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factories located. somewhere unique species of farm fauna can be found. come to the site clean region. should close up. wealthy british style stock. markets. can. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max keiser for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kinds a report.
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afghanistan hit by deadly blasts on parliamentary election day as authorities struggle to secure the country while many voters home amid threats of further
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violence. whatever russia's most wanted terrorist suspects arrested then released in warsaw is awaiting the court's decision on his extradition. and find out what dangers lie at the bottom of the baltic sea reveals the relics that still pose a problem. one in the afternoon in the russian capital good to have you with us here on r t i matt trezise our top story parliamentary elections in afghanistan have been marred by militant attacks and threats of more violence from the taliban several people reported killed in separate incidents across the country while there have also been a rocket attacks in kabul and jalalabad paullus leader has the latest from the afghan capital. we're at one of some six thousand polling stations across
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afghanistan and as you can see behind me a relatively reasonable turnout there have also been no reports of violence at this particular station so far this is probably because we're in the capital city of kabul where relatively speaking the situation is a lot calmer and a lot safer than it is on some of the regions where more than one thousand five stations have been forced to close their doors because of threats on the telephone and the polls opened on time this morning at seven o'clock local time one of the first people to cross to stomach this president hamid karzai and he urged afghans to follow up the search now one of the major concerns of course remains of that of security there are reports coming through of any voting station that took a direct hit by a rocket in the eastern part of the country we're hearing of injuries we're hearing of people killed in the city of jalalabad as well as in the eastern city of last february feeling some injuries including afghan officials with the southern city of
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kandahar has also made it and while kabul so far has been reasonably safe there was one as explosion or in the early hours of this morning before the polls opened the other concern is that of a great marriage chance now we are hearing that in some of the stationary includes offering portcullis here so much so that instead of exhausting on people saying there's still some ninety six i was after they voted and that is the ink that shows if you could in fact average it in some cases people are reported not being able to watch that in cost of three minutes which means that they have a possibility to come back and vote again also hearing from the independent electoral commission that they have uncovered thousands if not tens of thousands of fake ballot boxes these concerns are significant particularly in light of last year's presidential elections which were marred by reports of widespread corruption and i believe the other main concern of course minds as they come and costly ballots today and whether or not they ballots and will make a difference outside a strong structure. amazing stuff nineteen years of thousands if not backed up by
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the saudi forces in iraq the french coming into the polling station we would shake we will stop by six way from listening station and four strike up comedy if you will go if we find one to police has two officers who have marveled at the top united nations official text and it's time to face the worst times to make something better your posts. five point one difference be second solution to some kind of constitutional crisis altie couple. that was artie's posterior reporting their. innocent foreign policy expert from the cato institute says the election is falling short of standards of democracy and exposes deeper problems within the country. given the amount of insecurity and instability in the fact that there are flawed voter registries there's been voter intimidation voter bribery there's a great deal of uncertainty as to what's going to happen and despite the fact that
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there are twenty four hundred candidates. forty of them are women you have to really understand that the complexity of all this means that there really won't be what we would define as a liberal democratic electoral process what's interesting is that there's sort of a paradox with u.s. policy in u.s. policymakers in particular especially regarding this election and they're placing so much emphasis on these processes on the fact that you know these are elections that allow the voice of the afghan people to speak to the world that this is shows that they're on the march toward a democratic process but the same time they're placing so much emphasis on a process that is deeply profoundly flawed and so if they're going to place such a huge light on this process and it could be so fundamentally problematic this sort of underscores underscores a sort of the broader problems in some ways a metaphor for the problems we have in the country as a whole it appears a little blatantly hypocritical why we're sort of supporting what is essentially a very highly unpopular and corrupt regime in kabul that many of the people think are essentially a us puppet and yet we're sort of touting the ideals of liberty and democracy and
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freedom and different undercuts a lot of the principles we stand for and it makes us very hypocritical. stay with us here on r t still ahead we hit the campaign trail for the u.s. midterm elections. by an all time high body of more than a year in the name conservative what america needs to ban gay marriage to bring god back and. find out what some what value some u.s. voters put at the top of the list in times of crisis it's coming your way in a few moments. first though one of russia's most wanted terrorist suspects who was detained in poland on friday on an international arrest warrant has been released in the next few days a court will determine whether ahmed should be extradited to russia following moscow's demands to hand him over artie's alexei or a chef he has been has been following developments in warsaw. walked out of this very building warsaw's district court late on friday night after the court decided
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that it cannot keep in detention any longer the court justified this decision saying that. has a political refugee status in the u.k. and this status applies to the whole of the european union and that's why as a coyote had to be released it is really hard to say now whether this decision was somehow influenced by his lawyers any kind of bail but what we've heard from the officials in the court is that if i had to be released because of his political refugee status now i'd like to remind all of us that one of russia's wanted terrorist suspects was detained in warsaw early on friday morning after he came here to attend the third old world congress of the chechen people and as long as it has an international arrest warrant issued on him he is wanted by the interpol he was detained in warsaw for questioning in the local prosecutor's office now there's been lots of comments coming from the officials in poland concerning the fate of
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the concerning concerning whether he would be extradited to russia including comments from the country's prime minister don't. you the prosecutor general tells me they have no choice but to start extradition procedures but these procedures do not mean an instant extradition in the russian side shouldn't necessarily hope for a decision that will satisfy the media is now speculating here in poland where the can leave the country as we heard from the representative of the district court in war so that is free to leave the country we know that he is now attending the congress of the chechen people obviously the mission which he came here for and we still expecting any news whatsoever on the whether he will be extradited or not and whether he can leave the country or not it's been a tough battle for moscow to persuade other countries that must be extradited since . into the political asylum in the u.k. and at the same time he was placed on the most wanted list in russia he is accused
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of trustees in the north caucasus region including many different horrible things terror attacks in the caucasus region including a terror attack in moscow in the theater siege the nord-ost theater siege which took place in moscow believes that as a cry of has his involvement in that attack as well he is good friends with buddies because of ski another person who is wanted in russia for money laundering and fraud and ever since the these two were placed on most wanted list by mosco russia has been trying to persuade the u.k. for these two to be extradited but so far these attempts have been futile and both remain in political asylum an asylum in the u.k. indeed this situation when he was detained in poland is the closest so far most got to getting back to russia and holding trial over him but this story is yet unclear and whether he will be extradited to moscow is still unclear logical analyst sergei
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stroken from the commerce newspaper tells r t why he thinks poland will not extradite psyche to russia. i think that despite current approach mint and russian polls show relations and despite russia's strong pledge pledges to extradite him i don't think that we expect him to come back to russia i personally would be very surprised if he's extradited for simple reason that still this is a very politically charged issue and the as you understand. the ruling elite they also have the only mitigations they have all on domestic agenda and they can go to try and so i see at this as a sort of cat and mouse game you see this all in all i think you would not gold rush they were a subgroup conflicting reports some said that he was not informed that he might be arrested but i think that the reason is that he simply understood that port authorities had no guts just to arrest him and to send him to russia and in fact it was proved yes to do and polish prime minister said that russia should not go to
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fly in its expectations definitely i think this is is a moment of truth for our relations moment just to see how much you are this relations while asking poorly side just to send like i have to moscow we make it ourselves clear that he's not going to go into now much he's not going to face kind of reports of course of what he's facing that those are very serious accusations but definitely he would be intitled to best lawyers and the case would be fully transparent and it would come under close scrutiny of international community of international human rights activists so i don't understand why such a big fuss or what that's why he can go to russia can be extradited. the u.s. is preparing for a mid-term elections against a background of more grim news this week for the economy but on the campaign trail for some parties it's not finance but family values that should be the priority our teams christine for as our has been following the conservative values voter summit
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. they say they came to take america back it isn't our values our shared timeless values that have changed has it it's our leaders that have changed in campaign like speeches they criticized among other things president obama the white house tries to argue that their stimulus has helped. that's a bit like saying that squirting water from a garden hose helps put a forest fire up one day after staggering numbers were released from the u.s. census bureau showing a more than fourteen percent increase of those living below the poverty line powerful organizations and big name politicians came out to spread this message you cannot divorce the social issues from the fiscal and financial issues so just what are these pressing social issues like anything else everything's great hope you are free to the first one organization says marriage in america is under attack
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marriage is a fundamental right but there is not a fundamental right to marry whoever you want our government our policies have always where you lated who you marry or who you may not know the national organization of marriage wants to keep it that way in other words no gay marriage and speaking of gays tradition family and property works to keep them out of the military when you fight for freedom shouldn't you also want to have freedom. obviously we have we have to fight for freedom and freedom does not mean license to do whatever you want these issues so important to the masses here a new lobbying group has been formed it's aim is that republican elected officials to get them to put social issues back at the top of their agenda these are elected officials they were sent to washington to represent the people in their district and their states many of these people the bottom line is they can't pay their mortgage they don't have a job shouldn't that be the number one focus the thing is is that the issue of the
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middle class that's the main issue at stake here the middle class has a number of priorities it's the main class that is the emphasis for social issues well you heard it here first the middle class cares most about social issues a month there is one issue even more important to the participants here god hala avalanche from an almighty god and then god. upon the individual power and then the individual in turn confirms up portion of that power on the government reserving all the remainder of the power to themselves for the last two years the most down vote in the conservative movement have come from the tea party key which stands for tax enough already but here are the voters values on that perhaps a turning point that things are changing that despite an all time high in poverty in more than fifty years at these big name conservative leaders say what america
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needs is to ban gay marriage and to bring god back into your reporting in washington fifteen right now our team. if you were to go fishing in the baltic sea you might be shocked by what you really in thousands of world war two era mines and mortar shells are made on the seabed are still considered a risk artie's oxide only touch over reports on the efforts to make the area safe. cold word but determined to do are does a man on a mission and that mission is to monitor the state of all german munitions. even with merchant got the visibilities load just a couple of meters their missiles every web somewhere in boxes and tightly packed together the boat could be from world war two it's wrecked some shells actually laying on the seabed near but. one and a half kilometers of shore seventeen meters underwater and ten soudan me sile still on board this german ship is just one of the many reminders
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a world war two in the baltics the russian emergencies ministry list some was ninety underwater hotspots in this area alone but only a few have been checked subtly little of which you know personally these missiles are very dangerous there are none that have rusted away and become homeless on the contrary some that we take out here in very good working condition. they some can ship is on the russian emergences minister to do list but with money tight and bureaucracy lawn and complicated it's not something that can be done quickly and while they wait local fishermen feel the weapons will still get their chance to fulfill their deadly role boats have been known to return to port with all torpedoes and then nets captain valeri or motion knows only too well the dangers he says they deeply and that goes the bigger the trouble it can bring out. but once a fisherman from our village at thirty six missiles in his net he was fishing near it on cape and broke the multiple t's they put all the missiles right on
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a deck what else could you do though relatively small in size the baltics is the most densely mined area with around one hundred fifty some of the new nations to bear it there the clock is taking a lot and now it's time and seawater are against the residents of policies the whole area could be helped by a sudden explosion unless the urgent measures are taken a salary cut short our. turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe the united nations has launched an appeal for an additional one point five billion dollars to help pakistan recover from july's floods the worst ever to hit the country the money is needed to help millions of people affected and prevent the crisis from worsening floodwaters are still moving across the country to. drill boring a rescue hole has finally reached the thirty three trapped chilean miners stuck underground since early august the government says that if all goes to plan the miners could be freed by early november they were trapped when the main access
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tunnel to the san jose copper and gold mine collapsed tributes were paid to the men in the capital santiago chile marks the two hundredth anniversary of the country's independence from spain. thousands of people of indian kashmir have defied an indefinite curfew and marched in the funeral procession of a protester who was shot by police the entire gallery but under a round the clock for six days india said to kashmir on friday after a rise in an angry separatist protest in the region anti india sentiment is high in indian a ministry kashmir where nearly one hundred protesters have died since june. deadly tropical storm coral is headed toward central mexico bringing with it the threat of more rain and flooding two people were killed when the first major hurricane of the atlantic season struck the mexican coast nine people have been killed and more than eighty thousand had their homes damaged in severe flooding in southern mexico over the last month. yulia bokova joins us next with all the latest from the world of
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business stay with us here on r.t. . this is more region is economically and socially one of russia's better developed provinces the region has a significant scientific and industrial capacity that will realize its full potential after the construction of this you go to a valley i t far can tell you as he has completed the id particle has r. and d. projects in the spheres of automotive construction aerospace and oil chemistry high tech data center furbish with cutting edge servers and communication equipment will be constructed at the core of the park the project has been personally approved by prime minister vladimir putin the federal government is planning to allocate sizable funding for the parks construction investors will be given benefits such as property tax exemption low land rental prices and other preferences but this is a more regional government is open to mutually beneficial cooperation we invite
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investors to participate in existing projects and we are ready to give a hand of fulfilling your projects and growing your business in this small region. hello time to delve into the world of business in the patient partnership technology these are the key themes of the thought she international investment forum which is into its second day forum has attracted over six thousand business representatives from russia and other countries and we continue to bring you the top speakers than to shift from sochi which is also hosting the twenty fourteen winter olympics. the main consensus among those attending the forum is that despite the many problems facing russia it is still a great attraction in terms of investment our correspondent nicholas powell spoke
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with make a light president of microsoft's russia about russia's i.t. market and its prospects. you have this intellectual potential in russia these are the roots of the usual the right people but the right know russia is not using it and not and i think there is such a project this called can stimulate the such developed but i believe that it should be all these people a lot of different approaches to stimulate the innovation sim russia and one of them by the way is just to improving productivity here in russia using we know we should see the nature of their business in each industry you know the truth productivity russia will be involved in the scope of what extent we have discussing there right now we have number of projects to support you know with the start ups in russia we are using a word we are giving up giving all the software to the young companies in russia and they are helping them to or develop to it to become
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a real player something to market that we have some other initiatives including our research and development center and we believe this call could be ever a good place for us to development which will for both the russian market we believe that in russia by market that has a very good potential for growth according to at least during this three years it will be approximately seventy percent growth for the russian market starting to be slowly this for us here since the. war and of course we as a microsoft want to use it and we want to grow more fully with the market we want to grow it off market so i was trying to use weekly so cheryl cole told the market the forum here can seem a little bit like a talking shop but you'll actually signing contracts exactly we're using for a number of switches for very effectively beneath the surface right now we have first of all signing contracts with the reach of yesterday we got a number of signatures just right now after all we're going to be able to sign
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a contract with the cost of our reach and so it's. it's a serious interest and of course the opportunity to meet all the people has of the . so the government that's all there to be can surprise is i think is the user so you can never give this consideration someone some events even in the studio because even in moscow it will take you a number of base to be told these customers and try to so i use a little because here we go of course appraisal of people it can do with the fact. that looking at marks of the pool strong first year results in june what we expect for the first quarter so i feel your it's all true in general we believe that the we are strong right when we go we said municipal windows seven very successful launch people like get them to the boy but we just launched a new office went to town with another number for the four products so it seems to me that those investments which we were making the crisis time to this innovation into the products that we would be playing on but saying that of course we don't
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give any guidance on country. the investment form has already been a success with a number of business deals being signed rushes that across our region have signed contracts with both russian and foreign investors valued at more than ten billion dollars ot k three metro cash and carry will see bangor among those willing to participate in the regions development books bogen is currently in talks for freshest comic of gas and plans to take a final decision on cooperating with the ota most of the engineering group by the end of this year. and russian businessman alex somebody has it who owns a third of air float and also runs the red wings airlines spoke exclusively to business r.t. about his plans to expand into the southern regions of the country. some discussions with the phone and some of the government of course. changing. the base to avoid it which. placing
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a new order for another forty five columns which unfortunately russia is not producing enough reserves as this is i'm told of one for eight by adults we can get more than one to two in the slots in a few coming years so we should either go to them but i'm doing but i'll wait here with you serve us production. time to have a quick look at how the russian markets were faring on friday the r.t.s. of the minus six with mixed at the close the r.t.s. was trading marginally in the black in my sixth finished down points nine percent says the code is gold one down more than two percent off to russia the biggest producer released its five top net profits of one hundred twenty five million dollars that's down from the woman first percent on the same period last year. and it was a quite a week for the markets but they still managed to trade slightly higher metropole seen it analyst gave us his views so this week we saw a combination of profit taking on the other hand were sore investors continuing to
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going into the market and investors starting to catch up to be new markets around the data we saw or strong data out of the united states namely industrial production came slightly above expectations because of the russian market and this week it actually took clues from the global markets performance and moved up big also but very slightly among specific factors that affected the russian market this week and where are there with the ruble which was quite significant and came somewhat unexpected i think it's a temporary situation and i think we're going to see a ruble strengthening game taking back some of their losses. well that's it for now we'll be bringing you the latest from the international investment forum and sources say it in less than an hour.
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at. least for me these days.


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