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seven thirty am in moscow thanks for being with us on our t.v.'s your headlines more than five hundred wildfires still raging across russia fed by dry conditions from months of high temperatures experts predict another bout of smog from moscow and surrounding districts after a few days of clear skies fifty three have been killed in fires and thousands forced to seek medical help because of poor air quality president obama has even offered russian experts and equipment to help fight the wildfires. russia holds memorial services to mark a decade since the sinking of the curse in the barents sea the nuclear submarine sank during a naval exercise killing all two hundred eighteen on board most of the crew members were younger than thirty authorities have blamed a faulty torpedo for the tragedy the worst in russia since the fall of the soviet union. and in nuremberg court decides in a case brought by a fashion house popular with neo nazis the controversial german brand was defeated by a left wing political group accused of lead poisoning its designs the logo of storage
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features a store with a hitler like mustache now back to the alone a show in washington this time alone to find out why forty percent of americans according to one poll feel so strongly about immigration that they want to change the constitution coming your way next on r.t. . well it's time for tonight's to all time winner and it involves that grumpy old banner running for senate in arizona yes i'm talking about john the maverick mccain see since being solely rejected in his bid for the white house in two thousand and eight well mccain's acted like a spoiled brat he's flip flopped on several issues and has the nothing but be critical of obama even if it means like i said put flopping and being a hypocrite he's blame him for the immigration issues facing this country despite the fact that well just a few years ago he was all for immigration reform what a change john take
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a look at this new campaign ad mccain's running as he tries to save his job from a republican primary challenger. who share soon arizona. president obama has made protecting our border incredibly difficult but arizona has a senator with the courage and character to stand up to a president who's wrong john mccain a president versus a senator doesn't seem like a fair fight unless said senator is john mccain character matters. i'm john mccain and i approved this message. a fight between a stand there and a president then that happened in two thousand and eight when you in the west so a wingnut were so soundly defeated anyway that mccain just can't stop obsessing with the man who defeated him do you remember this exchange during the health care reform debate. let me just make this point john because we're
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not campaigning in the election so. i think they give my love that every day oh yeah. so come on can you just stop obsessing with barack i mean you lots and you know what if i were you i'd be focusing on your campaign in your own state you could be out of a job soon. you know what i think i figured out i think i know what this is all about i think you have a crush on obama you've got a little bromance going on the way both people have to be involved in order for it to be a romance so maybe it is more of an obsession of bro if you will just admit it john you wish you could make a music video for him just like the obama girl you think about him day and night you can't sleep when he doesn't return your phone calls the perils of so senator john mccain the best advice that we have for you to move on and try to win reelection on your own merits and stop blaming obama for your troubles in arizona
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and that's why you are tonight's tool time later. now all joking aside emotions on immigration do seem to be coming to a boil florida's attorney general has proposed a new immigration law for the states that he claims is even tougher than arizona's a new c.n.n. poll states that forty nine percent of americans would now be in support of repealing the fourteenth amendment and the top it all off a new pew study states that one in twelve babies born in the u.s. in two thousand and eight or the offspring of illegal immigrants that's eight percent of all the little babies born that year so clearly there is an issue here but it's changing the constitution really the proper solution well joining me here in the studio is john holl assistant director at the center for immigration studies and from our new york studio we have michael wiles immigration attorney and former federal prosecutor gentlemen thank you both for joining me john i'll start with you since you're right here but i don't know what's going on i mean i understand things
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are bad right now in the country that people want immigration reform but is it so bad that they really want to change the constitution they want to repeal an amendment. and you have to assume that the senekal side is they're being disingenuous on elections coming up this is a very big issue we know it's a big issue because the pew study. and also our own center did a study on two thousand and two data previously that found one in ten births were to illegal aliens so that's about ten percent and it's anywhere from about three hundred forty thousand to four hundred thousand births that's a lot of people are other recent studies better than the pew study now it was based on different data sets and it was in the margin but regardless of whether it's three hundred forty thousand or four hundred it's a lot but you don't think the politicians mean and i'm going to say i mean lindsey graham is coming out and talking about it and well we focus on particular getting into it forty nine percent in this new c.n.n. poll are now supporting it that's right and we focus on policy and the other our
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other research says that the fifth most of the physical costs that are borne that's borne by illegal immigration is to the children of illegal immigration and subsidies like health care education food subsidies things like that most of these costs are borne of the state and local level but the federal. government also has a two thousand four out about ten billion deficit because of illegal immigration that's taxes paid minus services used so it's a big issue because it affects a lot of people and it's costly however i think that you know politicians can do it for a host of reasons and maybe they're trying to stir up public sentiment before the big election well maybe you know i don't know if we can believe the politicians here or not but just think about it michael what about you i mean now that we know especially how many children are here to what happens if they do actually repeal the fourteenth amendment what happens to these four million children that were born to illegal immigrants just in two thousand and eight. i don't know if you store the
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bill in the beginning we need to change the constitution we should really fix our broken immigration system simply put we would be repealing and reversing one hundred fifty years of constitutional jurisprudence before to mimic it's not just directed towards immigrants it's directed to a whole plethora of. legal issues i spend my day my father before me mr bush who established our law firm in midtown manhattan helping people throughout this nation give visas green card citizenship by deborah present to john lennon can you just imagine that we're now deteriorating the dialogue is rapidly deteriorating to the point where we're going to go if the babies and children well i'm a former mayor and i do know well the cost that communities have to pay for mending people in hospitals for fixing and educating individuals that don't have the right to be here go after the parents but if you want to take away the inventory of education those wonderful people those babies who have are defenseless you know you
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cannot sponsor somebody until you're twenty one years old and last i knew i have four children myself it's very difficult to smuggle yourself of course a border and this whole thing is just a lot of xenophobia and a lot of media written you'll forgive me a debate in this election time and i agree with the speaker because the truth is all of this is there is zero chance that the fourteenth amendment will be repealed both houses of congress would have to would have to ratify a change to the change of the constitution and it goes against the d.n.a. of this nation which is a country founded on liberty that we're all agreed that we have a broken immigration system and that we have porous borders and no departure system and a lot of problems but we're not going to fix the problems by putting a band-aid on cancer. and that band-aid on cancer now i agree the heart of the issue is what we're going to do with illegal immigration are we going to start
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enforcing the law which is the heart of the matter are we going to do talk about the fourteenth amendment which is kind of an ancillary thing now is saying forcing the law what do you mean by that we advocate a policy of attrition through enforcement where we would just and force the law and enact state and local officials in that and predicated on work site enforcement. where we have a database that's simple and easy where for them as prospective employee is for a job they can be checked very fast to see if they're here legally but going back to the fourteenth if i may i think that's a wonderful focus and i agree that it's important to prosecute employers that break the law but if we just take the guys with the guns and the handcuffs let's rectum up there are seven thousand ice agents and there are about twelve million unlawfully documented people so if there aren't enough beds and their planes to remove these individuals and we're going to punish employers in the very trying your time to me that's just one part of it we need to have
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a way to introduce people into the system that will respect the law and that the same time complement our troubled economy so just in forcing employers will in principle sounds right won't fix the problem holistically and that's why question so these people they try to come get a job the employer checks them out they don't have the proper status what happens that is the employer call the police and they come in around the map or do they simply send them off to the street so they can go wandering around hungry looking for another job the people are still here they're already on this soil absolutely but we've seen that it works if you if you say no i'm sorry we can't give you a job i'm sorry that we can't give you driver's license for example jurisdictions if it makes it harder for them being illegal to conduct their business and conduct their daily lives we've actually seen that illegals will go home on their own and we have seen and i don't i disagree with that that's not true right now they may be scared because of the debate in arizona but they're not going home listen what
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you're talking about is the only million documents simply put alone any person who starts a job in america even if you're a u.s. citizen has to complete that document in the first day of hire and which in three days an employer has the responsibility of looking at the immigration papers of their lives where you have been listening with records leave president reagan shifted the responsibility over to employers. it's the government's job he's out of it he's a bad word i was you know we're not arguing that there were not doing a good job we need to actually enforce it but i think that's just one part of the problem employers are going to do this if they go on the force were you know we're not we're not arguing we're not are going ok we'll have the i'm a girl so maybe this is the part of the you know this whole story that i find most interesting is of course this whole study about how many children there are that are born to illegal immigrants in this pew study actually only looked at families where only one of the members is an illegal immigrant so what do you do with these people that you know where their their girlfriend their husband their wife might be illegal but it's a very difficult situation and i agree that employer sanctions and the whole only
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thing but there's a host of things that we can do that we're not doing and i agree with your other what about the babies and the girlfriends and the well and the wives look i mean it's hard if you go and see if you know our office and i have to tell you there isn't a dry eye some of the weeks in recent years we've had mothers and fathers separated children that are separated them from parents i've had world trade center spouses who lost one in the attack and their children are facing to be separated from the surviving spouse know there are broken immigration laws and there are shades of gray we have one spouse some woman who is driving this is a horrendous following the nine eleven attacks and a poll by the national guard truck went into her truck killing your husband her mother and a child and she's facing immigration challenges yet so isn't this where here are some as those are the stories that really make us realize that something needs to
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be done some kind of reform but a reform that is a logical and humane and doesn't simply change the constitution or try to wipe all these people off of you know land of the united states and they're sure you know we got a baby a lady i want to be the baby when i agree was bad but i agree with that thank you for joining me i would go one more segment ahead on tonight's show there's another carnival. where you can show your displeasure with obama or actually anybody will tell you about the bipartisan effigies in a minute and say you believe in us there's a new book that has accounts from generals pilots and government officials who all speak on the mysterious objects in the sky we'll talk to author when we get back. wealthy british style sign it's time to cut. the. markets why now for
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scanning the find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our.
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books. much of the professional left has been buzzing over us citizen anwar locky being targeted on the cia's assassination list but now a member of congress is finally speaking out about it and guess who it is it's ohio representative dennis kucinich the one who is the littles by press secretary robert gibbs along with a lot of the other pot smoking hippies on the left well two senators alone elected voice who's actually protested the white house's actions claiming the putting a lot of heat on the list is extra judicial center says the current policies destroy the presumption of innocence until proven guilty as the government becomes
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the police judge prosecutor jury and executioner all in one which we all know is not how the american judicial system should work but these days it is now the right of the president to order the death of an american without any burden of proof or oversight so now kusin is actually putting forth legislation that would prohibit those extra judicial killings of u.s. citizens his bill reads as follows no one including the president may instruct a person acting within the scope of the u.s. government to engage in or conspire to engage in extradition extra due to soul killing of the united states citizen and a bill goes on to say that the authority granted to the president in the authorization for use of military force following the terrorist attacks of nine eleven is not limitless now while this bill is strongly worded we should point out that most politicians on the hill have been mum on the issue altogether only one
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person has spoken out in favor of all aussie being on the hit list and she says he's considered to be the u.s. is number one threat right now but i commend to finish up presenting this bill even if it gets denied by congress as a least an attempt to stand up to the white house and their current operations when it comes to fighting terrorism. somebody has to we can to lay back and allow the government to assassinate us citizens that is un-american so perhaps as nothing else i hope that this will least encourage other lawmakers to come forward and of knowledge the travesty acknowledge that it's going on but knowing our gutless politicians nobody is going to call out obama's team for putting american citizens on their assassination list without submitting any kind of judicial oversight so i'm not sure where all the lawmakers who used to be or believe in civil liberties went on this one but you know if you ask robert gibbs they're definitely not the
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ones that need a drug test so when did alleged stoners become the voice of reason fortunately it looks like that's america these days. now last week we told you about a church carnival in pennsylvania that had a game where you could shoot a likeness of president obama needless to say that. game didn't go over too well most a night we've got another game is raising some eyebrows and this one comes from the jersey shore boardwalk where an effigy of president obama had to be removed because of complaints see the game requires patrons to throw baseball the plates held by these rotating caricature zx and along with obama there was saddam hussein and even a red sox player can see him right there now after complaints a plastic bag of pink plastic bag went away was placed over the obama character's head isn't that sweet of them but here's the best part the manager of lucy leo's where the game is played so that they would replace obama's effigy with one of
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former president george w. bush and with one of secretary of state hillary clinton just to show that they're not anti-democratic or entire public it they just hate everybody definitely seems to be the american sentiment these days the manager says that a secret service agent even visited the boardwalk yesterday and they told that agent that none of the employees urged patrons to throw at or hurt the obama likeness for now still covered up with a pink plastic bag but the manager says that he might bring it back for in a few weeks with all the reporters up or dies down that is american capitalism at its best ladies and gentlemen. now you ask most identified flying objects dare i even say the possibility of alien life it's something that we know very little about and something that many speculate the government has actively covered up well there's now a new book called u.f.o. generals pilots and government official go on the record the series of essays about
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officially documented and investigated u.f.o. cases that were considered unexplained by god. hermance and military investigators but in the book to make us all believers or just to change attitudes well joining me from our new york studio is the author leslie cain she's also the director of investigations for the coalition for the freedom of information leslie thanks so much for joining us i want to ask you first you know what are you trying to achieve with this book here. well one of the thanks for having me on it's great to be with you you know that the main thing i'm trying to do is establish credibility for the subject which is so mis understood by the general public and by the culture at large and the point is that i am bringing forward extremely high level officials from around the world that have documented as you said earlier official events officially documented events where these physical objects are present they show up on radar they leave marks on the ground there is a physical most dominant in the sky that and we can explain and i as
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a journalist i've been looking into this for ten years when i first discovered that and i first discovered that actually high level officials are the ones that are dealing with this i thought it was a big story and i still do and my book brings forward these people writing as you said they writing about this issue in their own words so and letting people read here directly from them and that gives it a special power but there you are trying to be very careful right you're not necessarily saying that a u.f.o. is an alien or that there is a life out there but you're just saying that these are i'm identified flying objects there are sometimes have been metal plates flying around in the sky and nobody's really looked into it or let us know that it's the truth. exactly i mean none of the people in this book and again there are five generals a former us gov i mean very high level people none of them are claiming that we know that these are aliens spaceships you're absolutely right it's a very important point that we need to be clear what a u.f.o. is it stands for an identified flying object that was
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a term coined by the air force actually we don't know what these objects are that's the bottom line and now a lot of these hot generals and again people who have investigated this for various governments have proposed that they could be extraterrestrial and what we're all asking for in this book that we think it's important enough that the scientists around the world pool their resources and try to find out what they are i mean who could not want to know that there are when there are strange things flying around the sky that behave in ways that we don't have technology for we can explain them if they could if there's even a small chance they could be coming from somewhere else it seems to me it's worthy of our attention and we need to find out more about them why i think the unexplained both you know fascinates and scares people that if there's anybody that would be worried about something that they couldn't necessarily explain that they know they couldn't defeat that probably would be the u.s. government and the u.s. military you know i mean why do you think that they like to cover these things up and they like to keep them secret because would they be admitting perhaps some of
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their own weaknesses their. yeah i mean it's possible again we don't know to what extent things are being kept secret by the government we don't know to what extent they do know what these things are don't know what they are but certainly they must be baffled by them and you know it's understandable to me that a government would not want to specially the united states government would not want to step out and say well there are strange things flying around our skies you know they affect aircraft they sometimes affect national security and gosh darn it we can't tell you what they are and we have no control over them i mean it's just not an announcement that anybody would really want to make but the interesting thing is that other governments such as belgium france the u.k. have acknowledged the reality of u.f.o.'s they have acknowledged that there are unexplained phenomena in the sky and nobody's panicked and it hasn't caused any big disruptions in the society so it seems that we want the united states government to behave a little more like the rest of the world and we don't think it's going to be such a big disaster if they go with knowledge of this and try to find out a little more about it for the thing about u.f.o.'s are you have
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a believer is that a bad name in america you know a lot of people will look at people like they're a conspiracy if they're if they're freaks why do they believe in this crazy stuff so you know how do you how do you change attitudes about that. well it's a really important point i mean the whole culture looks at this phenomenon as a joke and one of the purposes of this book is to try to set the record straight by presenting the actual facts and you know we're hoping that this very official information presented in a very serious but exciting way but you know official stuff you cannot argue with it when you have a major general writing an account of a two year investigation he made into a series of sightings in his country at the highest levels presenting all the facts that he knows you know it's not something that you can joke about so we're hoping and you're right it's very hard thing to change but we're hoping that this book may be the beginning of a shift towards an actual clarity about the subject that we don't have right now now one of the things that you propose is to create another agency
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a government agency that will actually study these things but you know forgive me i get i'm being cynical is because attitudes are the way they are how are you ever going to get a lot maker to admit that they are going to fund something like that. well i think the only thing we really need and it's a really good question a lot and it's a challenge. i mean it's it's a challenge but the only thing we we really need is a very small agency it doesn't cost a lot of money to just be set up in an office somewhere with a couple of staff people that are prepared to investigate events that take place and they can interact with other agencies around the world we have a model already for an agency in france and in other countries france is an example has been has had a specific government agency within their at the equivalent of their nasa that has been investigating this phenomenon since the mid seventy's and they've accumulated a lot of incredible and interesting information so we you know we don't have to it's not like if they set the stage and they you know they're just saying well
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there's something here that maybe we shouldn't we should look into a little bit in cooperation with the rest of the world they're not saying anything else than that and i don't think that's such a stretch yeah well you know i'm all for it i think these days are going to be hard pressed to convince a politician to spend their money on another agency. but you know i hope that this book will really open some people's eyes and at least get the ball rolling get them talking about it and john podesta also wrote a great forward for this book and that just came out this week writer last week. just a few days ago out a few days ago that's correct right love we will make you so much for joining us. ok thanks for having me. all right it's time for our tweet of the day vice president joe biden's plane was involved in a minor incident in new york this comes after his motorcade as we've told you is already been involved in several car accidents so what would joe biden tweet about this latest incident maybe we thought he'd say damn maybe hillary really is after
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the v.p. job in two thousand and twelve looks like i need to watch my back that's hard to do today we'll have another one for you tomorrow and that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in make sure you come back tomorrow night we'll have seen smith in the studio to give us his two cents on the week's funniest stories and we'll look at an example from a mass baptism of camp pendleton that the hottest websites are now using as proof the u.s. fighting a religious war in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the loan issue on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights if you always catch it all at youtube dot com slash the alona show where we post the interviews as well as the show in its entirety we have next as news of the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world. this is not the war.
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