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that's another thing very badly hit since the beginning of this heat wave around twenty two thousand and five at the reports and emergency services are struggling to get the situation under control and deal with this that we've heard and the situation here when the fires have come into the villages and into the towns the volunteers have called and we've heard also that the army has been involved as well . to help the five get situation on the can so that we can have more now from my colleague that's. farming and forest rangers are in over their heads trying to contain the blaze with the sun going without rest for days at a time forest ranger alexandre he has been fighting the fire for five days with only a shovel in hand. i'm really stressed out there aren't enough firemen they were all sent to deal with the fire is the regional hospital. the situation is no better in the nizhni novgorod region and the locals are at wit's end both welcome
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if we're using our shovels the fire engine today for engines for. engines right from. people running away like cockroaches. we're not getting any help whatsoever would desperately need more equipment we were using axes shovels just whatever we could get everyone who could stand to work everyone who had any equipment. to go to russian prime minister vladimir putin i arrived. on friday morning to assess the damage devastated residents had no qualms about airing their grievances. i want to tell everybody. all the houses will be rebuilt before winter i promise you will do bleach will be restored but you don't have a tough but necessary task before the cold weather sets in. after this unusually hot summer. we need to at least provide people with temporary housing and
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immediately start the construction of permanent. with the russian government and the regional administrations should certainly. to find these needs in the last month or ten temperature records have been broken in moscow with each day the mercury nears a forty degree celsius temperatures above forty degrees or forecast for but on edge if there's going to be any end to the inferno the gulf in moscow is going to be down to the russian firefighters and local residents as it doesn't seem like the weather will be on our side tests are still here r t but the moment will focus is the saying is that this whole weather is set to continue for at least another week that we say no the temperature is topping over thirty five regularly over the past five or so and it's not the rushes don't use the hot temperatures in the summer but this is been the worst drought is still for three decades and weeks and weeks of this intense heat have just left the land such as the area around to completely
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parched and very vulnerable to these fires so at the moment people really trying to get to get some put a plan in action to avoid some of the devastating effects of the past few days her first reporting there are still around this hour here in our assets review find out what lengths to one thread of the story authorities are prepared to go now to veterans from world war two without disruption. the race is on to prevent thousands of barrels containing highly dangerous chemicals from reaching russia and they are currently floating down a chinese river and could reach the border within two weeks the drums were swept into song war river in northwest china after the worst flooding in a decade delusion factories nearby arteries are purpose can offer ports from the spot. the river is one of the biggest sources of freshwater in russia's far east and in the city of. standing now and it's ecology is still under up with threats
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because china is just several dozen kilometers away from here and so is this river which joins the where the place where this emergency happened to the chinese authorities do say that they've managed to extract several barrels which have been previously washed into the river as a result of the biggest flood in a decade the china has experienced several more thousand barrels are still in the water in the sun for river and or en route towards the end towards russia china has built eight barriers in order to prevent them from getting here but there are several factors suggesting that anything could happen for example out of the seven thousand barrels which of initially got into the water three thousand of them contain toxic substances including acids which make it cause harm to humans and animals and it's not clear how many of these so far extracted barrels actually contain these toxic substances there are also reports that some of the barrels may
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have sunk to the bottom which makes them of potential future of threat for the ecology and also obviously makes it much more difficult to extract them to the surface this is not the first time that china has experienced such problems back in two thousand and five a huge chemical spill has left millions of chinese without the supplies of fresh water and the authorities on both science are monitoring the situation at the emergencies ministry here is already monitoring the quality of the water so far they haven't reported any abnormalities but they do see that there are already planning ways to distribute fresh water to the local population in case of contamination does happen of course we'll be monitoring the situation and we will report on this story as it continues to develop. you work with going off reporting them stirring in veterans who fought on the side of the nazis during the second world war are meeting in the country's capital it's not the first event of the sky in the baltic state and there's outrage inside and outside
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a story about authorities allowing s.s. sympathizers to gather and are to be as our reports those who want to protest the meeting face some inventive hurdles. every year when a lot of the international anti fascist organizations attempt to cross the border into their neighboring a stonier they say they run into all kinds of trouble because you stoning authorities whilst kindly allowing all kinds of form of veterans of german waffen s.s. groups to gather and hold meetings and basically glorify in all kinds of ways the german s.s. groups that basically fought on the german side on the nazi side during the world of the second world war they will not allow anti fascists organizations to hold similar rallies and come up with all kinds of legal and illegal excuses to keep them from entering the country from holding their rallies and this year it's been just the same way as soon as the bus with the latvian anti-fascist organizations crossed the border into
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a stone yet they were pulled over the only car to be pulled over here at this checkpoint and their bus underwent a very detailed technical inspection and that technical inspection according to the officers we've managed to speak to they said they found a number of issues with this very bus they say that the wheels are somehow out of order that the protector on the wheels is not of a standardized depth whilst according to the regulations the depth of that protector has to be one point six millimeters and that's a minimum there is no maximum this protector's deeper but still they say it is on acceptable one more issue that they have found with this bus they say it is leaking oil they found three drops underneath the bus around here somewhere and the can just barely see them if you get down all the way onto the ground and actually crouch and shine a flashlight under the bus and this is very strange because the oil drops are here and the engine of the bus which is the only place that can actually leak oil is all the way over here
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a bus hasn't made it that far in the engine of the bus hasn't yet made it this far so where there was a well drops came from and why if the engine is leaking oil there's only three drop . and then standing here for over an hour there's no more not a single drop but still the authorities are saying this bus is unfit for stony and roads and therefore it will be turned around and all the people who are on it will when you are faced with either standing here for the entire night or only walking on to tell it which is all over a few hundred kilometers of course they are going to try and find a different way of transportation but with the estonian authorities this is quite difficult because all the buses the nearby towns are suddenly either broken down unavailable on technical repair or are already engaged so how this will pan out nobody can yet tell but one thing is certain the estonian authorities are doing everything they can to prevent these people from exercising their constitutional
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rights. because even as our reporting from the capital there. and there's always more on the main stories we're covering here in r t plus plenty of extras on our website or to dot com and here's a quick look at what's waiting to be discovered right now. they carted harry the manager of told them to a book club makes you second russian signing offering to find a home for the parasailing don't want sympathy you animal lovers everyone. wants demonstrators to see to town hall in the moscow region in a bid to save trees but not from the fires raging across russia find out more of these and many other stories that are to dot com. that is a tough period for the u.s. campaign in afghanistan american forces have just experienced their two deadliest
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months since arriving and now locals are rioting against the presence of foreign troops jay deliberate a u.s. afghan veteran says people are just tired of feeling unprotected. basically the general sentiment of the people is that they're tired of seeing i could pay occupying forces every day that u.s. and coalition four sets foot in that country anti-american sentiment grows because there's there are the pick the population does not feel safe they do not feel protected like the counterinsurgency campaign assumes that it can do and the other problem of this whole scenario is that kabul is supposed to be one of the safest places in all of afghan emma stone and of kabul is an up peoples then you can surely buy that the rest of afghanistan is just ten times worse than that well in all counterinsurgency campaigns when you insert more troops the first thing that happens they see a spike in violence and a spike in deaths and it's to be expected there's no way to stop that that's the nature of conflict d.
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in kabul the general security situation has been declining over the last year and it's because this is when now is the time with the most of it thirty thousand promised troops of president obama there or they're going to afghanistan right now so that's why we know it because the troops this is what they're doing there but i was going to increase now and there's going to be more desta come and the u.s. secretary of defense says the leaking of classified documents related to the war in afghanistan could lead to even more deaths among the troops but when he leaves who published the material online rejected that accusation saying the pentagon is trying to distract attention from the sounds of lives already lost art his military analyst and getting herself agrees saying the leak reveals a little of that hasn't been known for years. one of the top american collaborative in afghanistan has been known for a long time leaks and actually there are two of them the first is going to president affectively works for the united states and it's well known for almost
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nine years and believe it turned out there was no repercussions from the taliban all of their associates and the second most notorious us are buried in a van a stand he's got his eye abroad in kandahar who according to the us main media has been one of the most cherished cia asset eighty eight of the top drug kingpin oh across the country for the taliban i mean and would be can hit much yeah for this mujahideen troika they know for sure for almost ninety years that god is like brothers for the u.s. government so if the top u.s. intelligence assets are well known for the whole world for almost nine years and nobody tried to harm them why the united states should be so concerned about the third grade informants somewhere in the countryside so the u.s.
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decision makers will be well advised to stop playing this server cd expressing their crocodile tears about the threat to the lives of u.s. informants in afghanistan and instead they should start thinking real hard how to arrest the narco terrorist threat that comes under their watch from afghanistan to russia and to european union. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world and greece is set to mobilize military vehicles to restore fuel supply was hit by a truck driver strike protesters vowed to continue action despite the government's emergency order to return to work the protests have turned violent times with some clashes with police fuel has run out in all but a few of the capital's pedal stations and it's affecting tourism and causing food shortages. in pakistan over four hundred have been killed in the past three days
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and floods triggered by monsoon rains hundreds of thousands more are left stranded as emergency services struggle to reach remote villages the provincial government has declared a state of emergency as tarantula rains are expected to continue over the weekend officials say the floods are the worst and almost eighty years. now we continue our exploration of the lesser known parts of russia in our close up series. and today we take you to the town of bor of in central russia located just eighty kilometers from moscow has become a real guardian of sendek russian culture it's existed since the thirteenth century so we sent over to explore the artistic side to the city. where else so close to moscow would you hear church bells ringing so often every fifteen minutes at
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a dozen churches simmo tinier through this beautiful chime can be heard in the provincial town of moore of silicate or just eighty kilometers away from moscow and it's the closest cause because the region to the capital it takes a while defenders hilltop position thanks to the architects who started to build the town in the early fourteen saying morris comprises of several unique churches like the christian old believe us church also the legendary. monastery adds to the towers must see list but more of it is not only about traditional architecture and golden dome sent crosses it's hauser's arcana verse for contemporary art to self-taught artist but cheney is recording the history of his hometown through his paintings but his art his service comes that applies.
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to the charm of the russian provence to which nothing it seems could be add it couldn't. be retired construction engineer has turned a whole town into a giant canvas of rock and his native born collect food culture and splashed images of churches historical figures and still life on its walls in all one hundred new roles for his post say ninety five percent of people you know town don't visit on galleries and museums are too and thus they can take in the outdoor exhibit perhaps it's not the great is our time but still this is art and most importantly you know they know who their predecessors were based on to learn history. the towns near like to images and to. the muralist turned into a satirical commentator after the artist made a wall sized political cartoon featuring
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a local governor he became persona non grata. there were three paintings on this one is left to others will whitewashed under the pretext of this house being repaired the mayor has already destroyed ten of my works the biggest mural decorated a local bakery now that it's been whitewashed some locals haven't claimed the bread tastes worse so the god that is there some of his works may be satirical but they have meaning they tell you what the town really is. i'm not an expert in for an arch but yes paintings are a great degree. i like them what they have as a turn changed for the better after them are all superior but i noticed that one by one his works are being whitewashed it's a shame. well side is too holy for up kinnick of the brush including walls opposite the mayor's office this painting for example depicts historical
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figures space travel theorize a constantin ski while basically you're all right opposite the mayor's window is typical some of it are well done cucumber sets. the mayor didn't appreciate the humor of tunic of was fined several times and even faced court charges a local newspaper criticised him as a moral especially after he painted a controversial image of a religious martyr in a town where every second citizen is a regular churchgoer but surprisingly the biggest local ministry doesn't think the artist touched a raw nerve to go to the words we say i can painting is the bible in colors the same could be said about these paintings there the history of our town and colors it's especially good for the. people who are raised without knowing their roots i like his works to catch my eye every time i passed by. a monk monk seemed turned to
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religion and the time of year is truly can russia images of abandoned churches and wide washed icons are still strong in his memory he's convinced that the artist should not give up and should continue with his dream of painting all of the board of school with his meal or else he'd sit in the churchyard tea from boards in because of the region that brings us up to date here on r.t. and next we'll take a look at what's happening in business after a short break hungry for the full story we've got it for us the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on. every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and
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around the world. join us our technology update on our g. hello welcome to the business but it had hair on our teeth russia has declared a state of emergency in four regions hit by the west in the century farmers in twenty seven regions are estimating the losses a market watchers warn of new price hikes that tell you how to over reports. cracking soil and plants such a plough cooler to pictures can be seen in many russian regions the heat has burnt out more than ten million hectares of green fields the retired us may fall by kuta this year like many other farmers hundred and counting his losses amounting so far to fifty percent of his from zealots grain production vegetable production in
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essence all crop production that's open field crop production and primarily the dairy industry we're losing a significant volume of milk because of the heat but as soon as the heat is over will eventually bounce back the quality of the feed won't be quite the same the cost of the feed be quite the same drowned has a knock on effect on almost every agricultural sector the cost of producing green milk beef and hogs has doubled cattle breeders have lost their grass and now they're running out of cheap grain as drought continues don't clouds are gathering around the finance ministry as they contemplate their inflation forecast in two thousand and seven when they also serve the similar rally all their cultural markets it's true that russia received the push through to its local inflation so personal i just upgraded the inflation forecast for this year but great by zero point five percentage points from the level of seven percent of seven point five
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percent this is not that very. i don't believe that this level rather constrain the canonical choleric marketplace there's no reason for panicking and promise to keep prices at acceptable levels so the government doesn't have to intervene but looking into the future they can see another problem looming we have to change your whole policy on insurance there's only about ten percent of the crops have been insured and the insurance companies are not very friendly towards. not only. insuring the crops but they're not terribly friendly on pain obviously once that once the situation happens he says insurance companies should change their approach but also from more responsibility rather than strict you know their hand to the government. business. despite ending friday's trading session in the red it was a good week for the russian stock market as the head of research at metropole
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explains overall again that we were quite strong and went out on the talking about equities we're talking about. commodity is and there is gases russian market did really well this week and you know addition to the support of god for all mention national markets from the performance over international equity markets it also got a strong dose of support from austrian commodity prices which saw world prices morning. selling five dollars and this way you can actually stand there a new era of oil has begun the disaster in the gulf of mexico suggests the problems of one oil company may go global there are many more reserves are in hard to develop fields and that's pushing safety on technology higher up the agenda seen a timid credit reports. one hundred days and counting the gulf of mexico oil spill
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becomes a turning point for the whole oil industry and perhaps the global economy tough exploration rules are coming into force just as easy as oil is running out energy companies will be forced to explore hard to reach fields and the extreme surroundings deep water and arctic conditions they said you would you know we are entering a new we're. just. not enough records to miss any of the risks of very high as it was the gulf of mexico shows there's risks of. robert dudley pioneered international level security and labor norms in russia now he's facing a tougher job setting and even lower threshold for ecological risk across b.p. all oil companies involved in shelf explorer ration are already working on a common security fund don't accumulate emergency deposits chief jobs for what is going to be needed to make that commitment to safety for the environment for workers. priority number one we're going to see a sea change call boy as
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a result of what's happened in the gulf hopefully that sea change will reach the shores of safety security risk management could be the oil industry's new motto and russian oil giants wouldn't be immune is in the new innovative a business are cheap. on that so for the business if not you can always find most stories on our website that flash.
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the state has provided citizens with. rights of goods to sell to put up fences up the capitol hill telling how the public like. when the government since trying to. earn money might let. my colleague. out of the kill an andrew that. the. machine would be so much brighter if you knew about someone from first impressions
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. please for instance on t.v. dot com. c c c. c c c. at least slightly. to the milk .
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to. the. back to join us you are with our coming to live from moscow i'm marina joshie and these are the headlines whole villages burned in central russia in the record breaking heat wave killing dozens of even thousands homeless the army has been sent to help firefighters control the raging inferno. chinese emergency workers struggle to retrieve barrels holding dangerous chemicals of the west into a river and are now heading for russia. don't even veteran so far on the side of the nazis during the second world war meeting in the country's capital event sparked outrage inside and outside stony over the authorities decision to allow access sympathizers to gather. so they have eyes here now if you'll be back at the
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top of the hour with more updates for you the meantime bring you our special report from kyrgyzstan a central asian country or ethnic tensions dating from the 1930's recently turned violent claiming hundreds of lives. russia has long been kurdistan's national color at one point the word scared and rather even meant the same. on the national flag it symbolizes valor. the golden sun in the sun to represents one asked for eternal life. while being cured signifies product hold of all the people living.


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