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operation january from the storm got underway the soviet army pushed the enemy back a hundred kilometers from leningrad. to see it says the flood has exploded its job since nine hundred a siege that cost hundreds of thousands of civilian lives was. for those people the tram became a symbolic time machine. during the journey they remembered the nine hundred days that nearly broke them but made that friendship stronger.
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right. from.
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the start he. new details emerge after russian pilots saved everyone aboard a crippled passenger jet by crash landing at a short airstrip in a remote woodlands. the pilots increasingly being called heroes for that conduct find out why just a minute. job too close for comfort a u.s. soldier facing condemnation for planting grenades in the cars of iraqis for a lot. if you stand in that cool excused of something which might be totally out there is nothing that a british school can do to stop an expert on. the u.k. get set to review its controversial extradition laws as they allow one sided deals
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brits are set or broad for a trial with no proof of guilt. ten pm here in moscow thanks for being with us here on r t our top story prosecutors are investigating the crash landing of a crippled russian airliner in the northwest of the country all eighty one people aboard had a miraculous escape when the plane overshot it a bad airstrip on tuesday and slammed into trees artie's tom barton has the details . but first we just heard that there had been a crash landing these new details revealed an astonishing story in the air really the flight the the tupolev t one five four was on a six hour flight from the far east of russia into moscow for four hours into that flight at a height of thirty thousand feet ten thousand meters
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a huge electrical failure struck the plane which knocked out its navigation systems its communications systems the fuel pumps taking fuel to the the fuel tank for the engine and also the flight brakes the flaps on the on the wings that left the pilots with a very difficult job of finding and have a place very quickly. they have looked around in the komi region where they were currently over in northwest russia and they found an old disused airstrip they then circled three times to try and get the right approach using only their engines with no electrical assistance and then managed to put the plane down on the runway the runway being too short for the plane however so it overshot into trees beyond the runway amazingly after all of this no one was hurt out of the eighty one passengers and crew on board and they all got off the plane all the passers are now safely
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back in moscow to see who will. and ended up into routes in there just a cruise arrived by two weeks everything was organized very fast. if you look for the professionalism of the crew we would not be standing here. the representative of a company that owns the plane has said so in the in the investigations afterwards and as far as they know currently nothing was wrong with the with the plane as we can hear us i want to refer you to the investigation committees working now at the site to find out what really happened before the flight the plane was functioning normally. it it on the go on planned technical maintenance and preflight checks now there are seventy two passengers only two people a married couple refused to continue their journey by plane they went by train there was no real panic when the plane landed there was slight nervousness because there were emergency slides and everyone was anxious to leave the plane as soon as possible but the stewards did everything well and the evacuation was done in
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a normal manner. people are saying that these two pilots who managed to participate in safely should be given awards when they return to moscow after de briefing the off for a tease said calling them heroes really an aviation expert said just that and and sort of expressed what a difficult task these two were really faced. of course it's not being used for what it was intended because it's a helicopter airdrome the ground was too hard and without any runway markings but you have to be a monster to land the plane like this what is most important is the insurance and ability and professionalism of the whole crew if the whole crew listens to their pilot and he really acts with responsibility for the whole plane this is the main thing this means it's a professional crew the proof is that no one was injured on board the plane the investigators now have a ride to the site and they're going to go over there so this plane and look at the whole situation to try and find out what happened with this electronics failure the
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two pilots currently helping them with their investigations will only know the full answers when the investigation comes back but for the moment when the pilots return it's undoubted they're going to be met with a hero's welcome. parties tom barton reporting while pilot and aviation expert yuri believes the crew did an exceptional job under extreme circumstances. of course it was a considerable degree off walk but they believe we have to compliment above all vera sharp professional skills of the russian crew for fifty four is not an easy aircraft to what he wouldn't ever think rocks normally every even when ever i think of the rates as it is supposed to operate through really have had to push a little bit beyond the envelope where they say there will have to demonstrate their very high professionalism to learn that you know with their in orbit of the
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flaps and slats it is quite a challenge and he's a rock. and i have to say that the crew did just fine. a former u.s. sergeant who served in iraq secretly planted grenades in the cars of iraqis at checkpoints for a prank he filmed himself and the reaction of the driver is a joke and posted it all on you tube but as are his policy reports most iraqis see nothing funny about life in a war zone. manning a checkpoint all day muskett boring which is perhaps why sergeant dunson and his partner admit they pass the time playing jokes on unsuspecting drivers in the future to posting dunson describes how they planted a grenade in the iraqi man's car a few seconds of confusion always explained and the perplexed but very relieved driver is same time his way. out of you know under the cause. or hour it was just one of those being worried you know what happened. on the guy i
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like to have fun but for most iraqis this is not fun and life here is very far from being a joke. i think it's only for them to laugh for us it's not funny but very scary. we're used to car bombs explosions research is happening every day but if someone did this to me i would be so scared. as would most people in a country where a checkpoint can often mean the difference between life and death it's not uncommon to have your heart take at least a dozen times a day if you had either way what you would see the city of britain they will be arrested on the. terrorism. and some american military personnel are not seeing the funny side of sargent done since antics i would not tolerate that and my organization. i don't think that's conducive to gaining. into the partnership with with the federal police or certainly and trusting their confidence
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and us or the people for that matter and trusting the. trusting in the federal police doc to fight him out but that army has never been pranked himself but claims to have witnessed american soldiers displaying even more alarming behavior on a. i personally know of many cases where soldiers would take a bet and for example hates an iraqi citizen just for fun there were cases where people died from this so-called fun we had about one hundred fifty thousand american soldiers here and although some were professional there were many who were not. but i want to a local t.v. stations and all picked up on the idea. that it takes well known local celebrities to iraqi checkpoints and plays pranks on them in much the same way as dunson and his colleagues produce and nudge him i will buy i says it's a way to lighten the situation and. we're not making fun of the iraqi forces
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they're very brave in fighting terror but we wanted to present them in a unique and different way we also wanted to present weapons as something people can laugh about. there's mixed reaction to the iraqi show but still iraqis making fun of iraqis is very different according to most people here to americans getting in on the act and with people still being killed in iraq every day it was a constant reminder that terrorism is no laughing matter. back to. staying with iraq at least six people have been killed thirty five wounded in separate attacks in baghdad today a civilian three policemen were killed when twin car bombs exploded in the south of the city two were killed in a simultaneous doubled whilst near a bus station in eastern baghdad on tuesday a gunman wearing an iraqi army uniform shot dead to me u.s. soldiers. britain has now said they'll take fresh stock of its extradition laws
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which currently allow u.k. citizens to be shipped abroad for a trial with little or no evidence of their guilt the overall is expected to focus on the treaty with us as campaigners say it's biased against britain but the home office says the independent review will not impact any case is already being processed as artie's lawyer and it reports. reclaiming some of its lost power britain is set to review controversial extradition treaties with the us and european union under the current laws countries that want to extradite british citizens don't have to provide any evidence that they're guilty of the crime they're wanted for if you stand in that course truth of something which might be totally absurd there is nothing that a british court can to stop him being extradited to have a very very limited powers to stop him being extorted and we've seen this in a number of cases now where there's no real evidence against somebody and if the court was allowed to look at the evidence they would say sorry doesn't justify
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tradition we're not going to allow it after years of fighting it's a small victory for john this sharp her son is gary mckinnon who is wanted in the us perhaps into the pentagon's computers he's been granted a stay of extradition and if the review gives precedence legal system more power to protect its citizens he may not have to face decades in an american jail the we really really difficult because there is every second is that i hate and stress and it's very difficult. of prepared that it may be a longer way he agrees as long as it is good and also if the treaty is changed and helps everybody then at least something's been achieved and you feel that it wasn't over nothing that we went through the hill with some the treaty with the us was put into place following nine eleven to make it easier to extradite terrorists critics say it's one sided because britain can't extradite us citizens without proving the
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individual has probably committed the crime and so far only one person is believed to have been handed over on suspicion of terror the treaty has been mainly used against businessmen accused of fraud and minor offenders current top is one of the u.k.'s top extradition lawyers involved in most recent high profile cases but i think it has been appears the media. the one type of people we do not terrorists america takes advantage of the very weak position the u.k. is in. this extradition treaty more than a thousand people was seized by u.k. police last year on orders from the e.u. or united states fifty percent turn the year before british lawyers say many european states have imposed conditions on extradition to protect their citizens where is the u.k. has no star jumped out a large proportion of extradition is to the e.u. often minor offenses which aren't necessarily considered crimes in the u.k.
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cool spirit view of the situation intensified last year after germany refused to extradite a doctor who had accidentally killed a patient whilst working in the u.k. they're reviewing panel made up of lawyers and international relations experts is due to report next summer but until the situation changes british citizens will still be at risk of being extradited with no evidence. even the man who signed it for behaving secretary david blunkett now admits gives too much away you are at it . turning back to russia forty homes have gone up in flames in a village in southern siberia as wildfires continue their trail of destruction across the country locals have been taken to safety authorities say seventy firefighters are battling to prevent the fires from reaching another nearby village blazes across the country this summer have claimed more than fifty lives russia's president dmitri medvedev has blamed the negligence of local authorities and values
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that if it happens again those responsible will lose their jobs. it's obvious that the current laws in level of organization of forest management are not good enough current laws give responsibility to the regions but it doesn't allow for that responsibility to be withdrawn it is the duty. if it happens it should lead to the instant firing of officials up to the governor. our web site has a lot more stories for you to explore whatever you like here's a taste of what's online right now at r.t. dot com. anti immigrant sentiment still sweeping parts of the u.s. despite a recent poll suggesting the inflow of migrants has fallen by more than half in the past few years. and the birth of the north korean leader is shrouded in mystery but evidence suggests kim jong il may have been born in a small village in russia's far east for all that and more surf on over to r.t.
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dot com. the united states is keen to promote relations with russia to benefit the rest of the world hillary clinton made the comments during a speech to the council on foreign relations in washington the secretary of state says it's vital that past differences are finally put aside with russia when we took office it was amid cooling to cold relations and a return to cold war suspicion now this may have invigorated spy novelist's and armchair strategists but anyone serious about solving global problems such as nuclear proliferation knew that without russia and the united states working together little would be achieved so we refocused the relationship. we offered a relationship based on not only mutual respect but also mutual responsibility and in the course of the last eighteen months we have a historic new arms reduction treaty which the senate will take up next week
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cooperation with china in the u.n. security council on tough new sanctions against both iran and north korea a transit agreement to support our efforts in afghanistan a new bilateral presidential commission and civil society exchange that are forging closer people to people ties and of course as we were reminded this past summer the spy novel is still have plenty to write about so it's kind of win a win. turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe a beef b.p. investigation into the gulf of mexico oil spill says the company was to blame along with a number of contractors the report that took about five months to compile pointing to a chain of failures involving various parties in the biggest environmental disaster to hit the u.s. b.p. says it excepts all recommendations in the report and will implement them worldwide a rig explosion in april left eleven workers dead and caused a massive oil leak. in the u.s.
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a small church in florida says it will burn copies of the koran despite international condemnation over the move the dove world outreach center plans to mark saturday's anniversary of the september eleventh attacks by burning copies of the islamic holy book it's meant to be a warning to all radical muslims but a top islamic cleric and prominent members of the obama administration have said doing so could permanently damage ties. hundreds of people took to the streets of los angeles to protest against police shooting of guatemalan immigrant protesters threw rocks and eggs at a local police station and officers responded with rubber bullets more than twenty demonstrators were arrested earlier about three hundred people blocked a nearby intersection as part of their protests. nasa experts have been advising the thirty three trapped chilean miners on how to cope with their predicament with the potential for months until any rescue doctors have told them to form an underground community to combat the mental stress the miners have had some light
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relief after which they were able to watch chile play ukraine live on t.v. a miniature projectiles pass through a ball hole to display the game on a wall. in less than twenty four hours our extensive live coverage begins with the global policy forum and the russian city of yaroslav all its attracted a vast political crowd from some thirty countries as well as several heads of state the press attache for the russian president natalya tina cova says everyone is looking forward to some wide ranging dialogue. this forum is taking place only for the second time but it has already attracted a lot of interest from our foreign partners as well as political circles aside from the russian president italy's prime minister silvio berlusconi and south korea's president lee myung bak will take place in the forum a large number of prominent florid and russian political analysts will participate and work in different fields i'm sure will draw lots of interesting conclusions during the forum president medvedev will meet his foreign colleagues and make an
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address but will also separately meet with russian and foreign political experts to discuss the problems and achievements during the year. when it's something really. what you want to get down to. the latest. round. discussions on the. security and stability of the present day world. question. as the hours may news here on our team up next stephanie monday has all the latest business news after a short break stay with us. i'm great for the full stop we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. hello
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and welcome to the business bulletin russia's finance minister alexei kudrin has a warning on growth and inflation in the country that's only. a good returns if it's easy economic growth this year it will be lower than expected we forecasted to be closer to five percent today we expected to be running four percent and inflation is higher because prices are rising which we expected it to
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be around six percent but neither were looking at sort of in. moscow as an international financial center that's the focus of a conference underway in the russian capital and our correspondent there tell you how clever is that the event. the project aimed at developing moscow women into an international financial center is designed to not only to attract more foreign investment into the russian capital but also to help russia's financial system to become more globally competitive however this idea has already sparked some curtis's munda some analysts are saying that this goal is hard to achieve in the near future they say that russia still a lacks financial stability that it's a domestic financial markets are very much a developed and that there was almost no track record of a low and stable inflation in the country and they say that that more feasible goal
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to achieve into the future from moscow is to become a regional financial hub for no reason to believe some terrorist reason no financial center for all that is going to be the for the future you know from this point of view right through the mail will be so i disapprove of it already has. a sculpture of some use for the for a living it's to show the if it's true do you feel is the solution to the missiles the supervision or regulation of financial markets in the summer of all of this because shortly before the financial markets i think this will be from the future i'm sure it's the same story markets russia's economy has a long way to go before the ruble becomes an international reserve currency that's the dominant view from a conference focused on the prospects of the russian current sea he steps according to analysts should be to boost the government bond market stabilize and diversify the russian economy and lower the inflation rate however the president of the my
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sex exchange says russia is making progress. between people to be accepted in such a situation this is a culture and stop them this is the first step towards. making the litters of cars bright and barrel hooka for my cup says the ruble is already attracting international interest. the trading that we're seeing on the platform is growing month by month with all sort of three to six months we've seen huge increases in volumes we would expect those volumes to topple over the next six months so this massive october we've seen counter parties in hong kong and singapore in new york and chicago in particular all looking at the rudeness of most of more inquiries and they're all about ruble are actually coming from north america and asia. my six aims to start trading the yuan ruble cross by the end of this year analysts say the trade will boost the profile of both currencies my success the initiative came from
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the russians central bank and the people's bank of china is expected to launch the same trait. now let's have a look at how the russian actually markets forward on whether to stay with the r.t.s. and then my sex finished higher forms with fabric gaining a hefty two point seven percent and is the major source of that support mustapha is more than two percent higher at place. washing all companies are increasingly looking east several producers want to expand or establish operations in china within several years ross neff representatives told a conference they could build new oil refineries jointly with the chinese meanwhile plans to sell more oil products to china vice president you need a dude said luke was priority is to expand to asia as the fastest growing region. global stock markets took a breather on tuesday after a five day rally business r.t. spoke to several analysts about best forecasts for the russian markets for the rest of this year. well typically we have
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a very quiet summer in russia where volumes are very weak and that's definitely the case this year as we come out of the final quarter of the year volumes do tend to pick up trading activity picks up and generally historically the market tends to rally so most of the gains investors make tends to be towards the end of the year so yes we are starting to see that dynamic right now we're starting to see from flows coming back i'm a starting to see volumes pick up private investors in russia have started trading a lot more on their own account rather than using mutual funds or similar structures to invest in the market so the russian money is here it is very active in the russian market but the extra money that we want to hold to drive the markets higher will probably go forward and fortunately we don't see these liquidity globally could use very good unfortunate we don't see in the russian market the inflows in russian fonso russian air into france are very very low so still we're treating so you we seen the range and unfortunately right now i don't
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see the major drivers for the russian market to break through all of this range the market is expecting the results of the third quarter corporate news from america american markets first of all and what i hear from clients this is the growing concern that these results will be bad. and that's all the basis now but you can always find most stories on our website at flash.


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