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years four or five years but after that we're going to very short of money so is there any economy in very bad shape right now no is the reigning economy headed for very tough times yes how can the iranian nuclear issue be resolved here in issues can be resolved if both sides find newfound flexibility both sides need to find flexibility on the u.s. side to me it's very important the u.s. stop calling for your reign it is very important to me that the u.s. stop calling on the iranians to suspend enrichment of uranium iran will enrich or they will have a nuclear program what the u.s. needs to do is try to limit the program need to obtain rights to inspect that program and the u.s. needs iran to its to explain exactly what it's doing and weaponization the iranians you do agree to limit on the program to need you to inspection and they need to
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explain what they're doing now that is all by way of saying that an agreement is possible but both sides need to stop saying no to the other side conflicts and thanks very much for your time it's my pleasure. so.
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this is street still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal the city of the soviet fighters who can see in case every one on t.v. . broadcasting live from our studios in central moscow this is our team now let's get right to our top headlines new details have emerged after russian pilots managed to crash land a crippled passenger plane in the republic of call me on tuesday all eighty one people on board the one fifty four had a miraculous escape when it overshot
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a remote airstrip and came to rest in the middle of a forest. the u.s. army has slammed a former sergeant for planting grenades in the cars of iraqis at checkpoints just for fun he filmed him self and with the reaction of drivers and posted it on you tube. and britain's special envoy to afghanistan has stepped down from his post it's sparked speculation that serves cooper calls was forced out because of his continued criticism of the military campaign. coming up next is our interview show spotlight this time talks to a legendary ice hockey goaltender dominic from the n.h.l. detroit red wings he now lines up for the hockey club spartak moscow but what challenges away from him in the russian leak find out next. for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get
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a human voice face to face with the news makers. hello welcome to the spotlight. today my. gosh. he is the legendary ice hockey guilt who won numerous titles including. the detroit red wings and now for the spark. but what challenges the way the russian league. dominic cash is credited as one of the most successful ice hockey goaltenders of all times his professional career started in czechoslovakia when he was only sixteen years old during his sixteen seasons in the n.h.l.
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he wants six busy traffic is awarded to the best goalkeeper in the league also alongside his two stanley cup victories with the detroit red wings domany one of the most valuable player award twice that made him the first goalkeeper ever to win the m.v.p. price with a check national team he became an olympic champion in nine hundred ninety eight today dominic starts his first season in the in the vicious kontinental hockey league with the club spartak moscow. welcome to the show thank you very much for being with us well first of all in two thousand and eight. times not only from. but from ice hockey now you decided to come back to return why the decision. in two thousand and eight when you wanted a couple with the three that anyway. and i felt like. i said goodbye
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to the n.h.l. but in the never said completely goodbye to hockey so off that taking one ear off i decided to play again i played last seed for the chick being away and i started to play hockey in part of two beats a cd i was born in seed i played hockey up to age twenty five before i left the n.h.l. and so i signed we disclose that we won the championship in india chica poverty was fantastic and i felt good eight. off the debt i felt like thirty something still inside me i can still play and compete on the highest level and. then came they came to people from from from spotted to me and start talking to me and i decided to continue playing in kontinental hockey couldn't that's why i'm here through it but. another reason which is. why he
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inspired that is because of militia vision it who is a check and who is sponsoring skill which is that is that true. the coach of my new coach is definitely one of the reasons but i cannot say he's he's the only reason you don't have a special relationship with we know we show though you know each other for a few we know he he lives in the city what i used to that i played last year and what i was born but there is some think first of all i have to say i decided to continue to play and i want to play in their very good li. i know kontinental hockey league it's a great leak and and when i when he talked to me. and told me that they want me here in moscow in spite of i didn't have to think about it too much and i made decisions but you said two years ago you thought. enough is
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enough then you feel that you can can be back on the highest level why didn't you go back to two two to the n.h.l. chimerica because they because they didn't offer you a contract or or you just don't want to play in the jury that he would the or the. i don't know we've been. for me a contract or not but like i said i said goodbye to the n.h.l. completely i made my speech i i said thank you to my teammates to go to doing sort of any station and was there any other real reason then just the you know we want we want to stanley cups with that being said. you know if you win something sometimes you feel like that's enough you don't need anything to prove to yourself . and so while you can use mentally compared it continues to still be competitive if you don't have anything to prove there can't be anything bigger than the steadily capital. maybe not maybe is no two to compete for sell a cup or to win the cup you do it little champion oh yeah you're
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a little shit is enormous and say we want only let you have everything in us and not about having everything you know to understand keep you competitive competitive there is nothing by that i say then we with my teammates you know compete with not only in the practice which is fun most of the time but in the game you know the wind the game walk to the locker room with your teammates and it was fantastic. to play in the n.h.l. i think it's the best league in the wall however to play in the checkley it's also a very good league and very good competition and now we need to contend for hockey i believe it's the best competition in europe. and i want to compete i enjoy it it's not about. it's all about what he like to do and i love to play hockey there is something in to me you know like i said before in two thousand i want to get off . after taking want to get off you feel like ok you can you can do something again what did you do this year just relax went to the bahamas lived in the big. try to
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link but i don't know exactly what i was doing i spend more time with my family more time with my friends i should play hockey also i played hockey for with for the team i was but i wasn't a goalie and i was i was defenseman or i played a few games i had many practices as a defenseman however like i said before after taking six seven months of my photo you know you can still play hockey. dominic you forty four i understand that you're in the go yes you're the goalie but still isn't it a bit hard for the children age to be to be at the highest level can the words. i mean if this only one it is but if you love something if you love what do you do i don't think it's so hard it's very hard for me in summer you know to start a practice sometimes and. in even if you go.
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in canada it was in september which was so much about it when he said thirty thirty five degrees to people at underwater or walking in. you have to go and it's not fun however you know you are getting ready for the season once the season started it's really fun for me so at age forty five is it difficult i don't think so because i love this game i love to be part of it and. fortunately i have to not keep you know my body's ok still or you feel physically fit i feel physically for being a goalie i mean at least for you know we want to let you know when i say you know listen to this point that spartan fans your new fans they went crazy with the new that dominate is going to be in there in the doll of their favorite team but now they're asking question are you going to be there all the time are you going to be the main goalie or you go to play only in crucial naturism like points and they are always questions for so i have to say that all these questions. my goal you know
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i love to play i i don't i always say it's coaches decision i don't want to made these decisions when i play in the n.h.l. i played around sixty five sixty five games a season. most of the time i don't sixty sixty five games before the playoffs. please tell me how many games are eighty eight in the n.h.l. last year and last year i played probably. two thirds no more than two inches more than two thirds games same thing was last year i was injured about seven weeks so i missed mr few games but when i was injured i played like i say seventy five eighty percent of the games. and i would like to play eighty eighty eighty five percent games again but like i say i never made easy decision this is a coach's decision and i want to be i want to be ready always when i get a chance but but you're a contract with spirit isn't
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a handicap going to i mean it's just normal so it's all up to the after the couch i don't know what do you mean because well there is the thing that you did well as i said before as the as the fans are asking like a contract to be only in crucial matches or like half matches or and i know that's a normal normal contract for michael and i guess normally. i don't want anything special in my contract you know nothing's ages and nothing at all because i think it's important for the team i am part of the team there isn't any twenty five players from the team and i don't want to have any things and i think very special in my contract and all because my teammates expect me to do the job for them i expect the same thing for the of from my teammates so i don't think this is good if some players have to too much pressure in their contract so i don't have anything and i think special dominic alexander ovechkin who knows both leagues very well says that says that the the n.h.l.
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and the con and the hockey league they can be comparable so for only in terms of salaries what do you think if you compare the two least do you think this is this is true today first of all i have to say it's a little bit early for me to answer these questions i came. moscow a few weeks ago all the way i play a few exemption games so i don't know what a while continental hockey ticket but it's all kontinental hockey tickets on bigger ice and so the hockey little be different and i'll see. i spending d.n.a. chel i think eighteen season i don't know exactly sixty one thousand nine hundred eighty s. . for me it is the best leak in the wall but i think what i see it what i had from my from the chick teammates and what i can see it looks like and i contend the hockey league is the best leaking you would hope and if you often use question the same question thirty four months from now we do i can i can answer
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and compared to buy the n.h.l. and but i believe going to a hockey league is the best league in ok i will save this question and i'll ask it to you in three full months and with this interview we will continue in about a minute after a short break spotlight will be back so don't go stay with us. when it's something really crucial what you want to get down to brass tacks.
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special coverage. this time the latest news. for my. special guests discussions on the modern state in providing security and stability on the present day world. question more on the. wealthy british. time to cut off. the market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines cars a report on our. welcome
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back to spotlight i'll get another in just a reminder that my guest in the studio today is many gosh in the legendary goalkeeper who has recently signed a one year deal with the moscow team spartak dominic well i want to get a welcome welcome to russian arche welcome to the continental hockey league and that and that we've started discussing the k h l the content lockley comparing it to the n.h.l. you promised to give your comparison a couple of months when you would actually see see the action but first of all when they started the convent a hockey league and named it continental looked russian they said that they are expecting czech teams so low that seems the teams to fenland from sweden to join the league to expand well as far as i know now only seen from byelorussia and maybe
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because of style i do you think that the that the czech teams and teams from european countries may join it someday. everything is possible. but this is i am not sure you know because in check there is some very good shape hockey in sweden they have their own hockey and i don't know if the steam's really want compete in even obion or content. i don't know i don't have i don't have an answer for that because i think in the n.h.l. there they are two countries canada and the us example and you want to be steady in a dozen you know somebody's got out only two countries out of many many more countries than you were up and also there are the should we differ and there are certainly thirty different national ambitions utopias a little bit different in north america so. what i like more it's idea of champions
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league like in soccer really like in football that is champion and there is every every country has that all the great hockey league. and then is the champions league like in soccer like in basketball and unfortunately in hockey to the snow right now there is no no hockey league solution champions league so i think it would be the best idea ok you've played in the n.h.l. you've played in the in the czech republic now he came into russia what's your impression of spirit tap the organization of the team and in i mean housing are the first thing you said that that they start to nice in july rather than september are there any radical things that are different than a shocking for you europe is definitely different in the n.h.l. . first of all like i said before you start in the season start prepare a show in the. indian a show you starting sometimes in middle and september however the leak in north
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america goes if you play in the still a cup you go up to june he didn't even know it and sometimes seen april so. there are definitely some differences we have czech coach in here in spite of. miller's a c.r. and so i think there are more similarity with the chicory internationally than we delivered on the coach also allows a pencil and a lot of it depends on the coach as a matter of fact there is a number of slovak players inspire attack but only two czechs yourself and miller are the other chick players that may come follow follow your reach. i. there is as you know there futile many players in the cage cage. from the czech republic to spot what is what is great but i really only only you really be a player in any ocean sawlog which language is a very similar manner to check going great but what i like about. its international
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hockey you know you can you don't see only only czechs only slower but are so we great swedish players they are great players some canada are great players from were from united states and i think that's what's great about continental hockey like ok i i'm not sure if i know enough about the new rules that study and this season they're going to be introduced in the continental hockey league here in russia but as far as i understand it no longer through bids fighting i mean fist fight and what do you think about this controversial decision. good question. actually we had this meeting came about one week ago and there was a person from very the referee who came and tried to explain to us all the changes and there were many of them and it was difficult to understand everything. fighting . i would say that it is part of a hockey and i'm going to show part of the show and sometimes you want your
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teammate to fight for your friend for your for other team mates and i think if two guys really want to fight both of them want to fight not only one that it wants to one wants to find and beat someone that other doesn't want to fight that is no there shouldn't be any fighting but if both guys want to fight each other if they made this decision i would let them fight the i would let them fight if you both want to go against each other you would let them fight because because most of the times they fight for their girl even defend if the girl is fighting to go to all they fight for the team mates you know it's this is something totally appreciate you know you have never been engaged in the fight yourself i mean fighting i was like your gloves off. slicing my life lies vice in the n.h.l. in a real fight it was that if. i tried to fight you know but like i say i noticed strongest guy on the team so. i mean i mean use as toasted lots of tension i think i'm
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about his yeah yeah yeah i was fighting twice i don't know if i should say it was the real fight but sort of fight what you said if it was real fight when you try to hurt a person from the other do you really really hate him you really want to to hurt him do you really want to see his blood on ice or not or is it just to show i mean or is just emotion it's just emotion just emotion you just it happens so quickly i don't remember it happens twice i felt like i need to have my teammates all of sudden the other goal he was there and we were fighting we were out of. it was a real defied you you talk about why we just push each other and he pushed me towards this board towards the bench and and then there is jumping to us and who does that part of but i would say it's emotion. it's emotion it comes so quickly in all of sudden you want to fight someone you never think about hurting someone you
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just want to win to fight the good fighting fighting and i says it's part of this show as you said part of the game part of the american ice hockey tradition now it's introduced in russia but what would you say about the wonderful soviet ice hockey traditions are they still there on russian ice. are you ready for you to say you can i think the police all the starvation you play in this country that has many traditions and i would say this i have to go back to sixty suppose i would largo but only to seven days because i'm more than i was the little gate i was watching hockey to see the players like i just left what he said because but there are quite a lot more busts syria and many other great players who won the championship one day all in pics and none of the czechs all the time i remember in seven of these are you going to feel you are not even in the world you know it all so i remember what happened the fence used to used to won the championship for the soviets like
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the chicks wonder what against the soviets then they lost to the finns and the russians became just that and that's what happened there and it was a different situation it wasn't a play on you know you know it was you know i think there is always study showing russian hockey it is bigger ice so we have more time to skate i think they're rushing players they are great skaters they are great with hands they are maybe better than canadians. on the bigger ice like they say the hockey it'll be different and there will be always traditional russian hockey. but do you really care about bigger i seem to go you're also cure about the size of the end of the pitch not as much as the players and for us you know you have to stop the park then that this is because the an indian h.l. but definitely some differences you know getting smaller passing. i would say a little bit less shots probably done indian a little bit. very special but because the players are more spread
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there is a little bit less or less pressure that only you know what i would say only a little bit and i have your information that the spark this year could where it's nineteen sixty two uniform way and this is the colors in which spirit of one of the the soviet championship thank you. is it is a sign of greater ambitions of the team. so i would say i know. this story i am history teacher but so i like to study and spot he one of four championship is by not mistake i think sixty two sixty seven sixty nine seventy six and yesterday we played a third of the game off. of moscow whew hew book of moscow the home of the must pay up here must moscow cup and i saw his jerseys for this time and they told me this is exactly the same jersey we played i mean we spotted a queen one hundred sixty two when he first won the championship i mean that the
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one hundred championship princes and i really enjoyed to see the jersey. of course. like i say we are. of course our ambitions is to get in the playoffs and played the best hockey in playoffs you know you never know what's going to happen that way out. this is same thing this question if you asked me to three months ago i will know even more about it the kid we played a few exhibit games only solace is only beginning of the season and now can you tell us all we know about the lineup of sports icons wonderful lineup it's obvious there's enough money at least the start of the season but what about the problems can you name some of the problems that the team has to overcome to to to live up to the ambitions. i read to coach would be managed by this pressure because of my job is not to focus on too many things you know but job is to focus
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on my you know to stop if i can win the game however there will be always problems and always a long time fifty six games i think before the playoffs start so there will be always there will be ups and downs during the season but the good teams and i believe we are a good team we have to overcome these problems so. you know our goal is definitely to get into playoffs you know i wish to see i would if i were being be somewhat on the top but i know we go out of teams who spend much more money and they're probably more status like for example when you get out you fuck. if you are there is on that paper as there are definitely more favorites there we are away with it we definitely want to compete against the steam and be as good as they are well that's that i would say really so i was diplomatic thank you thank you very much and we will we will talk again in two three months when you will be inside the process thank you thanks again and just to remind of the dominate hussian the legendary goalkeeper to make named dominator is in russia playing for sparta time
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moscow that's it for now from all of us here if you want to show you impressions in the spotlight or if you have someone in mind you think i should interview next time just junk mail back with more interesting comments on moves in and outside russia and so then you know marty. thank you you thank
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