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as of russia's biggest oil producer ross left relative more than two percent on reports the company may win an extension of tax breaks for its bancorp oil field. syria stop plans to inverse to two point five billion dollars in developing the food to iron ore for shifts in liberia the company has one commission from liberia's governments to develop the fields which contains a wrong one billion tons of it will produce from twenty seventeen about twenty million tons of magnetite or three here and russia's economic development ministry says it could introduce a ten percent export to two and within the next two months. russian pipeline operate a trans nafta and investment group capital by the black sea port of now but i see the companies already control the baltic sea port of bring water into ports could create the largest student or a company in brush up the deal is estimated at around one point eight billion
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dollars the two companies will hold a fifty point one percent off the never a sisco on the parity basis. ok that's all from the business to get more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business.
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if. every month we give you the future best unsigned some difficulties from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on our jeep. with. this data data generated from an electrical grid. institute and you can do to do it in california turn falters energy sources help person plug and. let's go to smarter planet.
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you're watching artsy live from moscow where it's nine thirty pm the headlines a suspect it's hoped chechen terrorist has reportedly arrived in poland where a party is not threaten to arrest him moscow wants to extradite him as a client stand trial in russia but for the last two years he has had little asylum in the u.k. . u.s. senate panel gives the go ahead to the start treaty with russia the nuclear arms reduction deal will now face the full opera house before it can be ratified. and russian and canadian foreign ministers meet in moscow calmer out an agreement over a slice of the arctic the two cartridges have competing claims for the region whole massive mineral reserves. next we'll find out what's attracting more than half a million feathered friends to russia south.
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the folded delta place with a multitude of islands but not a speck of giant land where you just jump into the boat and off you go to wherever you want for centuries this delta was where russians falling for black caviar giant fish can be found yeah boy of the two told man were holding up a catfish part of its tail was half a metre long number of birds here in spring and autumn runs into the millions this place has a purpose for birds or they're lucky to have these islands you can easily lose your way in this tangle of beautiful plants to see how water sparkles on these leaves coming across turtles bathing in the sun they will be a few metres from where you live is not something out of the imagery of the delta the wild is just a few steps away from civilization. and
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strand is a city in russia's south it has a kremlin made of white stone and another symbol of the city is the swoons that live in the pond in the center of this one stayed there all the year round but most of all the people of astrakhan the proud of the volga river russia's most famous river drains into the caspian sea in the astrakhan region. from above it looks as though the deep river runs into an obstacle one hundred thirty kilometers from the caspian sea there it splits into hundreds of small narrow channels this area is known as the volga delta it's almost a triangle shaped most of its territory covered with water. to go from bastrop and southward you'll soon see fields through the list includes a. treasure of the whole goodell to fish come here to spoon.
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fish attract migrating birds. million beds of three hundred species come here the spring and autumn it's the centuries people from all over the russia south that come here to fish and hunt unfortunately though many species perished as a result. more the at that time and women like to dress up they had ants with feathers hair and thought this was very much invoke the heron only has five fed there is on its head so it thousands of parents were killed in the name of fashion while pelicans were opposed by the mainland to make ornaments. in the early twentieth century the volga delta was a desolate place a special expedition that came here from moscow in nineteen twelve found no trace of the the swans or pelicans. urgent measures were needed to save the deltas natural environment to his nine hundred seventeen socialist revolution the
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government decided to create a nature reserve here. at the ball and there was a civil war at the time the country's coffers were empty and the future was unclear that's what the situation was like when they started to create a nature reserve in the balkans out. it's hard to reach the reset for a master it's a hundred kilometers through flooded fields and the ferry to the other bank of. a fifteen kilometer stretch of dirt road once you've reached the end of it you don't need a car and. you have to take a boat because there's not much ground from all the way to the caspian sea. if you. reach the boundary of the nature reserve everywhere there are signs prohibiting entry and passing found trespassing can be punished by the rules. in all fairness such strict measures produced posted results soon after the nature
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reserve was founded. here with news that we begin with the first one ness were found here and the first terran colonies were discovered in the reserve as well as a boy about that school retains the harry detrick code of subsequent generations the queer gets. aunty fishel islands of the early spots of drawing down to. the house ranges and dogs with their families. scientists doing research they hit too. early in the morning on the phone just to be tripped on the ref and ranger or rat to beg off set out on an expedition to make a record of the birds in the reserve all right let's go today to the tikrit channel to see what's going on there and over there will be how high the water is we'll look at the tide marks yes we'll check them into. the
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toybox in the rituals act as natural measuring posts for the stuff. as rangers make the rounds of the reserve they're supposed to see whether the tide box had been washed away is difficult to see though from the boats if they are secure enough. they make the rounds once a month during high season each time they follow the same route. in the fall of just puts down the description of each bird he sees in the notebook. the data is then processed and entered into a fifty year old book chronicling the state of the natural environment. everything is put on record even the first groping over frogs for example the first turtle emerging from the water just some date and the first crossed snakes out of its hideout the first darling the first night the for. swallow the sun
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when baby birds start to leave their nests is also noted. the white tailed eagle is one of the biggest birds of prey in the astral and nature reserve. these birds have a wingspan of up to two and a hof meter. tailed he who is the fourth biggest bird in europe birds of the species in the volga tells him mostly feed on fish they either catch the fish themselves or grab them from other birds such as camarines. sometimes they call she'd cormorants by pretending to attack them when you normally they don't go out. but as soon as they sense danger they drill each down to fish and get out of the way as fast as they can eagles get the prize crowns are their rivals or they too trying to pick up the fish in other words white tailed eagles
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and crowns live of requirements of work or. white tailed eagles are not as common in any other area of russia as they are in the volga delta . so say one of the darkest habitats for these birds in the world. about two hundred eagle pairs nests in the reserve alone. european come to astrakhan for the expressed desire of watching them in the wild. of nearby. visiting german cameramen was so thrilled by does a white tailed eagles flying overhead that he told the driver to hump the car there and then started filming them when i told him that fine white tailed eagles were nothing out of the ordinary he said only a few such eagle's nest and in his country all of them in germany had been recorded and certified and there were under constant observation. in
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recent years people with cameras have been exploring the underwater part of the delta. kill the office of fish biologists and kill it you know as an underwater cameraman in the morning they go to one of the remote channels. and clear ideal conditions for. nearly sixty fish species in habits of all the data including in sturgeon their famous for their black caviar . there's a total ban on fishing in the reserve its employees are only allowed to use fishing rods even so the local people their interests are fishing tales. but i can't show how big it was even if i spread my arms to the limit imagine this tall man holding a catfish while part of its tail about half
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a metre long is on the ground. during high water the fish move to the flood plain to spawn it's here that baby fish scramble out of hard rare data the receding water takes them back to the river. both fry and fish come here after spawning at the warm. water stimulates underwater vegetation this is a comfortable place for the young it's like a kindergartner. for the time being they're almost new fish in this aquatic nursery so the cameraman switches his attention to the plants. current there's a fairly strong here it seems this tangled with education services a filter purifying the water flowing through it. as a result it becomes clear. when i go down there i clearly see that the remains the bottom and the sea weed are all covered with mud.
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even in the summer that clear water makes it possible to see that the seaweed is so thick it looks like a forest. but also find there. some of the most beautiful flowers in the delta what's more here you can see above gradually from the water the interesting thing about water lilies is that they conceal themselves under water during the night and at dawn onto the water surface to bloom again. the latest says the most famous plant of the delta. a few decades ago the sacred symbol of the buddhists took up nearly a quarter of a hit. to date. by twenty nine thousand. what. this is a lotus leaf if it's
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a boy the water will slide down like mercury. these reddish leaves differ significantly from the others look at how these leaders parco. notices considered a symbol of purity and in lighting meant. disbelief to help people understand the origin of their desires and leaves tiredness sharpens the senses and even provides protection from evil forces. persian in a last minute lotuses makes you think you are in the persian shop you. read some of the most common plants and of all the delta they grow all the over the place have any of the deltas islands are in fact nothing more than
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a fifth of reeds growing in shallow water. some of them can even grow up to six metres in height. motorboats can't go too far off without damaging its crew propeller. fortunately the warden you know you can easily lose your way in a rethink it it's not like a forest here you can tell where north through especially if the skies over cost and the stars are nonphysical and rethink its constraint for many many kilometers from the q. the noise of an engine is heard from a far it's there's peace and quiet it signals that there's a trespasser in the area in the range it immediately calls based with the gods. a few minutes later the rats finds approaches and that's one of the real dominance dimitri mares and nets me just say oh yes i see it. the net
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is full of fish most likely it was last checked a long time ago. the bulk of the fish that. great may have killed them all. they then sets the surviving fish free throws out of the kind of fish is it anyway shall we let them go dimitri yes sure. the boat continues on its way to more and that's a found there by the ranger called space again l.o.l. oh there he did it there are three nets here again so shall i remove them right i'm going to do it right away. where rats empties one of the nets and leaves it in place gods will come here in the evening to ambush the poacher.
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in the evening while decent parents descend on the area. here has little fear of humans they know from experience that they will not be disturbed while they're in the reserves which is why there are so many. one of these head. on the thought of this are going to visit them and eat in the movie. the.
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close up game has been to the our hangal speech. where the first russian fleet was born. r.t. goes to the area which holds top position in oil and gas resources. where the biggest russian salmon can be our processing factories located. and where unique species of farm farmer can be found. welcome to the sampling region. should close up on our teeth.
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the morning fog envelops the vote a delta. mythologists get up at dawn to get ready to go to a faraway lands to inspect its cormorant colony. colma is the most common in the delta. number of coal mines here runs into hundreds of thousands. to cover schools of kilometers such a fish the staple food. but head their prey can be found everywhere the delta just
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moments to brilliant a sense that they call in his head. the stillness considered to be a fairly young one it appears only forty years ago. today numbers about fifty thousand mists. thinner and less look like round things thirty to forty centimeters in diameter. these shallow funnels are made from try to patch reeds. one trees might be home to schools of nests. on scorching hot days and old birds zoltan on the edge of their nests laughing their wings freeze or cool it down they also make sure that their hatchlings are camped out on the sun through a thorough answer the baby birds and then how to fly an intern. at that time flocks of cormorants or spectacle on a par with a hitchcock movie. cameron says perkins often go to fish to get
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a pelican stay all this common in the reserve. just very quickly often feed together one of the sure it begins circling over it. they also want their she. cher. you would be hard pushed to find pelicans in the delta. these very cautious but as far away from people as possible. to see pelicans you would need to enter the area i think. that the focus meets the caspian sea. of a delta looks like a knowledge of nature the host of islands in it. but it's still part of the fall good visit here it stretches to four hundred kilometers wide. flood waters right now are about one point four meters deep at other times the
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depth is between a metre and one point two metres this is the middle of the delta there are a lot of fish here because to the river and thoroughly warmed by the sun there is a wealth of vegetation and a good deal of food for fish and birds down there. back in the nineteen fifties there were one thousand five hundred pelicans nests in the astrakhan reserve. since then that number has dropped to five hundred. it's very difficult to spot a colony of pelicans and if the creeds. they spend an hour looking for one before the boat runs into a pelican colony. baby birds hatched a short time ago. at the. colony was here forty years ago but then they disappear that it has been growing in
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the past four years in the beginning there were only five nast's then forty and now we have one hundred in san diego. at first glance pelicans look like very close. they have talking both is large short stick legs and their tail is barely visible. less many religions will fail than the sacred animals muslims believe that a pelican brought stones for the construction of mecca and its bill. and in europe the purpose is a symbol of parent to love legend has it taken so rich their chest certainly that peaks to feed hungry babies with blood. bullet can spray with each other only for the duration of one season build their
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nests in the reeds tickets. at first so i say look like a pile of garbage twigs. there are two or three baby birds to invest it born blind naked. fuzz starts to grow seven days later after ten weeks they can fly. there are only a handful of them are here and we try not to disturb them if we can help it we do keep records of them but we don't do any detailed research. even the gods make a point of not approaching on the news with pelicans and nesting in fact the gods
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live in floating captains and they visit the ivan delta they stay there for only three days at a time. have you seen many pelicans nicholai there are bought a hundred nast's here and in grown ups there are some but others are still very young or. compared to pelicans there are thousands of swan nests in the delta. in the last century the swan population is rapidly shrinking due to overhunting. sit cannot fly so poachers would take that opportunity to cram them into nets and beat them with sticks. now that catching swans is prohibited the population has started to increase. in the fifty years only five pairs of swan nested in the ball delta but now their numbers have gone up hundreds of times over of.
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the swan this scene is a symbol of devotion as it was thought that once pet they stay together for knife. as soon as they settle down in a large plot to start building nests as a roof other birds anywhere nearby and most welcome. people because they're worthy of the appearing nesting season the female sits on the nest while the male swims around to guard against intruders. swans are very strong birds they don't like the presence of other birds especially. sometimes swans even when she's out from a shared habitat. normally there are five to seven eggs in the swans nest. or something frightens them that they leave their
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nests. crews often use this tactic to steal the eggs. or. a couple of always accompany motor boats when they reach the end of their section they hand over the boat turned. a couple of grounds here at this the man in the boat is to preoccupied snowsuits when the boat approaches the nest the noise of the engine scares the bird away. to get into the nest just steal the eggs as a result of the sets of this room and we will pick it up where he will. reservists called the floating venice of russia for its calm and beautiful nature. people come here every year to find a quiet place under the sun and in their peace. the dusk descends on the river
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and maybe duck enough to see a spectacular sea talks of swans flying into the sunset.


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