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we would expect those bombs to double over the next six months so this massive october we see in counter parties in hong kong and singapore in new york and chicago in particular all looking at the rudeness or most of more inquiries now about brutal are actually coming from north america and asia. my six aims to start trading in the yuan ruble cross by the end of this year analysts say the trade will boost the profile of both currencies my suit says the initiative came from russia central bank and the people's bank of china is expected to launch the same trade. finally russia's credit rating outlook has been upgraded to positive from stable by feature ratings the reasons for the boost start accelerating growth a stabilizing banking industry and a flexible exchange rate policy from the central bank feature said it may further raise russia's credit rating with the government reduces the country's vulnerability just swings in oil prices. that's all we have time for now get more
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news from our website r.t. dot com slash business. the news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are on the day.
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every month we give you the future the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us. on our jeep. with. data generated from an electrical grid. you can do to do it in california. in terms of energy sources present black. let's go to support of. other than a very warm welcome to you this is all to you live here and. i'm sophie shevardnadze let's take a look at our main news stories this morning. experts
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politicians and a number of world leaders are gathering for the two day global policy forum here in their russian city of. new details of the miraculous plane escape after it crashed. in forests leaving eighty one passengers shocked but on the hoods. process to complain against a furious military presence on a japanese island of okinawa grows stronger party finds out what the americans are being blamed for. the u.k. special envoy to afghanistan steps the speculation belts that he was forced old for his criticism of the military.
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all right now you're up to date with the headlines up next r.t. is it gets even that good at talking to the award winning british historian an economist or. robert skidelsky about the economic crisis and why a stereotype measures will only make things worse and he'll tell us why russia and europe should form a military alliance that's next on our. lord skidelsky member of the british house of lords award winning historian and corniest and an expert on russia is here with us today thank you very much for joining us group or skidelsky your wrists and book canes the return of the must step up philosopher and economist john maynard keynes received several awards how relevant the economists feel today i would say they were very relevant in three respects first of all he explained how we got into this mess this crisis in two thousand and
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eight two thousand and nine secondly he tells us what we ought to do about it how to get out of it and thirdly he tells us how to avoid how we can minimize our chances of getting into another one and i think no other economist does that he was the greatest economist of the last century in one of the articles you said that europe was declining economically and politically why is this happening and what are the signs of the crisis well of course europe's been very badly hit by the recession and it's got very high unemployment but beyond that i think europe is in decline it's it's weaker than it was. population is it is not expanding and the others are. being affected by the rise of asia and particularly the rise of china so if you think back to one hundred years ago europe was the center of the world now of course it's not and it's much much weaker
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than it was and partly it has no unity there's a european union but there's no european government and. until they get european government they're not going to play or be able to play a major part in the world the world of. the collapse of the greek economy has impacted the whole of the european union does this mean that the e.u. is vulnerable as a groupie well of course it is because it was based on the idea that everyone is progresses at the same rate well if there are some weaknesses. in some parts of it it affects the whole lot because it means that the exchange rate is weaken and it also means that some countries like germany have to bail out other countries so if anything goes wrong in one part of the union it's the responsibility of other countries and they didn't think they were going to have to assume those
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responsibilities so i think the greek the greek crisis has impacted the whole of the union immediately immediately it. created a crisis of confidence in the europe germany and france want there to be consequences for the countries which ran up excessive deficits like greece is this a necessary step well of course i think people have to countries have to be have to live within their means so to speak not spending extravagantly but when they talk about consequences for greece they also have to consider the consequences for greece another week come trees will have consequences for them i mean if if if they cut down on government spending in the mediterranean countries that will mean less demand for german exports and so it will impact them it's not just consequences for the for the weak countries it's consequences for everyone so i
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think they have to be very very careful in wanting greece to pay the price of its extravagance because. paying that price the germans will also have to pay a price they're the strongest country in the your opinion and from so as well and what other countries which could be potentially subject to these matches greece italy spain ireland. england. portugal they're all they've all adopted what's called fiscal consolidation policies they've all said that they're going to have their spending in the next over the next four or five years to balance their budgets again and i think that's going to have a very bad effect because i think it's going to slow down the growth of a recovery will slow down the recovery it might even lead to a double double dip recession as it's called so you actually go down again so they're very dangerous times for the world economy over the next six months the german finance minister suggests introducing
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a european want to treat font is this necessary is this a necessary edition to the current system i think it would help yes i think that's the one good suggestion that's actually emerged from the crisis i think most of the suggestions have been terrible but this is a good one. because it mobilizes some resources that can be brought to help we countries in an emergency it's rather like the euro it's a regional version of the i.m.f. you know the i.m.f. countries can borrow from the i.m.f. on conditions but of course it depends whether they can mobilize the required resources on a permanent basis they have done it on a temporary basis so far on a permanent basis and what conditions they attach to lending the money if the conditions are too hard then i think they can actually make matters worse but it is a good it is a good step towards
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a government of europe you believe that expenditure reduction is the key danger of the current economic situation why is that and. so what kind of result well i think expenditure reduction is a huge danger because it's cutting down spending the government in a recession the government is really compensating for a decline in private spending overall the spending in the economy is less than it was and then private sector spending less government has to spend more that's the only way of keeping economies going and i don't know who exactly has some politicians that there is a crisis like the current one you have to pay people the money make them work even if you if you make them take the money and dig them out well cain said cain said you know that you'll you'll you'll you'll get rid of unemployment if you if you dig dig holes in the ground and get people to fill them up again or if the treasury filled the old bottles with banknotes and milton friedman said the same thing
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helicopter money you just scatter money over the country and that'll get rid of unemployment no between serious the german economy is a very strong economy but it is an export economy and its exports have been growing why because basically because china has been growing very fast in the last year or so if china's growth. not stops but gets less if european if european growth falters as a result of these cuts everywhere if american growth slows down then the germans will not be doing so well and i don't think they'll be doing as well as they are now in over the next year i think they're going to face a moment of truth when everyone slowing down is going to be very bad for the german economy the german economy will slow down to you criticize the decision of the european leaders to withdraw all fiscal stimulation programs which have been
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operating over the last two years could this cause a slump in logic on me i think i thing. it can i think the the there with the withdrawal of the fiscal stimulus is very is very risky because it's been like a lifeline it's been a life support system and everyone said oh really the big big problem is the hole in the government finances that they're that they're spending much more than they're raising in revenue it's not the hole in the government finances that's the problem it's the hole in the economy that's the problem and you know if you if you deal with the hole in the economy the finances will get better automatically because revenues of the revenues of the government will increase and their expenditures on unemployment will fall so you deal with the economy and the budget will look after itself more or less i'm that's an exaggeration while leaving the economy to one side in one of your interviews you set that russia could provide
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military defense to the european union under what conditions could this happen. well what i meant by saying that russia could support europe in security matters was that russia should become part of the european security system and i think the simplest way to have done that would have been for russia to become a member of nato which is i think something but put in wanted when he was president but they did they didn't want russia in but that would have been the simplest way but as it is russia should become a much more effective part of the european security system and not be outside it because the european actually european military is very very weak. the very two military power in europe the french and the british the rest haven't they do anything really but they're small and there's no unity.
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sort of no agreement to create something larger and russia has a has a has. good military forces and they're becoming increasingly modernize and specialized for the kind of work. that military forces have to do today which isn't to fight huge wars but to be part of the counterinsurgency operations peacekeeping operations and so on so russia could be a great asset for european security system and president medvedev has suggested a new security concept of that would be to include russia and we should that we should take him up on that and really see well what we can do with it because after all russia is part of europe it shouldn't be outside it. let's get else king thank you very much for a time. line
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more news today. again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing up for a shelter all day. every
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month we give you the future we help you understand how to get. the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us. for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. it's a. strong international security boosting democratic development. experts politicians on a number of leaders gather for the global policy forum in the russian city of los lobos today. celebrates its second millennium in history. new details in the amazing escape for a plane crash landed in the saudi arabian forest it will eighty one present to show
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. the u.s. has delayed making public its plans to remove its military presence on the japanese . the marine base that is damaging the environment crime rates. at the top stories of time. thanks for joining us this is sports today i mean you know any of these are headline. slovak shock russia face a battle to qualify for euro twenty twelve falling home defeat to stock the. rising russian mikhail youzhny season of tommy robredo in four sets to move into the u.s. open quarterfinals is. back on the ice with the continental hockey league getting
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underway and whedon stay we speak to th l. head alexander midfield of his and expectations for season three. we kick off with football russia's route to euro two thousand and twelve has hit a rocky patch dick advocaat side losing at home to slovakia in the second game of their qualifying campaign richards on poor faith was that moscow has a lock on the stadium for us. following a less than perfect performance and i'm door on friday to count the count would have been hoping for much better when his side took on some back here with both teams among the favorites to seal the one automatic location for the euro two thousand and twelve championships just the dutchman made two changes to the side that struggled in the pyrenees bring unity should call for a return from suspension and on. the home side started well but shaaban is a go in particular looking lively as to visit his goalkeeper. was called into action on a number of occasions as russia press for him early go they certainly had them but
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they were made to pay for of a deficiency in front of goal and twenty seven minutes or so back here at home to be ventured into their opponents' half but a pole free kick from eager i can clear some little street to middle stops golf and if in a bunch of strike it did the rest a fantastic strike by the twenty year old but a really sloppy goal for the home side to give away russia push forward in search of an equaliser and public a good american scored twice none dora had a great chance to level. cause just a good striker was put through by a shove in what could only find a sign netting it was like it would go into the half time break one nil up north on by an almost capacity crowd rushes start of a second forty five minutes well and they fall dead made it one one five minutes after resumption the concern seems to be honest happiness a far post was ruled out for of side and looking at the replay rightly so so far here were having to withstand wave after wave of attacks from dick advocaat side but a combination of paul finishing an excellent defending the home side and bay as
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a visitors would gain a vital forty points on the road in moscow for the most beautiful thing in football is the score on the board we didn't find the net and our opponents did they took their only chance we had several scoring opportunities but didn't take them we've got nothing left to do but just trying hard to score goals a very gutsy if far from pretty performance by some back here and even at this very early stage in the qualification campaign very in pole position to make it to poland and ukraine with the but in the hornet is what we have very pleased with the result because we beat one of the best teams in europe we had a few injured players but prepared well for the game we scored a contest to go i have to see though that we were somewhat lucky as our goalkeeper made several whale saves and these three points in a very important for us if i could if with both russia travel to ireland macedonia this time next month or the next two qualifiers and really dick advocaat side have to pick up six points of those two games if they're going to keep their hopes alive
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of qualifying for the euro two thousand and twelve finals also massively richard i'm told we don't see moscow plenty more action across europe on the night including in russia's group b. where the republic of ireland moved top and goal difference after a three one win over a door kevin kilbane kept for robbie keane helping the irish cross the line at the new viva stadium in dublin like slovakia it's now two wins from two for giovanni trapattoni squad. armenia lively two two draw the result doing little to aid either side's hopes though. a few surprises in the pick of the rest of the twenty marches. on the check. which will have just one point from a possible six after the feat by the way world cup finalists the netherlands justified overcame finland big wins for italy sweden germany at home one hundred percent competitive record with turkey remains intact after
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a tough three to victory at home to belgium wayne rooney open the scoring. three one winners in switzerland france secured the first points of their campaign coming on the right side of a two against bosnia-herzegovina scotland aged. brings us to tennis where the russian left in the men's side of the u.s. open. a quarter final berth the semifinalist here four years ago taking care of business against tommy robredo tough full three hour slog this but one which usually looked in control of for the majority it's been a solid season to date for the twenty eight year old having reached the quarterfinals of another major the french open on winning the b.m.w. open also in may the final score this time around seven five six two six six. takes us to boxing and it's going to be an all in issue further next time out for
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w.b. a heavyweight champion david haye a londoner will take on a limb pick champion all of the horison after failing to agree terms for unification by what either of the klitschko brothers but the part due to take place on november thirteenth in manchester will be a second title defense for hey who have you been trying last year by beating. points the twenty nine year old went on to retain his belt in a clash with american joining us. in april while the pinnacle of harsens career was the olympic gold join in sydney a decade back the thirty eight year old boy is taller than haye the reigning european champion but hey he isn't too impressed. if you think he's been beaten before if you think he's been hurt in the ring before i think again. this is this is the time for your career get well and truly finish. think again he was just unconscious enough. way way into november thirteenth when you see exactly the
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difference when the heavyweight champ of the world and the only european champion but you seem to be defying you give those who don't know if you don't think this is going to be a mismatch you don't know boxing is the simplest people you know in this phony idea if you're going to be in the final you know like. brings us finally to my psyche where the third kontinental hockey league season is now upon us our correspondent richard van port and for a one on one with the league's president alexander medvedev we acknowledge the challenges ahead for europe's biggest club competition but added every year things are getting brighter of course as a long term projects but just after two years you have the project is going in the right direction obviously. so would you. come so.
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far away so the canadian and american news agencies see the cage shell as a perhaps a bit of a retirement home for players come back to russia and millions of dollars towards the end of a careers but i think he's shown this year especially with the question of getting a walker for instance that he could have pushed off but really actually became seriously looking to attract talent to stop playing at the top of their ability. actually my film i give the four is one of the top players. in your score. and they show a steal of course the shows are all polar concept one who has the best simply the best and or all the best players respect for what their way. is a always for. possibility to bring them in chile and obviously all the agents and scouts are used to work this way but no show is offered in if not
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hundred percent of torture but if you substitute. teacher for play good quality mean you are not far away from home. because. every person has different priorities to different circumstances and if you could enjoy his game and his profession not far away from your hometown that give you a good chance and was. sure that integration a future were so we're talking about czech republic which of sweden finland and that's a distinct possibility yes. ok for instance six months ago a year ago there were quite a few financial problems among some of the less well supported teams in the cage el is the cage on my way to have stayed but it was six months ago and really by itself
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in a very good shape with some. problems but. nobody. followed every part of the during the season and as a way even though it's strange. because i want to. sponsor for advertisers who do think all the teams are going to kind of really find time for the championship obviously scar which i was giving him. want to be leaders of curve will be or in one of the two top teams but. they. could be very competitive. sure that will be very interesting you can compare that your season so it's going to get a bit more info because one side went for time in a row but i do know is that. the time when there or whether they were. really is a very different sort or thirty of eclipse. i was on a maybe to frank you ever so much because i. can afford to with you again ok thank
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you thank you. that wraps up the sport for this hour i'll see you soon but the world weather is coming up in just a tech hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.


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