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tv   [untitled]    September 20, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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the worst violence in iraq since the u.s. officially ended its military campaign there and race is down over whether local forces can ensure security. justice on mine we look at how the internet in russia is becoming a new front line in the fight for fairness by exposing crime and corruption and mainstream media ignore. and with high foreclosure and on the point it rates in the u.s. showing no signs of abating revisits a forest camp find out what options are left for the homeless.
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it's one of them in moscow and this is artsy coming to you live with me and isa no way first stop violence continues to rage in iraq after three car bombings killed at least thirty six people in baghdad and fallujah following the official end of u.s. combat operations fifty thousand american troops remain in the country to train local security forces because artie's polis clear reports it barely helps to make local residents and the safer. dark and dangerous and body armor that does little to protect against the fact that they're not welcome here we're going to despite a patrol through one of the iraqi neighborhoods trying to prevent counterattack fire this is a bombs team his state behind the mission providing training support and backup to the iraqi police when they get to our level we go over our operations order and planning for the actual missions we're going to do then we do a pretty brief and we actually go and execute these type missions that we're on now but the u.s. invasion to have
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a fully functioning iraqi security force did not protect safire ismail's husband four years ago he disappeared without a trace. he called me and said he was coming to big i said the situation is really bad don't come but he said now i have to come. so far as certain husbands did as all the families of tens of thousands of iraqis who've also disappeared since two thousand and three human rights organizations put some of the blame with the local security forces whose trainees are not always the white candidates for the job a lot of them they have come from illiterate you know by ground zero or some of them they are just the from the tribes and clans some of them just because they are part of the political parties militias and so on and the problem is compounded by the limited training they given you can find more than two hundred. people being stopped to protect point like this it's funny stuff here to see the months of
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training that appears to be the search vehicles for car bombs missing weapons and stones and i think. and it's a far cry from what is needed. they are not untrained but the training they receive is not enough the americans only thought to create an iraqi army in two thousand and four by then it was too late because the terrorists had already infiltrated the . but with the increase of violence in iraq in recent weeks. the need for a competent domestic security force has never been great but whether or not the u.s. and iraq can to the challenge is to get to be seen. on t.v. baghdad. well the u.s. claims it is fighting for freedom with the wars in the muslim world but has this made the people in these islamic countries see democracy as a greater good that's the topic of the latest discussion in cross talk coming your way in just an hour's time. the promotion of democracy i mean the united
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states is founded on the idea that democracy is the best political system for ensuring the rights of both the majority and the minority in a country and so forth but that there can be many different translations the word democracy has actually become a dirty word in much of the arab world because they're not there's america has waged wars on afghanistan on and supports is a which is a part of the democracy democracy exclusively for the progressive community the stool the lands of the palestinians. or our over israel's nuclear activities is expected to dominate this year's general conference of the international atomic energy agency which is opened in vienna arab
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countries have proposed a resolution on israel's nuclear program but the u.s. and e.u. member states are against it saying it could undermine middle east peace talks well paul ingram of the british american security information council says israel is using double standards on the issue of nonproliferation. israel has believed to be anywhere between eighty and two hundred nuclear weapons already and we believe a development program for fusion nuclear weapons and submarine base launched their weapons as well as the existing air launched nuclear weapons and missile. warheads on missiles it's a very substantial but well developed nuclear arsenal that has been in israel's possession since we believe the late one nine hundred sixty s. so yes on the surface it is a very double double standard the israelis and the americans would point to the
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fact that the iranians have made a very public commitment in the nonproliferation treaty not to acquire nuclear weapons where israel is perfectly legally able to develop its arsenal but. the legal defense and indeed the defense that israel develop nuclear weapons a while ago is hardly a defense in terms of justice and obvious about it the i.a.e.a. is hands are tied here because the idea is there to reinforce the obligations of nonproliferation treaty member states israel is not a member of the nonproliferation treaty has no obligation as such to open its facilities to the agency and so it's very difficult for the agency to oblige israel to take part of course israel's use of the nonproliferation treaty to try to
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to try to put pressure on iran is is quite extraordinary given that it's not a member itself and has not and has not accepted its obligations. following the swedish general election the country is in political deadlock after the green party refused to join the government coalition the ruling center right alliance is without a majority but in. sr will not approach the far right we didn't democrats well they're known for their controversial and immigration stance they alleged abuses during the campaign some of their candidates said they were attacked and tonight freedom of speech before sunday's poll michael jensen a member of the danish liberal party says the establishment unwillingness to discuss immigration has resulted in an unfair election. we have an example right now where none of these fabulous parties and none of the media in sweden like to discuss it because they feel it's like you know it's not politically correct and it's like a blanket drawn all over. this media and all this really they stop this from and so
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this should be a wake up call to all of the all party scene in the democrats who are not allowed to take part in the debates on public t.v. the last debate and they weren't even allowed to run their commercial ads on private solutions as all the other parties were in bed with god i don't believe that. and therefore have decided that i'll take the issue up in the council of europe we have proof that mark and sweden are founding members to try to discuss it and see how we can make sure that should also not only free but also fair in the future. it's tonia has officially lost its countdown to entry into the eurozone on january the first next year that's despite the crisis the currency has been facing and the fact that dystonia would be the poorest country in the eurozone professor eve talent university says the move isn't for the sake of the economy. this
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is very much a political step we will join the political union which wants to be a much bigger union and still in the stone and economy economy. right now. the crows for joining are also many people they think about about the future of arizona and according to my understanding. european union is not any more. current than two types of countries we are a national. strong financial discipline based means that. might happen that. will collapse or will form two different kind of arrow zones we speak and strong financial discipline
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buy from moscow you're watching r t still to come for you this hour but why for once why see how increased internet access in russia has given voice to a new generation of on mind whistleblowers and bloggers. but first as the u.s. mortgage crisis cuts deep real estate firm say over a million americans may lose their homes to foreclosure this year in august alone some three hundred thousand were surge with foreclosure warnings as unemployment figures stubbornly hover near ten percent artie's anastasio churkin reports on how a camp outside new york has become a place some people now reluctantly call home. america the prosperous america the traditional and america the broke the picture perfect homes and these homes are a twenty minute drive away from one another how did i end up here probably through my own mistakes in life r.t.e.
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revisits tent city a homeless camp tough to wait in the woods of new jersey there are at least forty people whose tragic destinies have led them to call this place home. since we were here last time in the winter things have changed more tense have appeared some people have come and gone but many of the people living here have been here for months if not years and the question that many of them ask themselves over and over again is why are we still here are there really no other options left for us no reading mosque has been a newspaper handler for most of her life while i work for the new york times tonight one of the power in a brain aneurysm in two stroke so i was almost dead. i was in a coma for two months it. was an awful three months since then no reason has given up hope of finding a job for those still trying to find work the task is close to impossible would be unemployment rate in the u.s.
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holding steady at more than one and a half percent for more than a year now over seventeen years experience shift to looking job not have chopped any kind job i look i have to move to a position you know but no no i don't find them all. you know. very very difficult not applying job and those who are able to find work make less than the minimum wage and i would have told they speak up. by bugs. reverend steve brigham set up the camp for the homeless four years ago this is there are church bell on sunday about twelve o'clock we ring those to let the whole camp know there were about ready to have our service. the reverend runs the place keeping it in order. setting up a shower. and helping with whatever donations he can get local authorities have
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been disturbed by this camp's existence and have tried to shut the place down people think of the homeless as people that are sometimes questionable in their character but we've had there's more problems outside of the homeless camp than inside of the camp the only option offered by local officials has been beds at a local psychiatric institution among the mentally unstable the community didn't go for it it's more than they can handle already living a tough enough life it's it's just not a place to live everyone here tells us a better place for them is just around the corner so soon to be out very soon. very soon so far no luck with not much help from the outside world all they can do is hope a better life is awaiting them somewhere. and
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if they see churkin r.t. new jersey. when are you term channel you can check out his previous report on that homeless camp as well as many other news stories we're covering here on our team. more news today violence is once again flared up. in these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations rule the day. with blogs and russell now running into the millions the internet has become a major force by highlighting issues often ignored by mainstream media people now get a global audience and a result when they report cases of crime corruption and bullying. out of our reports on russia's new wave of internet justice.
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parents and students said this man had children on more than one occasion because he was the head of the local administration people were afraid to speak out. desktops laptops phones and p.t.a.'s internet in russia is becoming much more available and much more than just entertainment for many it has become a virtual speaker's corner where their voice will not only be heard but is guaranteed to echo across the country within hours this particular video which brought about his dismissal is an example of how the looting has transformed russia . russian biddies and there's an orphan a master chess player a math genius and guaranteed state benefits he's missing the start of the academic here due to the demands of a construction company that helps fund the school. i want to be
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a ninety specialist but the school said that if i want to study here and live in that holes of residence i have to study to be a builder. but if bush's case was taken on by a charity organization music and its founder get my. see what made a difference to their case was a message i posted online to the president. after i posted my letter someone from the president's administration called and asked for details of this case i know they got in touch with cautious college because almost immediately afterwards the college called and told pasha to withdraw exactly and basically get the hell out they were scared. involved and the media picked up the story and they call it she was forced to stop its unlawful actions they now allow pasha to attend lectures and still refused to give him a room and when a bunch of kids vandalized a car in broad daylight in a remote part of central russia police couldn't find the culprits for days but the information they provided allowed bloggers to find them in
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a matter of hours names addresses and license plates included so why is russia's online community becoming suddenly so influential beautiful at this. first of all it's evidence of a technological progress the internet is becoming more and more available and because it's available more and more people are using it for things other than where it's a community and a much faster one than any other. but the by this spike in online use means it's not just journalists who can cover information so what does this say about russia's fourth estate but the sheer mystery of this doesn't mean that journalists are bad and bloggers a better or that the only notion of free speech exists online it's simply a matter of choice you no longer want to watch someone else's rundown we want to and can make our own version of the internet allows us to choose what we want to know about the speed print media simply cannot compete with maybe this isn't the beginning of the end of newspapers and television but it's definitely competition
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of a global kind kasserine as our r.t.e. nasca. the founder of the online news website chaska dot ru says the interaction between bloggers and the mainstream is a healthy sign for modern media. there is a particle and varies a way and that particle can be a part of the way when you are a blogger you are a bar to go but when there is a huge thing happening you are just one of the many many many a part of goes together create a wave so what we're seeing today is that more and more waves are there you the blogosphere and the information the focus is on the crucial events so even if some of the bloggers want to promote themselves so gather as a whole the blogosphere acts as the public sphere it drives attention and you know it gives the results there were so many old reddit crimes and corruption issues
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raised by bloggers and they have become. mean there are all of the media is still crucial in a sense that we have to verify what bloggers are saying and feed it back into the blogosphere and this is how the media system of the twenty first century works. republica south of here in the caucuses has celebrated twenty years since the declaration of independence from georgia a parade took place in the capitol skin involved to mark the occasion when the republic proclaimed sovereignty in one nine hundred ninety georgia sent in troops to regain control after more than a year of bloodshed the conflict frozen until august two thousand and eight georgia once again resorted to violence outside forces to repel the georgian attack as many of those under fire were russian citizens to russia recognize the independence of south the same as to the other countries. let's take a look now at some world news in brief for you this hour at least two people have
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been killed and one injured in a gun battle in karate in pakistan police engaged. identified gunmen who had attacked people returning from a funeral five foreign men were also wounded while trying to put out a fire. started by the attackers at least fourteen people have been killed in the city since the stabbing to death of a prominent pakistani politician in london. india lawmakers have arrived in kashmir in an attempt to put an end to months of deadly unrest in the indian administered region more than one hundred protesters have been killed since june in quantities with security forces including a nineteen year old on sunday this summer's violence erupted after police killed a student demonstrator many of the muslim majority population in the rest of region do not want to be ruled by india. now concentrating troops in afghanistan and spending hundreds of billions of dollars on trying to fight al qaeda is
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a waste of lives and money that's the view of ex marine officer matthew hoh an outspoken critic of u.s. policy is going to each to kant's interview with him is coming up next. the world with. the war in afghanistan is the longest and it has cost a lot to the united states who are saying american interests at stake in
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afghanistan do not warrant this level of sacrifice please explain why the wars cost us about four hundred billion dollars it's lasted for over nine years american dead or close to twelve hundred and there's been foul sense of afghan deaths. we're spending one hundred billion dollars a year next year will spend about one hundred twenty billion dollars a year according to the congressional research service in a country whose g.d.p. is only fourteen billion and now that according to our cia there's only fifty to one hundred al qaeda members in afghanistan so you're talking about spending one billion to two billion dollars a year on each al qaeda presence in afghanistan i know that you had been working in iraq for a while before going into afghanistan was that war worth from where iraq was a few years ago yes the country has stabilized you know you've gone from four thousand civilian deaths some months down to a few hundred it's still by no means a story and i don't know if i will ever say it was worth it i i don't agree with
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those who believe that we needed to be iraq in order to make the middle east a safer place or a more democratic. place and certainly if you look at the reasons why we were given for going in there ties to al qaeda that wasn't true weapons of mass destruction that wasn't true. you know saddam was was effectively contained as i saw it he was a no threat to its to us or to his neighbors i don't see the expenditures you know the over the forty five hundred american dead near trillion dollars that we have spent there the near one hundred thousand iraqi dead i don't see that in any way justify the invasion of two thousand and three one of the larger problems i think with us foreign policy particular national security policies are not consistent if they're if we are in afghanistan because of al qaeda and if there are only fifty to one hundred members of al qaeda in afghanistan then why are we pulling out of iraq where there are one thousand to two thousand members why do we see and we need to
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keep one hundred thousand troops in afghanistan when those operations come out of somalia and yemen as when and pakistan yes so that consistency is not there in our in our foreign policy particularly in our now security policy and that's very worrisome to me because you don't have consistency if you don't have good critical thought if you don't have a degree of intellectual honesty in your policymaking you are going to have bad policy and you're going to have things like iraq we're going to find yourself nine years into afghanistan entangled in a civil war spending one hundred billion dollars a year for a purpose that does not make the united states safer matthew your face saying that stabilizing the government in afghanistan does not the feed al qaida and and that it's like using a flash hammer to kill a fly do you think it's such a fly and if not a sledgehammer what should be used to kill that fly i mean sure of fly can bite you
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short before i can affect you he could get in your refrigerator make your food mold to you or what not but you try and kill with sledgehammer you end up wrecking your house and if you look at our successes against haida. he has not come from occupying afghanistan yes it was based in afghanistan when we showed up they fled to pakistan they dispersed around the world they became this near virtual decentralized loosely for motivation that uses individuals and cells and doesn't rely upon large physical tracks so land our successes in. against al-qaeda and there's a good new yorker article not too long ago about this. have been through more of a police or a warm foresman or intelligence role and we capture khalid sheikh muhammad then by the fact that we've got tens of thousands of u.s. troops occupying. two muslim countries out also to suggest that we need to look at our strategy in the sense of that our policies have been counterproductive and
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we've turned to using military occupation as a tool to be a terror network that is more similar to a mafia organization or a criminal organization and that is only composed of a couple thousand or a few thousand members worldwide he also said that afghanistan's neighbors say china have actually more to lose from the instability in afghanistan that the united states and i would have more reason more and more reasons to get involved in keeping everyone and then quiet and you think countries should like to take turns saying waging more thing afghanistan oh bill absolutely not i think it's in. every other nation's interest to see a negotiated settlement in afghanistan it's been a proxy war or. a real war in one way or another for the last thirty thirty five years in afghanistan and it has improved nobody's economy has approved nobody's way of life. i think for nations like the central asian states for russia
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for china to have issues with their own ethnic minorities or muslim minorities i think it's important for what's happening in afghanistan not to spread across boundaries was the big. the drugging flow the drug of course you know that's a that's a great point i believe it's about ninety percent of the drugs that leave afghanistan go to russia or to europe to huge huge issue but you're not going to feet that you're not going to feed the drug trade there until you stabilize the country until you stop the war until you stop one side from having an incentive to utilize that drug trade to you know provide the money the fight the war until you take away the aspect of the war itself you're not to be able to address any of these issues and that goes for the drug trade that goes for women's rights that goes for other ethnic or other human rights and that goes for development as well in terms of i mean it's a very it's a incredibly poor credibly desperate country it needs
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a lot of assistance it's not going to develop it's not going to grow without there being stability. issues that so much you know there's a huge music. on the market why are people overwhelming majority muslim populated countries governed by either democratic regimes around stable democracies and. when the new season. when something really crucial what do you want to get down to. when you bring special coverage. this time the latest news from the. sun to the discussion and experts are going to be using the person you're sure the reader. markets warm. interest.
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question. as being to the. our hangal speak. for the first russian fleet was born. kawar t. goes to the area which holds top position in oil and gas resources. where the biggest russian salmon can be our processing factories located. and where unique species of flora and fauna can be found. come to the sun clean region. should close up on our teeth. in some pieces but he's available in for granted tell you're a grand hotel emerald. club small hotel so close hotel olympic gold. ski corinthian escape kunitz s.a.'s royal kempinski twenty to play.


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