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tv   [untitled]    September 18, 2010 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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if. someone from feinstein. who's friends totty. wealthy british style. find out what's really happening to the global economy. financial headlines to two name.
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violence irregularities. all signs that the political crisis here is facing
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me and updates. one of russia's most wanted man terror suspect. awaits a court decision on his extradition from. deadly secrets down below. the baltic sea world war two munitions which still pose a danger. lie from moscow this is a very warm welcome to. what the polls have closed in afghanistan's parliamentary election day by reports of voting irregularities and deadly militant attacks across the country with u.s. troops pledging to pull out of afghanistan by next summer many fear the election
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showed the country is far from stable and still plagued by corruption. is in the afghan capital for. by and large this was certainly not a successful day for afghan democracy it was an extremely ill voter turnout with some polling stations reporting that less than a quarter the number of people turned out today compared to the number of people casting their ballot last year during the presidential elections the first results will come in next week wednesday with the final tape tally been tabled at the end of october but these certainly will be elections associated with violence more than eleven people were killed throughout the course of the day more than a thousand polling stations where i'm able to open their doors particularly in far flung and rule communities where the taliban has strong control we've also heard some of the electoral complaints commission and it says that what the course of the day it received numerous reports on irregularities is some of the complaints were
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by people saying that they saw election officials accepting bribes some of the reports were about fake those cards and also reports about the so-called indelible ink which was supposed to last more than four days and that was supposed to indicate that a person had voted and prevent them from voting a second time but we've heard many stories of people being able to wash off the sink in just a matter of minutes we ask on parliament is meant to be installed early next year that is reports of a vote rigging in the coming weeks materializing in fact become larger and if many of the two hundred and forty nine candidates who take up seats in the parliament turn out to be the preferred candidates of president hamid karzai people here will feel even listened to see i asked him about the political process one of the main reasons for such a low turnout today was violence but the other reason was a lack of enthusiasm and support for an administration that many people feel is corrupt by and large people also feel that this is an administration backed by western governments that has not listened to the will of the people the cause my
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administration will be for that deal it gets revised by these reports of irregularities and violence it certainly seems as if they haven't been able to. stem the violence throughout the course of the day this will soon is being touted by many analysts as a missed opportunity by some of karzai and his sponsors to actually win support from the afghan people and also to win support for me to post this here in afghanistan have all these troops some in to leave this country by gen y. next year they say that they will only do so if there is a security system in place that can ensure political stability and security but certainly based on what we saw today this does not seem to be the case. while the elections were just window dressing to hide afghanistan's failure that's the opinion of dr came political analyst from kabul. i don't think that this election will change many things in afghanistan and particle of the political
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. afghanistan afghanistan is facing a lot of challenges in this period in this forum on cannot solve the problems of afghanistan particularly the problem of the problem of security and afghanistan because the taliban getting the ground in afghanistan and getting stronger by. democratic process in afghanistan has failed. he would extend it because of this i think that the political process in afghanistan in the democratic process and afghanistan could solve the problem of the people and bad the problem in afghanistan is getting worse. and if afghanistan fails to become a stable nation it will have serious consequences for other countries in the region that's according to matthew hoh head of the afghan study group. i think it's in. every other nation's interest to see a negotiated settlement in afghanistan it's been
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a proxy war or. a real war in one way or another for the last thirty thirty five years in afghanistan and it has improved nobody's economy has approved nobody's way of life i think for nations like the central asian states for russia for china to have issues with their own ethnic minorities or muslim minorities i think it's important for what's happening in afghanistan not to spread across boundaries you always see thank you for joining us today still to come for you this hour calls for a change in priorities inside u.s. politics. despite an all time high poverty in more than two years these big name their one of the leaders say what america needs to ban gay marriage to bring god. into the campaign trail for the u.s. midterm elections and discover what values something the most important in these
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tough economic times. also in the program and find out what dangers lurking in the depths of the baltic sea that's coming your way in just a few. a polish court is due to decide whether to extradite one of russia's most wanted terror suspects. was detained in warsaw on friday and later released russia is demanding his extradition in connection with atrocities in the north caucuses alexy yoshio ski is reporting for us in the polish capital. it's like i have left this building was district court late on friday night feeling almost like a free man it is hard to say whether he is a free man now as the court as you said is still to decide whether extradite to russia or anywhere else or not we heard comments from the officials working in this court that according to the country's legislation that has a political refugee status in the u.k.
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this applies to the whole of the european union and that's why he had to be set free immediately i'd like to remind two of us that he was detained early on friday morning in the polish capital warsaw on charges that he is on the international wanted list by the interpol and that's why the polish authorities had to detain one of russia's most wanted terror suspects now many experts in poland have already been very surprised at the decision by this court saying that usually the fact that a person is on an international wanted least is more important than a rescue political refugee status and that's why it is still unclear what fate lies ahead of all in all physically was the eleven criminal acts russia believes moscow believes that he led militant group in the northern caucasus which was involved in a lot of different crimes from brutal killings to kidnappings in the northern
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caucasus region also mosco believes that as a kind of was somehow involved in a terrorist attack in most infamous theater siege the north in in moscow which was one of the most painful pages in modern russian history. is definitely one of the most wanted man in russia he was granted political asylum in the u.k. in two thousand and three and ever since most school has been asking london to extradite but so far all attempts have been futile this detention in warsaw which happened on friday morning. is the closest moscow got so far to actually get things that drive back to russia for a trial but so far it is as i've said unclear whether he will be extradited to all the comments we've heard from the local politicians and authorities say that this decision will not be politicized that poland will act in full accordance with its own law and international legislation and we of course are waiting to hear any
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developments on the story and the future fate of one of the most wanted man in russia. reporting well a sort of. political analyst from the comer newspaper told us why he things poland will not extradite russia. i think that despite current approach mint and russian polls relations and despite russia's strong pledge pledges to extradite him i don't think that we expect him to come back to russia i personally would be very surprised if he's extradited for simple reason that still this is a very politically charged issue and as you understand to the relief they also have the only mitigations they have all on domestic agenda and they can go to fry and so i see at this as a sort of get them out of game you seize all the north i think you would not go to russia they were conflicting reports some said that he was not informed that he might be arrested but i think the reason is that he simply understood that polish
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authorities had no guts just to arrest him and to send him to russia and in fact it was proved yes to do and polish prime minister said that russia should not go to fly in its expectations definitely i think this is. a moment of truth for our relations moment just to see how mature this relations are of course what he's facing this those are very serious accusations but definitely he would be intitled the best lawyers and the case would be fully transparent and it would come under close scrutiny of international community of international human rights activists so i don't understand why such a big fuss or what that's why he can go to russia can be extradited. now there's much more on many of the stories we're covering on our web site. and here's a quick look of what is are waiting for you there right now first space the crew for the next mission to be. find out who's. doing in orbit.
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in october. riding the retro style the russian and ukrainian presidents get behind the wheels of soviet made cars in. the u.s. is preparing for. grim news this week about the country's poverty rate but on the campaign trail. it's not family values that should be the priority christine has been following the so-called conservative values voter summit. they say they came to take america back it isn't our values our shared timeless
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values that have changed has it it's our leaders that have changed. in campaign like speeches they criticized among other things president obama the white house tries to argue that their stimulus has helped. that's a bit like saying that squirting water from a garden hose helps put out a forest fire one day after staggering numbers were released from the u.s. census bureau showing a more than fourteen percent increase of those living below the poverty line powerful organizations and big name politicians came out to spread this message you cannot divorce the social issues from the fiscal and financial issues so just what are these pressing social issues like anything else everything's great the. first one organization says marriage in america is under attack marriage is a fundamental right but there is not a fundamental right to marry whoever you want our government our policies have always regulated who you marry or who you may not know the national organization of
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marriage wants to keep it that way in other words no gay marriage and speaking of gays tradition family and property works to keep them out of the military when you fight for freedom shouldn't you also want to have freedom. obviously we have we have to fight for freedom and freedom does not mean license to do whatever you want these issues so important to the masses here a new lobbying group has been for its aim is that republican elected officials to get them to put social issues back at the top of their agenda these are elected officials they were sent to washington to represent the people in their districts and their states many of these people the bottom line is they can't pay their mortgage they don't have a job shouldn't that be the number one focus the thing is is that the issue of the middle. yes that's the main issue at stake here the middle class has a number of priorities it's the mean class that is the emphasis for social issues
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well you heard it here first the middle class cares most about social issues a month there is one issue even more important to the participants here god how emanates from an almighty god and then guide him firs upon the individual power and then the individual in turn confirms up portion of that power on the government reserving all the remainder of the power to themselves for the last two years the most out of the conservative movement have come from the tea party which stands for enough already well here at the voter values summit a turning point that things are changing that despite an all time high in poverty in more than fifteen years at these big name conservative leaders say what america needs to ban gay marriage to bring god back and. reporting in washington christine right now our team. is just not on quarter past the hour here in the russian
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capital this is odd see paradise lost in about two hours time we bring you the story of a caribbean island that have. used and abused by the u.s. navy. blue. it is. going on for the military presence which occupies almost two thirds of the island's temperature and number shadows the people whose every day life. with all the sand so people could use their lack of sleep. yet because where they're really struggling to keep. dangerous work is underway at the bottom of the baltic sea to remove world war two munitions it's expected to take at least two years to dispose of thousands of mines and mortar shells piled up on a sunken german ship oksana over reports.
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cold word but determined to do what is a man on a mission and that mission is to monitor the state of all german munitions. even with knowledge of god visibility is low just a couple of meters there missiles everywhere somewhere in boxes and tightly packed together the boat could be from world war two it's wrecked some shells actually laying on the seabed near but. one and a half kilometers of shore seventeen meters underwater and turned south and me sile still on board this german ship is just one of the many reminders a world war two in the baltics the russian emergencies ministry list some was ninety underwater hotspots in this area alone but only a few have been checked subtly little of which in a puff of these missiles are very dangerous there are none that have rusted away and become homeless on the contrary some of that we take out are in very good working condition. some can ship is on the russian emergences minister to do list
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but with money tight and bureaucracy lawn and complicated it's not something that can be done quickly and while they wait local fishermen feel the weapons will still get their chance to fulfil their deadly role boats have been known to return to port with all torpedoes in their nets captain valeri or motion knows only too well the dangers he says they deeply and that goes the bigger the trouble it can bring out. once a fisherman from our village at thirty six missiles in his net he was fishing near it on cape and brought the multiple tees they put all the missiles right on the deck what else could you do though relatively small in size the baltics is the most densely mined area with around one hundred fifty saw than the initials to bury there the clock is ticking louder now as time and seawater are against the residents of policies the whole area could bail out by a sudden explosion unless the urgent measures are taken sound like
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a troll or arts. are you with r t let's check out some other news now from around the world pope benedict has spoken to the deeps over the sexual abuse of children by priests this being said on the third day of his tour of britain he said the scandal had heaped shame upon the catholic church in what's being seen as the strongest apology get the comments were made at westminster where he was leading mass earlier in the day he met with prime minister david cameron. cement is being poured on to b.p.'s oil well into the gulf of mexico it's bringing it one step closer to being sealed b.p. expects the well to be completely fixed by the end of the day the oil leak has been plugged since a temporary cap was placed on the well in mid july now the explosion at the deepwater horizon rig in april killed eleven workers leading to one of the worst offshore oil spills in u.s. history. and see japan protests have swept china they marked the anniversary
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of the japanese invasion of the country seventy nine years ago demonstrators in several cities also demanded the release of a chinese man arrested last week after his fishing boat collided with a japanese coast guard vessels in disputed waters. well in just over an hour's time join a modern andrew says he shows us how to enjoy the far east in the russian capital with this weekend's entertainment. past fifteen years has seen an explosion of japanese thai vietnamese restaurants in moscow muscovites for example off sushi crazy side so we mustn't under this as we delve into the subject of the same cuisine theme for this week's moscow. all right and in just
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a few moments with the latest business. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world to join us for technology update on our g. time for the business update a very warm welcome innovation partnership to these are the key themes of the source international investment forum which is into its second day the forum has
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attracted over six thousand business representatives from russia and other countries and we continue to bring of the top speakers and issues from sochi which is also hosting the twenty fourteen winter olympics. business people say russia is a great place to invest but obvious putting their money where their mouth is correspondent nicholas poole asked businessman why investment volumes don't always keep up with expectations. talking some of the delegates here you get the impression that russia is one of the golden children of the world economy along with its bric kobolds brazil if you're in china speaking with the presidents of such heavyweights as john deere and boeing they see tremendous growth potential here given the changes the be made in recent years ten years ago i could come up with a number of things that we want to see it through quite frankly we've seen
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a lot of improvement over last ten years i think that the real issue for us is that we know we can count on the russian manufacturers to provide us what we need say ten years ago there's a lot of risky business here not today. for mr putin set the tone in his keynote address on improving the investment climate in russia expired at the virtues of russia saying it's because true the crisis in some style but it also photo ground for investors but there's one big problem in spite of the evidence in the studios of the money is not flowing brush it's. very interesting position between europe and the issue of going to be the provide the from what he sees for asian markets if you continue to. see it to be very successful i think. and that's why i think you for your best to be. visiting the russian we also see. a key part of a blow to push you all the delegates all we've spoken to at least agree that this
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is not just a free jump it's more of a t.x. so this is a genuine opportunity to profit. the investment forum has already been a success with a number of business deals been signed precious cross into our region has signed contracts with both russia and foreign investors valued at more than ten billion dollars o.j. case three match kerry coral sea bank were among those willing to participate in that we just development saga and is currently in talks with russia's call make a guy us and less to take a final decision on cooperating with the automotive engineering court by the end of this year. well the forum has focused on modernization in many spheres and that includes news of a traumatic turn around the fortunes of russia's car industry. we did preserve critical took knowledge is in skilled labor during the crisis is in now thanks to the fact that we have discussed and accepted the programme of auto industry
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development up to twenty twenty we have a clear path to improve the range of cars soon we will see absolutely different cars on general platforms it will be integrated into world's best standards with new quality and features. the banking sector has been battling with enormous debts coming out of the financial crisis whether or not president off the association of regional banks or russia says the sector is seeing a recovery. there with the banking sector this year is on the whole developing world in july we saw a turning point in terms of profits which in the first eight months of this year equaled twelve billion dollars whereas profit for the whole of last year was six point four billion which means we have doubled those profit results already this year however many banks are still suffering losses these losses are mainly due to a build up of large reserves in order to cover debt problems and unfortunately the
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share of debt is still high. and a quick look at how the russian markets were faring on friday the r.t.s. the my six were mixed at the close of trading market like in the black and my six finished down point nine percent shares are fallen as gold went down more than two percent after russia's biggest producer released its first top that profits of one hundred five million dollars that's down more than thirty percent from the same period of last year. and it was a quite a week for the markets but they still managed to trade slightly higher i see metropole senior analyst gave us his views. so this week we saw a combination of profit taking on the other hand we're sore investors continuing to going into the market and investors starting to catch up to the new markets around the data we soar strong data out of the united states namely industrial production came slightly above expectations because of the russian market and this week it
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actually took clues from the global markets performance then moved up big also but there is likely one specific factors that effect in the russian market this week where there whipping on the ruble which was quite significant and came somewhat unexpected i think it's a temporary situation and i think we're going to see the ruble strengthening again taking back some of their losses. well that's it for now and you can get all the latest news coming from the international investment forum in sochi from a website our team dot com slash business.


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