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tv   [untitled]    September 17, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm EDT

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analysts gave us. so this week we saw a combination of profit taking on the other hand which store investors continuing to going into the market and investors are starting to catch up to the new markets around the data we saw or a strong data out of the united states namely industrial production came slightly above expectations because of the russian market at least weak it actually took clues from the global markets performance and moved up also but very slightly among specific factors that affect the russian market this week and where are there with the ruble which was quite significant and came somewhat unexpected i think it's a temporary situation and i think we're going to see the ruble strengthening and gaining taking back some of their losses. that's all from the business team for now get more news small website r.t. dot com slash business.
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every month we give you the future the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for dick knology update on r g. with i.b.m. . this is data data generated from an electrical grid arnest the data and you can do to do it in california colonel turner diminished resources now from black and. let's go to smarter planet.
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bizarre to you live from moscow had lines moscow calls on poland to actually died in a tory as terror suspect tainted the country of mexico as political asylum in the u.k. is wanted by russia over atrocities in the north caucasus. preparations for saturday's parliamentary vote in afghanistan are marred by escalating violence the taliban stepping up threats and kidnappings of candidates and election workers. and an attempt on the wife of an alleged top mafia boss right in the city center puts him in hospital vest to gators point out a blood feud and turf war as possible motives behind the attack. now it's time for our report on one caribbean island which is struggling with the presence of a u.s. naval base. because
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. who is in charge. and i explained to him. what's going to happen. when there's a forty percent unemployment rate. doesn't work when you knock at the door. a lot of this really. doesn't have
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a food stamp office i have to tell you in english what he said because that's how he said to me well you can go to the food stamp. exercises and i said for the first time in the history of going to problem. i met with a fisherman i came in. we won't be able to fish for twenty days. they said to me. what are we going to do. the only work he came to mind at the moment was. going to fight. me going to the eastern portion. of. it. and there were american airplanes. through.
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the. whole he said you know. the. people. from my. three. one when the struggle. we were called. they would say look at those crazy dreamers we felt rejected by the people of. some of them and say you're crazy how are you going to take. and we just kept at it and kept going but some changes began in the struggle to get the navy out from street fighting to political fighting.
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if i gotta get this very neighborhood when my mother was still alive one sunday we felt the rumble of five bombs explode i threw myself to the ground and yelled my god they're bombing us. whether this is an accident that could have killed us after that and also near. fell in the garbage dump during a lunch between the legs of the workers another incident or accident or error so we had been alerting people. about the chance of an accidental killing a civilian. all that happened was foreseen like the book by god. we had already created a climate of danger and uncertainty. the only thing that was missing occurred when
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david was killed. given that we can't do a warning that something bad would happen what else could we expect a bomb would kill someone said and done. when we went to camp garcia and the people who were there to argue look none of us are in a position to me i just got here. about the need to get things in there and i will have to eat even the captain at least from our police department will arrive soon and you can ask him all your question. we went to camp garcia and there was a friend. demanding that we be given information yet. then we in the families had to know what happened to our brothers. there's no wife here there are children here
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there are brothers and mama's here there's a father trying to get information and the first thing a mother is told is we can't give you information while the hell with that. one man died and five others also civilians were injured they were taken to the naval base on the mainland that's all we know who'll give us names are the injured mcginnis and the dead man is a mckenna's. yes he's a kansas. for years a small group of activists have protested the bombings and the navy's experiments with new weapon systems on the a case but on april nineteenth one thousand nine hundred nine that made sinusoidal the biggest a civilian security guard on the base was killed when a u.s. marine fighter aircraft missed his target by more than a mile and dropped two five hundred pound bombs on his post. his death ignited the simmering anger of islanders who had been subjected to years of nerve rattling
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blast and alarming contamination. across was taken on a boat all the way by sea to the impact area in homage to that need from his community and placed on the top of a tank target.
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but i think that. and the remembrance service. you know nobody about you. before. that it was as. i am staying here we. are. some places if they load up david we will be you know. let them take us but this is ours you know if when you night how many people can they put in jail let them fill the jails with our prisoners like that you don't give it a second thought even if you've been arrested already we have to continue don't do it for yourselves do it for your children do it for this man do it for me i don't know. where the first.
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statement. and the rest is history. for that why are we transformed everything. we create a community. it's a positive thing when it's a civic as volunteers get their writing or more organization you got it was they've
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got a pretty confidence a sense there was no reaction from them they. really what i think happened early when they grew up very badly you could have cleared out the whole thing on day one a little bit older maureen was sold. but they didn't do it they did not react. it gave the civilians are opportunity they're bringing in technicians scientists experts and do some testing that the navy would never have a while so the longer we stayed there the more scientific reports were coming out which really made the position worse and raise our awareness well the fact that this is really a matter of survival. people could go in there and study the land study what the contamination in particular is
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you know what kind of heavy metals what's been being used out there and then put some real pressure on the navy what kind of bombs what's happening why are we all getting sick. despite persistent protests the united states insisted that because it was critical to national defense and was determined to keep the training and testing alive i may fourth two thousand u.s. authorities arrested and jailed hundreds of protesters many of whom had occupied the target area for over a year but by may thirteenth the protesters were back attempting to use their bodies as human shields to continue to disrupt military exercises during the next four years more than fifteen hundred people would be arrested and jailed for trespassing some serving up to one year in federal prison.
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off. i was drafted to be a guy for the civil disobedience be good friends of mine to be done for the good we did rescue in development is move my experience is important in vietnam and me being from nigeria you would know the terrain so why you are writing is where you are and. in april twenty eighth year two thousand and one i served as a guide to fourteen members and i took and i was guiding them to the firings to stop their maneuvers and we were arrested after being in there for about sixteen hours. and then i was sentenced to ninety days in jail and five hundred i'll fight . the reactors for oats i was
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at the press all around the world everywhere so there's a very blazing light older now where the marshall arlen's european countries south american countries look to v.a. crews as the place that really knows our organize whereas we thought it was pretty much ad lib all the way they see it as a successful erection for us. the last year old their security our bridges course there are eleven million dollars us prana raising the rent would sometimes close to get rid of our lives are able to think about. big is big and less important as it got more its friends and it got more expensive not only in dollars and cents or on the most paper led by me in the radio station that the rear of all the world were quite full. of. i think the
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essence of the struggle of a people in vehicles to rid themselves of being new still being abused being kept in the dark to get rid of that was such a liberating kind of thing and it was all down peacefully. and how a tiny little island could face a force as powerful as we did was intriguing but not only intriguing was really inspirational to a lot of people. our particular kind of struggle made it possible for us to to grow to express ourselves and and to succeed. it was a oh it was.
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after four years of relentless protests and civil disobedience the united states announcing respond all bombing and levy a case on may first two thousand and three however most of the land was not returned to kentucky cars instead it was turned over to the u.s. fish and wildlife service. i kind of the had i was destined to when we arrived at the same camp meant at midnight there was a lot of energy that the weather and when the clock struck twelve zero one an hour at that i couldn't tell that the ts and emotions that meant denilson and when the gates opened and the people began and trained i well that was
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a really touching moment i. really. enjoy it i don't i feel great satisfaction but i'm glad that the sec or finds that we made over the last four years was not on the plane and that the navy is no longer in if you can escape we achieved a motor is ation what you are listening to return all of our land which now is still in the custody of the federal forces so the struggle continues and it's a big one. on the east stand which is the question of the bay this time they're going to make it a wildlife rescue and according to rules that school of thought it was only for bases and critters it doesn't ask to be as clean as if it were for a full. and they're advertised. as wildlife refuge in the caribbean. shipments and
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once. wildlife. through guide is. danger explosives. scroll across. barricades and if you want to orlando and there was no mickey mouse. when they were a complaint from somebody this large is. total fraud. we struggled for sixty years and we always talk about the four d's. nation devolution of the land development. of those four days we managed only one that we were able to close the firing range. but they're not giving the land to. nothing now. has it been decontaminated no nothing
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if they don't give back the land if they don't decontaminated how are we going to develop it. it can't be denied we're going to enter a critical period distinct from the previous phase when you could feel the airplanes you could feel the impacts felt your house vibrate it was irritating it was infuriating but now we're not going to feel the bombs we won't hear them we won't see them we won't feel the house vibrating. but the pollution is there the tag mist is in those contaminants. mixed in with the earth. but you can't see it because we have to do a study to identify it. the
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effect of militaries sation are so deleterious are so negative. once you stop the bombing. you've got to clean up. and it's not just clean up an environment you've got sick people you have to help the people. we are this i am working on the health issue as taken me to participate in a health commission on my role on this commission has been to try to to try to keep things on track. and to try to create for people in the agencies a living reality you know we are not dots on a graph we are people too little on the side where is the responsibility to bring the children into the right and showed that is it will want. to meet with
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us this is a big risk. but it is almost exactly to make things better. i have this moment fortunately i find that the government of bridge to free will is truly bending backwards to relieve the federal government of blame for the health situation and i don't understand it and it hurt as a member of a community that is suffering from such poor health. statistically i mean it's not it's not my for emotional healing and actual fact you know that we have to still keep there going for attention and services which i feel the government should have looked on as a perfect opportunity to fulfill its job in defense of the health
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of its people. thank you so much for being here this evening. in this little story only. to our friend. or lover or whatever or even. necessary we understand that this is a new ukraine and new process india can struggle but i don't go there be against women's alliance of peace yet it wanted to work with the girls in how they see themselves participate here in the community how can they as human leadership over what is happening in india i can't say. we started this exercise three or four days ago to find out how people dream about the it can't because the post office crew going to the beach having the pajama party imitating gloria trevi
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and jennifer lopez and all that isn't bad but if you you are the ones who have to step up and be the heroes you know jennifer lopez is not common to do the work it will be to me time ok and she need to has to be trained to do that work. when loud what i want to hear can is more schools a university. if i went to university i would started to be a doctor. doing forty a can is that there would be just peace and no violence. and that there would be less pregnancies less contamination of course and that they build a cinema and. activities
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for the youth small tourism the construction of the bridge from the i cast. and batteries.
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every month we give you the future we hope you understand how we'll get there and want to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world. join us for technology update on our g.
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