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tv   [untitled]    September 10, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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logical and. there's the responsibility of the individual and the guy has to be asked to come through thank you thank you very much for being with us and just a reminder that my guest here in the studio today was john kelly one on the founders and director of the mirror caravan a festival tramlink papers and that's it for now from all of us here the spotlight will be back tomorrow with more food and comments on what's going on in and outside russia france and then stay in r.t. and take it down thank you thank you very much thank you mark and that's a. good. place .
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multis top stories this new a rino for new ideas president made a bit of tells the global policy forum in jaroslav that the u.s. shouldn't be jealous about russia's proposed new security treaty for europe as it could help everyone and also rebuffed criticism of democratic standards in russia
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saying the adoption of a problem in a true democracy for the country would be peptides turkey just as it has been focused on. north perceptions have been lighting candles across the russian republic to mourn seventeen victims of a suicide car bomb attack on thursday the first funerals have already taken place while some of the one hundred sixty injured are being treated in malls. and also investigate the rapid growth of islam in america with the number of holdouts since the nine eleven terror attacks increasing despite claims the media fuels and his logic sentiment. headlines and coming up next is there you know the show which today looks at muslim anger and protest over a cigarette by an american post the koran. is in our washington studios.
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well can be a lot of show real get the real headlines with no mercy or can live out of washington d.c. tensions are becoming more strained than ever as muslims around the world are protesting the planned burning of the koran now even if pastor terry jones suspends burn the koran day on saturday there are other religious groups out there that a valid destroy the holy book themselves so we're going to host what i'm sure will be a heated debate between afghan war veteran j. dilla barito and a member of the westboro baptist church next we'll have more information on the alleged kill team of u.s. soldiers in afghanistan five of these soldiers are being accused of murder and we'll speak with military lawyer eric montage of oh who is representing one of those accused then we'll get a rare perspective on nine eleven it's been nine years to september eleventh attacks in new york and we're going to speak with a first responder who is also a muslim we'll get her take on the growing hatred towards the muslim community and how it's changed since two thousand and one and it's friday which means we're going
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to do a mash up of stories that are making headlines this week we're covering everything from a fired up politician to a playboy offering the playboy the channel offering to have their channel in l. for the blind it's a look at comedian stephen smith two cents a what all that needs about to be at the end of the show now let's move on to our top story. the planned burning of the koran by a florida pastor has led to violence halfway around the world while pastor terry jones has canceled the planned burning for tomorrow in florida on the ninth anniversary of nine eleven that did not stop protests in afghanistan one protester was shot and killed in northern afghanistan after crowds attacked the nato base now there are conflicting reports reports on exactly where this shooting happened but there was violence in a number of different areas including the by the province which has long been considered a very safe and america friendly part of afghanistan now it happened when thousands of worshipers poured onto the streets after the prayers had been held in nearby
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mosques and the crowd estimated around ten thousand people and they reportedly hurled stones at a nato base run by germans now demonstrations against the desecration of islam's holy book prompted threats of attacks on u.s. bases elsewhere in afghanistan protests earlier this week were held in kabul and near the pakistan border and pastor jones has like we said suspended this planned koran burning after claiming that a deal had been reached which would move a planned islamic center near the site of ground zero in new york but the a mom leading the project says that that couldn't be further from the truth now the pastor's plan book burning have brought condemnation by president obama by the pentagon the state department even the pope and many other heads of states around the world. so now that those rumors of a planned koran burning have led to the first casualty in afghanistan does it even matter if the pastor goes through with the event or has the damage already been
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done has the notion that this is a religious war one of christianity versus islam already sunk in well the westboro baptist church has their way they're going to make sure of that and a press release sent today the church has announced that they will burn the koran and the quote doomed american flag on nine eleven because terry jones whom they call a false prophet. it's profits as kate so if the president and general petraeus have acknowledged that bernie mcconnell put american lives in danger is there anything they can do about it or do you have to abide by the freedom of speech no matter what the consequences when joining me from our studio in los angeles is j. dilla barito afghanistan veterans and co-founder of veterans for rethinking afghanistan and from kansas is surely phelps roper a member of the westboro baptist church i want to thank you both for joining me now jake i'm going to start with you first i want to talk about this violence in the protests that have broken out in afghanistan you know the country you're a veteran of this war there yourself you know what are your thoughts are you
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shocked to hear that these protests and violence is breaking out especially in the bud action province which you know for many has long been considered a very america friendly one. a lot of things are happening on the program it's not a surprise that there's an increase in violence due to the mass hysteria that terry jones and the fred phelps have created with the koran burning but it's also i mean but they're not the only ones to blame the rise of the insurgency is largely dictated because of the deaths of innocent civilians and also the death the deaths of of unwanted women and children which are basically the main victims that happens in war so i think that what we learn from this from the increase of violence right now is that war as an instrument to bring peace and stability has very real limitations and i don't think that burning the koran is a is the other alternative it only exasperates the war so i think that the general
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the generals remarks recently about criticizing the burning of the koran is is correct but the general needs to know that war as an instrument of bringing peace has only has limitations as well now surely i want to ask you despite everything that's happening including the violence in afghanistan here why is it that you want to burn the koran now on saturday even if dr terry. doesn't. the qur'an is an idol the american flag is an idol this nation's safety net will come when they begin to obey their god they should call for a national day of mourning for the sins of this nation and they need to put away all that fraudulent straw man about putting some children in harm's way you put your children harm's way you raise them and taught them that god is a liar and that his commandments are on the table for disposal you put them in harm's way they can only be safe if we do that they cast down the idols it's never going to work but surely why is it that your god of a is any better than than
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another god than the of the muslim god. so so what you're saying is you don't believe that this crazy christian this so-called christian nation this is not and why are you not english because a christian nation where you know in our in our constitution where does it say that they exalt in the sounds tristen you know what i'm saying it's not a christian nation but the words from the talking heads are where christian and judeo christian nation now essentially that is i know a lot of shirley's not saying nothing a. i didn't interrupt you don't interrupt me this is not a christian nation this nation isn't even remotely close surely your comments choice carlos really are what they're saying here surely your comments i would bless you for for you for calling for repentance but the kind of repentance that we should be seeking is is repentance from from from war make i mean jesus said blessed are you that kerry says there are so you that scouts not kill we have no
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business over there in afghanistan we had no business over there in iraq but you're not going to fix any of this without obedience to the commandments of god don't say we're going to recant while i want to get him help to let us take our soldiers' funerals i don't know stand ups protesting procedures funerals or or burning the koran does any any good here i think that the repentance that you're calling for is for those two to heed the commandments of love that loving by neighbor doing and to others alone what it added to man it's of it i shall not kill and what about the whole not commit adultery and no fornication don't murder your baby why agree that killing killing an adult is really going to pay for already backed by a point here i mean ok so sure you know this this nation is involved in two wars there are people that are being killed but what does that have to do with with burning the koran or with burning the american flag and what is i going to achieve is that going to change something or read the red on that flag today stands for the fifty plus million dead babies that you killed it stands for that was you know what
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we've delivered to me as a baby killer why. when i said you you're talking for the people of this country i'm talking to the nation i'm talking to the nation there's a policy of murder in this country there's a policy of adultery christ said if you divorce and remarry you're living in adultery we have a sixty percent divorce and remarriage rate if we don't obey the commandments of god then we have war in our gates we wouldn't be in this war if we would obey the commandments of god we would not need a standing army i mean literally sureness comments are certainly there certainly something to hear was surely comments but but i think at least the westboro folks really i really think that surely the westboro folks missed intro to bible sort of bible class and really i mean as a seminary and as a white as a graduate of a theological school and as as a former pastor i can say that jesus calls to love and to repentance it doesn't call goes for it and again. the koran have unfortunately already the koran and
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burning the koran and doing other acts like that it only exasperate anti-christian anti western sentiment and if we really want to stand against the problem britain fish to the water just like westboro or anywhere else need to stop their burning burning the koran sessions and they need to add a priority for it is this and they need to see peace but surely surely let me ask you this do you care if the fact if you burn korans and then people die because of it if that's what's american lives at risk of perhaps you know that as civilians in afghanistan then die because of it do you care do you feel like your job then that idea or there won't be any soldiers on our hands there is not going to be any repercussions will we burn that qur'an god's arm is not. i surely a lot of the glee here saying you know what do you think that there will be representations if if there if this qur'an is burned on saturday. absolutely i mean just just for that for the viewers to know that the for muslims the qur'an is not
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even acceptable to put on the ground of law and set on fire. from their point of view this is one of the most egregious activities and if i could say to the entire islamic world that fred phelps and terry jones do not speak for christianity they do not speak for the church of jesus in fact i would i would in my urge for the followers of westboro and the people of the dove center terry jones church to leave leave all possible get out and where west where is a beautiful church store called topeka buyable church you're welcome there anytime i've talked to the staff there today you can leave them here and you can get out and say that you should leadership he says this is the kind of this leadership that terry terry jones and fred phelps demonstrate is a kind of get out of the dangerous called abusive ghetto well shame i ask you this surely let me ask you this first of all so when you scream too loud your sound goes out just to let you know that i am this press release that you wrote today you wrote god hates america i've got it's america why do you live here. well we're
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almost through with our testimony to this country and when we are god will take us out of this country you understand all roads lead to the united states supreme court when that when that supreme court upholds the rule of law and says that we have done exactly what we were entitled to do under the law this nation's going to throw such a fit what is that what is that i have to clarify what is it that the supreme court is going to validate here on the last time i was on your program was over that snyder case and it's coming up on october the sixth this supreme court's going to rule on whether or not we have a first amendment or dot and when and what they're going to do is uphold the rule of law because what they're going to tell the country is that your fifth throwing is not going to cause i get it way how are you talking about that bob rule in the nation see here's what you've got going on with snyder he's got a case that he filed against this in you get a program on it and i read during the program on it and you know what it says i
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think to me because if you abide by god's law then why is it also that you then turn to the american constitution and leaching it out of trial that lawsuit no i did not say while he was saying you live by god's law what you're really hammering away and hard about is. the law. we're in a lot of what's really odd about this is that in this situation the freedom of speech that westboro is use is speaking from the freedom of speech they have is is provided by american soldiers and by the constitution and when they burn flags and they protest soldiers' funerals they really misuse every prayer every right that's provided from the very people that are giving it to them take it away i think it is really quickly because this country has done a lot of things under the guise of national security that are unconstitutional do you think that under you know the notion that this is a matter of national security that american troops are at risk according to obama and petraeus that they could stop the koran burning they wouldn't dare try they're not going to be able to stop us from burning that current. we are going to do it
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tomorrow noon twelve noon right out in front of the church and my people i have lives of the world alone on my plea to the islamic world they don't care have them recognize you please i beg you i beg the islamic world this is not a demonstration of the of the american people it's not a demonstration of that of the american soldiers and it's not a demonstration of christianity this is a demonstration of a few misguided and untrained people that come say they come in the name of jesus but they have no idea who jesus is are you guys are getting out of brad without all of conservative christian alleviation of them over me and as if the only thing that will do it know how rather what i do i want to thank you both for joining me clear there are different perspectives here but that's for sure the westboro baptist church does not represent all of america thank you both for joining you got that right thank you well still to come tonight on the show i'll speak with a military lawyer who is representing one of the soldiers charged part of the killing in afghanistan will talk about his client and the case that's making
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headlines worldwide. i wish it was that so much as i can which of course you want to hear it's an angry pretty right wing media particularly television and radio are enormously influential in the us for some. yesterday we told you about twelve american soldiers who are facing charges over secret kill team that allegedly blew up and shot afghan civilians at random and then collected their fingers as trophies now five of these soldiers have been accused of conspiracy and premeditated murder while seven others are accused of covering up the killings and assaulting
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a recruit who exposed those murders when he reported other abuses such as members of the unit smoking hash that they stole from civilians now if these charges hold true and the five men accused are convicted they face the death penalty or life in prison this is one of the most serious accusations of war crimes to emerge from the war in afghanistan and the story gets even worse as the father of one of these accused soldiers claims that he tried nearly a half a dozen times to pass an urgent message from his son to the army that these killings were going on now earlier i caught up with major eric montoya the military defense attorney who is representing one of these five soldiers out in winfield he's the one who made the calls to his father asking him to report those events so i first asked eric how it is that his client has become one of the five accused of murder if he indeed did reach out to help to stop this from happening. we need to give the story a little context what happens is sort of gibbs who is the senior man accused in
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this case there are five coach used. comes from iraq it's our understanding that he was doing the same things in iraq before you go to afghanistan. once you are things like murdering civilians taking their body part of the right electing them that's correct so he then moves to afghanistan and reestablish is this template of you know. terror if you will and starts listing people that are like minded. and continues to execute the same plan and. an atrocity. along the way he discerned some people may not be on board with him so in order to protect himself he wants to bring them into get their hands essentially dirty so that they are less likely to rat on him. and so winfield after murder one there are three murders and. reaches out to his dad he wasn't there for
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the first murder but he's he finds out about it. and then immediately reaches out to his father for help his fault why is it that he reached out to his father why did he himself go to his commanders to report these actions because he was scared for his life. when you think about the combat environment you think about the situation and the context in which he was operating within the sergeant gibbs was basically in control of all of his access to senior people to try to any of the things that are going on in a combat environment particularly in a removed place or a remote place in afghanistan so he distant have the ability to walk down the street and say hey sir you know i've got a problem and then it's his word against the sergeant's word because he wasn't there so if it comes out that he doesn't know what he's talking about he puts himself in the extreme peril at that now the sergeant gives out a quick question i mean to you is he you know you were saying before that they haven't says all they're for for this man to be convicted here but is he
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a bad seed or is this something that is just part of this military environment i mean one of the the quotes that i found you know really hard to listen to from your client when he apparently spoke to his parents is that he said that there are no good men left here and you know so is this something that has to do with i don't know a long drawn out wars and the fact that you know more al is falling in. these troops or is it just this one bad guy that you know took other people under his wing well i think that you can look at three levels of issues here one level is the institutional army not accounting for the systems and mechanisms that would identify problems along the way the failure to follow up on the report the failure to investigate the failure to identify mental health issues i mean so you have an institutional problem you have a unit problem how is it that a platoon of people young kids are running around the countryside engaging in this type of activity and there's no direct supervision where the officers where is the
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chain of command where is the daily supervision of these people to determine their mental welfare their physical welfare and the things that they're doing out there on the combat field with ammunition and running around then you have the individual issues of you know long term deployments what they've been exposed to and how they got to the point that they are arriving sergeant gibbs i don't know him personally but i can say that you know if somebody is inclined to do something and then they are given an environment and context in which they can operate or act upon those impulses you know then you have a deadly combination and i believe that's what happened gibbs was prepared to predisposed to violence of this type of nature he was given an environment an opportunity to do so when he started acting on it and getting more aggressive over time what does the military have to say about the fact that you know when. they went out of winfield's father was calling and he spoke to certain officials they
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told him just lay low and wait until his deployment was over and then to come back with the issue rather than tackling it right away when it was reported well this is probably one of the most devastating circumstances you can ever envision your son one of your children reaching back to you from a combat environment and saying dad i'm in fear for my life and it's not from the enemy it's from one of your own soldier. and so when the dad approaches the institution of the army and addresses that and they say we're not interested he can't help assad he can't get on a plane and fly out to the middle of a combat environment so now you have a family in full distress wondering what is going to happen to their son you have the son not even able to you know exhaust any way out of this thing and he's reach back to his dad as dad says there's nothing you can do but not interested in what you have to say so at that point what does he do he's in survival mode so he's got to do the best he can to survive and like you said at that point when the third man
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was killed and the third murder was committed he was forced to shoot can you just explain sure the circumstances under that are that you know sergeant gibbs was on a frequent you know search and seek out of you know opportunities to do the type of conduct he was interested in doing which is taking an innocent civilian and placing them in harm's way and then killing them. he found an opportunity you know winfield was an intro of where he was going to be in a platoon how he was going to be implemented on that day what have you he found himself in directly close to gibbs and morelock gibbs gave him an order to shoot after he blew them up with a grenade you know he felt his life was in consequence so we got down and went through the motions shot above above the man to get out of the situation and you know how is this going to look for the u.s. in terms of you know our our presence in afghanistan the war that we're fighting in
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afghanistan if these men are convicted. well i think you know justice does need to be served i mean you know there are no clean hands in war you know people do wrong things they do bad things what bothers me most about this particular case is that the the u.s. military has had some hard lessons learned in recent years. and you know as this war continues on as the fighting continues on into deployments you know there are mental health issues there are a lot of concerns that are in this long term conflict and for us in the military. to give the greatest scrutiny to the troops and the troop welfare and supervise on a daily basis and make sure we're getting it right is just a total failure of leadership and you know the army really needs to take an introspective look at what went wrong here because we can't allow this to happen again i want to thank you very much for joining us and giving us some details on
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this case that definitely is just it's horrific this kill team that was going around collecting civilian bodies. still to come on tonight's show at the pentagon so scared about an upcoming book by army reserve and all that they're planning to buy ten thousand copies and then destroy them we'll have more on that in just a moment and general stanley mcchrystal was booted out and his team couldn't keep their mouths shut on now mcchrystal is headed to the classroom and he appears that he still has a problem keeping his mouth shut details when we come back. each day center. for the military presence which occupies almost two thirds of the stomach and overshadows the people whose everyday life. where all the sounds so people could use or see with.
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you is worth every. one. well apparently the pentagon has no trouble with burning books just kidding but they actually have no trouble with destroying them it seems but to be honest hell stephen destroy a book rather than burn it anyway unlike the uproar over the planned burning of qur'an the defense department appears to be going to great lengths to stop the release of a book called operation dark heart now this is written by anthony shaffer a former defense intelligence agency officer and a lieutenant colonel in the army reserve too there's a debate over whether this book reveals too many military secrets now keep in mind
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the army reviewed and suggested various changes to the book back in january and then signed off on it but when it came time for the book to be released the pentagon for some reason objected now disputes between the government and former intelligence officials over whether their books reveal too much happen often but the pentagon is so worried about this book that they've actually offered to buy the first ten thousand copies of operation dark heart that are already printed and then to destroy them themselves now people inside the publishing industry and intelligence agencies say that they've never seen a case like this where an agency wants to dispose of a book that's already been printed talk about a waste of paper right now the defense department is concerns over the names of american intelligence officers who served with colonel shaffer and they're also worried about information in the book concerning and he ses eavesdropping operations some of the books have already been shipped to reviewers.


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