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two hundred people have been infected with the west nile virus the mosquito borne disease is spreading across the region in the wake of the summer's record breaking heat wave. pursuing its own agenda we can leaks is accused of trying to divert attention from a sex scandal involving its founder by publishing its latest revelations. plus the face of a recent so-called spy scandal and the chapman finds himself in the spotlight again this time she's being sued by a quasi magazine for reportedly breaking a contract next up on r t gets the car's a report after a short break. for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get the human voice ceased to face with the news makers on the.
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imax kaiser this is the kaiser report you know a lot of people ask why is the global economy staying so bad well the primary reason is because the big countries the so-called developed countries blow huge wads of cash on pointless wars let's bring in political analyst day seven stacey tell us more about this well max it might be said that war is the last racket standing it's the last ponzi scheme actually holding the western world together now the first headline however bodes ill for this ponzi scheme security firms by day terrorist by night this is afghan president harm it cause i and he's interviewed by
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a.b.c. news and now check it out the private contractors you have called in your office has called for them to be disbanded by the end of this year in the next four months that something like thirty thousand private contractors who are providing security are you standing by that declaration you want them out by the end of this year different at the man the more we waged the war we lose therefore we have decided in the afghan government to bring an end to the prisoners of the security companies who are running the predator security structures without going to go. and who are not only causing corruption in this country but toward looting and stooping from gov going people who are causing a lot of hurt us been told civilians who we don't know whether there are security companies a day time and then some of them turn into tourist to groups of night time but what a mercenary you know what one expects from these folks are in it for the bucks and
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i don't care how they make their money that's not ideological it's not political it's they me some are that long green cars i then goes on to plead with the american taxpayer he says please you know this is a massive waste of money to give all this money to these mercenaries. but also not they're making a lot of money giving a massive amounts of money on these marsters if you want to make your money back then buy stock in the companies that support the mercenaries like halliburton of the world this is cash back you've got to invest in mercenary activity and all this overseas shenanigans got to be hedged well so as he points out these guys are terrorists the chief amongst them in america of course is blackwater and they're in the next headline blackwater founder moves to. so as armored cars i pointed out the american taxpayer is the one financing these guys erik prince it emerged in court documents in virginia this week that he from august
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fifteenth actually moved to abu dhabi which is a tax haven of course and now he's living there and the reason why according to the new york times a colleague of his says he needs a break from america. now the court should say he broke america but that was running away you know. like rumsfeld and cheney of course i can't step foot in france anymore and other countries in europe because they'll be arrested and taken to the hague for war crimes erik prince similarly but he's not it's for him it's not a bug it's a feature it's a. he's going to take is outlaw status and parlay that into some new fortune erik prince incorporated of course will not be stopped by laws well you mentioned dick cheney and halliburton of course already left last year or the year before to dubai but you know even the commander in chief looks like he may be abandoning america
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taking a break from america does barack obama want to be reelected in two thousand and twelve so this is the telegraph in the u.k. and they're following up on a statement made by david plouffe who was you know part of the campaign the obama campaign and he was quoted this week a saying that obama is quote not concerned with his reelection now max you have been mentioning this quite a few times is that obama has no intention of gaining the presidency again that's correct in other words the white house is now just a place to go to burnish your resume on route to the job you really want working as a partner on wall street or working in some of these new world organizations like the i.m.f. and the world bank and this is where the global governance is going to be happening upstairs at the top floor of the global governance bureaucracy the u.s. would just be consigned to a region and not a very important region at that well you talk about barack obama possibly going to
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goldman sachs or j.p. morgan now this takes me to the previous prime minister of the u.k. tony blair sets up mayfair bank to act as deal maker in investments for the super rich dony war crimes blair he's not allowed in france either i don't think well you know william black who we interviewed on the show just recently he wrote a book called the best way to steal money is to own a bank the best way to rob a bank is to own up to something like that so tony blair obviously is i think taken that message to heart and he'll be joining the other kleptocrats the global. kratz the new oh the new kleptocratic order the other thing about this is the top of the show pointed out is that this war racket is the last ponzi scheme standing is the only thing holding together anything in the u.k. or the u.s. at this point and when a ponzi scheme is about to implode and you saw this with bernie made off they get
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a little bit crazy or they get reckless and they abandon ship and they protect whatever wealth they have so the next headline concerns rise over colonel spicer's private army now this is colonel tim spicer who is a very famous british mercenary who has run many british mercenary firms and now he runs ages and he's apparently applied this past week to put a holding company in switzerland to mess with sell and who pride themselves on neutrality are terrified that now this is a new trend that these mercenaries are going to set up shop in their own state but the swiss franc is moving up because i guess i want to be the taliban stronghold equivalent in europe you could say that because of hama cazayoux saying that these guys are terrorists these mercenary firms and switzerland becomes a safe haven for these terrorists as far as i point them out if the u.s. collapses and there is a new perhaps china who is a very close ally of afghanistan and pakistan if they decide that these are
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terrorist firms and switzerland is harboring them who knows what that might hold yes whistle and well that's the way to play if you want to go along terrorism by the swiss franc but if you want to go along mercenaries operating in a rogue state and countries around the world by halliburton i want a woman surprise you know the new holding company for blackwater i think it's called zero and they should go public you know they could probably raise a quick billion on the new york stock exchange people want to get long term people want to own shares in pole wrongs and max a previous company that tim spicer ran was fined. for basically offering mercenaries in new guinea and the u.n. alleges he also tried to he was stoking conflict in sierra leone so let's look on this same story over in the u.s. blackwater find forty two million dollars for hundreds of violations so here we
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have this rogue these root terrorists as they are now called by karzai these guys are basically committing hundreds of violations and the state department just fine some forty two million dollars forty two million i know drug dealers up down got more that there are some forty two million that's a that's a fine that's a deterrent to crime. max is this likely to stop anytime soon well let's look at this next headline you would think as you point out the global economy is in a great depression and you think by this point american taxpayers will be tired of being so broke right no corporate media poll claims the majority of americans support iran attack yes these war racketeers are trying to now attack iran and fifty seven percent of americans in this rasmussen poll say iran is an enemy fifty one percent say if israel attacks iran then the u.s.
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should support it well they should full disclosure mention that when they took the poll they were holding out a prozac or a cookie saying do you should we attack or an average american person or a cookie or a prozac give us the right. well where does one turn if you're iran and you want to protect yourself from war because there's where is the safe haven iran gold imports twenty two tons in four months yes iran imported over twenty two tons of gold ingots worth over eight hundred fifty five million dollars in the first four months of their current calendar year this amount represents an eighty five thousand percent increase in terms of volume and eighty one thousand percent rise of in terms of value in comparison to the previous year there are no falls there buying of gold is nobody there is of course they want to own lots of gold so does china
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stone is russia because they understand that the dollar is the currency of the devil it's the devils current see the us dollar it supports the devil and his minions over there in washington and wall street. sure those dollar go along gold of course gold is the total anti ponzi scheme and as we're talking about this is the last ponzi scheme standing is falling apart this war racket is falling apart so it makes sense for iran who sees the writing on the wall to buy gold which is that and of course the ponzi scheme kernel though some of the show also people watch a show all over the world except some of the people who are blinkered who live and then the us dollar double currency hedge mony rapidly becoming garble loney only baloney oney it's never going to survive people who own gold know this that's where they're blowing gold. well so they're investing in real wealth let's look at the
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american taxpayer who is financing all of this last ponzi scheme standing it's not a flight to safety it's a cash out so this is the reformed broker joshua brown who we've had on our show and he's talking about a new york times piece where they point out that investors have withdrawn thirty three point one two billion dollars from the stock market in the in the first seven months of this year and now the new york times posits that there's a flight from risk but joshua brown reckons that it's probably that they're delirious with hunger they're selling the house they're selling the other chomping down piece of the house to burn as fire word you know their sell their liquidating because they need that money for food you know at one point stated ever your big shot political analyst on the global scene you know riddle me this you know what point should a country like china just commit financial euthanasia and just pull the plug on american put it out of its misery because watching it rise like this and paying the
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liquidating itself to buy cookies and prozac is painful just so those treasury bonds and put this dog down well max all our previous headlines point to this exact scenario happening i would say well it's inevitable and thanks so much for being on the cuz there are reports stacey herbert thank you max. plenty more war talk coming your way on the kaiser report don't go away. every month we give you the future we'll do understand how to get there and bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world join your knowledge on our cheap.
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welcome back to the guys report time now to go to washington d.c. to talk to my guest paul mcclary senior editor of defense technology international magazine paul mccleary welcome to the kaiser report thanks so much paul mcclary you recently wrote a blog post and titled arctic arms race while the world is focused on the conflicts in the middle east tell us about the race to secure the arctic who are the players what are their motives well the arctic due to global warming and the treat of the ice pack all the arctic eight nations all the nations with with territory in arctic have made some noise over the past few years about increasing the defense posture in the arctic regions united states canada russia denmark iceland sweden norway and finland of all in the past two or three years actually written in their latest defense papers about the need to secure their arctic territories all right so we're
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talking about the arctic eight a eight this is a new a new group not to be confused with the g twenty the g seven the g two or any of the other big groups this is the arctic eight now what sort of arms are we talking about what hardware is being developed and how much is being spent. well right now it's more talk than actual dollars being spent the united states has always had a pretty robust military presence in alaska with with with our military there russia's also had a pretty robust presence canada surprisingly not so much the kadian seem to be more worried than most other countries i think just because they realize that they don't have the assets up there to protect the sea lanes of the northwest passage and protect possible you know mineral or mineral extraction sites. that the harper government has. promised funding for more ice breakers and they want to build
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a search and rescue base up in the north they want a more permanent military footprint but a lot of canadian academics people watch canadian military aren't so sure that the funding is actually going to come through right wildcatter is taking a lot of grief right now of course for x. . in the alberta region for the alberta tar sands in terms of energy procurement so who is winning would you say russia famously planted their flag at the bottom of the sea in the arctic who also is closing in well the chinese actually have they have the world's largest non-nuclear icebreaker at the moment they're not part of the arctic eight there are many territory there but they've launched three or four missions to the arctic over the past several years just for scientific exploration but they're also building several more new ice breakers so they could start exploring the regional more and no one no one's saying that they're going to claim any territory but considering that the united states has three icebreakers two of
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which are in operable at the moment and in port and won't be able to sail until two thousand and thirteen and the canadian icebreaker fleet is old and in dire need of replacement i think a lot of people looking at the chinese with with a little bit of worry i mean the russians have a think eighteen icebreakers some nucular the russians are far and away the best situated to to explore the northern region now i guess we have to touch on the fact that there's a bit of irony here there's a huge global warming and climate change denier industry in america financed primarily by the right wing media like the fox news and even the new york times has done a very poor job in reporting on the climate change global warming denying industry the same group that we saw during the denial of cigarette smoking as being a health hazard have been especially hired to come in and say i. you know there's no such thing as global warming and climate change and yet clearly with the arctic
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melting as rapidly as it is this is opening up the sea lanes and the area for exploration by these an exploitation by these oil companies they find a bit ironic that apparently the same people who say there is no such thing as climate change or global warming are far better curing arms to fight the race in the arctic because in fact there is quite a rampant global warming climate change. yeah i mean especially the northwest passage and the barents sea the year to year ice is decreased significantly. i've read studies of all university in canada had a study earlier this year that surveyed one hundred twenty five global shipping companies only eleven of those companies so that they had any interest in really trying to use the arctic region for global shipping lanes just because the insurance is so high it's very expensive to try to strengthen the whole ship so far shipping goes we're still a ways off
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a lot more else isis can have to melt before before that happens as far as oil exploration there's an estimated ninety billion barrels of oil. in the arctic people are soon no one really knows for sure. and that is that's going to be hard as well to try to start to extract just because there's no real search and rescue capability in the arctic new russia can the united states nor the arctic eight countries have any real ability to to save anyone if something goes wrong up there or something like the gulf oil spill happened there's really no capability of going up there and plugging a hole or doing anything like that so i think all nations are treading pretty carefully hung out of business is treading pretty carefully it's going to be a while i think before we see a real attempt at exploration or are shipping lanes in the far north well you know the obama administration is making a specialty out of pointless suicide missions and whether it's afghanistan and iraq
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arctic they don't seem to discriminate they want to throw money and lives at anything as long as they can twist a nickel and pad their a personal bank accounts but of course the oil that they're going to exploit is going to be burned and it's going to exacerbate the ecological devastation which according to the mindset of these ecological eco terrorists the really got terrorist of course to them this is a good thing right. well i mean there's a lot more problems as well as even with the existing oil oil pipelines in the far north the canadians are very worried that since permafrost is melting some of these oil pipelines that are built on the permafrost might start might begin to collapse or leak just because the ground is softening up or ones that are underground you know with the melting water it's going to get to the pipes and corrupt the pipes so there's there are a lot of worries even with the existing infrastructure up there that the warming is really going to have an adverse effect on it all right so let's contrast what's going on there with most in the gulf of mexico obviously british petroleum quite
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irresponsibly drilled in a place that they had no sound backup policies in place to handle any contingencies of course you could claim that this was unconscionable and they should all be thrown in jail but of course since they own the obama administration we won't see any of that but what's the big difference between drilling in the gulf let's say drilling in the arctic you mentioned some infrastructure problems is is as the area thought was and i guess this as an effect on the actual crust of the earth and it changes the the actual geological structure it is this is this part of the challenge in that area i think the biggest challenge is that the while the ice is melting especially the year to year ice there's still a lot of ice up there in the water and so and you know it comes and goes as you know on yearly basis and the ice flows are still pretty vicious so if you try to do offshore drilling i don't know if the technology really exists to to build big oil
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derricks far off shore in these ice fields i think there have to be a lot less ice before you are really able to do that and begin to extract the oil i mean a lot of these places in the arctic aren't even the ocean floor isn't really mapped very well because it never we've never been able to do it because it's because of the ice pack now that the ice pack is melting. nations are beginning to go up there and try to map the ocean. floor and this kind of comes back to the un convention the law of the sea as well which state united states is on signatory to it it states that every nation owns essentially owns the floor bed about two hundred fifty miles off shore if they can prove that the continental shelf goes further out out than the further out than the two hundred fifty miles they can claim of three hundred fifty miles so the russians are busily. trying to to map the ocean floor to to claim the extra three hundred fifty miles and united states and canada are just getting started there's a lot of joint exploration going on this isn't kind of the have
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a few actually border disputes in the far north over the continental shelf the right u.s. get conceivably go to war with canada well that would be at another good idea let's move on to afghanistan president cares i call the u. us private military contractors quote terrorists by night your thoughts will karzai really send these guys packing by the end of the air i don't think so i think there will be some agreement reached for i mean for all the black waters and all the small you know companies that do hurt civilians and flaunt the law i think there are a lot of people as well that you know protect state department check the provincial reconstruction teams that are pretty essential to the security situation in afghanistan we need better regulation of these people. there needs to some of the need to go out of business but part of the issue as well is that it's been rumored that karzai is brother the governor of kandahar while the karzai has actually he's
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running a lot of these security firms down in kandahar so i don't know what effect that has on him or what you know the talk is between the karzai family but it's a very volatile situation and contractors they do need to be reined in but i would be surprised if this really went through the way karzai is kind of making noises he wants it to go through yeah i was struck by the end. this interesting development one of the major news outlets in the u.s. had great live coverage of u.s. troops leaving iraq and then the next day they reported on the new casualties of u.s. servicemen in iraq so this is a strange kind of withdrawal that i remember and i think with the helicopters of saigon i think that was it i think that was the end there wasn't they don't seem to be able to let go of the kind of war profiteering and easy money that comes with it occupation all right let's let's talk about iraq there's lots of noise about
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attacking it what is what are your sources in the defense industry think and the think tanks there in d.c. is there going to be an attack i see my in-tray contract attack on iran by the end of the year is kind of hovering at the ten percent probability ranges that does not apply or sell well i would say i would call that a sell i don't see the united states trying to open up a third front in the middle east. as far as you know the noise that israel's been making i think the trying to bluster the trying to force the united states into. into kind of ramping up the sanctions i mean i think what they're doing is is forcing us it's and the u.n. to take the issue more seriously you know there are already taking a pretty seriously to impose more strict sanctions israel and or the tac iran would have to most likely fly over iraq and the united states still owns their space over iraq so that would be a huge complication in itself you would have to ask our permission have granted or do without our permission and you know there could be some pretty adverse
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consequence of the united states there as well. how come israel's popularity has crashed so much in the last couple of years i mean they don't see me doing anything different than they've always done but the what was it that book that jimmy carter came i came out with about comparing the wall there to the apartheid regime in south africa seem to be a turning point in public perception. what your thoughts i think the netanyahu regime has been making much more noise and taken much more much more aggressive posture in its foreign relations so think that the flotilla mess i mean israel didn't really do itself any favors there it was a very smart p.r. move by by the folks on the on the flotilla and they kind of put israel in a really tough position and forced their hand and and israel overreacted a bit well i think most americans think that israel's writing checks that they expect america to cash and you know with some unemployment or the way it is and
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what the economy crashing i don't want a rogue state out there on a spending spree on military adventures you know we already got enough of that all right well thanks for being on the show so much paul mcclary and. we're going to keep track of this waging war in the arctic hopefully you'll be back on again soon thank you very much appreciative of come back already and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with max kaiser and stacey hurt on a thing my guest paul mcclary if you want to send me an e-mail please do so at kaiser report at r t t v are you until next time this is max kaiser saying.
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was. a. sick disease it's raw says sounds very few hundred people have been affected millions are at risk of catching the west nile virus a sensible.


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