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hundred kilometers from leningrad. to see it says the flood has exploded its job since nine hundred a siege that cost hundreds of thousands of civilian lives was. so those people the tram became a symbolic time machine. during the journey they remembered the nine hundred days that he broke them but made that friendship stronger.
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russian pilots are being hailed as heroes after managing to crash landed a crippled passenger jet at a remote airfield in northwestern russia saving every on board as the aircraft flew at a height of ten thousand meters fuel pump navigation and communications systems were suddenly paralyzed the crew wide of the one fifty four to a lower altitude and landed at a disused airstrip the plane eventually came to
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a halt and woodland where emergency services help passengers to safety. anyone serious about solving global problems such as nuclear proliferation knew that without russia and the united states working together little would be achieved the u.s. secretary of state says russia is a vital part when it comes to solving global problems speaking to the council on foreign relations in washington hillary clinton spoke about wanting to promote relations with russia and the rest of the world she stressed that only through partnership in issues like nuclear disarmament and global terrorism be resolved. britain's special envoy to afghanistan has stepped down from his position amid speculation he was forced out. cooper colt's was an outspoken critic of the military policy in the country advocating opening dialogue with the taliban responsible for. coordinating strategy in the region was well known for his strong criticism of the u.s.
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led surge in afghanistan. let's look at our headlines next the kaiser report this time max kaiser and stacy herbert take a look at the economics of war and the huge bureaucracy that is draining american public finance. max kaiser and this is the kaiser report markets finance scandal and today we're going to take a look at the economics of war and warfare let's go to political analyst stacy herbert max keiser we have been saying here that the wars in
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afghanistan and iraq in particular have caused this giant financial disaster around the world now witness this video of tony blair being interviewed in the united states this weekend roll it roll it roll check it out tony blair talk about vice president cheney at the time. quote he would have worked through the whole lot iraq syria iran dealing with all this sort of gets in the course of it hezbollah hamas except for in other words he thought the world had to be made a new and that after the september eleventh it had to be done by force and with urgency so we've gone through all that long he didn't say that in those meetings but you know dick was always absolutely hardline on these things but i think he would openly evolve this his worldview was that the world had to be remade up to september eleventh but you can't dismiss that cheney view and say well that's just
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that's stupid ok tony blair saying we can't dismiss cheney's view as stupid dick cheney megalomaniac warmonger are guilty of war crimes. insider trader created the insider panel with the bush administration father of the enron scandal father of the how the burton scandals father of the scandals over there. blackwater now xe he is evil incarnate when ronald reagan talked about the axis of evil it was dick cheney his mirror image and the mirror image of his mirror image he is the father son and holy ghost of evil dick cheney and he's absolutely right king yes wrecked i should say the american economy and this is absurd tony blair remember is dick cheney's little pool remember dick cheney goes down to washington to washington avenue you know we're in washington and look at
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the end of the least there's little tony blair. yes i'll spend british money on your wars yes i'm a little blue he's disgusting blair is why is why blair mom for the thai people looks like well he says it's not stupid cheney's view but let's look how stupid it is because the other thing the it's a scandal you forgot there was that cheney was the head of the scandal of nine eleven ok what america has lost it's clear we overreacted to nine eleven this is for. newsweek now and he's discussing this vast warfare state which is bigger than any sort of social welfare state one can imagine so he's talking since nine eleven that the amount of money spent on intelligence in the united states has increased by two hundred fifty percent to seventy five billion that they publicly admit to even this public admission of seventy five billion annually is more than the rest of the world combined on intelligence furthermore
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america is now built thirty three new building complexes just for the intelligence bureaucracies homeland security now has two hundred fifty thousand employees so when you see all those glenn beck and sarah palin people rallying against up. people collecting money forget about those the giant bureaucracies is number one the pentagon number two the bureau of veteran affairs and number three homeland security is this giant apparatus creating fifty thousand reports a year one hundred thirty six a day that is the definition of a command and control communist centralized government and it's not right now in america and you're absolutely right beside you that america overreacted to nine eleven talk a little bit about the recent editorial that was written up he also talks about now in america there are thirty thousand people employed just to listen to phone conversations that's about the same as what we see in china again another communist command and control government centralized government so it's dick cheney the
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republican party donald rumsfeld that has created this giant vacuuming sucking sound undermining the entire economy and fareed zakaria also mentions that the federal response to katrina demonstrates exactly the danger of this situation the federal government's fastest and most efficient response to hurricane katrina was the creation of a guantanamo like prison facility in days in which one thousand two hundred american citizens were some really detained and denied any of their constitutional rights for months. you know look i agree with three eight in terms of the overreaction to nine eleven and the material lost lives lost does not a big deal i mean insurance covered all the material laws and remember many of the lives lost on nine eleven were essentially financial mercenaries i mean these are bankers on the front line trying to impose their financial will as financial
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mercenaries and we shouldn't think about the loss of these financial mercenaries any differently than we think about the loss of mercenaries like blackwater working in iraq or afghanistan now they were there was collateral damage of people they weren't informed that they were working side by side with financial mercenaries and those that's truly is a tragedy but for the most part we're talking about hardened banking assassins and suicide bankers and you know there was some blowback on that day you can't win every single battle well in fact let's talk about the cost because this is also come out remember just a stiglitz a few years ago projected that the cost of the iraq war would be three trillion well now they've upped it it's actually more than three trillion dollars analysts iraq war partly to blame for a financial crisis so this is joseph stiglitz and harvard university public policy lecturer linda j. bones so they're saying that the iraq war forced the america more into debt which was partly caused by the increase in the price of oil so they put about ten dollars
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per barrel to the cost of iraq war which cost the u.s. economy about two hundred fifty billion dollars that was cash that was taken out of the economy it was capital and sent to the middle east look i made a prediction on this show that the insider is responsible for nine eleven like you know dick prince over there eric parents friends over there a blackwater they would go to countries with extra do extradition agreements erik prince is now already in a country without an extradition agreement and i predict we're going to see this for. cheney as well i think cheney and bush rumsfeld certainly they will all go to these countries to get outside of the reach of folks who will be wanting to have them accountable for the nine eleven that they created the iraq war that they created the cost a million iraqi civilians of gold blood because what tony blair just admitted to a power play for oil remember blair was saying no blood for oil it's not blood for
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oil it is blood for oil you lying sack of dog dirt you know you should be ashamed yourself you know lisa's wife should divorce machinery i mean the guy's worthless well let's look at what this three trillion dollars and this giant warfare state has done to the u.s. economy no defense left against a double dip recession says nouriel roubini quote the us has run out of bullets he's referring to a policy response by the fed and treasury said they have no way to fight what the the deflationary collapse no monetary policy no fiscal policy left i'm a good deal of it is caused by the reaction to nine eleven which alan greenspan lowered interest rates almost down to zero and then of course the cost of the war is many of it much of it is off balance sheet but it exists not one member of a bush standing on the rubble nine eleven with his megaphone saying america as americans we will give in to. helping shopping show them you're american by
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doing this all morning did america and of course to facilitate that alan greenspan who you have to also consider is part of the you know cabal of folks that really had their finger all over nine eleven he dropped interest rates down one percent which enabled this huge confiscation of wealth trillions of dollars to be zipped well out of the country and now america sitting there sucking stumm wondering well what happened to our country well it doesn't exist anymore america is over well look at the fact that what ben bernanke has said several times what got the us out of the great depression world war. paul krugman has. basically suggest that recently tony blair in this interview that we started at the top of the show goes on to basically say we need to bomb iran because this country that has not invaded any other country for over two hundred years is somehow an x. essential threat however if you look at the history which were mimicking directly now they're hoping for
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a world war because the population is restless they're unemployed they're hungry and you've got to do something to change it well look my advice to iran as i've been saying to protect yourself against these psychotic warmongering psychos like cheney and obama he's certainly in the same group now trying to borrow fifty to one hundred billion dollars from goldman sachs or j.p. morgan as the first tranche of borrowing and try to up that to happen trillion or trillion as quickly as possible then obama and bernanke and the gang instead of bombing you don't want to bail you out because you be part of the club i made the same recommendation to people living in gaza if they only have five or ten billion dollars in debt owed to j.p. morgan and goldman sachs they would be getting bailed out and not bombed that's the strategy you need to take this is what you need to participate in the global ponzi scheme if you're not a really is so sustaining oil producing you know it's out there you know it's not being protected by the mafia on wall street so it's going to be picked off though
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max my last headline proves your assertion bill black control fraud crushes kabul and the new york times need to correct its correction so bill black william black who we've interviewed on the show says that the banking and political elites in afghanistan remember those banking and political elites are mostly cia agents or are protected by cia and their competitors are assassinated by the cia with u.s. taxpayer money well these elites basically use kabul bank as a weapon of to defraud the popular. and now the new york times had originally reported on the run on kabul bank saying that the u.s. was going to bail it out and then they printed a retraction well it william k. black is saying you know the u.s. taxpayer is bailing it out whether it's directly or indirectly we are because there is no other economy there but defrauding the u.s. taxpayer. is the one guy who knows where the bodies are buried this global
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financial system that's why he'll never get the position of regulating anybody because he's simply too good at what he does the kabal bank situation yes another example of a bank going bankrupt to protect itself against rogue banking assassins on wall street and the kabal bank yes it's an example of control fraud yes the u.s. will bail it out just like hank paulson back in october of two thousand and eight but a gun the congressman said and said if you don't give us seven hundred billion dollars so we can give our banking relations in europe the american taxpayer money we're going to declare martial law and shut down the american economy so says testimony from congressman who were there at the time they were threatened with martial law from hank paulson former c.e.o. of goldman sachs so again let me repeat myself up there and say around if you want to protect yourself from rogue grown bombers and other flights of fancy
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from large ships patrolling in the area with bombers and marines and whatnot you must start getting yourself more indebted to wall street this is the only way consider yourself well tony blair does work at j.p. morgan he might have a loan for that also money up right now tony's hot shop tony's debt shop so tony an attorney is to read calling it is hard to live in does my old boy old sports. thanks so much for being on the kaiser report stacy herbert thank you max when we come back we're going to chicago to speak with mike johnson about what's happening there. go away. from money get some bullets from honest. courage. and
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honor. they managed not only to stay alive. but to keep their faces and souls in inhuman circumstances. nine hundred days in besieged linen ran through the eyes of the survivors. if. when the news is not enough. when it's something really crucial when you want to get down to brass tacks when you bring up special coverage. this time the latest news from the young muslim woman policy form line broadcasts special guests discussions on the end of the modern state in providing security and stability of the present day world.
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question more on the. welcome back to the kaiser report you know with the collapse of the gulag. this in our economy in the u.s. in a deflationary spiral millions are employed tens of millions are on food stamps and many of those so many are homeless some are fighting back like mike johnson and chicago mike johnson welcome to the kaiser report morning max mike jansen a writer for the huffington post
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a recent blog is called americans unite this is an emergency illust three problems that constitute the emergency tell us what they are well as you pointed out there is much formlessness there is a biological war going on. and there's just not enough people to. know i mean the people that need to get sustenance dimension bio war which is interesting and of course this brings up a topic of food that you write about extensively can you talk to us a little bit about the food issue and what's at stake here what's going on who are the players who are the corporations tells a little bit more about that mike johnson well as you know no he has just fronts correct maybe five hundred hundreds of thousands of gallons into the gulf as well as ninety five twenty seven eighty nine ninety five twenty seven eighty and it's
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shown to produce. birth defects in animals as low as twenty parts per million. then we have monsanto where if you feed so into rats. they have ninety percent. birth defects and or stillborn in the ones that are or. are infertile and going the same way with the ninety five twenty seven a g.m. crops. i recall that. pretty much biological were all right so the biological warfare you've got to correct it that was dumped into the gulf by b.p. it got the modified genes that are introduced into the food chain by monsanto by a set of course a big player in all of this biological warfare famously monsanto involving the
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agent orange during the vietnam war they're also involved in the bovine hormone drugs they're involved in of course genetically modified seeds terminator stay south of them are about monsanto and i guess also us and gentle those the two big players in the space right now might center was able to get away with things that they're doing right now basically because they have people who work for months and all that are in the government. is high up as clarence thomas who use you know months in a lawyer he is narrow groups chief justice or justice a misprint court well the recombinant who are in growth hormone michael two are pushed through congress it is now just been appointed by dart or president obama. chief of food safety. of course are. going to not want g.m.o. foods or. start we're doing. better man or what we're actually eating
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there i don't think many people realize the earlier ship it change unethically modified food an intellectual property and patent laws as we see these laws apply toward creating oligarch please and doowop allee's certainly in the intellectual property field of music and television and films you've got the rise of the monopolist who's using extending copyright law to create monopoly pricing in intellectual property in that room but monsanto what they what they've done is they've said look the sea is is not something that's reproduce and available to all the seed is our intellectual property months and all effectively has rebranded earth and you know monsanto has a god complex in other words if they believe that the only they are able to be
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stole the globe with seeds i mean that that that they have a worse god complex than even lloyd blankfein and goldman sachs i mean it's this is got to be the ugliest most pernicious copyright intellectual property cartel the world has ever known monsanto and the effect is catastrophic if it's not it's not helping feed people it's causing starvation is it isn't it is not true mike johnson that is not exactly causing starvation but i mean it's so bad that because three hundred seventy five tons o. law seed overheavy who promptly stepmom burned because you know they didn't want to credit risk but yes they do control the. seeds in our room the smaller companies are out of business it's not. just the terminator seeds which will not reproduce seeds but if they do if you do have a genome crop that does reproduce seed you're not allowed to harvest contract also
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it's not just the seeds anymore they're trying to patent pigs. same way now and then after after the g.m. pig has offspring that's their property also right and again it's to create a monopoly and a monopoly pricing to introduce the dark ages and feudalism into the economy where you've got monopolists eristic rats who control everything and the rest of the population especially an indentured servant and this is happening right under the nose of barack obama and the economist fresh in the white house. you've done a lot of writing in terms of the revolving door that happens between the industry and the policy makers in the politician talk talk a little bit more about that you've got clarence thomas was a supreme court justice you've got margaret miller she was the top rb g.h. dairy scientists you've got down room spokes. michael cantor the most
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important one that we should be concerned with right now is mike taylor he's a former monsanto executive whose crew literally fits the definition of the revolving door between government lobbying and corporate interest. before serving her don't bomb or agriculture transition team to limited him from so rooting in an outlaw for more rooms for monsanto at u.s.d.a. and the f.d.a. will have the f.d.a. you know right the most to allow our b.t.h. into the american food system and our children's milk which as you know has been causing breast development children little girls as small etc this is a remarkable thing like dance and the people behind the destruction of the food chain that when you think about a logically they themselves that they're committing suicide along with homicide because any wipe out the food chain nobody survives so if this is a real mentality of a. of an extremist mentality is a month settles almost an extremist. mentality of suicide gardeners it would seem
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that way but as you know bill gates is. general now and i believe the have just created the biggest seed bank or seen crawled over all time. there are story millions and millions and millions of seats just think erick's well yes of course bill gates who made his entire fortune as a predatory monopolist twice convicted on intellectual property law he and monsanto are two peas in a pod the fact that he's using his billions to help another predatory monopolist is not something everyone should be happy about this is just the an extension of an all of top list of predatory. wrister kratz just trying to re-introduce feudalism that what's happening in secada go you know in other cities around the country we see a move toward urban farming is there any much of this going on in chicago in chicago
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i'm sad to say that there's a very small movement in new york. you know where eight hundred. farms you know. your lots are being planted and we're not there is no seniors march around syria which is why i'm trying to take on this crusade well i'd say one positive thing about the collapse of the american empire is that the u.s. dollar after it does finally collapse the u.s. will be competitive and exporting cotton again so at least americans will find jobs as cotton pickers. are you is this a movie think of course chicago is a hub for agricultural products traditionally in america it's where all the grains have come in from the midwest do you see any movement and people now thinking you know maybe going back to agricultural in. arment and the antebellum south perhaps well i'm not really concerned with the commercial as much as
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you know with the collapse as you say if this happens the way it's going down we're going to need to diversity of many different gardens. i'm looking more at community gardens. to help. keep people from at each other's throats well i mean well if i were a lady at first lady michelle obama she planted an organic garden and encourage americans to do the same there was a coordinated attack by big agribusiness and big petrochemical business on the first lady you know that in the first lady can get out of the shadow and the the the eco bio drones of the agra industrial monarchs i mean what hope does the average little garden father have yeah it's kind of sad and even the credit project that michelle obama took on for raw trying to feed you'll be skids.


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