking in profits followed following a two point seven percent jump in the previous section. us or conoco
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phillips is selling its stake in russia's independent oil producer lukoil it's selling a twenty twenty percent stake to three and a half billion dollars and it's reported that lukoil will acquire almost half of this their main conoco state will be sold on the free market by the end of two thousand and eleven the american oil companies trying to cut its debt but also says its juggler should profit from his investment in the oil because of the advantages given to stave rivals. russia's largest producer of potassium kali has on bush's plans to fertilise the world but companies co-wrote the billing ines again karimov has plans to combine with his belorussian rival he's offering seven and a half billion dollars for a fifty one percent stake in bellerose college or carly is already in talks with the russian rivals of a new town. and in other news international passenger air traffic has exceeded its pre-crisis levels the international air transport association says it grew by almost twelve percent in june passenger volumes are now around two percent above
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the previous session peak in the first quarter of two thousand and eight he says station says lives are recovering faster than expected and its air traffic in asia which is increasing the most twice as fast as new york while here in russia the passenger traffic it's grown thirty one percent in the first half two thousand and ten compared to the same period last year the biggest traffic increase was seen in international destinations. russia's truck make a commercial has cut its losses by more than two thirds in the first half of this year compared to the same period of two thousand and nine report by german carmaker diverse its commands was thirteen million euros in the period from driving very to do during the second quarter it's seen a profit for the first time here the russian company benefited from crosscutting in one thousand so. owns a fifteen percent stake. in leisure update for now we can always find more stories
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on our website r.t. dot com slash business. come to lose you should. double just three he escaped from a cinema and landed in your living room shot on special senses spring street your stereo display to life no glasses no problem accepting the three d. consciousness as you update your on. the central.
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st petersburg why do citizens with. tried so for the seeds of so did the. leaders of. the. other like. when the government starts talking. points little. boy.
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i'm going to be killing everybody. right. from phones to. start on t.v. dot com. welcome back here with r t live from moscow here's a look at the top stories why britain's largest peace groups the stop the work coalition says the leader files on the campaign in afghanistan to mark the beginning of the end of the war and the fallout caused by whistleblower groups which of these is continuing to be felt. federal judges walk parts of arizona's
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controversial new law designed to stamp out illegal immigration and penalize anyone helping undocumented workers critics say the legislation still encourages racial profiling and discrimination. and hot on the heels about chapman and another so-called tal has been arrested in the u.s. the twenty four year old lobby and born american citizen is suspected of smuggling controlled hunting whitman to russia. and our speaks to for a massage. time he tells what he thinks president obama needs to do about iran and looks back at his days hunting nazi war criminals. with me i have roughly a ton a former agent of the israeli secret service the mossad and the chairman of the national consul for jewish rist attrition mistake thank you very much for joining us here on out early this year you.


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