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earlier you said that in principle when there is a war on terror you conducted without principles you simply fighters in light of this how do you assess the current defense strategy of the american president barack obama well obama felt from the very beginning that he could conquer. and by dialogue let's say iran is a able to. wean iran by dialogue i say no they are running in a cheating game all the time now we facing in an understanding that iran is the pushing there or pushing with hizbullah pushing tel with hamas pushing their oil in iraq the shia in iraq is in practice today. in the end of the iranian i would
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say that we are facing. when the americans will leave iraq we are facing that iran through the shia of iraq will win maybe we will dominate at least part of iraq some people say that today there is some. agreement between iran and peggy that the turkish will dominate there no than the part of iraq. including the colds and the iranian the south part of iraq included back that what do you think should be done with iran he went volved an israeli operation to take out the iraqi nuclear reactor in one thousand nine hundred one do you think that
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a similar operation is feasible in iran today the situation today and this regime even five years ago was completely different because iran from the very beginning developed few sites let's say more or less fifteen or twenty sites and not one side and from the very beginning they defended themselves in a way the one strike it's not enough so in practice the their way that was done. and he knows iraq twenty years ago twenty five years ago. is no valid today and the only way is the. first political way and second sanctions way sanction way if it's
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done. if everybody is taking part. including russia i stress including russia including china if that's will happen iran will give up one of the former israeli prime ministers appointed you as a top adviser on counterterrorism team think that is well don't sufficiently well enough with the problem of terror particularly in the years after the interview and look we had the beni failures let's start from this we had many failures but we had also success today look today. the hamas from gaza in practice stopped most of the divinity a jew then summary. our security
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is strong and therefore no tel or activity in practice on the bottom line we want can these measures continue indefinitely no impossible and we have to find a practical solution and to my opinion the. the palestinian authority of today is not able to sign us a real agreement they are not able because of the hamas and because of the pushing of the iranian we must to my opinion to go to some one sided solution to go we did one sided solution to go to the americans to agree with the american the borders of the one sided solution. to try to coordinate it with the palestinian
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authority but to move and to do it you let the team that captured and of i when what was the most difficult part of this operation well it was not difficult it was easy of perforation. it's a fact of life. i have done much more complicated or variations at the time that was the possibility to also capture the auschwitz doctor dr joseph mengele but you personally witold against doing this is this now a decision you request no i don't regret because that was the. operational consideration i thought that we had. in our hands and if we are going to do another. project at the same time when then at the end then we risk the first operation so
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i say look we should finish first the first operation and then we should go to the second one but what happened bang go your own decided that. for him he didn't want revenge for him it was enough the ice man who was at the head of the whole cast. would be before trial and on the air we brought iceland on the twenty first of. may nine hundred sixty two israel and on the twenty third bengal and now sitting in the knesset ok and therefore it was well known all over the world
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and when we came to mingle apartment it was not there anymore one of the caption i mean for the state of israel you see the holocaust survivors the rived to israel they did talk and when i summon trial. it was on the air and every every evening you heard from the news what happened in the trial and the news there were full of stories so the heart was open and they started talking they started how could they. as they say them saying live again they were not ashamed that they were so vive i have two days after the trial many of them were ashamed that they will survive and others were killed
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what did it mean for you to be involved in a separation when i wish none was with his head on my knees and the i. put my. fingers on his belly and i felt the scour the theno for me the. files that the skull should be there and when i felt the scar i will show that the man that we capture really was i man before that we will show ninety nine percent. now i will show hundred fifty cent so i shook the hand of mr martin who was sitting. beside of me and the legs of vitamin was only his knees and then. i saying to myself the partisans on
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the path is a song that was composed in the russian partisans the jewish russian plant isn't that say we shall see you again and we shall be here again you were involved in less than the unit involved in spying on the united states what we said students will have to spy on america you know. i in these we have. jonathan pollard who is sitting in jail i wouldn't like to talk about it because anything that i say my. not helping so so far as jail it's very i
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don't talk there are allegations that in the seventy's as well try to sell nuclear technology to south africa do you think that there's any truth in these allegations so far as saying no israel never saw no clear knowledge to south africa recently the mossad was back in the headlines with allegations of falsifying passports and by do you think that they were going to zation still the same organization it was when you were involved. look. about dubai know what you know that means from the news by their ability for agents to communicate with their. headquarters is much much better today today you could. by email say in the anywhere in the world in
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a very quick time and if you do it wisely nobody could know about it so times technology changing mr raffia turn thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. thank you. you.
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they faced it this is not a good war and. it should it's never what you should it's a pretty tree they have no idea about the hardships the you face.
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one it is this is it. the army the life of the usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism of those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. nineteen forty five don't r.t. dot com. britain's stop the war coalition says the nico. down who could mark the beginning of the end of the campaign the whistleblower was only within the six bodies coveralls which included civilian deaths in the past link between pocus on intelligence on its home and. a federal judge has blocked parts of arizona this controversial new immigration bill among all the things she dropped the requirement that immigrants to carry paid little planes because it say the rest of the bill was
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still in college is racial profiling. there was chipping from heat on small good temperatures having been close to forty degrees celsius for nine days running stuff also selma since records began one hundred years ago. more news in just fifteen minutes time sports without injury. hello there thanks for watching the sport here on r.t. and this is what is coming out. new territory simply to get their first taste of european football it seems to reach the. bitter exit mera donna says he feels betrayed after losing the job as argentina coach. and match the medals the russians are free to name from all glory on day three of the european athletics championships. which start with football there where russian
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side f.c. sabir are getting their first taste of european football today and are taking on a pall on the missile in the third qualifying round at the league in siberia. mota to the russian premier league last season even got them to the russian cup final and although they lost against an eight it's still in them a shot at the europa league but they will have to find form against a cypriot side who will also need to be european stage to be a second bottom in the russian premier. liverpool also in action in the third qualifying round a new manager roy hodgson is how you can get his reign off to winning start in macedonia when his side take on the king but despite liverpool being firm favorites fortune says it's a tough tough. i could. call a more difficult situation of the war for all of us who are. coming to school to.
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call for. the good of poem. jobs to work with luke who for. as many years. see you as the. disposition so it couldn't be couldn't be more difficult and events will be in unfamiliar surround. things themselves they play shamrock rovers in dublin and they're hoping they can catch the italian giants colt this serious season is yet to start washout. in the league of ireland which is reach the halfway point. but i think our players fitness levels they have a we have a young squad as we've alluded to before and i don't think there's any fear and are sure that things were hughes. you know i think we have a group of players here that are capable of you know ruffling a few feathers and even. now the third qualifying round of the champions league is
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proving to be a bit tricky for the big names after as a neighbor frustrated in rumania on change day celtic i.x. and finn about shay all struggled last night i have been crowned european champions four times before but they could only get a one one draw against greek side pipes and monica in amsterdam suarez had given him side belief after fifteen minutes often scrappy isn't it but then moments of class there but just before half time pop with assisting equaliser it was a sweeping move to one off to the other. but i no matter how much they tried i couldn't find a win that face a tricky second leg tie next week. and turkish johnson about they had similar problems a two two draw for them against my side young boys who came from behind twice in bunches. getting the net for them but an equaliser so you followed me and i did on getting this head on the ball to make it one one only for the turkish side data
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type and then the bright thought sending out when it and it looked like it was going to be fun about chase night until david taking down the ball to him and the guy penalty and makes it seem to set up a tasty second leg. elsewhere celtic with them away to portuguese side sporting braga while volatile. part of some belgrade one their respective ties that will return legs of these ties will be played next week. while in south america it is the semi final stage of the copula bit to do right now thank you to the on ice scoring the sixty eighth minute goal to give his side one victory over the liberal side sipe in the first leg last night and played. by stadium next i will swear diego maradona says he feels pretty straight after his contract as argentina coach was not renewed maradona claiming the argentina football
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association president. had lied to him about his future alleging after their world cup quarter final defeat to germany had told him he wanted to stay on as coach however hard on his insistence on keeping his entire backroom staff did not please the f.a. and they voted not to renew his contract or a donor also said national team director. had worked in the shadow. told reporters he calls prime his twenty month stint in charge. said let this stage continue with this little late with a clear conscience that it puts almost certain to it's time to. fill as in argentina so. russia currently top the medals table at the european athletics championships and could add more to their tally and the men's high jump as well as the women's champion later today that after a fabulous day two which saw the team russia pick up five more medals three were in
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a memorable clean sweep in the twenty kilometer walk limping town world champion all because he's going to adding the european title for the season's best of just under one hour and twenty eight minutes finishing ahead of fellow russians and he could get. a low over and took the silver and bronze respectively. after that success. because silver in the women's ten thousand meters behind this woman held an ivy league e.c.u. to howard home mission thirty one minutes and ten seconds portugal's jessica came home for their. numbers another medal for russia in the long jump you need to get a picture of latvia saying hey it was fine the european champion ahead of nagle most of portugal while russians all got which i think bronze belief of six meters and eighty four centimeters. meanwhile the men's blue ribbon event would be just fine it was won by the frenchman christopher made he overcame a slight finish there to finish in the time of slow start to finish in
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a time of ten point one one seconds his first major triumph taping britain's mark responses in the second marshal the bronze in front. so that was a good spectacle but there's a hundred meter showed and the whole world is waiting for triple olympic champion same boat he said to run against rivals suffer powell and tyson gay for the first time a she and it will happen on august the sixth in stockholm the world's three fastest men said to go up against each other at the diamond league being seen in the swedish capital the race will be the first involving all three since both world record run in the world championship final in berlin last summer three also poised to go head to head with a chronology in brussels on rufus the twenty seven. another news the newly crowned tour de france champion alberto contador has decided to leave his cycling team a star narcotic stand based outfit did offer to extend his deal but contador turned them down adding the now exams options as to where to continue his illustrious
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career in the three seasons with the stan are the twenty seven year old as one two three or top titles as well as your attire and spanish well to titles at this time it is a young and the fifth rider in history to win all three grand tours of right cycling . but we know new foreign sides in the kontinental hockey league this season are the boss. has failed to honor their differences with the slovak federation and barred. from entering the k h l however the official statement says the some back inside will be able to join next year provided they follow the regulations of the k h l has been striving to embrace european clubs since the inception ting is a game but to say if i fail to think that. it's for not the better race as well as as a side or from the former soviet union i remain the only known russian team's in the twenty four strongly new season gets underway on the end of september. and finally three decades ago this summer moscow stage the olympics in
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a stark event held at the famous arena which over the next few days is hosting another event to develop sport in russia with the details here on customer. support this year moscow said it breaks the thirtieth anniversary of the summer olympics which were held here back in one thousand eight the country has changed the political course drastically since then but a healthy nation remains a priority for today's government as well just like thirty years ago russia's main sporting venue remains in the heart of moscow the luzhniki old and become plex now the home of the first annual international sports forum. we want to show that luzhniki still very much alive today and meets the requirements of international sports federations the main thing is that it can host various top level competitions and forty five different sports disciplines we want to show to the
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foreign participants that is the sports and health center of not only moscow but of the entire country as well. the forum's program includes conferences congresses and various round tables which will be held from the twenty ninth of july to the first of august besides the meetings all sports dignitaries before will host the second international sport film festival and of course the calendar would not be complete without actual sporting events a lot of which will be held at another event because occasionally the crew let's get a sport complex where the guests will be able to escape this soaring moscow heat that separates you're on the outside my been hearing forty degrees but inside here they care a lot ski ice palace the weather is always perfect for some ice skating and i'm sure these kids behind me while they did have the right idea for president sambo cup st paul world championship and canoe spring championship are just a few sporting events which will take place during the forum the organizers expect
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over six thousand people to participate including past and present and big medalists while the forum itself is expected to be visited by over three hundred thousand people room on a cost of r t moscow and should be a good thing to assess old school for me for the moment more later.
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in the. game. the beginning of the end pushes should peace activists say the new q.b. rules cover ups on the stakes will increase pressure will rest with. a russian investigation concludes a south korean ship and sunk the mine are not in the clinton paedo court until one newspaper reports will not speak confirmed by russia. says the temperature is breaking all new records muscovites pray for rain and its soaring
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heat of the language of small. authorities are battling fires spread across moscow region but weather forecast offer a few signs of hope. for more in a few minutes. i'm joined now from a trip just. west of los angeles over the scientific and technological fence is the can do. a very warm welcome see this is coming from moscow with me now one of britain's largest piece screams to stop the war coalition says the leak of files on the campaign in afghanistan is so embarrassing it could mark the beginning of the end of the war reports posted online by whistleblower group.


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