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in indonesia multis available in the ground shirts or media hutto the ritz carlton hotel and the toe to toe movie millennium hotel in china you can see a sensor told mccomb rosso told mcconnell droned leader who told mcconnell the initial marco resort hotels were salted to so. would result mcdonald's beverly plaza hotel mcconnell riviera hotel mcconnell cintra hotel mckown. investigators say a blast in some of the rocks of the engine. could have been the work of the
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alkaloids in the minutes and behind moments in moscow metro bombings but he's in the capital on time and that. brings together afghanistan to she can stand. to discuss how to cool drug trafficking terrorism and settle into with. the major cool's of instability. classes are held every day despite the time of year and weather conditions right now it's extremely odd to hear but if you can see the troops are dressed in their uniform will have to get used to it since this is what they'll have to wear on the job takes me to the front line of the county drugs finds who want to go it's a put through tough training for the mission ahead. i started to look at the american history of old ticks and realize it but old boyhood would like to ideals gone sour all hundreds of us nationals who nerika dreamhouse failed them and choose
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to denounce those bits and say. also coming up in the business of the past so fine you should have no real cynical. example of find out why area between the world and that's an area i don't know about and. a very warm welcome to you this is almost the line from the russian capital i'm alice habit police in moscow have been put on a high state of alert the fear is a car bomb in russia's north caucuses could signal of more time in the capital a chechen militant leader linked to al qaeda is suspected of being behind the blast in the town of course which injured about thirty people investigators know who owned the car which was loaded with explosives outside a city's center
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a cafe where the location of the man is a home though although he is not currently a suspect meanwhile for victims of the blast have been taken to moscow to undergo operations up to twenty five people were made to hospitals in the course from where our correspondent exactly reports. we are at the exact street where the car exploded and this is where the cafe it was just yesterday this is a very business street in a small particles it's packed with a little cafes and it was still retain that prevented many more people from being even it started just half an hour before the explosion so destroyed wasn't asked quoted as usual the car that was packed here are was left without a driver but it contains up to forty kilos off t.n.t. just imagine that ten times the last moment of explosives was enough to kill four
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two people in moscow metro this march it is claimed that it's belongs to a local guy wasn't dandified but hasn't been for. yes you can see the people are cleaning the area right now they cut in the trees down you can see how massive that impact was the whole area is the blogs and people who are shocked when they heard the blast some even thought that it was an earthquake so huge and happy it was here or heard from some of. my shop is near the site of the explosion i didn't have the words to express how i feel i've just been there. no the glass is literally turned to dust it's a miracle a shocking system to say that i have seen her and. she says when the blast struck she ran out of. consciousness right on the tram line. to see
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if people had been taken to hospital six us are free only injured and here is the first hand information from a person that's so quiet the longest. i can remember much lost consciousness and when i came round there was around me and we've also talked with the habs doctor at the hospital here. and this is what he had to say just anybody knew. the situation is under control the patients are stable are surgeons operated all night some of the victims have serious injuries and many are receiving counseling to. the sound of the newly formed district in the north caucasus it includes chechnya. investigators fear that more terror attacks could follow and police in moscow is on high alert and investigators also believe that
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martha could be behind this western pedagogues doco marcus in the tourist chechen militants here is the one who claimed to be behind the twin blasts in moscow metro march and he is on international terrorist watch list. stopping a terrorist demming the flow of drug traffickers all the topics being discussed in russian city of sochi president to be that event of his they're hosting a summit with the leaders of afghanistan to. stand at that individual is following the talks. providing security and fighting drug trafficking these were the two topics which took a front seat during today's summit in sochi where the route to this is not going to be easy russia afghanistan pakistan and the cheekiest on a well aware of the challenges they will meet some in the world wonder whether success is even possible and if so what all countries of the international community are committed to achieve it by bringing the four nations together russia
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shows its commitment to support a peaceful stable and prosperous afghanistan and stability in the whole region. probably trying through it is a common problem in the region already i've already had a chance to discuss it with the presidents of afghanistan and pakistan and the counter to their strategy should be a joint effort probably one nine half ghana standing all russian or any other country is able to attack on iran with as i've already sent this is a joint problem and we shall come back to it jointly where this summit which is the second in a row is of course a significant achievement of the four countries and it will take a long way towards strengthening economic regional ties providing jobs all of which are critical for the people of these countries russia is ready to align resources behind peaceful goals of of ghana stand just recently russia signed to over the last fortune of of ghana stones and over old was twelve billion dollars all this is
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done because for russia central asia is a traditional sphere of interest and it has always been sensitive to stability which the afghan conflict is causing currently it's drug trafficking and islamic radicalism which are the main security threats opium comes all the way into russia into europe through to jake is done because no visas are required to travel from to the ticket to russia and this is why the truck floods and easily through the open door so tightening security on the. border was one of the main topics discussed today i t z corpuscle not want to see for himself what challenges the people who are providing security on the border on the tribal border between afghanistan and a facing every day turning a boy into a soldier is a tough task but getting him ready to go to one of the most tricky borders in central asia is even more difficult like north are both cattle knows other people
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don't go out that's why at this training center. there is no time for games when it comes to dealing with going to stand the center of the global heroin trade. classes are held every day despite the time of year and weather conditions right now it's extremely hot here but as you can see the troops are fully dressed in their uniform have to get used to it since this is what they'll have to wear on the job after six months trained soldiers are sent to guard the border while new conscripts arrive continuing the cycle stuns border with afghanistan stretches twelve hundred kilometers around seven hundred fifty miles dodgy border guards are being trained by the russian federal security service under a deal signed back in two thousand and four the use of different weapons physical education combat deck tics and survival techniques are all poured over the course. terrorism drug smuggling and human traffic have put this region in the global
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spotlight that's why there are currently over twenty international organizations including the un in the sea working in his town alone. afghanistan produces over ninety percent of all opium in the world according to the united nations the death toll from opiates in the two countries is five times more than all the needle soldiers who died in afghanistan since two thousand and one but according to the sheet of the war an independent analyst and the author of dozens of articles about the flow of drugs is unlikely to stop no matter how strong and in demand that water . this problem may have various technical solutions but it will never be fully solved while there's fighting in afghanistan and the global demand for opiates. afghan opium production has grown by a third since the us led invasion it's thought the billion dollar business brings more money than all foreign investments put together that's why it's unlikely even the most advanced border control system possible would solve the problem completely
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business is simply too good you got this going off our d. . well as discussed the made to talk. this conference with robot we know for drug policy spokesman he's speak to us now live from washington many thanks for joining us hale nasi afghanistan remains the number one produce c.-a of opium and heroin in the well to how come the main reason will play is really thought the drug traffic flowing from the country in your opinion well congratulations to our t.t.t. and to the four presidents for getting together and discussing this issue and you hit it on the nose when you said that simply securing the border and working security between the two countries between tajikistan and russia is not going to solve it. it's the elephant in the room in afghanistan and pakistan the u.s.
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military regrettably has determined that a policy should be had of not interdicting and not eradicating the drugs in afghanistan because it would destabilize afghanistan what a mistake of a policy and it's a policy mistake both by the military by general petraeus by ambassador holbrooke because it's the drugs that that fund al-qaeda which is the reason that the united states went into afghanistan in the first place drugs are seventy percent as much as seventy percent of al qaeda is in the taliban's funding according to senior democratic senator charles schumer and if that's the case what are we doing making happy farmers in afghanistan or is our job to secure afghanistan stop the drug trafficking create alternative economies and then stop the killing that goes around
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the world both by the terrorists and by the drugs themselves that as you've pointed out have killed millions throughout asia and europe because of coming from afghanistan and pakistan which transits thirty percent of afghanistan's drugs well said the u.s. does not see countering drug trafficking as its mission in the country because the risks well it feels destabilizing the situation so what exactly is america's mission in the country. well get me started on that and i'll say joe biden was right that our mission should be stopping al qaeda not having a broad sweeping military that's really not our mission in afghanistan and i think the american people are more and more going to create a situation where what joe biden said initially becomes the real mission in afghanistan stopping the terrorists that tried to kill us in nine eleven in both
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new york towers and in the pentagon and in pennsylvania but nonetheless we do seem to see that our mission is helping afghanistan create a stable government so that it will not be a home and a haven for terrorists that seems to be the mission and it seems to be a mission that's going to take anywhere from ten to twenty years if we do it the way that we're doing it it's a real mistake the way that we are doing it and especially if we don't stop the drugs which fund to which are the terrorists which are the people that tried to kill us and are still out to create havoc all over the world so part of our mission and you are so right in the four presidents of afghanistan pakistan russia and a stand are absolutely correct that part of the mission has to be to stop the drug trafficking but it will be a fool's errand unless we actually interdict any radek a drugs in afghanistan before they go through pakistan and go to the rest of central asia and with that we may considering that very conspicuous absence does
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this missing in your opinion signal a failure by coalition forces particularly the u.s. to achieve its mission in the region as you proceed. well it is doable for star general barry mccaffrey when he was the drug czar and i worked with him in the white house in the clinton administration created a plan colombia what we need is a plan afghanistan plan colombia stop cocaine by fifty percent from coming into the united states and crime is down by fifty percent in the united states it's a cause and effect eighty percent of the rest these test positive for illegal drugs it's a shocking statistic and that's what's happening around the rest of the world we're creating crime we're creating addiction we are creating terror but it is a mission that can be achieved it's not going to create happy afghanistan formers at first until they had to develop alternative economies but do they really want an
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economy that's a narco state do they really want an economy that's building dramatically the addiction in their own country and around the rest of the world is that the mission that we want or do we want to achieve an economically successful afghanistan pakistan and at the same time stock the drugs that create the terror the crime in the addiction that should be the mission that should be far more important than happy farmers in afghanistan ok that's the way to many thanks to you all thought that was what we know from a white house all of these things leisure of washington. and when he is a first major interview poland's new president but on this level but also said he wants to improve relations with russia and has invited president inventive to visit walsall when it comes as polish wrongly then moscow to continue a probe into the plane crash which killed the previous president and more than ninety others on board they had to see the reports of documents from the
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investigation into april's add in russia. a joint investigation group was formed to look into the accident they were interested in whether the pilots were pressured to land in heavy weather conditions who do you delegation was travelling to malta seventy years since the twenty thousand post offices were massacred in counting of a moron russia polish relations i'm now joined by much a kocinski research fellow for the center for european policy studies overinvolved so many thanks for joining us here on today now alter the very positive rhetoric we've heard from president komorowski do you think that we're really seeing relations between russia and poland improving well yes the relations between poland and russia do improve we have moved away from the so-called cold war situation into a more working relations one where both poles and russians go recognize the importance of one another for example there is a new emerging triangle between poland germany and russia working closely to
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forming some sort of core group in the street in closer or a from well on the president komorowski has actually suggested that russia really needs poland in order to. cement those better relations with the e.u. do you think that he was right in the hands. well absolutely russia needs poland but russia also needs all other european countries because what i'm worried a little bit right now is that what we have seen the russian policy towards poland back five years ago or so we see more and more towards countries such as the romania where the relations between russia and romania today sharply deteriorate so we need to recognize that and russians need to recognize that it's not only and it's not enough to improve relations with poland to have stable and secure
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relations with the entire european union but with all nations are the relations individually have to be stable in order to have real deep improvement between you and russia and not despite what you said earlier about really tons of an improvement in relations between russia and poland there is also a lingering and russian sentiment among some circles and probably does not even some conspiracies about russian involvement in the reddest relents playing crass do you think that these voices have will power to deal well we'll ations all over again. well yes those roses do exist unfortunately and they do manifest certain certain polish position towards russia over the past five years or so and they are a result of it to some extent can they do rail the represent process between poland and russia i would say rather not broad there is this war druther and and we need
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to stay cautious and on alert because as we've seen in the recent days those polish polish debate is well its outcome is is not clear for the moment and we need to wait and see which direction it goes before before we can with full respect in the world for responsibility say that there is no danger coming from this from this to some extent civil society to some extent driven by opposition. movement but what is important to remember in the old days is that these people that have strong aren't they russian feelings within poland are in no position of any formal. power position so we'll eyes to see if that me seeing does it take place or right now many things that was sort of much a kocinski from the center for european policy studies. thank you now for
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many foreign is an american passport promises sheena see and a better life but an increasing number of u.s. citizens have become disillusioned with that country last year alone over seven hundred people when else their citizenship that's three times as many as the year before also. want to expatriate why he did it. ken o'keefe grew up in a nation that he believed. in order to protect. the marine corps. i was punished for speaking out about something that my superiors were doing and my life became extremely difficult upon my return with a different perspective i started to look at american history and politics and realized that my whole life i had been lied to. i believed in those ideals you know
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i believed when i found out that these ideals were really the way america was presenting itself in the world and it became clear to me at some point that i would renounce citizenship and renounce if he did apply to the state department to stop being american claim political asylum in holland and his u.s. passport o'keefe knows that not everyone will agree with what he's done some maintain he could have exerted more pressure inside the system but however they choose to do it. says americans must do something. on one level americans are the most uninformed misinformed dumbest people on the face of god that's the bad news deep down they're also the most idealistic so i say americans didn't mind me saying if they were properly
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informed about the causes and effects of things in the middle east. they could become engaged to make their democracy would it hasn't always been this way at the end of the second world war the us was leading the world economically and morally but according to carol turner from the stop the war coalition steadily improved its not goodwill because it's failing to give its ethically right now it is it's increasingly forced back to using its military power to impose its will ken o'keefe is committed to changing that and since giving up his u.s. citizenship has made it his mission to oppose u.s. military action wherever he can he was on board one of the gaza bound aid ships raided by israeli c'mon days in may and following that he was branded a terrorist by israel but ken o'keefe now an irish citizen giving up his country
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wasn't an easy decision and he insists it wasn't one borne out of hatred you know i realized at a certain point it citizenship was a social contract and i didn't agree to the church of the contract obligations you have rights and you have obligations among your obligations is paying taxes those taxes are being used to commit mass murder i don't agree to that a lot of people misinterpret renouncing citizenship or hating america and that's absolutely not the case at all i have a deep love for the american people and i wish that the ideal of america became a reality until that dream becomes a reality o'keefe and all those like him will be staying away from the land of the free and the home of the brave you are and this. is where the news this is our hair all go away all the racist business news all the way michelle is about. for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get the human voice to face with
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the news makers. every month we give you the future we'll do you understand how we'll get there and . the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join our technology update on our g. hello welcome to the business program hey on r.t. two of the country's most notable thai kings are going head to head. nicole. both own twenty five percent of the mynah through that various companies each is accused managing nor nicola wants to buy their fellow shareholder out but no one wants to sell brian dawe to specialize research and investment explain the conflict
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. when you look at the conflict i think it comes down to one basic issue and common sense says it's money so both protected and both. need money for their own ventures so. the the resolution basically comes down to. who can take full control over either take money out of a company in the form of a dividend which would be fantastic for minority investors that's what i've said and submit. or they use the shares that they own a rules as a deposit or as collateral to a bank for a major loan that they could use to per the business or interests outside of the world those are the two basic centers of a third circle course which is really the worst of all so there is which would be just a legal battle that goes on over and over and over and use an investor would just sort of lose money while they sorted out there so i think the issue is money the resolution will be a decision that will allow the winner to take money out of the company either in
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the form of a loan or in a dividend and depending on which one they choose as a minority investor you could do very well or nothing at all. time to have a look at the markets now in the u.s. stocks that are going lower the energy companies leading the retreat unexpected rise in the u.s. to try crude oil futures to last under seventy five dollars a barrel for the dow jones slipping into the rest of the european stock markets and also adding some u.s. retail stores and failed to ease worries about throwing growth in china and. that the stocks of the worst performers of investors are out further developments on b.h.p. billiton need for potash corp and. finished wednesday's session in the red. a matter for a fifth. on and steal the bag was the main reason on the r.t.s. chatting to. russia's largest. hasn't received any breaks for three
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u.s. policy. the company wanted to sell the mills combined with and i now offer them separately as according to news while american metals market and that one of the assets of paul and in ohio could be born owner rank a bit of a stock on it for one hundred forty million dollars two years ago and finally araf last become the first russian line to be included in the top twenty five leading carriers in the world industry magazine ad transport well placed the russian flagship carrier at tenth place one hole it looked and that's the airline successful financial datings last year the magazine also points every fall says eighteen for the net profit in two thousand and nine which was one hundred twenty two million dollars first place in both categories wins and. the shop davis albert can always find most tori's on our website. business.
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wealthy british sunny sunny. spot on to explain.


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