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tv   [untitled]    September 16, 2010 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max keiser for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report.
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in moscow ots available in marriage granted to rich coats and royal marriage renaissance marriage profiles a holiday in circles under the in-laws not holiday in the social ski patrol in the radio national in the region country club so feeling sure to find this piece of the first or a booklet called sure convinced switzer told cousin the whole bill to let me go to golden liberty coaching. one of russia's most wanted men the suspected chechen terrorists document that coyote is said to have arrived in poland spike threats from a far g.'s to arrest him. about the rest is as unclear
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as the information regarding his whereabouts find out more on our team. and russia has its sights on reaching an arctic agreement with canada hot on the heels of signing a demarcation pact with norway. the us senate panel is set to vote on the start treaty and if the nuclear consulate is announced it will head to the full opera house for approval. it's nine pm in moscow and this is art to you coming to you live with me new sanaa way first this hour one of russia's most wanted terrorist suspects is said to have entered poland despite the country's threat to arrest him upon arrival commits a copy of his thought to be attending an international chechen congress near warsaw
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he currently lives in britain where he has political asylum because it is following the latest developments. at the moment it's all very confusing and very unclear because even his whereabouts are at this moment unconfirmed and the very fact that polish authorities would say in advance that they would arrest the man should here arrive in its territory is somewhat confusing as well because it is not unknown for law enforcement agencies to give their suspect a warning of an imminent to arrest so this could just be yet another pocketing statement towards russia that they will arrest the man should he arrives because of course there is an outstanding interpol arrest warrant for an issue for me it's a cry of he's wanted by russia on a number of different charges but even of the process even if they do detain him the process is a very complicated one the prosecution can't exactly lead on the police and make
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him detain the man and even if they do after an initial period of detention a polish court will then have to decide whether there are grounds for further detaining mr zentai of and of course then the entire matter of his extradition to russia has to be decided by yet another country the united kingdom which has granted him political asylum in two thousand and three it is very unlikely the us up by a full be facing trial in russia any time soon of course he has been granted political asylum in the united kingdom is seven years ago and since then russia has repeatedly asked its. british colleagues to hand the man over to extradite him so that he could stand trial here in russia that of course he faces charges of homicide kidnapping extortion and various the terrorists and extremists have to vittie so a large number of crimes that he's accused of and yet the united kingdom insists that this is a client is a political refugee that he has remained a law abiding citizen on its territory and therefore the agreement that russia and
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the united kingdom have between them to share and extradite all those accused of various crimes in each other's territories that agreement to. not stand because of course he has been granted political asylum so the question of his standing trial in russia is a very unlikely one even if he is detained in poland and then later sent back to the united kingdom. well john laughlin from the institute of democracy and cooperation in paris says that if poland arrests this will be a considerable step forward in prosecuting terrorist suspects i think there's no doubt that if poland were to disown him it would be an enormous breakthrough for russia certainly in the fight against terrorism but more generally in its new. political friendship with its neighbors we've seen over the last year and a half big turnaround in western foreign policy towards russia it's very important to understand that there is a link between the caucasus and between russia's enemies in central and eastern
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europe there are links between the people from the north caucasus from the baltic states and we can see that the world church in congress itself is being held in poland so the caucasus has always been a political lever which russia's enemies have used to to basically undermine russia and if as i say poland were to abandon that policy by a resting zachariah if something which would presumably finish off the world church in congress or at least this meeting of it that would be an extraordinarily important and symbolic step. and canada are neck and neck in a race for the arctic's rich resources odd was challenging moscow's claims to a portion of the polar sea bed but russia says he won't give up your corpus cannot has more on the north in dispute. both russia and canada remained firm at their stances claiming that the arctic seabed known as the a woman also fridge belongs to
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bear territory's moscow says that its claims are based on scientific fact and according to the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov russia will continue sending expeditions to this area of the limo and also the woman also bridge was discovered by russian explorers but today we want to prove scientifically that it's a continuation of our main line in providing our data to the un as does canada and now denmark is also thinking about lean clean to the woman also of ridge but any such claim must be based upon scientific data provided to the un commission and do you have the last word in any case in two thousand and seven a group of russian scientists to descend a dawn to be alone also fridge study of it and found concrete conclusions that it is a continuation of the russian landmass they've been planted a russian flag there meanwhile canada has also filed claims on the states are you saying back to the a woman also for h.
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is port off the canadian stage or yes we will submit our data on the loan is awfully age and we're confident that our case will prevail by scientific evidence the arctic is a huge area and currently doesn't belong to any country but at the same time it's thought to hold up to twenty percent of the world's untapped resources of gas and oil which makes it quite an attractive area for many countries up port from russia and canada other states are also keen to stablish themselves in the octaves and they include the united states denmark and norway according to some analysts this me we need to some type of conflict just now during the meeting in moscow the foreign ministers of russia and canada have pledged to resolve the state or dispute . strictly diplomatically and scientifically and there is already an example of how
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such a dispute could be resolved peacefully just recently russia and norway resolved a decade so wallner to dispute all their borders in the bar and see no be agreed first of all to stablish the border and also to share the natural resources which are held in that area so hopefully that will be done in the in the case of russia and canada as well. arty's you go there now it's coming up to eight minutes past the hour coming up for you later in the program and join our close up to you as we explore russian far east and the wonders of the second region. tucked in between the russian mainland japan and the suckling island is the island of minute on named after french seafarer who discovered it it is described as the pride of the succulent region we'll take a look at what's in store for us here. on our t.v. a sting operation for the former front man of the police find out why russian
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communists want to rock are behind stone walls and iron bars. and moscow hopes the u.s. is getting a step closer to ratifying the latest nuclear arms reduction agreement the senate foreign relations committee is holding new hearings on the start treaty before submitting it to the rest of the senate for final approval under the agreement both countries will cut their nuclear arsenals by a third russia lawmakers are ready to ratify the document but want to find off at the same time as washington the head of russia's state duma foreign affairs committee spoke about the main reasons preventing the u.s. from getting started quicker. the major problem is that this time of the year is that if occasion process in the states coincides entirely with the election campaign one search of the senate is to be reelected which means that many senators consider this situation not in terms of whether this agreement is good or bad for
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the united states but in terms of how much it may contribute to their own electoral campaign and it's bad because the document itself is too much important for the national interest of the united states for the national interest of russia for the global national interest to be mixed up with anything else our colleagues in the senate intend to supply the certification law with complimentary interpretations statement and this of course makes this situation a little bit unbalanced i believe that in case it happens we on the russian side will have to come back to this issue again analyze the interpretation statement which is probably to be approved by the committee of the senate and in case it will be needed do something similar so we have many are no defectors and i hope that we will be able to ratify the treaty by a literal on both sides by the end of this year this is the most realistic date.
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british special forces are undergoing their biggest card since the second world war the country's ministry of defense says it needs to downsize the elite special air service after having its budgets washed and while the decision may help the government save money critics say the true cost of axing one of the global that could spell disaster artie's more reports. world renowned elite notoriously camera shy these are britain's special forces at work in afghanistan they're seen as one of the greatest assets the u.k.'s army has to offer but even they aren't immune from government cuts the ministry of defense is being forced to save between ten and twenty percent of its budget for the s.a.'s that will mean getting rid of those too old for combat duty and axing one of its part time battalions my concern would be the vast numbers of going in they're going to be out of work they have been in the military environment. combat environment
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hostile environment for a number of years all of the shot and they go off on themselves with a skill set that they can't use in the civilian community pretty harsh or for the fact that there are no work out of a job some say the decision to axe old soldiers is a false economy they're the ones with the know how and in valuable experience and economists urging a proper look at what the u.k. is defense needs actually are rather than just last paying off a bit here and there i don't think that sort of slicing approach is really going to work i think what you really need to ask is what britain's military needs going to be over the next ten twenty thirty years and so far as we can predict them and then design your own forces to actually accommodate those strategic concerns over than just trying to save on paper clips and stationery u.k. special forces have been active in all the major conflicts in recent years iraq kosovo east timor and now afghanistan where nine and a half thousand british troops. currently deployed but the question is whether the
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british army will be able to play peacekeeping or military roles in foreign conflicts in the future and that at the same time it's rising economic powers or increasing their military forces that's going to create some there from a period in which. two countries. but also west european countries enjoy a certain technological superiority. not just discomfort defense cuts ultimately main european countries will be increasingly dependent on multilateral alliances to ensure their national security defense review is currently underway with results due to be published in the late. forty's and so it is hoped for is a wide reaching decision on the u.k.'s defense priorities what some are afraid they're going to get is paper shuffling and useless cutbacks in britain's already overstretched armed forces. but latest round of middle
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east peace talks has ended without any breakthrough however meeting with the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton after the negotiations palestinian president mahmoud abbas said he sees no alternative to continuing the exchange the israeli and palestinian leaders held two days of direct negotiations in egypt and jerusalem president abbas had threatened to quit the talks if an israeli ban on settlement building in the west bank is not renewed israel completely. during the talks israeli warplanes conducted two raids in gaza following palestinian rocket and mortar attacks yourself a political advisor for hamas feels the palestinians don't expect the talks to yield any results. all these talks. this is something. people. actually doing these things from time to time as any
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action to the israelis and in order to get in again is the people of gaza has no will not be and it doesn't have any. intention to interrupt. this these kind of talks because we don't believe these talks will lead to something significant in that he had a future. let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world this hour in glasgow tens of thousands of people have gathered to hear a mass led by pope benedict you can see these live pictures coming in from the u.k. well he's on a four day trip to britain the first popple visit to the country in almost thirty years earlier he was welcomed by queen elizabeth in edinburgh but protests are also planned across the country over the pontiff policies on gay rights and abortions and child abuse scandals in the catholic church again live pictures coming in of
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the pope's first visit to the u.k. . least nine people have been killed after a blast ripped through a minibus in southeastern turkey three others were wounded officials say a remote controlled explosive device on the road caused the blast they suspect the attacks was watched by kurdish rebels who have been fighting for self rule in the country's south east since the eighty's. and a rout over france's crackdown on roma migrants has overshadowed the summit of e.u. leaders in brussels the european justice commissioner had compared to deportations with mass expulsions during world war two the statement angered french president nicolas sarkozy who calls it outrageous and insisted the country will continue to dismantle camps the issue will be discussed again at the next youth summit. now are close the team has once again hit the road to bring you the best of russia
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. and today we take you to russia's far east on the country's biggest island off sahakian for many years it was at the center of a route between moscow and tokyo because of its rich oil and gas resources today so one in his one of russia's most developed regions and its breathtaking landscapes and rich flora and fauna are still largely unspoiled by tourist as election years have to be rather scuppered. parties russia closeout team is back and this time we're seven thousand kilometers from the russian capital moscow in the russian far east in the island of soccer league and this is the soccer in region indeed one of the most prosperous in in russia located around four hundred kilometers from the russian mainland and separated from the russian mainland by the top two are straight it is quite
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a big island one thousand kilometers from north to south and about three hundred fifty kilometers from west to east it represents a new region a very rich in terms of biological resources now the island of suffering that's home to more than a thousand species of birds and animals as well as flowers and plants and more than a third of them are considered to be endangered and are placed in the so-called red book of endangered species but of course all this beauty has to be protected somehow and we did a report explaining what this protection is like in the far east of russia. risking life or limb special troops to send those speeding boat in the middle of the pacific. coast guard in the russian far east this is an almost daily routine they fight. annual turnover of illegal fishing and mounts to millions of dollars.
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along with a team of officers we come on board a fishing boat they check documents to see whether the versal had any right to fish here. this particular boat was legit but officer got a boost said this was an exception rather than the rule and xander told us of the biggest highlight of his three years of service here. we identified a vessel belonging to poachers we asked them to stop and find flares they didn't reply so after an hour we had to open fire after about twenty minutes they stopped probably being too scared of us shooting at them. that was one wild chase alexander came here from the other side of russia and despite nonstop action and hard work he enjoys his time here that is because he projects some natural beauty from human harm the beauty which is visible from the very first glance. tucked in between the russian mainland japan and the second island is the island of minute on named after
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french seafarer who discovered it it is described as the pride of the sakhalin region we'll take a look at what's in store for us here. until two thousand and four the island was part of the boarders own and was completely restricted to visit is now the speak choice place is open to tourists unique plants and animals are its top attraction. of course the island is unique because it is located far from the mainland and is practically untouched by humans that's why many endangered species or both flora and fauna can be found here the underwater world who is also unique because a warm currents in the sea when you're on is by a ride to the far east. while some go to the cycling region to enjoy the sights
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others convert the island's nature's riches into a healthy dollar it is home to the biggest seafood processing factory in russia the tonight shock hundreds of thousands of tons of fish get caught in the nets too late to produce delicious salamon caviar and necessary attribute of any feast in russia the owner of the enterprise says a good fishing season can bring in more than one hundred million dollars net profit . and to a large extent this is old to do what succulent offers environmentally the tonight show operates in only and natural habitat farms selling the feed you have to give them a lot of. all sorts of matter thin lines or biologics and things like that to make sure that it actually survived and this is their natural environment and again while filming is certainly much better than many farms basis it's a natural product if you can see that fish is alive we deliver it live to the
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factory and you get the best product you can get a mild climate unique natural sites and delicious seafood succulent can offer a diverse holiday for those who are not afraid to travel ten thousand kilometers from europe the question is whether this distant land would ever be able to become a major tourist destination alexi russia ski odyssey reporting from the cycling region. well it seems singer sting could run into some trouble with the police in russia during his tour in moscow and st petersburg a communist group called for his arrest their demand was provoked by the rocker's recent suggestion to legalize marijuana the communists described the singer as a leading proponent of drug use who should be an example for the younger generation regardless of these troubles though at least staying now knows the russians love their children too.
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and that wraps up our main news block here at r t let's not check in tonight with the business news joins us. for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. would be so much brighter if you move the sun from funds to impression it's. startup team dot com.
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how it's time to have a look at the world of business business leaders from around the world to driving in such a capital off the twenty fourteen olympics r.t.s. nicholas pool reports from the city is new in the open to air force. the newly refurbished sochi airport is open it's the first to be a limp it projects to become operational at a cost of just two hundred million dollars it represents just a fraction of the ward work going on for the olympics the company behind the development displays all error there are passages basic element which is involved in a number of other projects there as well including waste disposal a new seaport in the olympic village the airport is coming on time and on budget it is awful basal aero explains the project has a number of advantages over all the so it's in and around sochi first of all we didn't construct the building itself which we need to move the concrete and the
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salmon and. the sand and all the heavy material so we were not effectively using ropes too much. with a group. we fortunately delivered the most of it before the second construction phase started around us so we didn't expect this many difficulties but the other sites i believe were experiencing. the opening of the airport coincides with the ninth sortie economic forum prime minister putin giving the keynote speech on friday morning addressing the issues of modernizing the russian economy and improving its investment climate we'll be bringing you full analysis about speech prospects pensive coverage of the wider forum on friday and saturday. and several companies boss because the basic element holding may fall over sol on their way to i.p.o. the curb step or two director general spoke exclusively to r.t. we're planning to listen to more companies in the near future you know in general
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you know going public this is just one of the potential sort of the just for you know old capitalization of our system is that you know the companies follow you in the sectors that you build them you know them already to look to become our target is that all of our companies are being developed to the standard that we're able to list them in your time you know when the market so it will be think it's that i am it said that it's so there so it's more important for us to focus on internal efficiency and you know the internal. you know capacity to fit the bill its own self or still so that if you decide to go public you can do it and you punch goldman's in the markets you know if markets open up and become positively first can be very quick. and another republican former yugoslavia has agreed to join the sol stream project prime minister of the republic of srpska minora daughter was in moscow on wednesday to sign a cooperation agreement on the south through the gas pipeline russia's energy
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minister said it was in europe's interest to create favorable conditions for south does it added that there were no real turn to ship to the project. and i'm going to work with if we're being told that the project is too expensive and this guy is not needed in europe i'd like to draw attention to the fact that the gas will be sold at the market price that will be formed in europe while the european consumers should not be worried about the cost of the south stream construction this is a concern to shareholders the more guess there is an offer in europe the more market price may drop which is in the consumer's interest. that we are absolutely sure that there is no alternative to the south stream project confident that the construction of the south stream will provide regular gas deliveries not only to the whole of southern europe but also to many consumers in the rest of europe. let's have a look at the markets in moscow the r.t.s. and m i six finished low on thursday the trend where the.


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