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lead. breaking news here on up to fourteen people being killed by a suicide car bomb outside the central market. police are evacuating people from the area as a second explosive device has been found president of the republic is currently at the site to assess the damage.
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we're coming to you live from moscow. where the global policy forum is taking place we'll check in with kevin. in just a moment but now straight to our breaking news story fourteen people have been killed by a marketplace car bomb this taking place in the russian city of. investigators are treating terrorism our correspondent joins us with the latest on this breaking news story sara what else can you tell us about this attack well that's the latest because. people have been killed and eighty people. in this in this call them that it's they did at the gates to the marketplace in the southern russian city of. now the investigations committee all calling this at tara at the marketplace extremely busy and crowded with people at the time that the
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explosion happened just a couple of hours ago and the force of the blast despite just being so strong that it damaged the surrounding buildings and now president medvedev has already met with security officials and the case will now fall under the control of russia's. prosecutor as well as the head of the investigations committee it's fine to. help with the investigation now we know that the police investigate is. the way to the schools and kindergartens in the area there at the scene as well as the head of the republic to assess the damage now also from the plane will be flying in about an hour from now provide medical equipment to the local hospitals that are currently dealing with the casualties from this explosion. thank you for that now the phone connection and of lot of very we did manage to get through to one local resident and she told us that she's used to living in fear.
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i heard that there might be a second blast as is often the case we are living in a tinderbox people are being evacuated from the building and i cannot answer the building i don't know what's awaiting me i cannot reach anyone who connection is poor it's impossible to dial a single number i cannot even reach my house in the where the situation is very difficult it's impossible to get used to it but we have to live with it. well political analyst dmitri babich says north assessed you has often been a target for islamic militants with all kind of links. well north said their house has been a target for terrorist attacks for a long time i would like to remind you of that child when he was a wife called north a said to russian girl recently in north caucasus because i say down south the only ethnic group in the north caucasus besides russians which is predominantly also the christian. so i would not say that there is anything
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particularly new about the setback probably explosions at the market especially invited tough customer very very often used in the past i would remind you of that vial of the war stir a step back in the ninety s. was also an explosion at the market in logic of basically the terrorist keep reminding a sage of their presence and unfortunately also say just follow their primary targets for terrorists certainly if they use alarmist terrorist in north caucasus had connections to al qaeda they didn't make a secret out of it the western press doesn't report it very often the bought back asian many of also hear stories that sound way in afghanistan. ok to people who are taken prisoner or some terrorist camp was destroyed people from north caucasus were also present there unfortunately. and andre about a thousand of the rio novosti news agency says the terrorists want to discredit the
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current political leaders in the caucasus region and have vengeance in mind. if you want a pop with i think terrorists want to take revenge for the beslan school siege during this year's commemoration of into the security forces were on high alert so no terrorist attacks were carried out now security measures have been slightly weakened the terrorists attack people i'm almost sure that extremists are behind this blast probably with foreign support but of course i can't say for sure which organization is behind the attack the terrorists which blew up the court just want to destabilize the situation in the north caucasus and discredit the current leaders in the area they want to show that the states of thirty's are feeling to provide stability in the region. and we will keep you updated with the latest details of that blast and north as soon as we get it throughout the day but now we can cross to the russian city of yet also level and our continuing coverage of the global policy for.
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thank you rory hello and a warm welcome to you from euro solve all i'm used to now along with my colleagues here well for the next two days we'll be bringing you full coverage of the global policy forum from this historic city some of the world's best minds here with world leaders economists and academics among them former nato chief already told the conference of the importance of better links between russia and europe the forum is going to be dealing with issues such as boosting global security and improving standards of democracy there are representatives indeed from twenty nine countries and it's being supported by the russian president dmitry medvedev well the city of europe is about two hundred and fifty kilometers north east of moscow and is on the list of you know asco heritage sites well this weekend the city marks its thousand year anniversary and we'll be following the celebrations right here on r.t. and you could say that the city is a great example of how far globalization has come and now this global forum has
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come here well more about this very important event in the russian political calendar we're joined now by postponing. it's hope there's no this forum could become a major international event and a venue for annual discussions about political problems in russia and abroad tell us therefore what's been happening so far today and what we can expect for the rest of the two days. kevin as i'm sure you. know this is just the beginning of the summit today agenda so far we've had a registration and the first of the plan or a sessions and the delegates are now breaking for lunch a much deserved break judging by what the participants have already been telling r.t. the discussions of the morning are quite quite passionate but also necessary according to all of those that we've managed to talk to they say that the time has come to not only talk and debate. also to listen because only by listening and actually
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engaging in a dialogue and a debate instead of an argument can global solutions truly be found and that is why many are optimistic about the get us all the world policy forum despite the fact that it is a relatively new platform in the international community it is as many say it has the potential to become a significant and it even a strategic platform for security and economy related decisions many are already likening it to the devils forum which began as a very similar gathering and of course expanded into one of the world's most influential gatherings based on all things involving economy and economic principles imply an answer so many are hoping that a lot of good will come out of the us dollar the world policy forum that it will continue to be an annual event and of course that russia as the host will play its role not only as host in the following years but also as a key partner in
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a setting up a strategic policies for the international community in europe. russia. is a hugely important influence in europe and in the world it has a right to be. and it has important things to see it is however. misunderstood suspected and ignored the written off that is the mystique so this global policy forum is a chance for russia and one of its most important and historic cities to sure its positive role in the world and be unafraid to to free constructive praise and even criticism. many here i agree with mr robertson saying that it is a time for praise and criticism for all of those things to be ever seen at face
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value and taken into account as all of the participants from nearly thirty countries here attempt to work out what is best for the world. they are following this global security summit live of course is going to security is going to be one of the major topics during this forum. well ahead of the event our two spoke to robert skidelsky who is a british economic historian he says the e.u. should consider russia's proposal for a new european security treaty. russia should become much more effective part of the european security system and not be outside because the european actually european military is very very weak the military is in europe the french and the british the rest have to do anything really but this small and there's no unity. to sort of no agreement to create
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something larger than russia has a has it has has good military forces and they're becoming increasingly modernized and specialized to the kind of work. that military forces have to do today which isn't a huge war but to be part of the counterinsurgency operations peacekeeping operations and so on so russia could be a great asset for european security system and president medvedev has suggested a new security. that would include russia and we should we should take him up on that and really see who will walk we can do with it because all through russia is part of europe it shouldn't be outside it. just wonderful. you can watch the full interview with robert skidelsky later this hour here on t.v. and we'll have more live coverage from the global policy forum here in the city
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next hour so please stay with us for that right here on earth. when the news is. something really crucial when you want to get down to. special coverage. this time the latest news from the. former. special guest discussions on the modern state in providing security and stability of the present day world. question more on. you all with you today it's good to have your company let's let's check out some other news now making headlines around the world and prosecutors are investigating the crash landing of a crippled russian airliner in the northwest of the country all eighty one people on board had a miraculous escape after that school systems on the plane failed it was forced to touch down on an abandoned forced landing strip and ran into trees. as the story.
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the pilots engineer have just returned heads of new cover airport in moscow they'll now go and talk to some psychologists for some deep breathes and counseling for any stress they may have undergone and what was a very tense monday they've also been helping investigators at the site trying to work out what happened and that's what investigators will be doing in the next week to ten days trying to get to the root of this search engine that tickle failure they currently say in a preliminary statement that they think that three out of four of the plane's electrical generators failed but for the full story on this remarkable crash landing will go to my report. new rescue less that's what experts and passengers a calling the crash landing of this plane in the russian taiga without anyone injured the most even the most willingly every street and ended up in the woods the majesty crews arrived to try to wait everything was done has to be made the
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constant this time this litany was not for the professionalism of the truth we would not be standing here. the tupolev one five four was flying at ten thousand meters on its way to moscow from russia's far east when there was a massive electrical failure the plane lost all automatic navigation and communication its fuel supply and wing flaps were crippled meaning i had to land quickly and at higher than normal speeds even the lights in the cabin and cockpit went out by sight alone the pilots found an abandoned their strip in the depths of the forest and managed to land on the third attempt but the look never brought of course it's not being used for what it was intended because it's a helicopter airdrome on the ground was too hard and without any runway markings but you have to be a monster to land a plane like this what is most important is the insurance and ability and professionalism of the whole crew if the whole crew listens to their pilot and he really acts with responsibility for the whole plane this is the main thing this
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means it's a. professional crew the proof is that no one was injured on board the plane the runway was too small for the plane and it overshot plowing through two hundred meters of trees for stopping but despite the danger all eighty one people on board were evacuated to safety investigators now pondering what course such a massive electrical failure providing that to police for fifty four is not quite the brand new aircraft and i'm sure that that craft was manufactured probably at least twenty years ago away with more. i believe there is a chance that they could we plant was just more of our. lines which owns the plane says it wasn't aware of any issues with someone a partial investigation committees working out the site to find out what really happened before the flight the plane was functioning normally it on the ground planned technical maintenance and preflight checks after seventy two passengers every two people a married couple fused to continue their journey by plane and they went by train
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that there was no real panic when the plane landed there was slight nervousness because there were emergency slides and everyone was anxious to leave the plane as soon as possible but the stewards did everything well and the evacuation was done in a normal manner you put it to the pilots helping investigators to examine the scene before following the passengers back to the capital in a few days but whatever the technical courses it already calls for them to receive medals for bravery and skill the airline that owns the aircraft our roster airlines says that even if the plane is found to be functioning normally after they will never fly again so although the plane story has come to an end the story of these aero pilots is really just beginning. the u.s. navy has delayed the release of its plans to move more than eight and a half thousand marines from their military base on the japanese island of okinawa the delay is likely to upset locals who are highly critical of the u.s.
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presence there and repeatedly requested they be moved islanders say the base is damaging the environment and pushing the crime rate up artie's are shown thomas went to okinawa to investigate. since the end of world war two the united states has had a military presence in japan which some people living in okinawa are finding a nuisance i think people sometimes have a. because of the. song. for. america. around eighteen percent of okinawa's main island is occupied by u.s. military forces here we can hear the noise of airplanes which. have been maybe some crimes not only with this base but with other
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bases but. as we know it's also. they also help the economy and people from. bases or depend on the basis weeding some to believe that in order to provide a more stable future there needs to be less reliance on the bases. on the day and the make more business. we need to be independent in kind in the station do you need to market represents okinawa in japan's house of representatives and is looking to bring about change. it has been sixty years since world war two seventy percent of u.s. bases in japan are now. know that there are security measures and programs in place in asian countries we want the us to reduce their bases things aside from noise pollution and space concerns one of the arguments against us military bases on
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okinawa is crime according to the treaty american citizens attached to the base can't be tried under japanese law now most of the crimes about ninety percent involve drinking and dry. having or are traffic related but there are a few high profile crimes which include rape and murder which have put a strain on japanese us relations see them with us to hear crimes do happen the japanese security cannot deal with them directly they must go through the u.s. military base command and then you have to simply trust them and it becomes very difficult for the u.s. military declined an interview with r.t. but did give us this statement. whereas a small group of people in okinawa vocalized they're not happy with the bases many people there on mainland japan fully support u.s. forces in okinawa and to japan the realize the vital role the play and the defense of japan and for regional stability and security but getting the u.s.
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out isn't as easy as a vote by the people japan's surrender at the end of the war limits the country to having only a security defense force as part of the treaty the united states officially acts as japan's military in case a conflict should arise that affects the country but now there is a small but vocal movement suggesting that it is time to review old policies that just aren't needed anymore. the situation in egypt has called there are no conflicts here any conflicts that existed or in western iraq and not here the people in okinawa think that the strategic value of these bases is the minister for the u.s. . but with china growing stronger as a geo political force in the region and the instability of north korea still a concern it is likely that the united states won't be leaving okinawa anytime soon john thomas r.t. okinawa japan. are now let's go back to our breaking news story here and
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fifteen people have been killed by a marketplace cop on what happened in the southern russian city of lot of us over eighty others were injured in an attack that investigators are treating as terrorism. in the region. well for explosion rocked the central market is what a cop cars a bomb has been planted in a car parked at the entrance gate and it's marketed as one of the dangerous twenty inches in the c.d.'s all markets can equal the local house minister to have twelve people were killed at the number of injured a thinking the average wealth was like always the next few taken into to the hospitals so we cannot go out there before people get off another explosion call him the corpse see that it's gone contain ten kilos of t.n.t. good hard look at santa make came to that scene and the fact that it was more to the delphi we call it almost all our weaknesses it actually still can work so hopeful that it smashed out the windows in the houses nearby
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a criminal case have been launched in terms of getting this day to qualify the plot as an act of terror was also. ordered all emergencies and health ministry is to provide all the injured to the necessary and appropriate we'll keep you up to you information as soon as we get it. and we will be bringing you more on that you've got a tough couple off throughout the day but now it's time for the business news with yours. that's right time to get the latest from the world of business russia ranks six to set as a competitive nation according to the world economic forum that places russia roughly in the middle of one hundred thirty eight countries on the list of data space for measured competitive nuts in twelve different ways including education labor market efficiency and innovation switzerland took for us place followed by sweden and singapore. politicians at least in some countries have given up that pretense of
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economic recovery president obama this week called for another round of public spending to prevent a slide into depression but the debate just finally balanced with others in europe determined to cut spending and bring down deficits tonight and if it falls. there at the bottom wants to keep it not the one hundred eighty billion dollars into the u.s. economy after a data suggesting the economy from house prices to jobs is shrinking again. debating whether more spending will end with a kid of contraction in the land of the rising sun the russians to face a choice for the next few years we seem free spending. we see a combination of private increase spending which we believe. i believe that to be private capital will return to russia over the next twelve months in a meaningful manner secondly we do see free spending from the government as well
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the combination of two should be the basis for we believe to be five to six percent growth over the medium term the government plans to borrow more for the money this year but also spend their means of this to build zeeshan fund domestic is already accounts for over sixty million dollars and russia will be ready to use your bonds in november according to the finance ministry motion will be the same storage should all will be boring a lot in any case it did. three point six percent isn't dissipated next year we also for close to twenty twelve deficit will be three point one two point nine for twenty thirty mm the current situation has forced us to borrow and we will be spending from the reserve fund next year. the reserve funds have shrunk to a third of their former size when that runs down the last hole in the russian budget unless the government can bump up its moorings or one by a range of state companies legs around with presidential elections less than two
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years away analysts say politicians will rule spending cuts off limits you know new to business or to most. public stock markets now markets are gaining this hour in europe lloyds bank shares are rallying more than three percent up to park like capital boosted its rating from underweight the peak shares of bouncing back slightly up to its shares were upgraded by the trading so investors reacted positively to the news pushing share price up by one percent. and in moscow the r.t.s. and the my success the south with all the major blue chips flat to positive leading the gains as telecom operation five percent energy shares are also outperforming gazprom and look oil up about one percent. russia's credit rating outlook has been upgraded to positive from stable by. the reasons for the boost up accelerating growth stabilizing banking industry under flexible exchange rate policy from the central bank fitch said it may further raise russia's credit rating
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if the government reduces the country's vulnerability to swings and oil prices. now plunging interest rates have let to a three fold rise in boring on the syndicated loans market by russian companies corporate loans have jumped to twenty two billion dollars from just under seven billion dollars from the year before for example look oil took an insecurity loan based here at about one percent above interbank rates. a similar but secured loan by the same company had an interest rate four times higher. the russian car market could return to pre-crisis levels and three years' time that's according to a new research from after start russia will then be on the road with other top car markets like germany's however many market watchers warned growth won't be quick enough to start projects russian sales will be less than two million vehicles this year. and russia's economy has a long way to go before the ruble becomes an international reserve currency that's
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the dominant view from a conference focused on the prospects for the russian currency he steps according to some analysts should be to boost the government bond market stabilize and diversify the russian economy and blow up the inflation rate whether the president of the mice it's exchange says russia is making progress. using ruble to be accepted in settlements in the world instead of them this is the first step towards the ball or making rulers of. the right. rosol is to nominate his chief elected to the board of neural skin to kill the extraordinary election they should yield on october the twenty eighth the votes being repeated after accusations of cheating during an earlier vote to principle shareholders who sol and into roles have competed for control of the board the list of candidates will be submitted on september twenty first at the latest. that's all we have time for now.


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