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keyser that's correct i am fighting the borrowers in the speculators as part of the war of savers versus speculators can affect gerald and cantor exchange part of the enemy the borrowers and speculators and they mobilize one media empire just like any good media mogul should and i defeated the speculators and the m.p.a. and congress outlawed these contracts and i have an idea what could be done with these contracts and i'll mention that in a moment but please continue maxwell you did mention media moguls i have a headline about a media mogul reporter bing viacom chairman sumner redstone blew five hundred thousand dollars on his younger girl group crush object this is the eighty seven year old chairman of both viacom a twenty billion dollars company and c.b.s. a ten billion dollar company sumner redstone and he contacted this journalist from the daily beast peter lauria and he's trying to force him to give him information
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about who is his source for a story in which they reveal that sumner redstone chasing a young girl from a girl all girl band electric barbarella is so listen to this audio clip here and he may be. pretty recruit. but. we're not going to go. for. him right now why so little redstone in the half in the all media mafioso thing i believe i go for this how old is the sky eighty seven but max you did warn when you were campaigning against the counter exchange box office features you warned of the sort of activity that these sort of guys could do it just to manipulate the price of their movie project to their movie contract this is just a case of him wanting to get this young girl on to a reality television show an empty. hollywood box office is about ten billion
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dollars a year now using derivative contracts you could leverage up to two hundred billion dollars a year and then you could move the price of movies in ways you want them to move and you could get movies produced that you want to see produced so here's my idea let's take a country like russia with an active exchange and derivatives market of their own they could effectively trade boxoffice futures contracts in russia get a two or three hundred billion dollars change going and bid up prices of movies that had a good view of russia and so short those projects that had a negative view that they didn't want to see produced they could control the hollywood dream factory right here for a mosque out well russians do play the bad guys the most. so maybe they could intervene there but let's talk about movies goldman sachs is making a movie about itself goldman the movie by goldman. wow this brings up interesting questions about casting i think for a lloyd blankfein the c.e.o.
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how about to divine from those john waters movies remember she was in polyester i think we bring her out of retirement and make her play lloyd blankfein in the epic movie version of goldman sachs how to steal a country i have a better idea he was an actor he then was a prime minister now he's a banker tony blair he started out as an actor he has the god complex that's right and he's a banker taking morgan he's got the chops he fooled the entire nation into thinking that labor was just the old one how shall i call it the placenta of maggie thatcher is. a conservative is a goldman sachs is financing this film about themselves it's only for internal distribution in the star is lloyd blankfein goldman sachs isn't the next headline as well in a id failure would have cost goldman sachs documents show yes apparently goldman sachs was forced. to reveal who they allegedly insure themselves against in a i.g.
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collapse it turns out according to christopher whalen managing director at institutional risk analytics this illustrates that goldman version of reality is not entirely accurate they did have exposure to a id and that is what drove their behavior in the bailouts i'm sure one day we'll hear the equivalent of the sumner redstone audio files the telephone messages we'll hear the same from lloyd blankfein we're not going to kill the markets we're just going to need your money this is because of hank paulson went before congress and demanded seven hundred billion dollars as part of that amazing extortion racket very threatened martial law in america unless congress gave him seven billion dollars for goldman sachs goldman sachs at the time said well we don't need the money because ridge now it turns out they weren't heads and he was operating as an extortionist for goldman his buddies and he is operating for the banks and not in behalf of the american people because there was a coup in american two thousand and eight and it's now run by corrupt bankers
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here's what senator chuck grassley says it's as if the new york fed used a i.d. as a front man to bail out big banks all over the world it took nearly two years for the public to learn these details and they were only revealed because congress wouldn't take no for an answer taxpayers deserve to know what happened with their money the militia had some of the redstone go in front of congress to get the seven hundred billion for wall street and goldman sachs he could've said you know some the rest i'm going to be like give me the money away. but i need the money and i need to face the game sumner redstone the new media by i need the money quick going away but all these details obviously the new york fed was a front man it is a front man that's its role but it really it ties in with this whole cantor exchange in this all these golden making a movie really martin scorsese needs to direct it's going to be his epic laugh.
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film of the mafia film of all mafia. yes well we did see a preview of the new film coming out by the editor and director of wall street part one of course that would be the first over still of course he's coming out with wall street part two money never sleeps yeah but i'm talking about whacking and killing and murdering and assassinations and it's either francis ford coppola or more martin scorsese have to direct they will ferraro let it be the movie the bad the tenet get him to make a movie about goldman sachs guys getting really well speaking of violence this isn't the next headline b.p.'s head roll oh yes the head of b.p. tony hayward is out. he with a ten million pound pension. by the way he's another person that could be played by tony blair oh absolutely they look almost the same to have that kind of that smarmy tory look apparently it's so insulting it's very leo straus c. and it's very condescending because what they're going to do is replace them with
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robert dudley and they're openly saying it's because he has an american accent and the american people will take an american accent in a better way that's right well george bush proved that you could fool the american people into accepting anything if you sent a dummy and he sounded deep south enough and texas enough so he said look george bush we're going to completely destroy your economy and you're now left with nothing and everyone bought into it now you've got tony hayward's got that kind of british accent and of course everyone's like oh no it's foreign we don't accept it so they put in an american what's his name dudley robert dudley robert dudley so he'll get on there for b.p. and say well the girl goes completely destroy what we totally eviscerated a big body you economy and we're occupying your country and you know a bunch of peasants now but does american accent suits ok and i want to be like. peasants i feel like i could have a beer with him. well this however you know they're going to have an
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american accent to explain to the population of america which is suddenly interested in b.p.'s role in the release of the lockerbie bomber but for. the last episode tony blair and the farting camels of tripoli farting gavels of tripoli starring a lawyer blankfein is played by john sloan well the headline reads b.p. to drill off the coast of libya yes b.p. it is a libyan partner of the libya investment corporation signed an exploration agreement worth nine hundred million dollars with libya's national oil company in two thousand and seven when tony blair was there blood for oil tony blair blood for oil blood tony blood for oil blair how many americans died in the one hundred ninety well. b.p.'s got a good oil contract so then done they now that he has an american accent that's all it is all so it's all rather did nobody did know but b.p. got a big contract it was ok well speaking of the british accents vince cable who is with
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the lib dems and we were he was very prominent during the financial crisis because he was the only voice of reason in the house of commons and he is now in the headlines banks told lend more lose bonuses so vince cable the business secretary under this coalition government in the u.k. has announced that he's going to force bankers to lend to businesses or risk losing their bonuses under his new plans just some of the redstone to threaten the bugs because some of the rest of the middle and going away you get a lender are going to kill you i've got this twenty one year old the right is she loves me i've got some via you but a limbo we're going to let it work it's going to nominate well this is similar in a way because he's saying you know i'm going to whack you socially if you don't collect a billion dollar bonus this year you're a nobody europe you're a peasant if you don't make a billion dollars a year. absolutely but the joke of it all is that no matter how many loans they
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inject into the system there is a wall of twenty trillion in bad debt that's going to suck up any liquidity going for the next five to ten years the deflationary spiral that's causing huge spikes in unemployment and waves of syria ration and quality of life collapse in american britain and around the world is a promise no amount of cash injection alone forcing will change that because these banks colluding with the governments have yet to disclose the full extent of the shadow banking system another twenty trillion and bad debt yet to be revealed but max there is the other side of the equation of deflation is hyperinflation and vince cable could get what he wants and that might be a collapse of the currency if you cause hyperinflation because right now all of that new money all that quantitative easing and remember the u.k. has had the most of anybody as on a percentage basis on a per capita basis and it's just sitting there on the banks' balance sheet so if
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they start lending it out you could have a wide margin any sort of situation well that's an excellent point i think people need to get their term straight you've got inflation and you've got disinflation then you've got deflation versus hyper inflation if i say that correct yes i do so deflation equals hyper inflation there are two sides of the same coin similar inflation and disinflation are let's say what milton friedman would refer to as the monetary event needed to control prices and price parity in wages in the economy but we're well past milton friedman is a world well past neo liberalism we're well past barack obama is a member barack obama is a chicago school trained economist who believes in milton friedman is a believer in the a liberalism but we're well past that we're into why more republic hyper inflation currency collapses i'm actually on this according to the telegraph in the u.k. the biggest book by city bankers in the city of london. this year they're all
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fighting to get in so much that there's so much demand for that is that seven hundred dollars now dying of money lessons of the great german and american inflation's which with the hyperinflation zone and the crises of the the great depression well the four of course from ben bernanke thank stacie herbert for being on the kaiser report thank you max already will be back with a sense elating interviews don't go away.
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welcome back to the kaiser report time now to go to new york city and speak with michael kramer fund manager and financial writer michael welcome back to the kaiser report it's great to be back max and stacy thank you for having me all right michael the most important question and one that's on everyone's lips news that goldman sachs is going to make a movie about it's who do you think should play lloyd blankfein and goldman the movie. that's interesting i wonder if i don't think they've been making any more lord of the rings lately so we should we should try to see if gollum is available for that part because i couldn't think of a better character to play. lloyd blankfein it's a good idea of course a cut is
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a golden ring that have to use a fee out currency collateralized golden ring obligation note but it's kind of be some are it's a creature devoid of all so all soul whatsoever as well so that would work right now michael crater you recently fall across the entire us where did you go what did you see what's the what's the real situation out there in the nation yeah sure so what i what i really tried to do on this trip was i avoided i avoided all coasts essentially i went to the middle of the country to the places that a lot you know might seem random to a lot of people too to really get a sense of of what's out there considering i you know i grew up in new york city i live in new york city now and what i really found really really sort of shocked me in the sense that. i always knew that new york city was a bubble onto itself and very different unique but what i didn't realize was how absurd it is and how ridiculous it was and that's really the one that's one of the major takeaways that i had from from traveling across the country what i noticed
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was what i kept reflecting upon was the things that people with the drive people in let's say a place like new york city and washington d.c. and and those things seem to be to me you know power money ego the things that do tend to drive humanity in a lot of ways however when taken to an extreme you get you get the sort of society that we have today which i think pervades itself in new york city in washington d.c. and what i found across the country that i visited the areas that i went was was a lack of obsession with those three things and so i really i really felt that the rest of the country having suffered already through those through those through the bush years they've they've adjusted to i think what reality is a lot better than new york city and new york city seems to me the most detached from reality place in the country you recently sent an email that we posted on our site the dangers of a failed presidency tell us how is obama fell president and what are those dangers
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which you refer to what i meant to say was obama's a smaller part of what's a larger failure right which is a failure of the united states economic model in the in and essentially the united states empire but what i actually think is good about obama's failure is that if john mccain for example had been elected president no one would have had the hope right and optimism that people had with obama so someone like me who's an independent that voted for obama his my my hopes and ideas and compare computer completely been dashed so the salesman essentially has failed the salesman of this economic empire that the united states has that you know that he's he was supposed to give people confidence in our transition us into something else and the. the fact that he has failed so spectacularly i think is taken the establishment off guard and that's what i mean by by the dangers so you have an establishment that's in power corporate media financial and bureaucratic establishment or elite as you
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can call it and they are essentially panicking right now because the american people do not have faith in their executive judicial or legislative branches of this point and obama sort of characterizes that it's most profound manner and so what i think the unite the elites or let's say the administration is going to need to do is create a nother enemy so if the if the united states population views their own government to suspiciously they're going to need to distract attention away from that some other in some other manner so that that's what i really mean by the dangers that that that that the oldest trick in the book essentially getting people to hate something else as a distraction away from your own government is is what i think is a tactic that will be employed one way or the other so you're saying that from your observation traveling around the us that the confidence and barack obama is collapsed and the folks out there in middle america are ready to look for some
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new direction but i think it's going to fall into the same right left trap which is basically constructed by the corporations to keep people in debt and up to their eyeballs with you know media that's put out there by the likes of sumner redstone which is just propaganda for these corporations and what they're actually going to go into the same debt and are they going to take a new direction i think it's going to take a new direction but what i found was i met people in almost in virtually every state i was from all walks of life and i met people that were you know had campaigned aggressively for bill clinton for example and then i met people that lived in southern louisiana that were traditionally very you know conservative republicans and what i found from particularly people closer to my jet. aeration which you would be in like their thirties is this idea that this democrat republican two party facade is a is a relic actually is an invention of our parents' generation i do not find people of
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my of my generation associated strongly with republican or democrat i've actually never felt that way and it was more of an apathy for my generation but what i see now with someone even said to me who is a small business owner that i met in salt lake city who is from actually southern california he told me he said we need a party for our generation we need a third party so clearly i think this desire for a third party for something new for something that represents the values or where we want to take this thing from from my generation is is very very much there i think executing is that is the difficulty just look at peter schiff for example who's trying to run he's trying to run as a republican but the guy can't get on t.v. and the basically the mainstream media is pretending he's not running so the establishment is very very strongly fighting a potential third party or new political movement by the desire is absolutely there in my opinion i do not see people polarizing actually into democrats republicans i see confusion but a desire for actually let's say
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a progressive party that's the word i actually like to use we need to figure out certain things that we can all agree on as progressive let's say and i have some ideas on that and then take it from there michael craig i don't know if you saw this report that came out from the washington post last week that's called top secret america yes talk about two thousand corporations in the new and information and strike complex you've got companies like google and you've got companies like oracle they control the information they control the information flow they're an effect of least spying on every single american who interacts with google or the oracle database and any time anyone gets anywhere in the way of this corporate agenda which is. corporate genocide for profit then they get deleted on facebook there were eighty thousand people who were trying to stage a boycott against b pay and facebook simply deleted it and i do yeah i do you overcome the fact you got entrenched. oh look awfully information technology
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companies that control the system how are you going to keep this not the effectively michael kramer yes or no the right to assemble a fundamental right of every american has been overturned by these technology companies yes or no yes but here's the thing i think this battle will be won by let's say the people on our side and i think through through alternative media which is what you're doing that's one avenue which i see as being extremely productive but the other is this is that everybody in every single day they live their lives makes choices right they choose where to have their money what bank do they have their money and they choose what to buy what to eat what you know and sometimes people don't have these choices but a lot of people do have choices so in other words i think that the rallying cry that i would say and you can make this through the alternative media is ok well protests in the street don't do any good because i'll put out police state thugs or or demonize your whatever that's not the direction we want to go and i think we do need to go in
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a sort of twenty first century direction and what that means is this sort of i'm going to write about this in the future but it's this idea of conscious capitalism right which is essentially you need to think every single day what you're doing what you're spending your dollar on and if you do that you adjust your life and everyone does that the whole thing will crumble so in other words if people decide not to buy the two hundred dollar coach bag but decide to buy a hundred dollar handmade bag made by their neighbor's daughter let's say that the world will change if everyone does that i truly do believe that because and the same thing goes for gold as we've discussed so refuse to use their money refuse to buy the corporate products and think about where you have your money what bank you have your money and i have my what money i have in the bank is it is and is not in one of the big. banks and that's got a conscious decision and i think that if people make those sorts of choices the structure has nowhere to go but fall collapse on itself well there's no appetite there's now incentive for social justice in america of anything there is
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a rise of the ideologues who are vilifying and scapegoating minorities like the mexicans are coming in over the border and you see the rise of fascism a lot faster than you're seeing the rise of any progressive party but let's move on to financial reform for a second of barack obama signing the bill for financial reform he said quote because of this law the american people will never again be asked to foot the bill for while straights mistakes your thoughts michael krieger yeah i mean i just think that's more propaganda if you really take a step back and think about you know what they're passing and what's been done since this crisis and what hasn't been done then you then you can see the bigger picture for example who's gone to jail i mean this was one of the biggest deuces when the biggest criminal acts of financial crude a taas as you mentioned the united states of the world has ever seen on a global scale and the instrumental players in this process are walking around free with all their money it's for it's preposterous so i mean that's that's that's how
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i look at this and then they pass these bills that are extremely complicated that the lobbyists are involved in writing and so what ends up happening is you just create more confusion more fear more uncertainty and the people that actually created the crisis go free with all their money and move on with their lives so it's it's to me just a just a distraction to keep people's eyes off the ball in a similar vein for example audit the fed bill remember that had three over three hundred co-sponsors in the house had over thirty six co-sponsors in the senate the thing just evaporated and now this bill gives the fed more power and the amazing thing is if you watched any of the hearings last week it was embarrassing our congress people were basically telling bernanke how great it was that they actually serve the fed actually survived in. and with more power so that's what i think people need to understand that there's a corporate military financial elite that creates policy pushes through policy and that that is just further evident in this bill as far as i'm concerned it's keeping
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people distracted keeping people away from the from the real issues in the real perpetrators of crime well in the bill there is the provisions for a financial consumer watchdog agency elizabeth warren's name has been bandied about clearly if the american people want it to relieve themselves from being victimized by financial terrorists they would put william k. black in that position he put over a thousand bankers in jail after the s. and l. crisis and you get rid of some of these opportunistic financial terrorists that are stealing your money but i'm not convinced that the average american is truly. truly seeking freedom from this i think they think they at this point they've got now a taste of what a lie what it's like to be subjected to this kind of tyranny and i think i think they like it well the way that's all the time we have for today michael kroger thanks again for being on the kaiser report thanks max and stacy appreciate it all right and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with max
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kaiser and stacy herbert if you want to send me an e-mail please do so at kaiser report r t t v are you until next time this is max kaiser saying by you all. own home.
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every month we give you the future you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us. on our jeep. russia is on high toxic alert as china watch thousands of barrels of explosive chemicals into a major river. who's to blame south korean reports are just russia complete north korea's not guilty of the sinking of a solid warship and demanding international accusations against its. own covering change produced piece. war could take you to the exposure of u.s. military secrets turning mistakes and coverups.
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for most of us here in central moscow this is all to do with you twenty four hours a day good to have you with us several thousand barrels of highly dangerous chemicals are heading to russia or off to being washed into a river by floods in northeastern china officials say they could reach the border within a week. the latest. poll happened in a chinese province on the north east of a country in a subsidy reaver in the river which is a subsidiary to the river which connects russia and china and right now those barrels are heading to russia very quickly according to the estimations they could reach russian waters by the fourth of august which is in less than a week russian emergency services however a saying that there is no information yet about whether the.


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