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this base has actually fallen victim to the fire so we're waiting to hear what their response is a little later on but it's not just here in the moscow region where the fire is a raging across russia seven regions across the country currently wracked by by blazes that have most of them while wildfires a lot of them peach fires which is one of the reasons that we're seeing this oppressive smoke that's all around me that makes it very difficult to breathe it's very stinging on the ice and it's shows no let up as it stands at the moment tragically you heard that over for at least forty people have been killed so far across russia in these fires over three hundred injured and two thousand people now left without. their homes destroyed i'm standing just in front of some of those homes that have been completely obliterated by these fires or you can really see all that's left of them is the chimney stocks everything else completely turned to dust even glasses that have been in people's houses melted down and you know in the
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fall on the floor here now a quarter of a million people are reportedly involved in trying to tackle these blazes across the country as russia and russians try and get back to normal sensor life without the smoke and of course peter that smoke and smog has made its way its way to moscow in the past couple of days and the tight enough of it is in the center of the capital now trying to watch the smog situation as we speak. well i need say it's very difficult to find a place in central moscow where you can breathe normally the areas so happy and the smog sometimes gets so thick that my eyes actually start burning coal just are saying that the air of pollution in moscow right now the level of air pollution is seven times. what it would be usual of value and doctors add to that that's if you try taking a walk down one of most kids central streets it will be equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes in just those couple of hours so. many prefer to wear face
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masks in order to reduce the amount of this boys in this area that they breathe in and many doctors actually suggesting for those with lung diseases and diseases to stay indoors and to spend as little time outside as possible so i can only imagine how difficult it must be for my colleague peter over there who is much closer to the places that i have that i am right now and i still can breathe normally here but of course peter is standing in the middle of someone's devastated home peter what are you hearing about what the authorities are doing to help the fire victims . that's right the people who had their house just behind me that was destroyed are in line to receive one hundred thousand dollars so at some cases the receive a hundred thousand dollars that's been pledged by prime minister vladimir putin those that a desperately in need of to be able to to live basically if they've lost homes they've lost all their possessions everything would be receiving extra a little quicker because the expected to be dished out next week now with
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a groan behind me of this house is still still smouldering away so it's going to be quite a fifty try and to deal with all of these houses and all of these people's property that's being destroyed day by day more and more is falling to the fire as it were right now right here behind me is just one example. of course the scorching heat makes it so much more difficult to deal with not trying to what are we hearing from forecasters are we going to see a break from this heat in the near future. well it kind of feels bad trade hearing the day when the smog goes away but every night it once again covers moscow and it gets worse and worse and of course muscovites are praying to get some heavy rainfall down in the city but the weather forecast only saying that there might be some short term rains in different parts of the city and that temperature in fact is going to grow. over forty degrees celsius and. even right now at
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night the temperature in moscow. can be estimated at about thirty degrees so does look like most is going to they won big all been for a quite a while now. but our team is peter all over reporting from the moscow region and the tell you know we're in the capital center tracking the wildfires and the smog. and sticking with russia news a plane crash in the cross in inside syria has claimed at least eleven lives fog is believed to be the cause of the tragedy which happened as the aircraft was trying to land the area the governor has declared wednesday a day of mourning and promised sixty six thousand dollars in compensation to each victim's family officials have been sent from moscow to assist local authorities with the investigation here with our live from moscow plenty more to come this hour including time treatment for kids children are born kids they had
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a kidney problem and in the process their child for the whole world to go to most docs providing their relatives had enough money r.j. visit a much needed facility for treating children with kidney problems in the north caucuses . u.s. combat troops are withdrawing from iraq as promised but fifty thousand will stay on to help iraqi forces president obama confirmed america will stick to its deadline of the end of this month but that the sacrifice is not over yet well james denselow a writer on middle east politics and security says obama's promise is overshadowed by fresh violence in iraq. they will hand over to a more of a combat support than a combat role in the coming months and mission should technically leave the country entirely by the end of next year what's interesting i think is that obama has always distance himself from the iraq war joe biden his vice president has been the emissary to iraq in recent months i think he's using this reminder that he's the
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president to take u.s. troops out of iraq to continue the same amount of support for his war in afghanistan where last month the u.s. experienced the biggest loss of the war so far it's a sort of irony that barack obama decides to make this announcement as iraq last month enjoy its worst month of violence for the past two years over five hundred people killed in shootings and bombings across the country so one thing you have of the rock is. of uncertainty and i feel that both in terms of the government's ability to make policy and its ability to secure its own people significantly compromised. there may be another struggle coming president obama's way after iran's leader challenged him to a face to face t.v. debate it follows a statement by a top u.s. military officer that a strike against iran could not be ruled out. has the details from new york. we should mention that president ahmadinejad has made this offer and presented this
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offer in the past in the past few years to obama last year and to his predecessor george w. bush it is highly unlikely that the president of the united states would sit down for face to face with the president of iran especially with cameras surrounding them for a televised debate but what is so surprising about it is the fact that it continues to make news all the u.s. mainstream media outlets have picked up this story all the very popular blogs on the internet have taken this story it's made headlines and what it really does prove is that the president of iran continues to be something of a mastermind of u.s. media look at the realities that are taking place right now we've seen at the u.n. as you mentioned four rounds of sanctions against iran the most recent ones to take place in the early june after that the united states and the european union passed unilateral sanctions additional. sanctions and embargo against
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iran and iran has not changed its course it is continuing to enrich uranium which it says being done for peaceful purposes when i did sit down with the president of iran he assured me that iran will not halt its nuclear program because he says that it's entitle the countries of title to have a program for peaceful purposes and he said it doesn't matter how many sanctions are passed so we see that there have been international sanctions placed against iran one after another after another and iran has not changed its course. well the founder of the iranian american political action committee says the upcoming u.s. mid-term election is among a number of things causing american rhetoric to get fired up. these comments are really directed to three different audiences one is towards iran obviously and to try to use the carrot and stick approach and continue to use a carrot and stick approach and emphasize that that stake is real to the extent that the iranians may not be taking it as seriously under the obama administration
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as under the bush administration the second is to the domestic u.s. audience and in the u.s. there is some concern by many people that this this whole track the whole sanctions track is doomed to fail and so for the administration it's important especially with the elections coming up and so on not to be perceived as being weak on security and to hold this threat out seriously and finally the third target of course is the israelis and the israelis of course are concerned that this this whole new sanctions process is just something that will by the iranians more time and so they they want reassurance from the u.s. . russian m.p.'s and sorrow of who sits on the international affairs committee believes whatever goal the u.s. is pursuing its treading a dangerous path we'll hear more next hour from him but here's what he had to say. just because. we've been worried about recent talks on possible attacks on iran or
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a war with iran this is a serious problem we can't ignore the fact that they're trying to destabilize the situation not only by economic sanctions but by ethical means as well iran is a multiethnic seventy million people country destabilization attempt is rather dangerous. arabs living in israel say more and more laws are being brought in which actively discriminate against non jews and human rights campaigners the leave the racism extends beyond muslims as artie's policy reports one recent bill forces prospective citizens to declare loyalty to a jewish and democratic state. they're just back from two in the states with a protest music found sympathetic ears among jews and arabs they go by the name of dam or blood and they're the first i would be israeli hip hop group to rap in
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arabic hebrew and english their lyrics are bold and demand better treatment for arab israelis who they say are treated as second class citizens of money saying. he want to take the out of them for their loud and people elected them so it's not the government that the government is it is the face of the people like what started first i don't know but this is the situation every. elected gangsters and civil rights groups agree they say it's official the current israeli government is the most racist in israel's history. and so on. two hundred ninety six instances of all races are not just against arabs there's also a significant rise in racism against other ethnic groups russians if you. believe that israel is a racist country. it's bill's disaster for the state of israel already at least
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twenty one bulls that arab citizens insist be just combinator against them have been past the most recent perspective citizens now have to swear allegiance to a jewish and democratic state changing the whole discourse in israel now into one in which the assumption is that palestinians are not loyal they have should have no rights they have to prove their loyalty and so this is very much part of that whole so same kind of move the first victims of this this legislative drive will be the palestinian parliament members who are because one of them she's one of fourteen our parliamentary members out of a hundred and twenty six she says it's a daily struggle for arabs to be treated equally even the most liberal israeli parties often struggle to support them the first priority is to keep their position in the coalition government is that this is the how. this will be and that this government has no vision that's just not pieces of the c.e.o.'s of
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the dish it but also vision of peace with its own citizens but in its defense the same israeli cabinet approved the largest economic development plan for arabs this industrial park is the brainchild of stephan vet a jewish israeli millionaire who's joined hands with sharkey khatib the former mayor of the largest arab city in israel nazareth. the moment the arabs are not participating in industry they have stayed in the profession we want to bring arabs into the circle of industry and my vision is that five years from now there will be twenty to twenty five production factories here but that vision is being tested because although parliamentarians don't need to vote. on the proposed amendments to the citizenship roll another ball that has already been passed includes threatening to cut off funding to institutions that support the palestinian version of the nine hundred forty eight or another bull criminalizes denying israel's right to be
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called a jewish state which is why they'll be no shortage of lyrics any time soon and the music will wrap on policy on t.v. israel. you can always find much more from us on our website that's our dot com here's a quick look at what might catch your eye there this tuesday thousands of russian paratroopers beeping heat while celebrating their units media anniversary at moscow's quirky park. in the russian biker rally with premier pulling power as prime minister vladimir putin rides in. now when parents discover their child is ill build all of their power to make them well again but in russian regions like the chechen republic getting treatment for serious conditions such as kidney disease meant having to travel to moscow but
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that's something many families just can't afford now though new facilities mean vital medical care is within reach or does need as ease of a house to story it's been a year since he adopted a baby girl died but lady said she still mourning she's always looking at the pictures of her girl when she was in hospital the only memory she has no she was more than a child she was an angel we think about her all the time my mom still crying . little certainly hard to forget such a child seven months old marshall was brought to this hospital with acute kidney failure of doctors did their best to save the goal but without the special equipment to purify the plant there was no hope it was a shame to see a child who couldn't help. has been working at the hospital for three years during that time ten children have died from acute kidney disease. this new
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equipment was installed four months ago to dock to see it will support due suffering from renal failure until the moment they'll be able to find a donor kidney the last patient was treated here for two months before going into more school for transplant the new order i don't think it matters that these machines are not being used right now what really matters is that they really do accept patients and help them at least a little bit but you know. the children's hospital in the center of the chechen capital has eleven departments which makes it one of the biggest in the north caucasus people from all over the region come here for medical care but the center for the treatment of kidney problems makes it special children are born here if they had a kidney problem and in the past they're looking forward to going to law school that's providing their relatives had enough money but the russian government determination to decentralize specially here this unit is on their doorstep. they
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either visit or are seen in grozny. that's coming up to twenty past the hour let's check on some of the world's other main news today violence in southern pakistan has killed around forty people and injured dozens of others riding a rapid in karate hyderabad and other cities in the same province following the assassination of a local politician it comes amid a spate of murders targeting political and religious activists as rival parties vie for power in the region there has been plagued by ethnic and political tension which is. seen over one hundred dive this year alone. a vicious storm swept through southeastern australia on monday wreaking havoc on the region and its residents more than eight hundred thousand homes in new south wales lost power while fallen trees blocked roads and several sydney bound flights had to be rerouted problems are expected to continue as more severe weather is forecast. and seventeen people
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are dead after a drunken man driving a shovel loader went on a rampage in northern china several dozen were wounded in the attack which apparently began after an argument at the coal depot where the men worked he smashed the loader into cars buses and shops before being overpowered by fellow villagers the thirty eight year old faces the death penalty if convicted of murder . those were the news books this hour here in our to you we're going to take a short break and then char that will be here with the latest business. i'm great for the we've got. the biggest issues good voice ceased to face with the news maker.
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and i welcome to the business program hey on our take the russian government says it won't purchase neuros nicko to settle its bits a shareholder to speak but in an audit dark past is bidding to buy out rival bugging me a proton and accusing him of soft money is going to help the town and on monday appointed an ally as president suggesting he's going no way a spokesman for the president today did says he one step ahead but does ones of that policy to buy the walls top make a mind of an end to the crisis. russian rema state prices are on the rebound even though the global economy has yet to emerge from the financial crisis medina looks at the reasons behind the rise. it seems this slowdown in russia's real
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estate market may finally be over in the first half of this year alone prices grew by fifteen to twenty percent and it's not only the price level which is growing but also the number of deals signed most of the developers now declare that. about three times higher than it was two thousand in two thousand. so we could see that on the basis of that of the growing. demand on the market could declare somewhat of the developers could declare the process of the rises soon in every single sector from economy apartments to luxury homes here in best area for the school is where this it is the most expensive the palm ocilla cases the starting price of just one square meter tops thirty thousand dollars but this is not the upper limit the prices are expected to raise even higher over the next year. after
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the financial crisis fewer companies started to build new apartment buildings and at the same time the demand for flats continue to grow real estate companies say supply will not keep up with demand and that will push prices even higher. i believe the economic situation has stabilized and it's again become very profitable to invest in real estate i'm sure we'll see further growth in demand as well as in property prices and other issue is the lack of construction companies active on the global market and they say only an increase in the number of well financed builders committed to producing quality real estate can keep prices stable might you know question our business r.t. wheat prices remain near their twenty two month highs as russia's drought continues to devastate fields prices soared last week alone affecting global exports but the head of the russian grain union says prices are unjustified. only four fundamental
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factors do not support current green prices last week we reached two hundred forty dollars per ton but this price is quite groundless according to the latest forecast of the global grain council green reserves will reach one hundred ninety two million tons this year compared to last year's record volume of one hundred ninety seven million tons is that really such a big difference if the decrease is just five million tons but the average price has jumped from one hundred eighty dollars to two hundred forty. tunnels have a look at the markets and they're holding in the red here in moscow overall telecom with the top blue chip loser down over one percent of that analysis testing of a new high fever network the carmaker after their sales soared sixty percent last month with anyways sold over the counter for clunkers program its shares have gained hope that. europe is having a mixed day shares are retreating pulling back after
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a strong start to the week and month although earnings from b.m.w. in georgia post have helped limit the slipping into the red this hour. the ruble slipped below the psychological benchmark of thirty to the dollar as the oprah's continues its shock rise to sing russia's energy exports it will hit twenty nine point nine seven in choose a trade after light sweet broke help of the seven hundred eighty dollars brackets of the past three months to settle eighty two dollars a barrel experts credit an unexpected increase in u.s. oath applies for the great. chinese carmakers yearly has completed its purchase of three things volvo from ford to deal with announced earlier this year is estimated to be worth one point eight billion dollars the new owners plan to design a new range of premium car models to rival those of b.m.w. and mercedes benz. unemployment in russia dropped twenty one percent in the first
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five months of this year compared to the same period in two thousand and nine the country's to sticks beer overall starts says the jobless drop means the country has now reached pre-crisis levels. and finally i phone maker apple is the world's most valuable brand according to a report by forbes magazine the firm's trademark is worth one trillion dollars beating rival microsoft into second place a third of on the list of fifty a tech businesses with i.b.m. and google putting out the top five no russian companies got on the list brand mongia say domestic companies still have a lot to learn. that update for now because i was far more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business. one
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of the key elements of democracy which is so uncomfortable for me a ford. who pays for the ups. how dependent is this independent media. and who is behind the t.v. star. charge of media fiction and reality on our t.v. . in
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some petersburg ots available in grown to tell your grand total emerald smoko to leave the club school it's so cool soto in the big old circus are told. corinthian escape plan is a serious role in scheme we go twenty two look you think of school for. now so it's . the kaiser report is coming up here on r t but first an update on our top story a massive russian naval air base is reportedly wiped out by fires caused by the intense heat wave hundreds of millions of dollars of military hardware out of said ten install it. and other news wednesday will be
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a day of mourning in russia's cross region in siberia after the deadly passenger plane crash which killed at least eleven on board august suspected as a possible cause of the tragedy which now but as the aircraft was trying to land. and iran's president ahmadinejad is challenging barack obama to a t.v. debate the move comes after the highest ranking u.s. military official admitted there were plans to strike terror on over its nuclear program. those are the headlines next financial experts max kaiser and stacy herbert delve into box office manipulation in china and wonder where nine billion dollars missing in iraq have than is true in the kaiser report.
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max kaiser and this is of course the kaiser report markets finance and scandals and the collapse of the global economy we've been reporting on it now for a number of months as the global deflationary spiral takes its toll stacy herbert what else have you got max there is a story we've been following for quite a while and that is box office futures now you alleged that the reason why they shouldn't happen is that one of the reasons is that producers and studios could manipulate box office results well in my headline from china fang gang shoots down rumors of false box office for aftershock this is the translation from the chinese have been you're seeing there despite the film's critical and commercial success there have been rumors that the record breaking box office numbers have been exaggerated so the director has gone on his microblogging site at ciena dot com.


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