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russian federation and i'm available on request as a personal affront to your country with that in mind daniel prepares for action he says he's ready to go to the airport the moment he receives word his help is welcome. to retire from the oil shortage since those heroes are still feel the burning desire to help people rush hour in particular because of the problems they've got the moment with the walls hoyos people from all around the world are offering to join the fight against the forces of nature volunteers from fellow reduced spoke area and france are among more than one hundred sixty thousand people now estimated to be battling the blazes daniel started his career in rural fire fighting and says that's prepared him well to tackling the type of blazes sweeping through russia. career often going to shouldn't he sorry farmer. a lot of domestic oil a lot of oil is in rural areas including foreign military rangers and
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in terms of the foreigners are occurring in russia. in the world pate. we would spend many year we hear some of times and hope some of today we're exactly the same type of foyer of the one the way that we would have dealt with it in those days was to do it for a break and of words dig a trench down below the page. for spreading on the news the ground even though daniel retired two years ago he says in his mind he's still on the front line no matter where you are in the world for far it's a sign they're there to help save lawyers for. the ship and rush rush to point to stall the person house. you simply are and then allow the people that care the paramedics the four forces to to come in and do their job daniel clearly is packed and ready to go the only thing stopping him flying to
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russia is red tape coleus says if russia temporarily suspended the visa regime for emergency workers he and hundreds like him would flood to russia to quash the flames were abbott's r.-t. essex. dr fred goldberg a climate analyst from the royal institute of technology in stockholm believes there is nothing abnormal about the high temperatures in russia this summer. now on the very heavy high pressure locates itself in various positions. in two thousand and three it happened off the coast of france and it's heavy with high pressure pushed up a lot of hot air from. such a creating at the loss of many lives in france and central europe you know it's not a change of climate is a weather phenomenon so my point is that this year you had this heavy high pressure
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over central asia bringing out there from the tropics to your area it has always been this auster so all the time but we didn't have television fifty years ago so we never heard about it in the same way we are hearing about it today. russia's unprecedented heat hasn't just brought misery it's bearing fruit as well literally in the central russian city of far the locals are enjoying an unprecedented harvest of tropical fruits staff in the city's greenhouses say it's the first time but not in the trees have actually produced crops in this part of the world locals more used to potatoes and tomatoes are now picking figs and lemons right from the tree. while russia has more staple crops suffered badly in the heatwave drought and fires but other countries are also having their own issues with the food supply. in burma and warehouses such as this would fix roofs the green sea but when green a store temporary like this with just
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a plastic cover to keep out the rain it can last only one year we report on why thousands of tons of grain left to rot in india instead of being distributed to the hungry. the youngest detainee at guantanamo bay prison in cuba is facing military trial canadian born omar was fifteen when he was captured on a battlefield in afghanistan in two thousand and two he's accused of throwing a grenade which killed an american soldier denied his guilt at a pretrial hearing on monday claiming he was tortured while detained at a u.s. military base in afghanistan before being moved to guantanamo the alleged violations of human rights have been discussed by the united nations if convicted he faces a maximum life sentence lawyer eric montalvo says the whole trial is a breach of american law. well i would just label the whole process is a travesty you know you know we've got
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a juvenile who by our own signing we've agreed not to prosecute juvenile offenders so we're breaking our own law and i don't even think that this court has proper jurisdiction over the case we've got a child who by law we're saying is not culpable of doing the things that we we're prosecuting him for and yet we're spending all of our resources and he's the first one in the tube to go not to mention that you have the fact that he doesn't he's gained such a jaded distrust of anything associated with this he can't even make appropriate counsel choice and so he's not even represented in these proceedings it is nearly ten minutes past the hour here in the russian capital you all with all its he it's good to have you company today now bear in mind for more stories you can log on to our website to check out the latest videos on top stories let's have a look at what's waiting for you online right now and see something spectacular auction as drivers out the russian leg of the european truck racing championship battling on a brand new track created by a famous form in a one design
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a. curious business georgia aims to become a serious player in the crocodile and frog market snap up the details. on. the number of civilian casualties enough gun and stone rose by almost on food in the first half of two thousand and ten compared to the same period last year the report by the un also shows a fifty five percent increase in the deaths of children among the twelve hundred afghans killed during this period it comes as u.s. led forces are increasing their presence in the country is on tues marina portnoy reports it's often civilians who suffer the amount of afghan civilian children that
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are dying as a result of this war has increased fifty five percent according to the united nations the taliban and other militants are responsible for three quarters of the civilian deaths that have taken place in the past six months but tied to that you want to fishel say that the taliban and other militants have stepped up their game in terms of using i.e. . suicide suicide attacks and being involved in this us nation attempts and that is a result of more foreign troops coming into their country so one has provoked the other and more foreign troops more attacks by the taliban or the militants and that the and it is the afghan civilians according to this report women and children who are actually paying the price of this war it's basically understood according to this un report that once foreign troops move into an area that the taliban and militants will move in and out violence will ensue and subsequent deaths will take
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place so at this point the afghan civilians you know understandably are intimidated are living in. a war torn area for decades and are not so quick to align with the foreign troops in their country that are to blame for the taliban and militants attacking the civilians and the surrounding areas wherever people are as a result of that occupation in the country. reporting well our military analyst you have believes the actual number of casualties in afghanistan is much higher because the u.n. failed to take into account one of the main causes of deaths you know you and assistance mission in afghanistan a recent report. was touted as the wake up call for the u.n. mission in afghanistan however for different reasons it should be more here we
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check for the u.s. mission in afghanistan i would like to draw your attention to a couple of things but first i would strongly recommend you nama to expand it metrics of civilian casualties in afghanistan beyond the country and to include two most important numbers of civilian death that is civilian skill in afghanistan and beyond by drugs in fact if you include the opium fields and cannot be fields they keel over old more then all other civilian casualties taken together within the whole nine years of conflict and the second most important metrics that has to be incorporated in the next report by the united nations should include the civilians killed outside of ghana stand by the main export from again and stand over all the narcotics in afghanistan already in slaved
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more than two millions of afghans within the country and they probably keel even more than thirty thousand russians who have been in the aisle aided my of the afghan heroin annually plus you have to add up more than five million pakistani direct addicks the overall result of the u.s. led mission is that it kills more civilians by afghan groks under the connivance of the us political leadership then any other military hostilities whether from the us side all from their military opponents from pakistan and within afghanistan that i hope you nama officials will take into consideration and we'll incorporate into the next sam my annual afghan civilian casualties a report. r.t. spoke to british veteran journalist john pilger who thinks that america is tricking
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the world by saying it's pulling out of wars in iraq and afghanistan you can watch the full version of this interview in just about fifteen minutes time right here on r.t. . this announcement by obama. would be the end of the combat mission next year is nonsense and that's another example of the of the media simply taking a face value something that told by authority in fact there's going to be something like ninety four bases left and sixty thousand troops and so called that is an increase in the number of mercenaries they call them contractors so far from getting out there was a great expression by a great irish investigative journalist called claude coburn never believe in the thing until it's officially denied. we should apply to all statements like that.
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for many countries this summer's extreme weather of floods and droughts has led to poor harvests and a grain shortage but in india millions of people are going hungry for a different reason artie's charan singh investigates. india's home to work quarter of the world's starving people and one third of its malnourished children here in the village of down up order in eastern india had nothing to give us four days yes of unlimited hungry child cries all the time there is no food to feed him how can we survive like this to give the child quite a just me to drink water yet the government has recorded mounds of surplus stocks fifty nine million tons of wheat and rice it does have a huge public distribution system that provides free for all families below the poverty line but corruption and complex bureaucracy means the poorest of the poor
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often don't make it on the list most of us how much we are poor people desperate for food to eat our children go to sleep hungry the names are not on the government's poverty list and we don't get any food going from the government can we do ultimately we will have no choice but to commit suicide. with people starving the recent images of piles of wheat rotting at a storage facility erupted into a major political issue in the state of punjab it was discovered forty nine thousand tons of food green had perished despite if you're taking precautions there is every likelihood as we have in the household there right now where your porting your cup of tea from a curtain because likelihood. can spin on the table. and if you see a pun but only reserve is the degree in which we handle. loss is more. abundant. standing in one of the largest food storage depos in the capital new
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delhi in permanent warehouses such as this would fix roofs the green is c. but when green a store temporary be like this with just a plastic cover to keep out the rain it can last only one year and with the government keeping seventeen million tons of wheat and rice stored like this because it simply doesn't have enough permanent warehouses you can see the scale of the problem experts see about ten million tons enough to feed hundred forty million people for a month has been through at least one monsoon and is at risk of rotting if this green were released instead it could help those most in need but distributing it will cost one billion dollars and the government cannot afford to add to its food subsidy that doesn't come as good news for his family who depend on the handouts. we cannot afford to buy rice for our family whatever food grain the government has is allowing to run its warehouses the ration cards the issue don't reach the actual
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poor whatever race is distributed to the local dealer for us is instead sold by him in the open market. with global wheat prices rising due to the drought in russia if india loses its wheat stocks who are storage this could fuel the price surge and that would hit the poor in india the hardest got and seeing r t. we are approaching the twenty minute mark of the hour here in the russian capital you with r.t. that's going to some other news now making headlines all around the world and heavy downpours may bring fresh misery as a tropical storm is approaching the part of northwest of china hit by a massive landslide chinese authorities have confirmed the disaster in the gansu province has already taken seven hundred lives soldiers and rescuers are still fighting to find survivors trapped beneath the rubble and mud for three days heavy rains triggered a deluge of rocks and earth crushing at least three villages. the presidents all of colombia and venezuela have agreed to restore diplomatic relations were
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a month ago allegations that. the newly elected colombian president. expressed optimism that their first meeting will produce positive results. at least fifteen people have being killed in a bus crash in bolivia another twenty were injured as the vehicle ran into a rock on a mountain road said the. control on a curve that follows a similar accident on the same road recently. killing eighteen people. well here today. in a special report coming up we look at how some mountains are literally being wiped off the face of the earth. three remove. the early. bird.
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get into the world of business. hello and welcome to the business bulletin russia's losses due to the forest and peat fires still raging across the country could reach fifteen billion dollars the first official figures are expected next week as part of the federal statistics service report on july's industrial production the long term effect of the drought
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and fires is unlikely to be known until the end of the year but even now many for the situation is slowing down economic growth in the country. and to talk more on the macro economic effects of the current situation in russia i'm joined in the studio by natalia or lover chief economist at bank tanya thanks very much for joining me now russia is experiencing very extreme ecological conditions what effect do you think this will have on the country's g.d.p. oh well there are estimates and i would say pretty much as the market consensus of trash moves around one percentage point of foods g.d.p. this year uses is very hard on the press and weather and therefore the main forces will be seen in their group cultural scepter which saw for a lot of floors of some different areas like grain production but also all there grew cultural products of it i experienced of the decline of. so what should is the agricultural industry actually take in russia's g.d.p. well i would say
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a group called change is around three to four percent of russian g.d.p. so. this is not a lot of the bad news however you use it if you will care cause different products is a group called chair and experts are talking about twenty to thirty percent decline of all a yearly basis or versus the initial forecast and these signals it exactly in line with this one percentage point or one percent or fashioned. which will be there because of the weather conditions and what about other sectors other than agriculture will the other sectors be facing. decrease in their input to g.d.p. what i would say what is all this in more screwed your last week is a number of our other come from this in different areas in the bank areas and their service in the trade sector. forced to reduce their work hours and whole series i would say the client activity is definitely very very low in the big cities which are. suffering from these extraordinary weather so i think as
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a result all. figures should really idea from where these course of this crisis will com but most likely i think and number of sectors will suffer from low economic activity you know and what about if we turn out to inflation what's your forecast for this year well i would say flesh and this is definitely the key indicator which probably will be visible very soon and we have raised our inflation forecast to the level of some point five percent of your so in percent around months ago and just respond the initial responding to their global grain market grain price rather how is it now as we see that condition soon rush continue to deteriorate their food we can expect that inflation might even critique see this so when five percent level and as far as they can see the market consensus is now shifting to even higher figures where you just mentioned grain of course we're expecting this grain export ban coming in from mid august how much
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will the budget lose from that well i would say it's probably more to very much the question for the barges because again you know fifty percent of russian barges drug use are collected from oil and in the way the course for the barges will go roll the cost of subsidies which will have to be find their ass from the barge it was russian which suffered from their weather condition however i would say the key question is whole the global great market will continue to read and also what will be implication. for the local price then and now russia's grain reserves are they going to help to control inflation. these wars initial scene is a very powerful instrument which russian government might use how is a recently released c very different thing this in terms of size of the reserves because in july a number fishel out source was talking about turn to turn to plus million reserves
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as the most recent and in the battle as soon as give us just mind talks so this is a get a meeting and also another government and then to distribute the spot of this fund directly to the russian regions so this will differ will we use a government building intervene on the local market and to control prices denning an attorney thanks very much for sharing your insight with us that was natalia all over chief economist of alpha bank with her view on the effects of russia's current drought and fires. let's now have a quick look at how the stock markets are shaping up on wednesday european shares a sliding for a second session following the federal reserve's comments that the pace of economic recovery is slowing the fed plans to boost a flagging u.s. economy by reinvesting money from mortgage bonds into government debt is the focus first attempt to post to the economy in over a year. and russian markets are continuing to slide head in moscow banks are underperforming on the my sex with now shutting in eighty three percent gas from
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under us left are also dragging this out but what's hard to do is bucking the trend on the my sex point eight percent. reseller has filed a claim against interests through the london court of international arbitration the companies are running over control of neural snicko results says the outcome of no real june at board elections breaks the two thousand and eight agreement between it and into us not to take control of the risk and to maintain equal representation the election sought resell get three board seats with interests of getting for the . to sell and interest up to twenty five percent stake in the company. french t.v. as the fifth and final north stream participant has paid eight hundred million euros for a nine percent stake in the project the company has bought the shirts from german shareholders and when to shell each of them has decreased the share from twenty to fifteen and a half percent the controlling stake in the stream the first stage of which will be
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launched next year is owned by gas from dutch gas uni has another nine percent. and that's all from the business team for now but you can always find more stories on our website that's r.t. dot com slash business. to.
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be observed nature and discover is. the. key communicate with the wild and let us. test yourself and become free to. see what nature can give you an auntie. wealthy british style old son passed on to. the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports on. the books every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in
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science and technology from across russia and around the world to join us for technology update on our jeep. cooking. hundreds of. hundreds of.
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people who lost everything in the. civilian casualties. in the first half of two thousand and. four a total of twelve. in this period of time which coincided with u.s. troops. with a. society is making huge leaps forward but some of the imperial with resources and influence is coming back. who shared his views on the past. today i'm in london speaking to jonah poll just veteran journalist documentary writer who started his career during the vietnam war john paul just thanks very
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much for talking to auty now let's talk about more media in general first if you don't mind recently in the website wiki leaks published tens of thousands of documents relating to the afghanistan war what do you think that is the biggest impact is that modern technology has had journalism well i think the wiki leaks exposed is. look like they might change journalism altogether if not change or wake it up. because what we should leaks has done is what journalists should have done. you know here here is this dreadful litany of years of all of disaster and killing in afghanistan and i'm in iraq. and i don't think we've gotten a sense they've got a sense of the disaster but i don't think we've got a sense of the real. the the political disaster the
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the this behind the the human disaster in afghanistan that's what we call leaks is has given us. i think it says to journalists. separate us separate you so from the word of authority and stop becoming independent it's an extraordinary moment and what about the internet in general do you think in terms of names subclassing more traditional means you know like newspapers and document chains yes i do and i mean it shouldn't subvert them but it is and is doing that which it really should compliment them. because you know into my own journalistic habits every day of change radically i used to get up in the morning and read all the newspapers now i go to my computer and log on. because that's where the that's where this truth telling that kind of journalism.


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