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tv   [untitled]    September 20, 2010 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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from across russia and around the world join knology update on r g. the worst violence in iraq since the u.s. officially ended its military campaign that raises downs over whether local forces can ensure security. and justice online we look at how the internet in russia is becoming a new frontline in the fight for fairness by exposing crime and corruption that mainstream media ignores. and with high foreclosure and unemployment rates in the u.s. showing no signs of abating revisits are forced to find out what options are left for the hummers. and coming up in the business that day all the latest market news and also why russian adventure take a page setting its sights further afield join us in twenty minutes time.
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live from moscow this is welcome to the program well violence continues to rage in iraq after three car bombings killed at least thirty six people in baghdad. following the official end of u.s. combat operations fifty thousand american troops remain in the country to train local security forces but as i. reports it barely helps to make local residents feel any safer. dark and dangerous and body on the it does little to protect against the fact that. they're doing a dismount a patrol through one of the iraqi neighborhoods trying to prevent counterattack fire this is a bombs team he stayed behind the mission providing training support and backup to the iraqi police when they get to our level we go over our offer. nations order and
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planning for the actual missions we're going to do then we do it for you brief that we actually go and execute these type missions that we're on now but the u.s. invasion to have a fully functioning iraqi security force cannot protect safire this news has been four years ago disappeared without a trace and it's. called me and said he was coming to be a star the situation is really bad don't come but he said now i have to say the safire's certain husbands did as are the families of tens of thousands of iraqis who've also disappeared since two thousand and three human rights organizations put some of the blame with the local security forces these trainees are not always the mite candidates for the job a lot of them they have come from illiterate you know by ground zero or some of them they are just the from the tribes and declines some of them just because they are part of the political parties militias and so on and the problem is compounded by the limited training they've given you can find more than
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a few friends of these. people being stopped at a checkpoint like this is the reason for the fear of the few months of training that they save the search vehicles of car bombs missing weapons and stones and ideas. and it's a far cry from what is needed. they are not untrained but the training they receive is not enough the americans only thought to create an iraqi army in two thousand and four by then it was too late because the terrorists had already infiltrated the . but with the increase of violence in iraq in recent weeks the need for a competent domestic security force has never been greater but whether or not the u.s. and iraq can rise to the challenge is too good to be seen. r.t. baghdad. but u.s. claims it's fighting for freedom with its wars in the muslim world birdhouse this made the people of these islamic countries see democracy as a greater good that is. the topic of the latest discussion in crosstalk that's
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coming your way just a little bit later. the promotion of democracy i mean the united states is founded on the idea that democracy is the best political system for ensuring the rights of both the majority and the minority in a country and so forth but that there can be many different translations the word democracy has actually become a dirty word in much of the arab world because the united states of america has waged wars on afghanistan and on iraq and supports israel which is and are part of the democracy at the mako see exclusively for the oppressive community that stole all the lands of the palestinians. and.
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with blogs in russia now running into the millions the internet has become a major force by highlighting issues often ignored by mainstream media people now get a global audience and results when they report cases of crime corruption and bullying because i mean a lot of the reports on a russia's new wave of internet justice. parents and students said this man had bleach children on more than one occasion because he was the head of the local administration people were afraid to speak out. desktops laptops phones and p.t.a.'s internet and russia is becoming much more available and much more than just entertainment for many it has become a virtual speaker's corner where their voice will not only be heard but is guaranteed to echo across the country within hours this particular video which brought about his dismissal. example of how he's transformed russia. washington
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he's in there's an orphan a master chess player a math genius and guaranteed state benefits he's missing the start of the academic year due to the demands of a construction company that helps fund the school. i want to be an i.t. specialist but the school said that if i want to study here and live in that halls of residence i have to study to be a builder. but officials bush's case was taken on by a charity organization and its founder get among say what made a difference to their case was a message you posted online to the president. after i posted my letter someone from the president's administration called and asked for details of this case i know they got in touch with cautious college because almost immediately afterwards the college called and told pasha to withdraw exactly and basically get the hell out they were scared there involved and the media picked up the story and the college
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was forced to stop its unlawful actions they now allow pasha to attend lectures and still refuse to give him a room but when a bunch of kids vandalized a car in broad daylight in a remote part of central russia police couldn't find the culprit for days but the information they provided allowed bloggers to find them in a matter of hours names addresses and license plates included so why is russia's online community becoming suddenly so influential beautiful or changed at the. first of all it's evidence of a technological progress that internet is becoming more and more available and because it's available more and more people are using it for things other than where you are it's a community in a much faster one than any other. but the producer this spike in online news means it's not just journalists who can cover information so what does this say about russia's fourth estate but the sheer mystery of this doesn't mean that journalists are bad and bloggers a better or that the only notion of free speech. exists online it's simply
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a matter of choice to watch someone else's rundown we want to make a really intimate allows us to choose what we want to know about the speeds print media simply cannot compete with maybe this isn't the beginning of the end of newspapers and television but it's definitely competition on the global kind kasserine as are the r.t.e. . the founder of the online news website trust school of thought all you says the interaction between bloggers and the mainstream is a healthy sign from modern media there is a particle and varies away and the particle can be a part of the way when you are a blogger you are a particle but when there is a thing happening you are just one of the many many many particles together to create a wave so what we're seeing to today is that more and more waves are there in the blogosphere and the information the focus is on the on the crucial
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events so even if some of the bloggers want to promote themselves together as a whole the blogosphere acts as the public sphere it drives attention and you know it gives results there were so many already crimes and corruption issues raised by bloggers and they have become major means they're all of media still crucial in a sense that we have to verify what bloggers are saying and feed it back into the blogosphere and this is how the media system of the twenty first century works. you are watching r t it's good to have your company today and still to come this hour the struggle for sovereignty south of st marks twenty years since his declaration of independence from georgia we look back at what it took for the republic to be recognized. as the mortgage crisis cuts
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deep real estate say over a million american households may lose their homes to foreclosure this year with no end in sight so high unemployment across the country more and more risks are losing their property and reports now outside new york has become a place some people now luck to call home. america the prosperous america the traditional and america the broke the picture perfect homes and these homes are a twenty minute drive away from one another how did i end up here probably through my own mistakes in life r.t.e. revisits tent city a homeless camp talked to wait in the woods of new jersey there are at least forty people whose tragic destinies have led them to call this place home. since we were here last time in the winter things have changed more tense have appeared some people have come and gone but many of the people living here have been here for months if not years and the question that many of them ask themselves over and over
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again is why are we still here are there really no other options left for us no remarks has been a newspaper handler for most of her life while i work for the new york times and i wanted to pound on a brain aneurysm in two stroke so i was almost dead. i was in a coma for two months it. was an awful three months since then no reason has given up hope of finding a job for those still trying to find work the task is close to impossible would be unemployment rate in the us holding steady at more than nine and a half percent for more than a year now or would have been ten years experience. chef today i'm looking job not only chef chop any kind job i look i have to meet a petition you know but no no i don't find them all. you know. very very difficult now paying jobs and those who are able to find work make less
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than the minimum wage i would have been told they speak up. by bugs. reverend steve brigham set up a camp for the homeless four years ago this is their our church bell on sunday about twelve o'clock we ring this to let the whole camp know there were about ready to have our service. the reverend runs the place keeping it in order. setting up a shower. and helping with whatever donations he can get local authorities have been disturbed by this camp's existence and have tried to shut the place down people think of the homeless as people that are sometimes questionable in their character but we've had there's more problems outside of the homeless camp than inside of the camp the only option offered by local officials has been beds at a local psychiatric institution among the mentally unstable and the community
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didn't go for it it's more than they can handle already living a tough enough life it's it's just not a place to live everyone here tells us a better place for them is just around the corner but soon to be very soon. very soon so far no luck with not much help from the outside world all they can do is hope a better life is awaiting them somewhere. and stacy churkin r.t. new jersey. and on our you tube channel you can check out anastasio as previous report on that homeless com as well as many other news stories we're covering here on r.t. . today
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. these are the images. for asians or rule the day. the republican. in the caucasus is celebrating twenty. independence from georgia since nine hundred ninety. three conflicts try to bring the republican back under its control. over reports from the capitol. my grandson is very fussy and he loves all homemade food for this family in south the satyr independence day always starts with hustle and bustle but it's not just a national holiday they celebrate they also have their own independence child. to respond to just us this hospital so little ruslan coming into this world
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a new republic was born on the twentieth of september nineteen lying to the local palm and declare itself as it independent from georgia at the time the soviet union was falling apart and independence declinations in the region followed one after the other but georgia didn't want to allow it it cut their look tricity difference the breakaway region and sent in troops that are brokers against the ships and his friends day has been hearing loss and gunshots his friends were mom and lost the georgian army surrounded him vall at one point people in the city couldn't even burry their dead troops had blocked the road to the cemetery so they had to use the yard of a local school for about a mile and when i was little i used to come here and live close by and saw this place and even eight of my window i remember know of the people right here where they were the body of the hot and able. to escape don't go in violence response family had to flee to russia as did tens of thousands of the city and. the conflict
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remain frozen until in august two thousand and eight when georgia once again resorted to violence to take control over the republic. when georgia tech taken volage was a response grandmothers fear he was worried about the most serious but by the chief they were sitting in the basement of the forms were really badly when they managed to get through this said the city was attacked people killed all the storms and ground the houses. grandmother survived the five day war moscow sent forces to repel the georgian attack as many of those under fire were russian citizens civilians and peacekeepers later russia recognized the independence of south the city as it several other countries. it is. i just want to see that people here are happy and that's it. our team from to involve. u.s. forces in afghanistan are at the center open a new scandal a group of soldiers have been accused of killing three civilians for sport and comes as coalition forces are trying to win the support of afghans nazis and
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military analyst you have been he says these kinds of stories involving u.s. troops a boost the popularity of that's how about. one of the basic assumptions behind the u.s. strategy all of us forces plus up in afghanistan these to replicate the same type of search which was executive's around in general in iraq while the u.s. commanders and politicians talk a lot about to what extent the u.s. military experience in iraq would be transferable to afghanistan the negative furious experience in iraq has been largely ignored it seems like some gys developed a horrible habit during that tour of duty in iraq that is shooting civilians for fun and when they got it transferred to afghanistan one of those loose cannons set up a kill team in stryker brigade in kandahar who right now are under investigation for
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killing afghan civilians just as a result it has delivered and irreparable damage to the u.s. image abroad and specifically created yet another tool for taliban recruiting against the foreign occupation in afghanistan. and there is more insight into the situation in afghanistan later here on the now al spoken of war critic matthew hoh says that hunting down the insurgents is a waste of military and financial resources that full interview is coming your way in just over ten minutes time but here's a preview. one of the larger problems i think with u.s. foreign policy particular national security policies are not consistent if they're if we are in afghanistan because of al qaeda and if there are only fifty to one hundred. in afghanistan then why are we pulling out of iraq where there are one thousand to two thousand members why do we see and we need to keep. hundred thousand troops in afghanistan when those operations come out of somalia in yemen
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so that consistency is not there in our in our foreign policy particularly in our security policy and that's very worrisome to me because we don't have consistency if you don't have good critical thought if you don't have a degree of intellectual honesty in your policymaking you are going to have bad policy and you're going to have things like iraq we're going to find yourself nine years into afghanistan entangled in a civil war spending one hundred billion dollars a year for a purpose that does not make the united states safer. in tajikistan the more than two dozen government troops have been confirmed dead after being ambushed by militants in the mountains the defense ministry in the central asian country has described it as an act of terrorism. but now the soldiers have been searching for fugitive criminals they had fled from a high security prison last month after killing security guards the group of over
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twenty had been convicted for an attempted coup they were part of the islam is the opposition movement that fought against the central government in the civil war during the nine hundred ninety s. under a. political analyst from riyadh novelty news agency claims the leader of the attack is of do iraqi more connection with international. terrorist organizations. i think the man behind the attack has links with al qaeda as he is based in pakistan i'm not ruling out the involvement of mercenaries from pakistan afghanistan and russia's chechen republic this terror act is a sign of the helplessness of a stance army which is failing to secure the border with afghanistan russia secure this border for a long time and as soon as the countries french here garge withdrew in the mid ninety's the border became totally susceptible. are let's check out some of the headlines now from around the world and in sweden center right ruling coalition has failed to win reelection after falling three seats short for a majority
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a far right party sweden democrats which has limits on immigration will enter parliament for the first time kind of its they had been attacked and denied freedom of speech before the general election took place on sunday experts say the centrists will try to negotiate an alliance with the left the green coalition. the colombian military has killed twenty two fark rebels in a raid near the country's border with ecuador the operation comes just over a week off the militants in the region killed eight police officers fark insurgents of killed several dozen police in clashes across colombia since one manuel santos came president in early august. and time now for the business news with charlotte. my. father welcome to the business program first this group ten k. b.p.
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is aiming to further expand its operations beyond russia's borders head of alpha group friedman says the company is ready to buy fields in venezuela vietnam and other countries which b.p. is selling to cover the cost of its scope of mexico oil spill over the weekend is concerned b.p. has completely killed the leaking well is looking to sell thirty billion dollars of oil and gas production assets in the next eighteen months to pay for the cleanup take a b.p.'s board to consider buying b.p. asset is the end of the moment the meeting will be the first to include tony hayward appointed director of tank a b.p. after he resigned as b.p. c.e.o. because of the u.s. . now the italian industrial group fin monika is to open a joint helicopter pilot in russia the company's representative is exclusively told r.t. about the plan venture the plant itself will be here only thirty million so the thirty million euros to be a realize that but then it has to grow its foreseen already
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a double eagle that plan to the market but again because we have believe bringing all the technology and such so it would be assembly line of the helicopter search and there would be a gradual technology transfer at the very beginning would be just an assembly go where you go first and then they may be even more and more parts of the helicopter itself will be built in russia. now in other news the building of an intercity highway between moscow and st petersburg raises significant social response this summer and initially it was planned that the road would cut through a forest the rest realization was postponed by present to me to invade it. and put a covert discuss the projects but the vice president of vinci group is develop. we work in cross cooperation with the government and the russian authorities and we appreciate determination pragmatism efficiency of the governments because it is the first road in concession so i can say we have proper european an
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international standard techniques on violin for those that i see is always crying cease from doubts on we do know who are without these european standards and insists projects are brightest and lastly i say i join requests. written on authorities that we have participate in a process off a supplementary dialogue concept when all is a stakeholder and we can see that it's no more because in a big project the concept ations the explanation information into transparency it's a no model for us and no we are waiting for the issues or an assertion of free rushes criticized for an extremely high cost of road construction how much cheaper it is in europe it is difficult to compare because the cost of their all depends on
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the. environment when. it's less expensive than we have to do. in the mountains so i can see you're right the cost of road construction is in there was shot by name europe and because i think the story should go through its acceptance in all for european standouts. for example when i speak about p p p p p p e's a means to reduce as a cost because. that. improvement. in russia. if you go into hobbs the same stormed out of your rocker the part of road threw him to forests you are preparing to build in russia will cost about forty million dollars per kilometer how come with so expensive there you saw
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a lot of. greed your true no other word we could keep months in the near of. these are worth more expensive. time now to see how the markets are performing in russia the r.t.s. the mind sets a makes for the my six home bring in the flag is. down about two point five percent olive oil is one of the only main players bucking the trend eight percent. and over in europe stocks are higher thanks to gains by oil firms banks and miners coal prices are continuing to climb creatin toll is up one point one percent off to be free and b.p. is gaining more than a whole percent in london after its oil well in the gulf of mexico was officially declared sealed on sunday. german conglomerates be s.f. is in talks to join the cell string natural gas pipeline according to sources close to the project went to shell the oil and gas subsidiary of the company is
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reportedly discussing is possible participation in the pipelines construction with gas prom b a s f is already cooperating with the russian gas giant develop the south risk oil and gas field as well as the north stream pipeline gas probably went to shell have not made any official statement about the talks so much update for this hour we can always find more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business. you're.
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wealthy british style. is not on the president's side of. the. markets why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our.
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russia would be so much brighter if you knew about some move from funds to impression some. news from stunts on t.v. don't come.


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