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well i have a rough year time a former agent of the israeli secret service the mossad and the chaman of the national council for jewish restitution misstate and thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. earlier this year you said that in principle when there is a war on terror you conducted without principles you simply fighters in light of this how do you assess the current defense strategy of the american president barack obama well obama failed from the very beginning. and by dialogue let's say iran easy able to. wean iran by dialogue i say no they are running in a cheating game all the time now we facing in and understand it iran is pushing their war pushing with hizbullah pushing terror or with
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hamas pushing. in iraq the shia in iraq is in practice today. in the end of the iranian i would say that we are facing. when the americans will leave iraq we are facing the iran through the shia of iraq will win maybe we will dominate at least part of iraq some people say that today there is some. agreement between iran interrogate the turkish we dominate they know then the part of iraq. including the colds and the iranian the south part of iraq include the bug that what he thinks
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should be done with iran he will hold an israeli operation to take nothing iraqi nuclear reactor in one thousand nine hundred one do you think that a similar operation is feasible in iran today the situation today and this is regime even five years ago was completely different because iran from the very beginning developed few sites let's say more or less fifteen or twenty sites and not one side and from the very beginning they defended themselves in a way the one strike it's not enough so in practice the their way this was done. and he knows iraq twenty years ago. twenty five years ago. is no
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valid today and the only way is the. first political way and second sanctions way sanction way if it's done correctly if everybody is taking part. including russia i stress including russia including china if that's will happen iran will give up one of the former israeli prime ministers appointed you as a top adviser on counterterrorism team think that is well sufficiently well enough with the problem of terror particularly in the years after the interview and look we had there been any failures let's start from this we had many failures but we had also success today. look today.
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hamas from gaza in practice stopped most of the divinity a jew then some maria. our security is strong and therefore no tel or activity in practice on the bottom line we won canning's mentions continue indefinitely no no impossible we have to find a practical solution and to my opinion the. the palestinian authority of today is not able to sign with us a real agreement they are not able because of the hamas and because of the pushing of the iranian we must to my opinion to go to some one sided solution to go we did one sided solution to
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go to the americans to agree with the american the borders of their one sided solution. to try to coordinate it with the palestinian authority but to move and to do it you let the team that captured and of i when what was the most difficult part of this operation well it was not difficult it was easy of perforation. it's a fact of life. i have done much more complicated or variations at the time that was the possibility to also capture the auschwitz doctor dr joseph mengele but you personally the child against airing this is this now a decision you request no i don't regret because that was the. operational consideration i thought that we had.
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in our hands and if we are going to do another. project at the same time when then at the end then we risk the first operation so i say look we should finish first the first operation and then we should go to the second one but was happening bang go your own decided that. for him he didn't want revenge for him it was enough the iceman who was at the head of the whole cast. would be before trial and on the air we brought iceland on the twenty first of.
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may nine hundred sixty two israel and on the twenty third bengal and now sitting in the knesset ok and therefore it was well known all over the world and when we came to mingle apartment it was not there anymore one of the caption i flew in for the state of israel you see the holocaust survivors. the right to israel they did talk and when i smile and. trial. was on the air and every every evening you heard from the news what happened in the trial and the news were full of stories so the heart was open and they started talking they started how could they. as they say them saying live again they were not
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ashamed that they were so violent two days after the trial many of them were ashamed that they will solve vive and others were killed what did it mean for you to be involved in this operation when i should man was with his head on my knees and the i. put my. fingers on his belly and i felt the scowl detain you know from his. files that the skull should be there and when i felt the scar i will show that the man that we capture really was i man before that we will show ninety nine percent ok now i will show hundred percent so i shook the hand of mr martin who was
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sitting. beside me and the legs of vitamin was only his knees and then. i saying to myself the partisans on the partisan song that was composed in. the russian partisans the jewish russian plant isn't that say we shall see you again and we shall be here again even volved in latin the unit involved in spying on the united states what resistance will have to spy on america you know. i in these. we have. a. journalist and paula who is sitting in jail i wouldn't like to talk about it because
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anything that i say my. not helping so so far as the jail it's very i don't talk and there are allegations that in the seventy's as well try to sell nuclear technology to south africa do you think that there's any truth in these allegations so far as they know israel never sold no clear knowledge to south africa recently the mossad was back in the headlines with allegations of falsifying passports and by do you think that the organization is still the same organization it was when you were involved. look. about dubai know what you know that means from the newspaper their ability for agents to communicate with their. headquarters
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is much much greater today today you could. by email say in the anywhere in the world in a very quick time and if you do it wisely nobody could know about it so times technology changing mr raffia tongue thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. thank you. coming into the future. double just three sheep skins from a cinema and landed in the living room shot on specimens is screened streeter
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stereo display a life no glasses no problem just shows the three d. until she updates. leave the country. or state has provided citizens with. rights a bit. of self the fine print odd. chap. had a problem like. when the government's trying to. postpone my plans . right. out of the killing and we're going to. do something about spain to the caspian region of the wilderness of the great outdoors as a form of adventure. now while t. goes to central russia where the car industry is rapidly developing where history
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finds a new life in its paintings and where american citizens can find a new welcome to the. russian close up. to. russia's own stocks it self the chinese flood watch the final phase of barrels. highly explosive chemicals into a major river officials say they could be across the russian border within a week. from south korea claim a russian investigation has exonerated the noble from lay over the sinking of the solve and we will discount his findings why u.s. banks inquiry which concluded that a north korean told me they sunk the ship. fictitious and embarrassing british
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peace activist islam the afghan war strategy following the amounts of leak of u.s. military secrets they claim the revelations of the state's incomparably will fuel the end of the. summer loving in moscow was record breaking temperatures he's helped the capital funking fires in covering the city in a shroud of small line up with his mom on record. all those stories to come but first cape fear would. you like out there was a european first for one of russia's folklore seems today in the high alice yes russian side c.b.r. have been playing european football for the first time today in the europa league qualifiers how they got on plus the rest of the football that's next. hello and welcome to the sports news here for wanting in moscow and these are the
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headlines winning start a superior. to take a first leg advantage in the europa league qualifier. wildly to exit maradona says he feels betrayed after losing the job so argentina coach. and medal hunt russia's athletes aim for more glory on day three of the european after six championships. and to kick off with football where russian side sudan made a good start in their first taste of european football as they beat us all one nil in siberia in the qualifying round of the europa league alexis. seventy four minutes a subpoena came to the home and i think that the secret side the return leg is that live us all on the first day the fifth forecast meanwhile liverpool are also in action later in the third qualifying round comes the manager roy hodgson is fighting to get his reign off to a winning starting macedonia and decided to take on. but despite liverpool being firm favorites hearts and says it's
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a tough stance. that will stop them i thought we live all a more difficult situation than the one of four of us. coming to score to. qualify well. the good of poland. having really had jobs to work with a little cool first day. having as many years in senior first three quarters of my disposition so it couldn't be couldn't be more difficult . and you venters will be in unfamiliar surroundings themselves they play in dublin against shamrock rovers i hope they can catch at the italian giants the sciri asked season is yet to start twa shamrock off third in the league of ireland which has reached the halfway point. i think are the players fitness levels they have we have a young squad as we've alluded to before and i don't think there's any fear in our squad that comes with us and you know i think we have
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a group of players here that are capable of you know ruffling a few feathers in event of steam. on the night while the third qualifying round of the champions league is proving to be rather tricky for the big names after that frustrated in romania on cheese day celtic i.x. and fenerbahce all struggled on wednesday i accept being crowned european champions four times but they could only get a one one draw against greek side so monica in amsterdam luis suarez had a side laid off for fifteen minutes. scrapheap apply in a moment across. not just before half time up popped up each with a sizzling equaliser after sweeping moves. around so much on how much they tried i could not find the one of the sixty something like me to. take this giant spread about she had similar problems
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a two two draw for them against suicide young boys twice came from behind and about as emily bell is all you getting the openness of our own butts and its allies that followed want to do that it's an impulse to make it fun only for the to decide to take them again at the bright side stocks and not want to. look like it's going to be fun to watch as night. has done the box it's two months to go yes it's a fantasy. elsewhere celtic with some three mile away to portuguese side sporting grog while ball resident and pot some bad grade one their respective ties return legs of all the games you see here will be played like sleep. walking wish johns manchester united have been given a boost in their build up to the fast approaching domestic season after a young child in a five two win over america's major league soccer all stars in the last game in the usa eighteen year old striker federico macheda lit up the scoreboard twice scoring
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not after the kick off and the twelve minutes later. the all american sides did get one back after the restart was through trying change then conceded two more goals darron gibson and stoppable free kick and tom cleverley was no match for two defenders just three minutes later having a superstar landon donovan came on as a substitute and is given a huge ovation filed to make an impact with new signing javier hernandez chipped in the last of united's five goals drained oh sorry i wanted a late consolation for the hosts so it finished five two the way united next travel to mexico was going to lavish praise of his less experienced team mates after the game. we were all disappointed with the kansas. what china is a reaction and i think we got out tonight. you know on a huge stage the young players played brilliantly. showed
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a lot of character you know. when the m.l.s. all-stars got about two to one you could've made it difficult you know it was there was a young team other than and they reacted in the right way they didn't panic we kept playing the football and then you know it's going through a really good goal united are gone but more choice football is to be seen in america next week and it will be provided by spanish lawyers real madrid the one time european champions have arrived in los angeles will play two matches in california as part of their preparation for the new season back home club america and david reckons los angeles galaxy but the opposition is a ringer structures. elsewhere diego maradona says he feels betrayed after his contract as argentina coach was not renewed maradona claimed the argentina football association president julio condo owner had lied to him about his future alleging after that world cup quarter final defeat to germany glendon had told him he wanted
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maradona to stay on as coach however this insistence on keeping his entire backroom staff did not please the f.a. and it's believed that's why you voted not to meet his contract maradona also said national team director carlos lather worked in the shadows to ask him to control the court as he was proud of his twenty month stint in charge. them intolerant they really do sadly at this stage i can't continue with this task it's a lady with a clear conscience that i put myself in so it's tempted to just let the truth i didn't own a better fail as in argentina and that. i think now russia cover it up the medals table at the european championships in barcelona and i could add more to that tally in the men's high jump as well as the women's javelin later on thursday following a super day two which saw team russia pick up five medals there was a memorable clean sweep in the women's twenty kilometer walk in the world champion olga chemist's going to add in the european title to her name with season's best of
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just under one hour and twenty eight minutes she finished ahead a fellow russians and the secular gap cannot infer that cycle over to the silver the bronze. thanks be to that takes over in the women's ten thousand meters contending to find out and have a majestic turkey powered home finishing in thirty one minutes and ten seconds which goes just for our stuff i promise that. there is another medal for russia in the women's long jump yet a part of the code of latvia is seen as crowned here trying to have the united gomes of portugal russia all got to chatting cat and. bronze and six meters eighty four sentences. me home has been given to vent one hundred metres final respond by frenchman to stockholm that he overcame a sly stone asked to finish a time of ten point one one seconds for his first major triumph just because
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britain's more responses to second national banjo also got the bronze fronds. and finally moscow is hosting its first international sport for which starts on thursday where the expected thirty thousand visitors can also see the second international sport who festival among reports. sport movies and naturalists similar to feature films but when you look closely it's evident that this graph to rings closer to sports journalism contrary to popular belief though it's not only about the suspense of winning by one hundreds of a second but much much more they're not as glamorous as say can or the oscars nevertheless sport movie festivals follow a noble cause and that is of course to carry the struggle pain and joy of sport achievements to the masses the sport of not only competition but it seems all these sport for sport so for young people it's bad for
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a. sport then you'll see all this then yes he's back to the funny money thing it's also six to six films from twenty two countries will be presented in moscow over the next three days placed into categories international and russian films will not only show the art of reaching an athletic summit more importantly they will pave the way for a dialogue which hopefully leads to love for sport on a much grander scale and it's vitally important for us that this festival is being held on the sidelines of the sports forum our government has decided to award a national nomination for the baseboards film so the winner will receive some prize money too we hope this festival grows into a real international sports cinema event and gets international recognition. the final phase of the world sport movie and t.v. festival will take place in milan in the end of october and that will be a culmination of a fourteen stage five continent challenge russian directors at the moscow festival
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are keeping their fingers crossed sport movies and documentaries are not just about its purity or results and wins or losses it's also a lot about the human drama and that's what the organizers are promising to show us over the course of the next two to three days so if you are in the russian capital why don't you go and check out the some sports movies or documentaries i'm wrong koester of artsy in moscow. and that's all the sport for now but we'll be back with another update in just under two hours join us. hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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in indonesia she's available in hotels coming dollar results and spoke good results in spite of only. the motive being turn by a real sentry and the result will spawn sunday of be true to the wisdom result use of do club med bonnie silver tell some of the. resort and spa the ritz carlton
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hotel grounds many of your culture hotel pool seasons hotel the sultan which. russia is on high toxic alert as china which thousands of barrels of explosive chemicals into a major event. reports from south korea claim a russian investigation exonerates the north from blame over the sinking of a southern warship despite international findings to the contrary. fictitious sounds embarrassing for peace activists found will suck to be following the massive leak of u.s. military secrets. they someone living in moscow was record breaking temperatures he
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tells a capitol sparking fires and covering the city at a short notice. i don't the business desk is set for its biggest privatization in fifteen years and lots more in the business but it's in in about twenty minutes. very warm welcome to you this is all t. live from moscow i'm alice had but several thousand barrels of highly dangerous chemicals are heading to russia or off being washed into a river by floods in northeastern china officials say they could reach the border within a week. of the house all the details. but old happened in a chinese province on the north east of a country in a subsidy river in the river which is a subsidiary to the river which connects russia and.


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