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for me they loaded my car up with everything they could i'm going to seek out families in need and unload the seed wherever i find them and he's not alone these women are at the heart of this aid relief center packing up bags to be sent to needy families don't get what the people brought today but all of that is valuable aid only got one small bag of things that we couldn't use nobody have enough cleans food we need now medicines water milk and canned meat. this may not seem like much to look at but for those who have lost almost everything in these wildfires inside these boxes of vital reminders of their past lives the toys for kids who no longer have any cooking equipment for those who lost it in the flames it's the kind of survivors aspiring hope to many in their darkest moments they are quiet for help is only growing stronger as the fires continue to rage the moscow region has been one of the worst affected areas and it's thrust charity workers into the pivotal role
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of the living body to aid where it's needed most owing to the location of many of the devastated regions is proving to be a challenging task force is not the most pushing these people really need help just you know it's no easy matter even to organize meals for such a large number it's hard to organize everything in small villages where there are sixty people we have to send because with water fusion fire extinguishing equipment people from neighboring villages volunteer they simply don't have the resources to put a little love thy neighbor is a sentiment not lost on those giving their time and belongings to help people in need. even those who don't believe can perhaps take some solace but people are going to extend a marina to look out for them. greece. and talk to friends climate analysts from the roll institute of technology in stockholm thinks there is nothing abnormal in the high temperatures in russia some of which can be explained by the laws of nature. heavy high pressure located
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in various positions but not the change of climate as a weather phenomenon so my point is that this year you have this heavy high pressure over central asia bring enough air from the tropics to your area to be in the floods. all the time but to really into of television fifty years ago so we never heard about it in the same way we are hearing about it today the climate is controlled by so a lot of activity and ocean currents right now we have the same conditions as we had in the early one nine hundred forty s. which were very cold winters so i predicted that this last cold winter in may last year and i'm predicting another even maybe even colder winter next year coming in the winter. and also predicted a warm summer which seems to be correct. here with. much more coming your way later
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this hour including nuclear brinkmanship the international nuclear watchdog says iran is taking the next step towards building a bomb told to expect from tehran about the country's intentions and hear about the fears of the global community from an expert in london. the first women prisoners in the u.s. who killed their abusive husbands can see their chance of liberty snatched away many of those who've been granted parole and the decision overturned by state governments rights campaigners claim even the most deserving inmates are rejected freedom because of the desire for political gain. meet norma. when i first came here my son wasn't even a year old and i think that he. kind of sees me and the other women that he's met here at the visiting room he kind of sees like women that have. gone through a lot and ended up still standing on our feet now forty years old she's been behind
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bars since one thousand nine hundred ninety two people convicted of killing her abusive boyfriend during a violent attack one of many in their relationship this is somebody who doesn't belong behind bars somebody who made a terrible mistake and readily admits that she made a terrible mistake by picking up a gun in the first place in two thousand and nine she was found to be suitable for parole by the california parole board that decision was overturned by california governor arnold schwarzenegger's our reality shared by many women here at the california institution for women in los angeles most have long histories of abuse from the person for whom they are convicted of killing a down the road the university of southern california law school has taken up the cause of many of these women in a program called the post conviction justice project professor michael brennan is one of the founders are clients for the most part have committed a single serious crime in their life and that's a crime that they're serving their sentence for they are represented by law
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students like andy martin i'm representing garcia who was at the age of thirteen trafficked into the united states and sold to a man who for six years physically emotionally and sexually abused her garcia was forced at gunpoint to help with that man drag and bury the body of the man he had shot then convicted of aiding and abetting so far she has served seventeen years in march she too was deemed suitable for parole the parole process is really the beginning of a long legal battle for the convicted it's not the end of the. story it turns out it's not even the end of this chapter parole for both garcia and could be and was just reversed by california governor arnold schwarzenegger of the four thousand cases that go before the board each year just about seventeen percent are found suitable for parole and of those governors fourteen egger has overturned more than
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sixty percent previous governors reversed ninety percent so why why this obsession with incarceration because most governors in california certainly at some point in their career feel that they may have. possibility of running for president they're concerned about granting parole to inmates who might go out and commit a serious crime but many of these women's records show they would not be a danger to society that they were young and scared for their lives or for the lives of their children. yeah. ok those are the number we heard there on the way for him to be on the one. end of the line for many is here. in prison for life despite their sentence you can't turn parole boy of sentences into.
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what we call l.-wop sentences life without possibility of parole simply because. victims rights groups or others think that if you've been convicted of murder you should never be paroled a broken system chance is given then taken away here and still hope the system will change for campian that she'll be reunited with her son it will work out in the end if if you really truly love somebody like the way that i love him i want him to be the best like even if i have to stay here forever i just want him to be. the best in los angeles christine for south r.t. . the military trial of the youngest of my bay prison is underway in cuba twenty three year old canadian born that was fifteen when he was captured on the battlefield in afghanistan called who is accused of throwing
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a grenade which killed in the american soldier in two thousand and two during a pretrial hearing on monday he pleaded not guilty to all charges including murder spying and assisting he claims he was tortured while detained at the u.s. military base in afghanistan before being moved to content of the alleged violations of human rights a being discussed by the united nations if convicted he faces a maximum life sentence law professor and author of the book the quantum effect says military commissions are prisons and bombers best chance to prosecute alleged terrorists. president obama well he pledged to close guantanamo and hasn't been able to do that. never said that there were no be no military or trial prosecutions going tobe a d.j. need so i think we need. to separate issues i'll deal first with the issue of the trials themselves president obama well he was campaigning helped lead not continue
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with military commissions and now we see that military commissions are indeed going to happen president obama was able to amend the military commissions act that the law that governs these trials that he had inherited from the bush administration second he did a complete review of all of the remaining detainees in guantanamo to determine the outcome of those cases i really think that we can understand omar kotter escape as attack this case for what will happen to the high value detainees and their prosecution it remains to be seen whether any of the high value detainees will be brought into the united states or a federal trial. at this point that looks unlikely therefore the military commission seems to be president obama's best option to prosecute the
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a legit mastermind of the nine eleven attacks human rights campaigners are outraged by a new e.u. project which would lead to the monitoring of everything our passengers do in flight is aimed at preventing terrorism and somebody eve it's a further erosion of the democratic right to privacy. off for a week in the sun but if the european union project goes ahead these people could have their conversations and movements monitored while they're flying the plan has a live event surveillance on planes is mainly limited to a c.c.t.v. camera near the cockpit britons are the most watched people in the world with more c.c.t.v. cameras per capita than any other nation there are cameras on motorways in train stations and in airports and it's here at the university of reading that the new in-flight surveillance system is being developed it won't just include cameras they'll also be microphones and special systems for monitoring unusual behavior
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behavior the system will eventually be able to pick up include sweating moving around the cabin in an erratic way and repeated visits to the toilet dr james ferryman insists it will distinguish between potential terrorists and nervous fliers when we do that is to look very carefully at the types of cues that we take so for example someone may be acting nervously anxious lee sweating in a solution because it doesn't say anything it could be just. but it could be a terrorist but we only know that when we combine this information with other sources of information that come to play it's a lot to think of it as not big brother watching big brother looking after you not everyone sees it that way campaigners say privity is one of the litmus tests for democracy and mass surveillance erodes it enormously. and that completely contradicts the main tenets of democratic which is that wrong is
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innocent and to be guilty of continuing surveillance of mass surveillance video communications whatever many ways that seem to just be creepy crawly completely goes against that. form of democracy apart from the civil rights issues many question the efficacy of an on board system if a terrorist isn't course at the airports they say by the time a plane thirty thousand feet up isn't it's already too late lor and it's r t london . the international atomic energy agency has said that iran has started the next stage towards building a nuclear bomb the i.a.e.a. says the islamic state has developed a second set of centrifuges which can enrich uranium to the twenty percent threshold experts fear could be turned into weapons grade material if enrich to around ninety five percent uranium can be used to build an atomic bomb iran insists its nuclear activities are for peaceful purposes only or to listen to both sides of
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the argument. iran announced a few wants back that it needs twenty percent enriched uranium for its radioactive medicine for four cancerous patients and for agricultural products iran actually was always provided the twenty percent enriched uranium for this particular reactor by international atomic agency but because of the sanctions iran has not been given. the twenty percent enriched uranium so iranian air the i.a.e.a. air that are there you provide us with the twenty percent enriched uranium or else we have no other alternative but to enrich uranium in tehran they can always. tain the isotopes the medical isotopes that are produced by the tehran
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research reactor from the international marketplace like most other countries do they don't need to produce it themselves the international community is very concerned most countries are concerned because twenty percent enriched uranium is very close to being able to be usable in nuclear weapons and right now iran cannot do anything with this twenty percent enriched uranium it is pretty producing except stockpile it for weapons purposes because it cannot actually produce the fuel for the tehran research reactor there are so many contradictions in iran's explanations that make observers very concerned indeed about its intentions this sanctions on actually hitting the iranian people rather than the iranian government although many people in the vest i mean united states talk about intelligence sanctions but there is no such a thing as as intelligent or a small tsang action well we just don't know whether they will be effective or not
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i mean i don't think i'm not optimistic that they will persuade iran to change its pursuit of technologies that can be used in nuclear weapons but i think they can perhaps be effective in persuading iran to come back to the negotiating table look like iran might be ready to talk again it might be but it's not clear now the the more sanctions that have been imposed in the past few weeks the more likely it seems that iran is willing to talk. speculation of a possible u.s. military attack against iran has pushed around to take a rather unexpected counter move a former iranian revolutionary guard said mass graves have already been planted for u.s. troops and for comments by america's top military man last week that there was a contingency plan to attack the islamic republic the graves are in the southwest of the country where iraqi soldiers were buried during a war between the neighbors. and that's a quick look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world at this
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stage of the day in the czech republic a fourth person has now been confirmed dead after the weekend's fresh plants the extreme weather of course extensive damage throughout the country destroying bridges roads and buildings and one hundred homes remain without power and several train tracks are still out of order hundreds of soldiers have been sent to the affected region to help with the cleanup. to portugal now who has the nature of causing problems there to where the military has been deployed to help firefighters who are struggling to contain blazes raging in the north of the country. starting on friday with the civil defense service registering a record number for this year emergency services are trying to avoid a repeat of the deadly places that devastated the country in two thousand and three killing nine. joint training exercise between the u.s. canada russia was underway in the pacific to test how well they coordinate their response to a hijacked plane could be simulated seizure of a plane that crosses their shared airspace border fighter jets from the three
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countries take turns chasing it a plane first flew from the states to russia on sunday and returned to alaska on tuesday. one in about ten minutes time the latest scandals behind the global political and financial headlines that's in the kaiser report but before that we have the business news with kareena. hello and welcome to our business program good to have you with us russia losses due to the forests and peat fires still raging across the country could reach fifteen billion dollars according to early estimates that record temperatures this summer may cost at least one percent of g.d.p. growth most of the money will be spent on restoring houses and compensation the first official figures are expected next week as a part of the federal statistics services report on july's industrial production the long term effect is unlikely to be known until the end of it here but some
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experts are already claiming the impact will not be significant. little small because of all of the direct costs like the experience of extinguish the fires because the emergency ministry has insurance costs and i think this figure will be no more than several tens of billions of rubles but if you keep in mind that real budget is trillions of these expenses are just a drop in the oceans and it's not just devastating the country russia is experiencing its worst drought in centuries due to high temperatures officials are expecting to harvest only two thirds of last year's amount of grain barley used by farmers as animal feed has already doubled in price care ward senior global economist at h.s.b.c. says the cost of meat and poultry globally could go up as well. well then the market is a very concerned about its possibility because i see in two thousand and seven two thousand and eight we saw a commodity price spike of course a whole range of foodstuffs had
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a huge impact on global inflation and actually in some emerging markets it led to quite considerable social unrest we do however think things are different this year and therefore we're more relaxed about what the current problems in the wheat market means for commodities across the food chain quite simply the difference is this time around that actually we had good harvests last year and therefore stockpiles across a whole range of commodities are in much better shape than they were a few years ago so we shouldn't see this we issue translate into other problems in either live still korean or in oil and therefore hopefully not for global inflation either. the world bank has those countries not to follow russia's example and limits in world grain supplies that's according to reuters citing the bank's managing director now last week drought had rushed to impose a temporary ban on grain exports causing the shop spike in global prices meanwhile the world's number six wheat export or ukraine is facing delays after the new
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system of customs control came into force floods in india pakistan and china also fueling concerns over food supply the world bank says the new and bongos of the wheat supplies could cause a global food crisis with poor countries. to stop. russian markets finished in the red on tuesday with the r.c.s. shutting one point eight percent of the mines it's losing over what a half percent energy majors were a drag of both the boys first ross never was the biggest loser on the buy six down over two percent at one point nine percent of the r.t.s. . more than one hundred thousand people fled moscow by plane on sunday due to heat and small blanketing the city most airlines sold extra tickets for the weekend but worsening weather conditions have led to flight delays in moscow airports now for more our team has talked to c.e.o. of the russian discounter nova and rapine. it's horrible to see the small
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good climatic conditions we're experiencing in my does it have a huge impact on business and my encourage people to leave the city and fly to the beaches in the south so i think i'll sell and destinations are doing very well in terms of the operation has had some some small impact on operations to date what are your company's extension plans with a meeting to put. royal. i'll trade has been five hundred rubles bhatkal two hundred fifty rubles one way so the key way of motivating people to fly is a cold. but you've got a couple that we've safety and reliability and safety is a key issue for us as well you have combat areas on the russian market do you think russian market of low cost company is a way for low cost airlines i think will be the big driver of russian transport to develop into the next five years so the point is being made in many markets it's
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low cost airlines that really draw you had traffic to mom and drug traffic growth i think from a national perspective. the growth of low cost airlines is very important by liberating people to be able to travel by every cheaply you improve national identity you improve social cohesion you increase social mobility these are the plus points but you also very importantly i think lubricate i can only grow this because for small businesses in particular local aviation is very important and encourages into a city called mostly into into city business and finally last but not least you. think we can give a big boost to domestic terrorism and we can encourage russians to stay at home and have holidays inside russia very cheaply. trouble to to egypt told to markets so socially economically politically i think it is already important for russia but it will become much more important in the next five years. and that's all for now
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could have this is from the russian capital twenty four stories now of the. fighting flames. under control this is still spreading and. also reporting big brother is watching in the european union's plans to install some fighting systems on airplanes and british human rights campaigners for violating privacy. and freedom to u.s. prisoners are being called a decision overturned victim to political ambition. continues with minutes from now in the meantime the report this time a look at the so-called robot traders and software programs that saw executing thousands of trades outside a business that's next here on. max
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kaiser welcome to the kaiser report markets finance and scandals and robot trainers care rising wall street and the american and global economy let's bring in stacy herbert stacy herbert tell us more max kaiser well it is summer and summer is often the time of sequels so this brings me to the first headline deflationary blackhole the sequel who will wall street send to congress to extort fifteen trillion dollars this time yes they're back but before i start the whole that story i want to set the scene yes at this unhappy robber gunmen calls a restaurant to gripe so this is a restaurant in atlanta georgia and a man who robbed a wendy's at gunpoint last week apparently was so upset with his haul that he
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called twice to the restaurant to complain afterward he said quote next time there better be more than five hundred eighty six dollars poses a brilliant i see we're going with this is brilliant because if the man were hank paulson and he was in front of congress they would have given him seven hundred billion you see because he's not a partner to wall street firm he's an untouchable in america's society is an underling is a part of the sort of class yes but as we also see the set up for a second heist of the american population it's a trickle down mood that they can't get away with it like this guy obviously feels that it's ok and it's acceptable to just call and complain about how little you got the first time we only got seven hundred billion the first time we want a trillion or two trillion i think it's a good point the wall street bankers are setting the moral agenda and the american landscape and there's no leadership in white house to counter that with any. kind
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of moral leadership whatsoever they outsource their morality to wall street and wall street of course is a cesspool well that brings us to the main headline deflationary blackhole the sequel who will wall street sent to congress to extort fifteen trillion this time this is a headline from you but you're talking about to have.


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