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but it's time to really feel. the same if you try. to tell me how long to feelings now underway in the reactance out of the scrutiny of the un's new field won't stop. full scale he says it will strongly to bring victims cobol high court decided to extradite russian arms parents to the u.s. . this is a symbol of the old just like grandparents to get them to start to live in the streets of new york using one of their i want to. use the down side see is on its
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way to the junkyard it's forwards ditches it's intentional. and. takes you to russia's white seacrest westsail is the fishermen. but it isn't shamed by time in industry. a very warm welcome see this is the line from moscow with me on this have that iran has. nuclear power plant built by raul say in the south. and it is from both countries annihilating fuel into the reactor to the strict control of the un atomic watchdog well correspondent. from the moment that the. nuclear. was placed into the reactor
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is considered to be. functioning nuclear facility now it's going to take a few weeks for the fuel to be fully placed into the reactor and. the couple of months before they start. producing. for the iranian side it is a relatively short wave. more than three days. waiting for. construction. began back in the seventy's it was spearheaded by the german company's siemens. project after the. nine hundred seventy nine and it was not until late ninety nine. where the project has been plagued by financing difficulties also has been hampered by international pressure applied in iran due to its own enrichment program the
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head of the russian atomic energy agency was very my satisfied with the quality of work it's a unique because it's very difficult to build new equipment into the equipment that was this. is an international project between countries supplying the equipment european countries as well as asia pacific countries i'm seeing is it's not just a russian project really is international and it's very important russian officials . to willingness to continue providing. these by no means is going to put in. your e-mail program costs so much controversy around the world the united nations security council has asked for status of sanctions all together. none of the. did the construction of these plans according to russian officials they believe that the
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current arrangement with iran is impact at all from the point of view of nuclear nonproliferation russia supplies fuel to iran it takes back this band and everything all the operations are happening on the close monitoring of the i eight inspectors people here and also have reasons to be fearful and that's because of latest reports coming out of israel calls to bomb these facilities and nevertheless iranian officials say they have absolutely nothing to fear to shoot because we knew and this is the goose into. the tent be you need you use the leash. these are the these. are the meat. it's the psychological. we do take it seriously do we do it and. we were vigilant. just as look at me to do or see that it's the suv use the russian companies are also hoping that the.
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completion of this plan also will secure them a stake in the in the constructing other plans that iran is expected to build these countries has a very ambitious plan of building up to twenty nuclear power plants over the next few decades. more about the. joined by an independent nuclear scientists joel longlegs from london with the launch many thanks the u.s. wants to prevent the project because the fee is over iran's nuclear ambitions but how much of a normal proliferation risk does the poland posing in your opinion if it. i think it's significant still although the plant itself it will be difficult to actually utilize the spent fuel particularly that's the fuel has been in the reactor is highly radioactive and has to stay at bushehr fruit at least five years won it radioactive because the arm before it could be shipped to the russian
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federation for safeguarding or processing there's still the possibility that that fuel could be for example we ran after a few years could say to the russian federation technicians out you go we're going to take control of this no but importantly the perforation issues are primarily with the training in the equipment the peripheral equipment and the management systems that the russian federation and the international community will actually put in a bush rear to enable that plant to operate as safe as it can well that type of technology the equipment etc all of that is transferable and capable so you could put that nuclear technology into the enrichment plant in the tents and into the small reactor that the iranians are building in a place called iraq so there is the potential for procreation transfer and of course the other theory somebody astray this spent fuel will be returned to russia bit theoretically kid around divert some fuel before that happens despite the
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safeguards being put in place by the when watchdog. no i think you're fairly guarantee that providing international atomic energy agency and the russian federation cells have access to the fuel ponds and can ensure that those points are secure then of course there's no possibility of iran removing that fuel for other purposes the problem becomes all of this relies upon the strength of the agreement between news two state iran on one hand and the russian federation on the other and that's where the weakness could possibly be really wrong could actually believe that contract when it has sufficient confidence to say no longer do we depend upon russia to provide the nuclear fuel for this reactor we can make it ourselves using the rich uranium from the tents and fuel fabrication facilities are best for harm that fuel could be a rainy and they could then save the russians off you go no longer and then they can do exactly what they've done and the tencent corm with the international atomic
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energy agency inspectors they can borrow from access so what i'm saying is you can look for another five or ten years and then iran could be in a position to utilize the spent fuel from this plant that's the risk here and all the fears being expressed by the international community that the sheer plant could potentially be used as a as a training ground for rainy and science since he made the news the knowledge of the no one peaceful purposes again how likely do you think that is. well that's the technology transfer the jewel capability of bringing in iranian science and technology in a nuclear up to scratch the the difficulty i believe is this is that this is by far the largest lump of radioactivity that largest radioactive source in the middle east it by far outstrips the size of the small reactor the research reactor and of course the enrichment facilities at natanz and quon this is a very large radioactive source term so the concern is with the safety the nuclear
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safety and the impact the environmental impact of the routine discharges radioactive discharges from this plant iran doesn't have a sufficient nuclear regulatory capacity that's for civil servants to actually control safety and environmental impact it depends upon the russian federation draws out and for this to bring in and put in a russian nuclear safety short across the whole front there's a risk here that the iranians will not accept that type of nuclear shield that safety sure of course an accident a large plant like a nuclear power plant at bushehr could affect the neighboring states of saudi arabia and the emirates so there are problems here with nuclear safety ok mr large of a thanks and speaking to us on this the opening of iran's first nuclear power plant share that was done largely independent consigned to us from london many thanks. ok coming up later in the program new clues in one of its most famous sovereign
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liberal symbols find out what made the move yellow forward so the down turn scene is driving out of the scene the good angle so. now on a four hour journey by boat to one island that the excess support during the summer months on this island were visiting a village accommodated by more people the more meeting goes well as he explores the lives of the more people additions their homes for past and present. also says it will think it's a bring back to his country the thai court's decision to allow the extradition of the suspected to the u.s. is seen a bollywood political and made on the pressure of time appeals courts to live in the final but for now a court rejected washington's extradition beds now boot will be sent to the us within three months he was arrested more than two years ago and been called in on
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a lot of court operation that point u.s. agents washington more charges of terrorism and the plot almost a colombian rebels which he denies can get my publisher i know with us and is being i fell into because he posed a direct threat to american business in africa. back in the ninety's when everybody left africa because of all the civil war problems going on the american interest also left victor but it was one of the only people that was brave enough to go into that country and after a number of years he had ninety percent of the traffic study controlled and then when things got a little bit better americans want to back him but he controlled all the gold in that way all the diamonds and that sort of thing so the american business interests were very interested in getting him out of the picture his family america punishing him for taking over what the cia had been doing before and he was the only person left you know that was brave enough to go in there in the midst of all those conflicts. any clue so that these the only reason the u.s.
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won't speak badly is because you know. victor boot is a walking intelligence treasure trove has a phenomenal phenomenal photographic memory and there are several reasons why u.s. intelligence community or so keen on getting him to the united states first they try to recruit him the cia made several approaches to recruit he refused all village sticks of legal and illegal arms supplies all around the world and because book knows too much he is more dangerous than we kill leaks for the u s smuggling role not only in africa and latin american but all over the world. one of the suspected organizers of the deadly mosque last march has been killed by russian security forces four of the militants also dead in the special operation mongol my
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valley is believed to have been the leader of one of the missing groups in russia southern republican douglas stone he was on the federal and international wanted list for two years. thought to have had close links to the suicide bomber. blew himself bianca metro station a second female bomber detonated his suicide had taken to the station between killed forty people and injured more than one hundred. ok for more stories to of course had to. twenty four hours a day here's a taste of what streaming live right now from st petersburg next to the song says white black friday called one child. song commuters. have to be evacuated from the metro. and good value for money a billionaire hands on food and million dollars to the first person parade in
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a kid in from me in public the president himself can also play the games for his body gets his face off or any member of his family find out that at all if you don't call. you all psychotics around style yellow taxi is on the road to extinction full scrapping the production of the traditional model the crown victoria by next year deeming it profitable but is that lauren list is been finding out many on the streets the big apple feel they're losing the jewel in the city's crown. in the city that never sleeps the flow of taxis never stops for very long. the line for cabs is tough they can miss the pounding in the city twenty two hours twenty four hours a day but for cabbies it's even tougher. i would. make you money so if you don't hustle for cash during peak hours. and for drivers
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like this one time banker yeah i used. to deal with life on main street means working even harder and faster as a cabbie these days because of the recession. and pounding the pavement in new york city's sea of yellow there is one car that is keeping this cabbie and many others afloat on the car. with the best new york taxi. get on with. it is kept them running for a while now. since ninety six ninety seven for practical reasons it runs and runs and runs but to much of the world this car is more than just a dependable cab this is. the liberty symbol or not it will be scrapped altogether run into the bone yard of cabs two thousand and eleven is the last model
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year that the ford's going to make it across victoria taxicab actually make the crown victoria it all built ford tough hasn't proven tough enough for these economic times sluggish sales and a push towards fuel efficiency in new york means they'll be out of production and the last of them will be off duty for good and if you hear it's. come twenty fifteen death classic new york taxi cab will officially be a thing of the past history will be filled with more cabs that look like this this one's a hybrid. and may get better gas mileage and made cabbies money but it's not. exactly that iconic new york taxi ride times square plates. that they were here. in the one suitcase and the one on a c. lot of people or a few of those to take this one but if you ask anyone in the big apple things in new york move real bad things change that change however isn't always for the better. or would anybody want to sit. in for that cab woven into this city's
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asphalt fabric that's what you need you don't need a car that's built for a soccer mom to take her three kids to practice here and built into the livelihoods of cabbies are forced to buy those car you know the broad. these are all these brokers they're forcing us to buy that car who are struggling this month ahead problem we'd like you know coming up with my rent will new york be losing more. than this american steel from the street this looks like the new york taxi cab fares are going to be a problem the long run i don't know you know maybe for the i love new york people they can have a minute commercials i think for me and. it is yellow cab start to look the same from manhattan to russia to egypt does new york is a little piece of it so yes. yes of course it's going to be bad for new york. but it's on that's it lauren lyster it's the end of an era you know our t.
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own this is called new york. has been experiencing. sets off for another adventure across. on all destination today is the white thing case that the housing kilometers north of moscow a life that i learned as. a failure the question when ship builders the poor people have been linked with the sea for generations and today that way of like doesn't take just have thrown away a found out. they were one of the first conquerors of the northern waters fisherman. not so many fresh it's off season now feel good but salmond is
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a northern fish it comes to rivers for spawning shipbuilders sea captains the norse have a bond with the sea unbroken for centuries. my grandfather used to build one mast into most boats he was one of the best ship builders out there everyone in my family is connected to the sea they were the sailors captains. bourque of is a native of but to keep got island one that he calls the homeland of captains so we travel to particular a four hour boat journey to an island only accessible during the summer months today it's inhabited by about four hundred to morse descendents of the very first settlers here we discovered that the so-called traditional more way of life is certainly not just something out of a history book. constructed wooden boats using old techniques a lot of all this is a car bus a coastal kind of boat it's very stable on the scene it rises and falls smoothly
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with the waves. making their own fish nets. raiding the ropes used for making those fish nets or catching their own fish but i been fishing for a long time now this year i call to big fish this big and living in houses the houses in this village are very well preserved dating back a few hundred years now this house in particular is three hundred years old and the unique feature of these old houses is this fireplace here they cook and they bake but it also has another use on top of it is a bed which they use during winter so they can have a warm bed during the harsh conditions for the poor more adapting to whatever mother nature throws at them has become second nature this bridge for example is down every winter and rebuilt every spring. yet this recipients is also what has kept their cultural life throughout the centuries. and
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susie asked equally sharing a heritage they're proud to call their own. for even singing my who life my mother still sings we collect old returns and songs and revive them this dress belongs to my grandmother when i put on this dress i feel very good and have this desire to sing old songs the desire she hopes to pass along to her young grandson to us or celia artie region. and ten minutes from now delves into the history of and this is attraction the author with us a little. hello welcome to the business program with me charlayne was folly russia will not significantly increase the amount of grain imports this year the government says it
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has another reserve to cope with this year's poor harvest however economists believe the higher prices being pay for weight will never separate faith through the high street question of reports. we. all know bread and even five grain bread while russians read that nearly anybody else in the world changing prices of this staple would make seriously impact the amount of money in people's baguettes because of a court that's right even on the government's a list of racing products where price rises that's subject to control if they start going too fast the federal until monopoly service is currently investigating in number of bakeries for imposing price hike as much as twenty percent but given the fact global wheat prices have soared seventy percent in the last two months it's hard to see how consumers can be completely him an iced all the inflationary fears
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that we have seen are not being passed on completely to the consumer i think inflation may pick up in september it will all depend on the economics and the market dynamics the state's decision to ban grain experts which came into effect at the beginning of this week will only do so much to control prices domestic with consumption in russia is approximately seventy five million tonnes the latest forecast for the harvest fall well short of that. the forecast for this year's food harvest ranges from fifty nine point five to sixty three point five million tonnes but it's also possible that we could even go below that figure. russia does play an important role in provide. the world when it's carbohydrate it was the third largest exporter of we did two thousand and nine but this year the weather has been so appalling that the foreign land is unlikely to recover immediately when the
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rains come having implications for the winter harvest and even next year's crop might you know question our business our chain. of local markets down here in russia the stocks that tracked global trends then closed down for a third day on friday both oil a metals were in retreat damping the investment of pale of quality producers. iron and steel dropped three point seven percent while gas from ended down one point one it stands now looking back on the week sentiment has been broadly negative on the russian markets we've also shown some volatility so i'm in burke from consultancy invest because they wrapped up the last five days trade. this week was kind of usual week for august because. it's end of summer and august is a very scary months for russian traders and for russian stock markets and. well it's quite volatile but for the recent three weeks we've been in a very narrow range in terms of indices and we don't break that.
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recent economic statistics from the u.s. is not encouraging because for example on thursday you are saying this is. a big deal because of the statistics about manufacturing activity and about troubles claims the commodities prices right now are not supporting. the current come or the two levels are. already in the prices of the russian stocks there was a lot sort of in terms of fertilizer industry. in syria might emerge soon and the information the which came friday about chinese company which might participate in the oil for four quarters corp so that information. is quite important for us. crude oil is at a six week low it's been struggling to break out of the seventy to eighty dollars range for moments after briefly hitting eighty two dollars the beginning of august
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prices have slipped back on concerns about faltering economic growth and high in the trees in the u.s. as alexei corking from metropole explains the risk appears to be mainly on the downside for the rest of the. i rather doubt there's going to be a major breakthrough through say. the next three to six months but we'll probably see world going through eighteen to the eighty's or five range a thousand and eleven but if we were experiencing it in excess supply. probably see prices much lower and i think the big question is is two months a stain this level. and there's some doubt as to chinese chinese demand if you look at the three year and you know growth apparently enchiladas it went down quite dramatically to about three percent
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a year so the question is what was the high demand in the first how cute someone off a friend for instance of a program to help the chinese come to increase strategic stocks or could i'm products and perhaps just know for us that's the case that i have in my potential case ok so for sixty five. we will be able to make use of by the end of the year. and that's all for this hour but you can always find more on our website .
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