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she's available in. toto on this photo east west.
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as it could. be strong for us to become the photo. tonight the battle against russia wildfires makes headway as officials say they've reduced the forests by. russia more day of next week for iran's first nuclear power station and bush is saying that u.n. sanctions affect the joint project. to commanders are to be given the marching orders all for a must see all of the military base in the moscow region. prices in russia could grow by as much as fifteen percent this year the price hike is driven by unprecedented drought increased demand for dairy products that and more coming.
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to you broadcasting live from moscow welcome just a tad after ten pm. in the capital and kevin zero in with the top stories for you this friday evening and first the area and go by wildfires in russia has been reduced by a fifth over the past twenty four hours the record breaking heat has been aggravated with blazes in the moscow region is finally starting to ease authorities are now bracing themselves for heavy storms expected to strike the area this weekend as artie's nataly reports. the burning area has shrunk by thousands of hectares throughout the country in the past twenty four hours and states of emergencies have been lifted in several regions in washing however the overall situation is of course still devastating as many villages have been burnt down completely and thousands of people have been left without homes over fifty people have been killed
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in the blazes wide now we are some two hundred kilometers away from war and this is the area that one of there is that have suffered the most from the far as. you can probably see the completely burned down forests here right now russian military is helping farming to tackle the blazes are very important task of the russian government right now is to protect the country's strategic objects such as military bases and nuclear plants and all foreigners in those regions contaminated by the nine hundred eighty six chernobyl nuclear disaster have been extinguished by now as they have been concerns that they could spread rage or acts of particles further and russian authorities right now are saying that the radio active level in those regions is normal meanwhile in regions like this one there are still burning the small is still very very thick it's very difficult to breathe here and doctors are saying that standing here in this forest for just one hour is equivalent to smoking
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two packs of cigarettes they're also saying that immune systems of many people have gone down during this period of fires of course those with lung diseases and heart diseases have suffered the most meanwhile the weather forecasts are not very optimistic even though where you saw heavy rainfall early morning on friday it seemed that for the shower it was very isolated and just as we left the capital on our way here the showers have stopped they did clear the air in moscow however but they didn't help to fight the fires outside the city experts are saying that this heat that will last for the next couple of days will then be slowly replaced with lowering temperatures which might bring heavy rains and storms in the city. that is the telling of a cover appalling from the moscow region and tonight the fires of claimed another life the body of a volunteer who'd been helping to put out the blazes has been found in the republic
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of moore the of here in central russia this is hundreds of people have joined firefighters in the army in the battle against the wildfires as the situation still remains critical in many areas are. going to see what residents in the moscow region are doing to try to tame the flames. but do you want some water. meet alexander the driving cinema manager of my night there's open fire over there to see and about what i find find to by day one of the many russian volunteers who are trying to say forests villages and people. in the morning i have two toddlers and you wake up and the whole city is choking with the smog morning the kids are coughing and you really want to get rid of this small bit of ice but how you know i mean we understand that we ourselves have to do something mari did fly a to speak to kill a forest into wasteland alexandrina his friends spread the word. and people do we don't see. we take food so that people won't be hungry we've got food rations from
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the emergencies ministry it tastes good volunteers usually have no gloves they are needed as the fire is everywhere and you can easily get hurt but said it was almost every day a team of twenty from different backgrounds meets at the square the group is almost ready we're just found out the fire speed didn't kilometers away and this is where we're going and half an hour later the real job begins for volunteers to forest becomes a war zone i'm going but the. fire got close to a solid line or it could move over us and into the forest at any minute our task is to hold back the fire cover it with sand so it won't get into the village the team may be small but they punching above their weight also we don't think we're going. to do this or is not so bad but just really volunteers braving the worst out using anything to hand. disguise here helical are sort of good thing they're dropping
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water but here on the ground there's a very famous deliberately was up in the work for the for the guys we need to send here. over there the fire is moving up the tree we need to try to stop it. it's hard tough work a real challenge learner refuses to go under question and for those who has been i just florists even mention some of you with your eyes you fresh out of the bell for fire and called my husband extinguishes at the shovel or drops water when we're moving from place to place and helping with the carrying. the teams to use in the forest until dawn but while most of them rested home and xander will look his regular shift at the violin cinema and the full moon morning he will get the move all in tears who will again toy once went to sing the forest. acts on the you r t.
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russia says it will launch iran's first nuclear power plant later next week the russian state nuclear corporation which is building the bush era planned announce that the reactor will be loaded with nuclear fuel on august twenty first is katrina czar of the report. all signs seems to point to the fact that yes all issues have been settled all the details have been hammered out and iran's of first nuclear power plant and bush air will indeed launch on august twenty first of course it's been a long wait getting there the plant a bridge in the way the construction of the plant originally began in the one nine hundred seventy s. they were paid for it by a german construction crew the first after the iranian revolution construction was halted that was later picked up by the russian state nuclear agency to stop them in the uk the ninety's of original launch date was originally set for two thousand and seven but that iran had some financial difficulties failing to pay some parts of
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the bill that assad presented it with so the date had to be bought as according to officials here at the most of them this is the final launch date of august the twenty fourth iran's first nuclear power plant will begin producing peaceful nuclear energy according to the officials that we've spoken to at the russian state nuclear agency and i saw them they say that the sanctions currently enforced against iran by the united nations security council are do not actually the effect the pushchair power plant project they did that the bush era power that is not included in those sanctions of course moscow backed the last bout of sanctions against the islamic republic of iran and that has dampened relations somewhat between moscow and tehran but the russian the nuclear state to see if the agency says that it is working very closely with the iranian side it is working very closely with the international nuclear watchdog the international atomic energy
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agency to make sure that every step of the way of the process every step of the functioning of this power plant is strictly controlled not only by russia but by the i.a.e.a. as well you can open you go nuclear power plant your head that they told me that there. you get bob. it's just you do you rate the degrees c. . is true there are two. we call the double double. recently spent fuel but both this their limits you can. run your responsibility because we are going to supply it with nuclear fuel sure nuclear bombs one for the life time them go to get spent fuel back through the process of the russian army so a lot of controls in force but still the media's eye is definitely going to be on iran come august twenty first that is sort of course
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a political analyst for the institute of world economy and international relations he says the opening of the nuclear plant demonstrates the ties between russia and iran are still strong in their recent boss the. emotional state months on behalf of iranian leader president ahmadinejad about the the state of iranian russian relations but i think that the nucleic immerse. industry is not the fact that by the statements on the i think that the trade relations between the russian federation the republic of iran are still good and this project is showing us that . they are actually going to their own way on the project will be completed ready so. on the way tonight most would say playing the stock markets a gamble at the best of times but not italy's fortunetellers it seems funny they say they could make you rich simply by looking into your coffee cup. before that two russian military commanders facing the axe for failing to stop
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a massive brawl among soldiers fast enough the incident happened in an army base in the moscow region and it's prompted public outcry after footage of the fight was posted on the internet he's innocent oh it's got the story tonight. it was a brutal brawl that lasted for about half an hour some twenty or so jobs were training there and they were here in the russian army just going out if you can see this brutal video which was posted on you tube and of course by officials are so outraged two of the commanders are being forced lines for not being able to stop or prevent a fight like this to go to court that face trial for being the ones to instigate this right they were known to be the most violent during the fight and so we don't know what's going to happen today this investigation probably would have taken place whether or not this video was posted on you tube as we know russia has been launching tremendous army reforms over the past couple of years it was one of the
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first decrees in fact that president medvedev made when he stepped into office this is something he's been pushing very strongly for. the pentagon fears and classified documents to to be released by wiki leaks maybe even more damaging than those that have been published before the u.s. military says he knows the nature of the additional fifteen thousand documents that the website has pledged to disclose last month's may recall and publish more than ninety thousand documents creating a stir both with the public and u.s. defense officials when i joined by john young he is a form of wiki leaks advisory board member and a critic now of the website and its policies these days thanks for being with us so why has wiki leaks managed to gain so much notoriety so quickly and how influential really is it at the end of the day. and they've got a great job publicising what they do including exaggerating the importance of. an important mission the amount of secrecy around the world there's been
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a huge increase in secrecy since the end of the circle world war and so wiki leaks is part of the large group of other institutions who are working hard to diminish secrecy which used to come much. and i have democratic so wiki leaks if you got a criticism is that it's calling too much attention to itself and actually diverting public attention from the good that it's doing because it's set out to in fact reach documents that should go to the public but it's turned into something go away bombshell producing machine right now and executive director producing of a lot of interesting documents that the public needs to see and i think that right now they've joined up with the department of defense to actually divert attention from more important matters particularly the recent series on secrecy put out by the washington post and so it's gotten into the publicity game for too much now i know you will pick up on something i use that is joined up with the ministry of
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defense what you mean by that but of course the main big question on everyone's lips is who is responsible for all these massive leaks one u.s. soldiers who knows but implicated but there is another school of thought isn't there that there is may be more to this it could maybe be some kind of conspiracy can you elaborate on what you said just now. well there is a very large underground economy in stolen information using pewter net for this purpose and wiki leaks is a part of that it's a very small part but the technology for selling stolen information very large and very lucrative governments do it corporations do it individuals good to sell stolen information that is part of that because it's so easy to do it is very lucrative but to overvalue it is all still my permission is overvalued in order to get the highest price or right now they're engaged in a campaign to raise the price of their information. but where is this information coming from do you think since last set of leaks.
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well it comes from what i call the underground economy is that it comes from a variety of sources we are to don't know were this latest leak has come from it's been claimed to come from. an army enlisted man but we actually don't know if that's true or not i think i think all this underground economy count i think what i really want to get that has this information come from people that are really close to the source. we actually don't know right now there is too much. information being put out by wiki leaks as well as by the defense department we can't figure out where it came from and how long it's been out there let's talk about the man behind it you touched on it just now joining the sounds of course this is just a big p.r. machine for him. well it's either that or he's serving us or decoys to draw attention away from wiki leaks which is
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a good organization and so there's this prominence of songe which is come about relatively recently is actually diverting attention from what wiki leaks actually does and how it operates so i don't know if that's a fundraising campaign or if it's a decoy to grow up pitching away from the from the underground aspects of wiki leaks and who would want him to do that. well is that the people who are profiting from this underground economy need to divert attention from it and by the way governments engage in this underground economy to they are going to start for the biggest users of the underground economy for spreading propaganda and dissent from a should and should look at if they use sources like wiki leaks to get it out to the public so let's just look at it from the public's point of view i have to say if you stand back tens of thousands of top secret documents have been released as we know to a lot of people the scale of that is more than just to make it in a dumbass chile people can even hope to take on board so much information is that
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just too much minute detail in here. well i've spent some time looking at those and some of them are completely phony some are chokes at the end kill people played. some are totally useless so that intel reports are or have to be evaluated in pieces this is just a dump of all kinds of material and so we actually don't know for sure where this viable or not in the big worry of course the big criticism of these leaks do you think really compromise any operational safety on the battlefield in afghanistan. it's not likely although this is a standard response from governments when something like this happens to you all very often cook up these stories whenever we release some information there's always some lurid. accusation made about it and if you put lives at risk or something like that we publish hundreds of names of spies and they always act
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like their lives have been put at risk so this is a standard response and notice the stories actually petering out now ok john young edits the document leaking site script dodo we're going to dina cofounders a mention earlier on of the wiki leaks website thanks for being on the program. playing the stock market so it's been a guessing game at the best of times but since the global recession seems more people are now tending to cash hungry clairvoyance it isn't see daniel bushell found that there is a sharp rise right now in business among fortune telling. madame christina sees the future from the stains in her coffee she promises to make you money on the stock market invest in coke she says is the real thing a safe haven the umbrella shows from current economic turbulence symbolized by these raindrops in russia gophers burbank this fish jumping through an open circle guarantee success will check how she does at the end of this report whether in
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clear voyant are cheats no better than bankers and now madame christine is jew selection of thousand dollars invested in her tubes would have earned you one hundred fifty dollars to pull the average of the stock markets where they trade jewels defied all north's she says the public's leaving lenders and coming to her for financial advice after this spectacular failure to support the economic crisis banks are losing customers some say fortune tellers couldn't do any worse i mean even shed light in these difficult times. your bushel otty. well if the paranormal is not your bag and you want to know what else is coming up in the business you've got a more ordinary business news coming up here very shortly a more conventional one shall we say on r t in a couple of minutes time right let's take you through some world news now first off start caring for a second round of flooding the indus river swells to dangerous highs presents dari
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visited the worst hit regions on thursday have a criticism that he was abroad during the country's worst natural catastrophe roads and crops have been destroyed survivors are under threat from hunger and disease that disasters claimed more than sixteen hundred lives well over forty million been affected. by these four people being killed dozens injured opened fire into a thousand strong crowd in india innocent kashmir the protesters have been throwing rocks and stones at police the rally was in response to the government reimposing the lifting of the start of ramadan the separatist groups threatened to hold. two months of violent clashes against individual at least fifty five people. a crate of scottish whiskey that was trucked in and out to go ice for more than a century is finally been opened in new zealand it was found earlier this year of the four of a heart built by explorers who were in the shackleton during his nineteen zero eight expedition eleven bottles of mckinley's whisky were wrapped in paper installed for protection however the heritage dram will be tasted because it is
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being preserved for posterity. later this margin under shows as the highlights of an ancient city part of russia's golden ring that's to come after tonight's business with kareena in just a bit. hungry for the food we've got. the biggest issues get a voice ceased to face with the news maker. hello
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and welcome to our business program good to have you with me while grain stocks are likely to be kept up through u.s. supplies after a drop expected due to russia's export ban the u.s. department of agriculture says an increase in deliveries from china the european union and australia are also likely the agency estimates that grain export from russia this year will amount to three million tons in line with the forecast from russia's ministry of agriculture that its asian to halt shipments abroad was made after a drought hit the agricultural sector this season grain production is to decline by fifteen million tonnes globally half of which results from russia's reduction harvesting. are expected to fall between two point five and three million tonnes of the european union the drop could be over four million tonnes and a first deputy prime minister viktor zubkov has officially stated that the government will not entertain any changes to the upcoming temporary ban on great exports the senior was
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a player but even though the temporary ban on green exports has been approved a move be affected from the fifteenth of august until the thirty first of december this year there will be absolutely no changes in the length of the ban for any other reasons the decision has been made in order for the domestic market to return to regular levels of business. drought is also pushing up flour prices on the other side of the globe now costs more in mexico which gets half of its supplies from abroad the head of the country's national chamber of production says he expects prices to rise by another twenty percent during august as russia's grain export ban comes into force. prices in russia may grow by up to fifteen percent this year the price hike is driven by an unprecedented drought and increased demand for dairy products that's according to the cohen. one of russia's biggest producers to calculate the pricing increase mathematically fifty percent of the price of milk is
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comprised of materials increased by sixty percent which means pretty crude grew thirty percent. we have to monitor the situation because consumption is the mean indicator for once it starts falling. now is why we have to be very careful and the government should help because of course we will see price hikes of ten to fifteen percent but we will try to have it under control. or turn over. it was not a particularly exciting day for the russian markets for mining and the participating in the red all the blue chips were down between a quarter and half a profound forces but he with friends on the r.t.s. there was no make over finish top point two percent on the. telecom block. and head of the four x. club under-aged it again explains why the stock market's trading in the red this week. as usual russian markets or have a look related to the way their international markets this week the main use came
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from the. federal reserve which left the rate unchanged bods didn't feel much at all to move them into a market saying that because i'm going to remain very challenging that's why investors remain very cautious about their volatile markets and those are bonds of the old economy. so invest. so. that's why a boost all russian markets during this week in red. airflow has increased its profits by sixteen point eight percent of the first half of the year which is flagship carrier one hundred twenty eight billion dollars from january to july up from one hundred nine billion in the same period in two thousand and nine the main reason for the improved performance was an increase in passenger traffic which is up by a third year on year to date. and russia second largest natural gas producer
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has doubled its net profit in the first half of two thousand and ten here on here the company reports its made around six hundred million dollars these results are in line with expectations. and you cannot exult will soon open in russia some are region due to the area struggling car industry this will help employ over thirty thousand former workers of the country's largest auto manufacturer after vas there's own well produced car components using the workers existing skills agreements have already been reached with potential investors who say they've got over one point three billion dollars to invest of the government's side improve infrastructure and lower business costs are being promised prime minister putin has already signed a decree to get the ball rolling pressured to act has also called for foreign carmakers operating in russia as new rules mean they have to significantly localize their production.


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