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tv   [untitled]    September 10, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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turns out grief unites nations what if we feel compassion for the polish people because of the tragedy with the grief that brings us closer together and. it's too soon to draw a line under the cap in case work is still underway to find more places where polish prisoners of war a barrett a son died while in transit to the prison camps there also continued efforts to gather information about the victims of stalin's reign of terror to a buried in mass graves together with the poles if the bells were to on every single person buried at midnight and canton they would have to toll continuously for many days.
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hello and welcome from doris loveable we're covering the global policy forum taking
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place here good to have you with us and i mean you saw now way let's have a look now at today's main news story. time for action in his speech to the problem for in brussels president dmitry medvedev called on that you were asked to step up efforts to form a new world security structure. of mourning in russia's republic of north of here after a car bomb told through a crowded market in the capital killing seventeen injuring more than one hundred. and on the eve of the anniversary of nine eleven r.t. investigates why so many americans are converting to islam despite the extreme reaction by some people against. me here in the russian city of god we will be bringing you full coverage of the
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global policy forum the russian president dmitry medvedev has called only you asked to make the creation of new world security institutions a higher priority speaking out the second and final day of the global policy forum said some officials in washington might even envy russia's own proposals for a new european security treaty well we're getting reaction to that what else is in store at the conference today with other world leaders are also due to speak let's cross that live to our correspondent there she's amongst it all. a very stark message from dmitri medvedev the small and tell us little bit more about what. as in your speech on the initial reaction to it. yes well there's been a there was a lot of it anticipation this morning for that speech and it's still currently ongoing he's meeting with a lot of political analysts ok one of the main points that he had mentioned is the modernization the russia needs to go through he's saying that there's no other way that russia can move forward aside from modernization so that has to happen he also
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mentioned as he has mentioned in the past that russia should stop depending on just natural resources and moving away from natural resources and innovating is the only way that russia can move forward another interesting point that he put forward is that on the position that russia is taking on iran he's saying the task of a russia is actually to help iran continue to help iran but at the same time ensure that iran is also following or keeping in line with international role and another important discussion actually right now is just as you stepped out there still talking about democracy the different types of democracy this existing russian president dmitri medvedev had said that a parliamentary democracy will work in russia not a parliament parliamentary democracies where a parliament elects a government because right now in russia you've got the president appointing and the ministers and he says this is not going to work in russia another important point that he has brought up is his calls to the u.s.
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to step up on the the security front he wants them to be more active in creating a new security front where the incorporate a little in military institutions and he says this is necessary for global security now to discuss more and it's important topics is mr said gabriel off he is a member of the presidium of russia council on defense and foreign policy thank you very much for joining me i know there are two points that you are very interested in and one is that point on a parliamentary democracy working in russia the president has given examples of different forms of government in other countries that would not work to. but this in particular he kept repeating what do you think about you know and they say being they speak and you know perfectly well the difference between the governing party and the ruling party the ruling party is a party of one party system and the governing party which wins in russia goes one in the heart of the system of the moment but this is a joke seriously speaking about has i'd say that. this country has experienced
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something similar it's going to go through problems for the system and that ended up in one thousand nine hundred three by bloody conflicts in the sense almost the way the russian parliament was going volatiles. that's is a surprise these sort of experience isn't as high as the. governing this country running these countries and i'd say that this country requires a very strong executive given the size even if history everything especially the size and also the diversity of different ethnicities living in the country is very strong executive is a must see requirement for russian political system i can't really see how that can be achieved through parliamentary channels. although i would correct you slightly when you said that the president put points ministers know this is true but as far as the russian constitution goes the president's. name says he's candidates.
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for the post of prime minister. who is then approved by the parliament and if the parliament doesn't approve him for three consecutive times the parliament is a school so the mechanics are sort of you know they're actually more complex than just these simplistic here things. i don't really see on the horizon the possibility of russia becoming a parliamentary democracy it wouldn't work here but what we always see in the moment is that the party system. is becoming a proper process system. because the things which in my humble opinion rather unfair in the russian part of the wars and a bag elations but still. a normal party system is emerging once it's gets established i think there's a good chance for the presidents to just cause for the appointments but the problem is when fixing things and then finding checks and balances within the executive but if you. can so raise the idea of a strong these activists country move to
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a parliamentary democracy the shadows maybe another two hundred years little bit of mention some of these one now the country where all right let's move on to the topic haven't the russian president calling on them to be more active in creating this new security institute and about the russian version president said he had spoken with the us president about this and he got the impression that they were a bit envious of the idea what do you think about well the whole conference here is about the european security and this new idea by the present value of a special agreements on that. in my view. what has happened in these last twenty four hours. the most important discussion which starts with a little intellectual provocation from will drop its home on nato secretary general said that this is the the the the most obvious universal solution for european security concerns is russia's membership in nato i've spoken to many people around
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here about this subject. especially if you read the washington treaty which describes how they told greats listen let's go fly in the second both countries and second the whole alliance simply magine this twenty and soldiers fighting with the russians chinese border god forbids but you know now we can't however polish delegates are present here say but why not say you were fired for a democratic russia why not now we could start here and then this conversation about shared values on shared that. i think the idea expressed today but all right on gram from his interest as it. is the most prudent one. and in fact i've just spoken to the foreign minister lavrov here and he basically shares the two also i don't want to exaggerate anything but he does. we're not talking about. the creation of a new organization different from the european security. yes we've got different organizations which are already exist but which do not interact with each other
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properly the european union made so. as i think robinson famously said here they are the same c.c. but on different planets brussels you've got the european union you've got nato we should say to the next man but and you've got russia which is self-sufficient military power in europe. it is it's kind of the only self-sufficient really three power nato. so if you create a try force of the european union. the united states and russia you could have regular songs and regular discussions about sort of this terry cancelations russian nato council for the office told us if it could possibly work. here we've got a huge problem. because once we create something like this the e.u. of the states and russia. this is chinese factor which counterbalances that people in china who think that such an alliance of russia with the west is and the chinese
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knowledge of these will show that that these are privatization of security which could be parts of this of this framework it's a very long conversation but i basically agree with president regift and this maybe is not the word which i would repeat. but i think the time has come for america not to be. so happy about the things as they are makes doesn't work anymore you've got to create something new that's what this part of all thank you very much for that so again i did the main thing for today is the creation of a new european security architecture and whether that will come to the will we'll find out after the conference. thank you for now i. tests are simply alive at the heart of that forum now another thing which is going to be discussed is an article called go russia which was written by dmitry medvedev a year ago a range of measures to kick out corruption and kick start modernization with fresh economic development to reduce russia's depression so it's natural resources spoke
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to the president's press secretary to tell it to mco but to find out how it's going . the problem is that you don't get the president gave a detailed and unflattering account of the situation russia is currently in it was not unflattering in the meaning of critical i think previous period and previous achievements no on the contrary they were giving credit but it was stated that the model of development russia had chosen and pursued until now is no longer viable the president named a number of reasons that stand in the way of the country's development corruption was named as a major reason for delay in development it is true that now competition is possible until we have a well balanced and a today judicial system until we combat corruption and have fair unbiased courts and honest and unbiased law enforcement personnel and without all this it will be hard for russia to secure a good place on the global scene in that way she missed the media i.
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just let you know you can see the full version of our interview with the president's press secretary in twenty minutes time here on will also continue our coverage of the global policy forum here and there are in the hours ahead of course to also this year the city is marking its anniversary as you can see it's quite a beautiful city not far to fall rather not far from the volga we here on our team will be covering the celebrations due later today and on saturday. when something really. what you want to get down to us too. this time the latest news comes from the. special guest discussions on the stage why did she cure instability of the present day when the. question.
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russia's republic of north asserts here is holding an official day of mourning for the seventeen victims of the deadly terror attack in its capital vladikavkaz it's emerged that but won't suicide bomber used a device identical to warn you it's an attack on a russian army shooting range that was in dhaka stun five days ago. investigators believe both bloss were organized by the same militant leader in the north caucuses our correspondent examine the reports now from the first funerals already taking place. we are at the exact street and logic of cars what the explosion has happened the central market is always there the car has been parked there and the whole early is still blocked by the police the investigators have been working here all night and people on a steel coming to the sides are so almost i was standing in silence just watching someone cry and people are remembering the dead and the victims there bringing
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flowers if you walk on this street right now you actually want can on glass it cracks under your feet and just a couple of meters away there is no asphalt and elongate just all of broken glass the explosion was so powerful that it's masto windows from their house is there are on this street when a people in political constant sided to become donors and around one hundred fifty have already donated their blood and more steel cueing in hospitals to the local authorities are repairing the damage how it was is at the moment and security is tight and in logic of the. as you can see more police offices everywhere also security has been tightened on the border between north a city and the neighboring republic. the day of mourning is declared today north a see it here and people will be praying in churches in logic of cars and there were probably they will be praying in the big tim's praying are for the injured as well
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over a hundred of injured are still in hospitals in what it was ten of them are unconscious and doctors do not know their names and they don't know where they are coming from the head of the russian investigation committee is here at the moment and he's leading the investigation are they have been reports that police has detained three suspects but we haven't received any confirmation so far would we do know is that they crawl belong to men coming from the owner was identified but he is not the one who was behind the wheel at the moment of explosion a criminal case has been launched and investigators qualify the case as an act of terrorism they also say that the bomb contained metal parts any of this is what made it worse and worse all of it in so many people being injured today in cars the first funerals will be taken place as well. will those most hurt in the
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terror attack have been airlifted to emergencies ministry along with the relatives eleven people including a child in a coma there were on board especially equipped plane which landed in moscow region during the night they're going to be receiving special care of the capital's hospitals their condition is reported as very serious the russian government's promised compensation for the families of the victims of those injured in the blast . well the u.s. state department says militants operating in the north caucasus have links to al qaida their statement also says washington is willing to help moscow in its fight against terrorism in the region marty is going to house more. this time russian the u.s. seem to be on the same page the u.s. state department said the terrorist attack in gaza as you mentioned is part of international terrorism and those who are responsible for it are international terrorists and they have connections to al qaida they also said it's a common goal for russia and the u.s. to work together to fight those terrorist groups but washer and the u.s.
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had in always being on the same page like that for years russia tormented by a number of horrible attacks had been saying it's a common danger these guys are international terrorists and we need help to find them to fight them but a while ago the common understanding the common wisdom among many in the west was that those attacks are just part of separatist movements in russian caucuses and russia kept saying those terrorists are getting funding from abroad and a number of them were trained abroad but internationally it had been treated like some sort of a domestic fight against insurgents while in now things seem to be changing the u.s. has acknowledged that groups operating in russia have for international ties a few months ago shortly after deadly suicide bombings in the moscow metro the u.s. state department included the person who claimed responsibility for the attacks its name. it into its list of most wanted terrorists and that was probably the first
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time that they did sort of think forty people died then in that attack or not of also claimed responsibility for the attack on on the train traveling from same piece of work to moscow that was in the van last year well the russian security services would give a lot to have this man behind bars and now they seem to have some help from the united states in that in that fight. it is going to come well democratic strategist chris christie spoke to us he says that both russia and the u.s. need each other in the war on terror. and this tragic day for the russian people that you know that this is a glaring example of where we should really be cooperating in something that really matters to people as you know the saturday will be the ninth anniversary of nine eleven that will remind the american people again of that terrible tragedy and i
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think. you know that the americans understand that we're in a war and we need as much help as we can get so while cultural exchange isn't and even economic. trade important things i think the things that really touch people motional e both in united states and russia will be would be a common fight against these criminals and i would be most happy to see a continuation of this kind of cooperation and i think that would have the biggest impact in both our countries. well these tragic events in the. last twenty four hours happening at the same time as the global policy forum here in europe today russian president dmitri medvedev has been speaking and he was talking about global security. tragic that he toys in and also different systems of democracy while our correspondent jim is holding all the developments. now. hi there ken yes with the topic for today that we've been talking about is
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a global security and one issue that kept coming up in the talk with the russian president dmitri medvedev is that of the former government that works for one hundred now he had. a parliamentary democracy will not work for russia and he is he was very insistent on that and he has also said in terms of global security that begin he's asking the u.s. to step up in this district he wants a combination of political and military institutions and he said he had spoken with u.s. president barack obama on the issue but he got the impression that they were just a bit envious but let's get some more comments saw someone who was actually at the meeting with russian president dmitry medvedev i'm joined by mr craig calhoun he is a social science professor from new york university thank you very much for joining my pleasure i would like to ask you first about the insistence of the president that parliamentary democracy is not going to work in russia what do you think i
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think president insisted that democracy was the future for russia but parliamentary democracy yes a specific form with a strong president and relying entirely on the political parties systems inside the parliament would be a mistake he emphasized that he thought the existing constitutional arrangements were for russia but also with us russia could you enjoy some of the benefits of direct democracy of a wider more open contact between the leadership of the people through the internet and through other card support a decision means. i called the fema for today is security and he had said that he wishes the u.s. he wants the u.s. to get more involved in peace and he didn't get a fair a positive response lawson spoke with the president what do you think about this well i'm sorry that there wasn't a more positive response because i think it's very important for the discussion to continue and i think the president medvedev also said that he regarded it as appropriate that even where there's a disagreement he had president obama continue the discussion and they keep having
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a constructive dialogue about how to separate the two so i don't think that there has been a resolution about the proposal for the new european security for the security treaty but i do think that there is now a relationship of mutual respect between president medvedev and president obama and between the two countries and that includes the other european countries that would have to be partners to any sort of agreement so in my view the discussion has to continue possibly for years before there is a resolution the disaster would be if any country breaks off the discussion and refuses to keep this process moving forward because we do need to reach an agreement and a new framework he said it is going to take years but the topic for today is exactly that it's that and new year in security treaty so what do you expect from this war if you say it's going to take years i expect that this forum will inform and to add ideas to that discussion and it will add momentum to it because what you
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saw at this forum was speakers from many different countries agreeing that it was important for there to be a framework but not agreeing about the specifics of what would be in the treaty russia has made a very strong and constructive proposal but for the nature of this new agreement but it will only become a real disagreement when a whole number of different countries come to some sort of understanding should nato be replaced or what is the role of nato what are the role of the other european security agreements now with the new foreign policy. of the european union which it has upgraded its rules of foreign policy there's even more complexity to the discussion so i think that there is no chance this can be resolved. and in fact no single voice dominated. i think most people would agree with president. that the discussion is urgent but the discussion will continue but that we should not go to such if we don't have the agreement thirty days or three months thank you very much
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for your insight now as mr calhoun was mentioning there are different voices here at the conference and voices coming all the way from the far east you have heads of state of north korea here as well so again we will see different opinions of what works what doesn't but what's important i guess today for the treaty is that the security of europe the euro atlantic area would be beneficial to global security in general. all right now tells our affiliate live at that security forum thank you very much for that let's take a look at some other news now are you asked pastor who threatened to burn copies of the koran on saturday's anniversary of the nine eleven terrorist attack says his plans are not canceled but they are postponed the initial threat had been met with worldwide outrage president obama described the burning ceremony as a recruitment bonanza for al qaida and said it would put american lives at risk meanwhile a new poll shows that the u.s.
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has seen a rise in the number of people converting to islam after nine eleven parties reports now on americans who have recently become muslims and say there is no place for extremism in religion. i mean a lot of. it's the call to prayer and it's answered by more than a billion muslims all over the world including caitlin billings a twenty two year old american who was raised christian converted fear the first of ramadan my mother. she was afraid that i was going to. larry someone who would be. she was crying a lot. that i was betraying her by changing my religion to something that she didn't know about backtrack almost a decade ago to nine eleven today our fellow citizens our way of life. our very freedom came under attack in a series of deliberate and deadly terrorist attacks president bush waged
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a war on terror targeting extremists muslims who are labeled as terrorists many americans like caitlin billings remember that time in the united states very well i was fourteen when september eleventh happened so i didn't really know what was going on if that really was you know people thought it was so i believe just like everybody else but as billings got older she decided to find out for herself and her investigation led her to the mistah a center a mosque just outside of washington d.c. that has become a haven for many americans like billings who have found allah a new poll found that almost forty percent of americans believe that muslims should carry identification cards despite that twenty thousand americans every year decide to convert to islam be a convert say they don't regret their decision at all it's a choice that they must think about every day around the world since nine eleven muslims have battled bands of their religious clothing profiling in airports and discrimination in their everyday lives after joining
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a class to learn more about islam carl dodge also decided to become a muslim one of the big jokes that i've always made is before i actually set down the class and open my career on everything i knew about islam i had learned from c.n.n. and when it comes to the mainstream media the depiction of converts can be somewhat extreme that pakistani officials have arrested adam gadahn this is the american born spokesman for al qaeda fox's work first there was john walker lindh the californian who converted joined the taliban and then did up fighting with them in afghanistan and then more recently it was jihad jane the blond haired blue eyed convert who allegedly recruited people to wage violent jihad and for many american muslims like dodge and billings the portrayal of converts is disturbing if those upset me a little bit because there's a lot of preconceptions people have been until i actually took the time to open up going around and see what was written you know that was my own.


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