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like how it has a peace sign anika that was a really peaceful ad that we think is a little over the top even for tennessee in recent weeks here on the show we talked about two candidates for governor there who called islam a colt so we're guessing this ad calling for a war with jihad was meant to scare all the voters around nashville into supporting him and it field of eleven people though he came in fourth with only about thirty two hundred votes so for his scare tactics we are calling out fail congressional candidate kumar he is tonight's tool time where peace. we ask is television entertainment media converging into
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a monopoly driving the internet down with it and ultimately hurting you the consumer well the proposed n.b.c. universal and comcast merger has people saying just that along with the rumored deal between horizon and google to favor certain content on the internet possibly throwing net neutrality or the democracy of equality on the internet to the wind earlier i caught up with sam seeder he's a former air america host from our new york studio and i asked him if this n.b.c. universal comcast deal is a media monopoly. maybe not necessarily in a complete technical sense but it but of course i mean the real problem here is that you have someone who essentially controls a huge amount of the pipes of delivery of content throughout the country and if they have their own product to fill those pipes there's a natural tendency incentive almost an obligation on their part from
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a business standpoint to favor their own content and what you're doing is you're lessening the amount of voices that the public can hear from your you frankly you're you're hurting the quality of the product and you're also also causing. problems down the road in terms of net neutrality when there is some form of convergence because comcast is is as much an internet provider is it is anything else ok i want to get to that issue of net neutrality but first i want to know you know the people that are opposing this the people that are writing letters to the f.c.c. the people that are taking out ads i have a full page one here for a washington news channel that's a local news channel that's that's opposing the merger saying it'll create a medium an awfully obviously all of these people have something to gain by pushing against it because they're afraid about what it could mean to them what do you think do you think will be hurt and this is it consumers of cable t.v. is that these local news channels or news channels that are on n.b.c.
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channels who really would be heard all of the above i mean the real question is who does this help i mean is this a going to actually be any more opportunities for consumers to have more choice in the marketplace no housing going to marathon county aren't you more comcast argues that it would it would spark innovation and create innovation as it's not the case . no unless the innovation is how do we how do we save or one brand of content over another i mean look this is going to hurt consumers it's going to hurt entrepreneurship it's going to hurt local control of news and stations it's going to ultimately infringe upon all sorts of different internet services so yes everybody who is speaking out against this has something essentially to lose as opposed to actually gain what they're gaining is the status quo the real question is who gains from this i don't i haven't seen a shred of an argument aside from comcast paying lip service to it that this
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actually is going to help the consumer in a way well maybe it'll help i mean let's be fair at the tough economy and media companies need to make money aren't they just doing what they need to do to survive and to generate profits i mean this is a free market economy. well i don't think comcast or n.b.c. is in any danger of going out of business so short of those two entities i don't see who it helps i mean it's going to hurt independent producers it's going to it's going to hurt. their content providers who are going to have to follow suit you know you're going to end up seeing entities like you know viacom and. disney maybe trying couple with another content provider like a comcast and it's simply going to shut down the choices that consumers have to give me some and i went in hearing from sorry sorry didn't mean to interrupt and step i mean if step on your tongue but i know that you have some experience that you consider similar examples in the past with offensive and regulations with the
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f.c.c. could you tell us you know what gives you any kind of indication that this is a similar issue and tell us your experience with that. sure back in one thousand nine hundred three the fin soon laws were repealed and essentially what that meant was up for the twenty some odd years prior if you created content or if you distributed content in other words if you were a network television network you could not own the content that you were centrally broadcasting and this is a holdover from back in the old film days where people who own movie houses were only putting in movies that they own and so when they were previously only see movies from power amount let's say right and what happened when they were that change happened in one when i when they were as you are actually a t.v. writer you saw it happen firsthand that's right in one thousand nine hundred ninety three i was writing and acting in sitcoms and the change was almost immediate i
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mean they had a two year window in which they couldn't do this but within two years you suddenly saw n.b.c. essentially only putting on shows that were produced by n.b.c. studios a.b.c. only put on shows that were produced by disney studios or some subsidiary sand dollar and basically what it was is that it didn't really matter the content of the quality of the show what mattered is that the network owned a significant portion of it if not all of it because they could make more money off it. like i want to get a caveman you get al any on a really great like i want to get to the issue of net neutrality because i would think that you're already essentially you mentioned i just want to now look at you saying the same as being sorry i just want to see if you think the same thing is going to happen to the internet that we're seeing happen now and cable with the net neutrality being up for debate what's what's happening with this comcast and n.b.c. thing is virtually the same issue that you're going to have with net neutrality there's a rumor out there that arise and google have have have been in conversations about
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basically giving google a pariah a priority amongst the varieties in wireless pipes. and essentially what that means is if you like facebook you will not get facebook at the same download speeds as you would of arisan or google products because they're going to favor their own product it's the same issue with comcast and n.b.c. down the road when you're watching television on your computer through the internet if the n.b.c. programming comes in without both her and it is a much better quality streaming you're not going to watch the other programs and that's the danger behind this and that's what the net neutrality fight is all about and that's why this n.b.c. comcast merger is really just a harbinger of bad things to come and it's so interesting just tying together that connection when i was doing research on the n.b.c. universal merger there was actually an ad for eight hundred t. about the net neutrality situation i just thought that kind of summed up where these two issues converge i want to thank you mr slater for x.
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giving us your first hand experience with these regulations. my pleasure thanks for . and the epic battle of wiki leaks versus the pentagon two men have decided to weigh in through rap take a look. the next street is truly a song co-founder. of the in a song it's nice that you've sophist tell us what we could explain is the site of this will to succeed with this is to provide a single. document. it's very catchy tune they have commented actually on everything from climate gate to obama's nobel peace prize but most recently have set their lampooning on julianna solders and americans in military might rap journalism is actually taking the internet by storm and these two men are right at the helm earlier i spoke to one half of juice media as a rap news team giordano nonny from melbourne australia and i asked him why since
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both he and his partner are not from the us they chose to focus on its news. again . we've come in could. very conscious that the audience is primarily a us audience on you tube straight ahead it's only catching up i think in the last couple of years they really got into local t.v. too and take it seriously but we really want to take on bigger issues and make a bit more of a splash in the community and then. we've been good some strength and such plans all right obviously they've come to those right on obviously you've made a splash with your rap videos and obviously you take a different approach than say the western mainstream media so i'm curious what you think you guys get that the western mainstream media does not.
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don't have as many would stretch their legs and what we can. we do we can to show what the guests on the show say basically it's like scripted. so it's not really a fair comparison however we do don't use that news format because it's such a powerful form of but really it's more about putting contrasting points of view together and and a bit of chatter entirety even in the shell of the news news but let's talk about some of that we have a good vantage let's talk about some of that satire you parody the whole wiki leaks leak in an issue i'm curious what is your take on the backlash that site and that leak has gotten from the u.s. government and military. well it's a phenomenal i'm i'm glued to the screen i think it is incredibly exciting what's happening is exposed horrifying and exciting what's happening. the response
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from the pentagon that came back i think it was yesterday with the ultimatum that was flown by the noxious spokesperson saying give us back our documents like the bully in the playground and i really believe that knowledge of time for people to to really speak up about this and say look you know we are government but not a states you know government country saying these things and we will deal with these people outside of the law is basically what the subtext from the pentagon and i think it's fantastic what we can actually doing and really really i mean the idea of the street is really to show our support and to tribute and to draw more attention to to the issue because now's the time to be paying attention and i'm curious to you know the way that you show kind of the bully military office there in your in your parody and the way that you are is supporting wiki leaks do you think that this is number one a common perspective internationally of u.s.
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military policy and officials and also if this is a common international perspective on wiki leaks. i know you're asking if whether our interpretation of general baxter and julian stanchions so it just put out a little bit sorry yes exactly that's exactly what i'm asking if this is an international perspective or characterization of these figures. that doesn't mean if there is such you know they can be taken too literally but i put you in a challenge you know we really played on the matrix character in such a secretive person i think that's part of his charm. and he's appearance you know he is he's so strange at the same time and such a great. script and no one had a go at parodying him yet so we thought we'd have a go but general bachelor is just over the top we don't mean that when i mean to imply that that's. how the tree stuff when you're goodness i don't know i mean. i.
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really wouldn't i haven't met anyone personally but they definitely there are times . so that is the how how the world in stereotypes perceives the u.s. military officials it's interesting now you also moment at the moment now you also see the apache helicopter video that we cue leaks released where the u.s. pilots actually killed two writers journalists i just want to play a little bit of that so our audience can see. i are. telling. you. all right now i think it's interesting in that in your parody you say you know is are they are they brown people on the ground before the officer shoot it is their perspective or perception that the us is that war with brown people. i.
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don't know how to answer that question i. ultimately i think there's a perception that the u.s. . is it will feel better but in truth and i think everyone knows now that it's not about terrorism and al qaida it's about economic geopolitical interests boil securing securing dominant military and economic dominance. i don't think really colonist method anymore in today's age and not an excuse anymore now since you know if you're a good person or a bad person it's an axis of evil or not so once again that was not really a literal. accusation but. i'm sure that some people do believe that the original war against brown people. but again it's not supposed to be general backchat isn't supposed to be quoted truman right all right well he's a bit over the top lol we certainly appreciate your over the top interpretations
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some not so over the top it actually seems and it was a pleasure speaking with you. stick around we have one more segment ahead on the show and you don't want to miss that we'll have some fun with the slutsky brothers have you seen the video making its way around the web of an alabama guy talking about a break in his home and also it's happened again joe biden's motorcade is involved in yet another accident what is going on here peter i'm out slutsky will join me next to discuss all of this ridiculous news of the week.
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one of the key elements of democracy. which is so uncomfortable for me i thought. who pays for the news. how dependent does this independent media. and who is behind the t.v. story. georgia media. should and reality on our t.v. . never
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get over the wall i was never want to stop that who did that i want to see a demo of the syrian ackman my back. to my right track aired up of all it is friday and it's everyone's favorite day of the week certainly it's ours right guys
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are absolutely going to come here everyone loves that as usual we are bringing you the weekly roundup of the wild and ridiculous news from across the u.s. and the world ok first of all a witness to an attempted rape in alabama is a new you tube media sensation and people are still asking how a candidate for governor in tennessee got nearly thirty five hundred votes after his bizarre t.v. appearance and joining me is matt and peter slutsky the co-founders of double speak media writer closer to see you as usual sandoval. nothing nothing about an intruder and a potential you know raper and on the surface and nothing i want to say so nothing is funny about that except for this i want to roll this clip so everyone can see it . i mean your window seats next to your people trying to write them so you and i do kids so why because everybody has idea you know how
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to call it compares that you do it will look good for you we will go back to you i mean you know name so. why. you guys how your husband was. really an actual local news or this guy is now an internet sensation i didn't even believe it was a really news report i was googling the station like there is no way this can possibly be real that really happened first of all local news the most amazing thing in the world you find people like this second of all that man is destined for greatness he will be the next big thing bravo he i mean all these networks are going after him short of new jersey shore and that is down to the sterile dead getting into a smoky and and that is the greatest catch because the characters and flavor. is a good actually funny you bring that up because there is another video that is equally interesting that this isn't among those flavor. but.
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you as always. everybody you. know. just days. i mean because it sounds like there are no it actually something this double rainbow there's like a new wave of number one so let us know if you don't know how the remote that's we actually were going to quit you are now double right this is there it is holding areas and you guys this guy has i mean a new website yeah it's a major and he's going to be you know have a reality show ok that is your project and we have to move on ok today joe biden or joe biden his motorcade was in an accident but the interesting part is that this is the second time that he is his motorcade has been in an accident this time it was in new york a couple of the police officers got into a minor incident but it's happened before what is the deal why do we only hear about joe biden the motorcade getting back you know that song slow down the river too fast i think they have to heed that advice first all the guy saving the middle class that obama has to say middle class every single middle class well yeah
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unemployment goes down people these people almost person to find a job you know that they're going to hit by a matter when i'm you know there's a logic there officers that are getting hurt here but it's joe said faster faster faster he's got a lunch to go to are playing the first line motorcade i mean if you live in d.c. and you see them driving i see them driving by all the time they move there and they don't stop for anyone and so yeah there are there are rules and stop stop and it stars don't stop for them either maybe if maybe for obama but for biden people have to go with how come you never hear anything about obama's motorcade or hillary's motorcade or anyone else's medicaid getting access except for sarah palin once but she was on the way to a debate with him i don't care i mean maybe they keep it better secret but they're i mean there have been incidents where where the president someone in the motorcade got an accident i like to hear motorcycle tipped over. come on moving right along. this is really funny there is was a very interesting reality show that is wrapped up and it was actually in malaysia
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and let a little bit of that. i think we have to see what is good you know as a new system we should listen it's about. the place new kind of but it was going you know sort of let us say you are the boss and you say you want to quit the good i think this is the right clip because you know what this is what's going on here this was when any mom competition this was for malaysia's top i won't this is the one that ellen degenerates want to join after american idol because i don't think that she wanted to do a different shot there i'm sure that would be interesting though i'm thinking the wrong thing ok yes so this was went on a mom contest and the i think right there what we saw dealing with the dead in the way that you're supposed to in islamic religion i mean so apparently this is something currently they were tasked with trying to like make islam cooler and use the five and maybe it worked i mean apparently there were huge audience and it was
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watched around the reality television i mean i haven't listened to the prices so the winner not only won a job at a prestigious mosque also an all expenses paid to mecca there but also an i phone a car a lap top six grand in cash well you know what i yeah season two by the way we're on there than to you guys are going to compete we're going to be mom of malaysia i wonder if there's a come of the bus. i mean we should look at it it's a kind of a broad actually very curious to join us from what these outfits come on i would love i will wait to see you guys is going to chance you also have to contact counsel young women on not having sex before marriage i believe i don't know how good you got to do it that we will talk later. ok moving on i do believe we have one more topic and this is actually hilarious so the internet of course has opened up a new democracy for american people that want to see all of these interesting candidate for sure in all of these state races and local races and we have a t.v.
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clip from a very interesting one oh oh. the morrow good republican candidate for governor i like to recall all permits and registration for guns everyone carry guns could have killed someone no you get murdered it's your job you don't want to go get hurt i like to put i love this is a high point graphics or vegetation across from the state where i need to make a mark and so we're pretty. sure we can use it for our expenses also a home or remove all go french fry from the state oh yeah i thought a real if i were free scribe. you guys got about thirty five hundred votes i don't know if you heard today because you've been on there john mccain is going to pick him as his running mate in two thousand and twelve they're going to run again if they had only gotten worse yes i'm mad but yeah this guy is this guy's an internet sensation clearly. we'll see words career guy although i would recommend an undershirt i don't i'm not i'm not a fashion or a little sad little cleanup of the
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a lot of. the little you know i claim you came on here or do the gentleman such a pleasure to see you as always and you turn your very entertaining and insightful comments but that is going to do it for tonight's show thank you so much for tuning in make sure to come back next week in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the alona show on facebook and to follow us on twitter and to follow me on twitter at lauren lyster if you missed any of tonight shows or any other night you can catch it all at youtube dot com slash alona show we are now posting everything the interviews as well as the entire show coming up next is the news with the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world i want to thank everyone for letting me fill in this week on the alona show it has been a real pleasure and i'm actually headed up to new york to work for our team so follow me on twitter tonight.
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which brightened. about song from phones to freshen things. nice for instance on t.v. dot com. observe nature and discover it's. easy to communicate with. test yourself and become free to. see what nature can give you on our teeth. a face to this is not a provocation but more of the. very fortunate that we should just step short of supreme retraced recently they have no idea about the hardships to face.
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one it's business is it. too new to. bring in the army the life level you say is the most precious thing in the world. use of self-sacrifice and heroism with those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two this is. the true nine hundred forty five gold dot com. i think blanket of smaug continues to choke moscow with no relief inside us wildfires wreak havoc in areas of central russia. and i'll be back with more on the fires from the moscow region in just a few moments. mourning the victims of aggression it's true the georgian forces
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launched a devastating attack on a sleeping south a stadium. and why it's a name the russian president says the revolution era title militia should be replaced by police to reflect the professional status of law enforcers. and as a fan of the russian capital you're watching r t with me marina joshua welcome to the program now the fed blanket of harmful smog caused by raging wildfires shows no sign of lifting from across the russian capital forests and continue to devastate a large swathes of central russia with a record breaking heat wave forecast to go on until at least next week well you know cross to. the mosque a region one of the worst affected areas there good morning to you guy now well behind you i can see smoke tell us what's happening what's the situation there like
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at the moment. well no more and also any changes to talk about really the same devastating the same catastrophic morning moscow is just covered with a thick blanket of toxic acrid smog this village just outside the city caught fire a few days ago and its residents as well as some three hundred people in the moscow region of lost their homes in the city itself millions are now choking in the smoke which is carry carrying some very harmful gases including carbon monoxide is consistency in the air exceeds the norm by some five times. imagine you start the engine of your car in a small garage with doors closed and that's about how it what it feels like in moscow right now it's especially hard on those who don't have air conditioners people are trying to escape in malls in an office.


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