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stations get a human voice face to face with the news makers. pete
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. would be sure to try the hotel hotel while show his the groom photo the
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show would. be hotel. full of hotel evergreens the hotel. victoria hotel. called springs resort and spa tied to hotel royal cheap ambassador hotel. the evergreen plaza hotel in thailand to eat lunch. time the hotel full points and. tell me touch your group the future a good how would international. every. minute trip pay off the u.s. is. promoting lethal fighting machines but american banks become immune to the
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campaign for defense. taxes. stopping the aging process the russian doctor claims to have found. three face and internal. and. sexual minorities and. i'm welcoming that. stunning the government and the orthodox church for crossing in the sunlight. costing twenty four hours a day from the heart of the russian capital. to see. even billboards the u.s. military's screaming for dominance from all directions insatiable war machine is fueled by a six hundred billion dollars of taxpayers' money and yet. the american public
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unwitting victims of a p.r. campaign. no where else in the world are multimillion dollar war machines marketed like soft drinks and cell phones while come to washington d.c. metro. ads for military helicopters alongside those for a gambling spawned you would think somebody would notice so other such normal factor life i just i knew before you mentioned it i just stopping attention to drones combat ships fighter jets bragging about defining the future and nobody seems to care except for a very few of these ads are targeted at a handful of people who decide on move to billion dollar contracts but what do regular commuters have to do with this they're going to run and buy a fighter jet. this does have a certain effect on them let's find out. it makes me think that we add country
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stone for needed then we need to get taxes are going somewhere. and a big chunk of it. around a third of american taxpayers' money goes to the military and to contractors who gear up the military they promised dominance and brag about efficiency in killing this ship contributes to a complete maritime down a strategy none of the military suppliers who advertise on the metro we contacted were willing to talk none would answer the simple question of why bother buying ads for commuters to see when it's the government agencies which spend the big bucks maybe it was to have people see that and think that's the norm anti-war activists say the money spent on this kind of p.r. doesn't go waste it reinforces this war profiteers decision to sit in a positive light when an actual ality it's something that is destroying the american economy for capitol hill observers the expensive ads are
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a signal to future decision makers in congress we pay a lot of money for the say that we think our programs and portals we know you're watching us understand also that we're watching you and if you help us out we'll help you well that help comes in the form of contributions and jobs but for most those signals passed under the radar. nobody deeply questions the ads and as we can see with washington commuters it doesn't take long before what's advertised becomes normal again a check on our t. washington d.c. . while the privatization of war is a worrying trend says former south african president thabo mbeki as he tells r.t. later the main threat is that it falls outside international law. very worrying process of the privatization of war you see these large numbers of private military record drug. enough to understand and. who fall outside.
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of the norm international law governing the conduct of. war you can't allow a situation where you've got these large numbers of people. free. as some kind of private enterprise if. they wish the kind of message that would force. the possibility of modern state to govern our troops. and that will bring you the full interview with the former south african need. as we get older so our bodies begin to tire out but a russian scientist believes he's got the answer to keep us in peak condition and our retirement professor in the chaff says he's found an antioxidant that stops the
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gradual deterioration of people's health due to the aging process. it looks complicated and it is it's almost a life's work for lead. to more years of testing and the doctor thinks he will have finally cracked the need of aging let's get the science over with now apparently it's all about how oxygen reacts in your body and some of the very most one thousand nine percent of the time it turns into harmless water but there's that one percent that turns into super oxide the later turns into very poisonous elements so the task was to find an antioxidant that stops that process. and hence according to the professor stops anyone from getting old he's been working to perfect his treatment for more than forty years the hard thing has been to try and stop any possible side effects colleagues from around the world i think professor is on to something that's very realistic because it's been showing oxidative damage is huge and we don't have accidents of the type that school and have developed and he as
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you know. coined the term bio chantix he ends it in c. it's clearly spece bio chemistry bio and that you have it. the compound has already undergone animal testing and the results appear promising that these two rats are siblings the one in the left has been given the drug and is now much more lively than the other one that is dying and finally we call that we will manage to convince people that. look this single pill kills so many traits of aging so must be doing something itself then if we're going to tory authorities will accept this logic then. maybe we could somehow market this. drug at a success with the eye drops on animals then ventured sure i did and he's on
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cataract six months later his position told him he's cataract was gone thousands are going to take care. in the clinical trials which have just started but it will be a few years before professor discovery is sitting like this some have already been dubbed the drug a panacea and if it lives up to its promise the treatment should have an effect on the disease of aging and bring it with the prospect of a longer and better quality of life about a lot of. still to come later in the program reclaiming land singapore is expanding its territory and some say it is doing it illegally. want something to do with it. sergeant of the israeli defense forces. during his service scorched the street
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fight. on the kernel of the chilean armed forces participated in keeping down a military revolt. a sergeant in the us army. tried to become an american by getting part in the. ranks and reasons differ but one thing brings them together once they disobeyed. the british. market why not. happening to the global economy cause a report on. the
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news today. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are today. sexual minorities in georgia say they're still suffering deep seated persecution from the government and orthodox church which is keeping prejudice alive among their own georgians as artie's explains a mix of old fashioned thinking and political manipulation is leaving them out in the cold. need to spend five years of working in georgia's police force and got fired for being a woman. nigger is transgender and says he is not accepted for wanting to live in a man's body he claims gays lesbians and transsexuals are considered perverts by
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most georgians should that. they say we should sit in our homes and not show up on the street what am i not a human being or they say get the hell out of georgia is this not my country. the georgian orthodox church is one of the strongest opponents of gays and lesbians in the country. our position should be stored but we must also remember that their sick people in society the government and the people must do everything they can to help them. but nneka who is an orthodox christian himself disagrees. with. if this is an illness where is the cure i feel fine nothing hurts except for my soul because i'm being mistreated which. knickers cars aren't just emotional when he was younger self mutilation seemed the only way of dealing with the everyday stress of not being accepted by anyone except his own daughter.
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she hugged me and said she knows everything and loves me the way i am. when you can use support she turns to this man disability really is the founder and president of the inclusive foundation one of georgia's very few organizations for lesbians gays and transgender people he believes sexual minorities are being abused by society and used by authorities. this topic exploited this talk to. the public to turn the criticism from more existential. georgian authorities insist the country's embracing western values the reality part of says is quite different georgia might be portrayed in the very positive way. there is not much. participation even those who dared to show support for the
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community are also under fire. this is the displays in the georgian capital two streets lined with bars and clubs there are literally on every single corner here but not a single one of them caters to gays and lesbians in this country it would be too dangerous not only for them but for the bars owners as well and where they sit in the arctic. we full extent of the tragedy caused by a major terrorist attack in russia's republic of north. is now becoming apparent seventeen people were reported dead almost two hundred suffered injuries a suicide car bomber set off explosives in the capital of. the morning police a little suspect those documents were found in the vehicle had in fact registered as deceased for almost a year yesterday from public deadliest attack in a decade is continuing. well thursday's terror attack in north korea
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has been followed by two large scale terror operations in the neighboring republic . a star three alleged militants were killed in a village gunfight after they shot dead of those who official who was trying to persuade them to give themselves up the building where they were hiding and stored by troops in which two officers were also killed and dr stone's cattle in the hut alone ten guardsmen were surrounded by security forces and hideout used to surrender and opened fire on police before being killed in a shootout which only. one. of the news now the outcome of turkey's referendum on amendments to the country's constitution has won support from the u.p.a. union and us sixty percent of voters backed the package of changes aimed at helping the country's bid to enter the u. critics say the proposed alterations were under a lot of judicial system and hand the government turkey's prime minister recep
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tayyip it one has described the result as a victory for the country's democracy. china's media says the crew members of a chinese fishing boat held by japan been released many were seized in disputed waters and it also would see sure that eventually confided the two japanese patrol boats the instant spot a diplomatic route between the two countries causing top chinese officials to appeal to japan for the crew's release it's not yet known whether the captain of the fishing boat was arrested for doing the commission has also been freed. three palestinians have been killed by israeli tank fire in gaza israeli officials claim the attack was in response to terrorist activity witnesses say a ninety one year old man and his grandson are among the dead the deaths come amid renewed efforts to sausage stalled peace talks in the region on sunday's very prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu agreed to compromise over the controversial building of jewish settlements in the west bank. and. south korea has released its foreign reporter with the sinking of one of its ships insists it was sunk by north korean torpedo international investigators the same suggestion that officials who fought in the town ruminate further doubt north korea continues to deny that it attacked the ship last march which killed twenty six more. electoral campaigning in guinea for its first democratic vote has been suspended because of only growing violence supporters of the former prime minister crushed with supporters of the opposition of the road with no can't even at least one day dozens injured the presidential election is the first in the small west african state since it gained independence from france who fifty years ago.
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there with r.t. we're live twenty four seven and there's also a lot more on our website given that check that out dot com there's plenty more to discover here in just a few of the items waiting few right now clowning around this time as russia's most renowned just demonstrates the deeper feelings behind the make up and the great news. that if you think hollywood movies have told you all there is to know about russian mobsters you just might have a few surprises for you just head to r.t. dot com and take your russian quiz. place. first. singapore is being accused of expanding its coastline dredged saddened from neighboring states the last fifty years the small island nation has increased its
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territory by more than twenty percent but as artie's rough a national reports it seems a new singapore is benefiting from the shifting sands. saying that who has one of the world's most prosperous and fastest growing economies the tiny island one of the smallest twenty nations in the world is growing fast to. the key global shipping hard its vast port complexes have been expanding relentlessly in the sea by land reclamation. we have been taking sail from our hills and then when there are no more hills then we have been raging sand from from the sea. have a lot of. more thought it is being imported from neighboring country. singer who is today the world's biggest importer of sand literally the foundation of a tiny state extraordinary economic growth singapore has been importing sand for
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years and its territory has increased by over twenty percent in the last hop a century but with other countries in the region such as malaysia indonesia vietnam and can border mending sand experts require mean more land has become a difficult task for this tiny island city state well at least legally there are some accusations sent smuggling is making up the shortfall. critics say it's a dirty business with illegal imports of sent come in from poorer neighboring countries and reproved by an independent american watchdog strongly rejected by the government of singapore says the treat causes huge environmental damage and can be treated corruption one causing misery to ordinary people the sound trade in cambodia has been extremely damaging and has the potential to have huge environmental consequences it's also an incredibly corrupt try. two thing is that it is a we know to be linked with a number of dodgy land deals have been involved in force of actions of
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a series of complex allegations made about them control of this trade and none of the money is actually reaching government accounts single poor is world renowned for economic success but critics say the state needs to use its respected reputation to do more in the relation to the murky world of send importing singapore portrays itself as a regional leader in sustainability and environmental protection and they need to really put their money where their mouth is and make sure their imports and doesn't your environmental degradation of your rights violations not only in cambodia but in all of the countries in the region the government of singapore however has firmly rebutted the global witness report denying it condones sense smuggling ric's truck should reach the source countries laws or an environmental protection in the states has that sense of pliers of private firms buying from other countries who are responsible for policing their own environmental laws. aren't t. singapore. you're one of the bring you up to speed on all the business news in just
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a few moments stay with us. every month we give you the future the best in signs and difficulties from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on our jeep now with. this is data data generated from an electrical grid honester data you can do to do in california preparing for alternative energy sources to help prevent blackout. that's going to sort of. hello and a very warm welcome to the program the budget deficit in russia this year may be at least twenty billion dollars lower than forecast it currently stands at two point three percent for the first eight months of the year if the trend does change the committee completed will help save money from the government's reserve fund
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analysts are linking the new positive outlook on the budget having been based on crisis level expectations but the situation has been improving since the worst of decline and. jump in food prices in russia is triggering inflation while this summer's drought is sparking fears about food shortages the government is promising to watch food prices closely and to cap them if necessary but large retailers say they have a better way to tie down inflation as found out. in august alone prices and dairy products grew by about two percent sugar rose three percent and bread five produces stand accused of holding back supplies in the hope of bigger profits but retailers claim they can help push prices back down. large retail chains can be a serious break for inflation because they are a real price indicator our chain had
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a one percent inflation this august compared with the last year and there was a time when the prices on certain goods went up the way we are fighting against price increases is that we're searching for goods which are in the most demanded a cheaper price and buy them from suppliers from different regions of the c.e.o. of x. five retail says if there were most of the market chains in the country inflation would be lower big retailers control only thirty percent of the grocery market and other we. decided to fight inflation at the expense of its own profits it cut its margin on products that were rising in price and says the move paid dividends results are good i like we said before during the crises we experience an increasing or a cause to come so more customers. either way are buying less goods at the beach visit. with. specialty setting prices. we also experiencing this trend. the last few weeks trenton to improve market players
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understand the government's eagerness to intervene but states should respect market rules the best way to moderate prices they say is to lower customs duties and these tariffs some goods that are in short supply the political global business r.t. . russia's largest private commercial bank is reporting record three hundred million dollars profits for the thoughts top of the year it outstrips the annual profits which alphabetic has every major gets twenty years in business comes off the shelf but that spell the banks for for forging ahead to one hundred and eight and adopts a set of but lows fell by hoff to twelve percent allowing the bank to decrease its results. russia's largest car maker is able to break into profit by the end of the year afterthoughts is close to its plan of getting five hundred eighty thousand vehicles to roll off the production line this year that's most twice as many as in
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two thousand light from washington benefits from the state space that cash for clunkers program which has recently been extended. to look at how the markets are faring this hour let's start with asia where the markets are commodities. and the yen is weak i asked higher than it's estimated industrial output in china boosted optimism in a global economic recovery. and brush of the r.t.s. has already gained one hundred percent of the monday strike which is fifteen hundred points which is a one month high for the index my six is also making a significant gains among the stops in the index all the search we are rising gains in my steps are led by stahl and spare bank. about russia is to reintroduce the construction of taleb locks for cheap housing is spot on the effort to double house building in russia by twenty twenty eight the regional development
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ministry says it will reduce building costs and russia's regions will have to put potential schemes out to tender it's hoped that part of the process will be over by the end of the via. tighter regulation may be coming for russia's pawnbrokers because the central bank believes many could be being used for money laundering the r.b.c. business newspaper says the amount of money paid out by one shops is comparable to that given by banks those loans but or say they're having to use them because banks loan criteria have become much tighter since the crisis at the moment pawn shops face few financial controls and there are virtually no carrots to anyone opening up pawn shop in russia. the international monetary fund is warning the global economy is likely to slow down in the coming months and lists have concerns over some national economists as well as the united states property market
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the i.m.f. recommends that emerging economies should focus on stimulating internal demond conversely it suggests that advanced economies increase their exports cent cut. that's all from the business team for now if you want to get more stories right now you can always log on to our web site r t v dot com slash business.


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