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a good girl would. ever dream of killed in. the arctic ice breaker and moscow plays host to scientific top brass to provide a battle for middle resources. territory of dialogue for territorial disputes hundreds gather in moscow to decide the future of the north pole for details from the international arctic form stay with us. russia says it won't be selling its air defense missiles to iran. and according to bush's chief of staff to show the recent u.n. sanctions on iran. talks are gripping the big apple as world leaders brainstorm how to eradicate global poverty and ensure peace in the middle east.
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you're watching r t coming to you live from the russian capital balkans in the program and also our top story the arctic's on tap natural wealth is a source of great temptation for the countries surrounding the icecap billions of barrels of oil lie beneath the sea and the arctic nations are keen to secure their sure now some of the finest scientific minds of gathered in moscow to make sure a different kind of cold war doesn't break out of a has more. all of the countries that have an interest in the stake in the arctic namely russia the united states canada and two scandinavian states all of them have a very big interest and of course all want a bigger piece of the pie that is the untapped seabed full of natural resources oil gas various minerals so the arctic is a very tempting piece but so far all of the sides that have a stake and have
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a potential claim to all of their resources have agreed to work out their issues and differences calmly peacefully they have put forward their claims they're trying to work together to make sure that all. unpleasantries are avoided and that the matters are settled in a very diplomatic and civilized manner so despite the fact that the temptation is huge it seems that all parties involved really do want to make sure that the negotiations and the divvying up once it comes to that is actually fair and square and done by the book maintaining the fragile ecosystem that is the arctic and the north pole and trying to get and tap at all of the resources that lie underneath the ice and water without damaging the ecology and the system that exists there as it is and of course the arctic is already affected by a global warming so it's a very very difficult issue and one that has received
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a lot of attention here which talk a little bit more about this we're joined live by this professor paul berkman from the university of cambridge thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us now as you're going to preserving the ecosystem of the arctic whilst getting at its resources seems to be like and it was possible to ask is it one of the inspirations of the ingenuity of humankind is that if we think that we can build it and so part of the strategy that we're identifying is a need to have resource development in a environmentally. damaging manner. how this mature. as is it is a question that technologies will help to address but there certainly are other issues associated with resources that are far more media and important to resolve in terms of promoting cooperation and venting conflict if we look at the problems that we face as a civilization. certainly on planetary scales and as well as regional scales the
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time frame of the solution often is decades which means that it's impossible to envision any of the magic bullet that suddenly appears instantaneously and solves that problem once and forever so the solution to really our dialogues and russian geographic society has to be complemented for their vision and if she had a dialogue that will. that will support the type of cooperation and avoidance of conflict that is necessary to make the arctic a region that is used to the interests of all mankind faster better than thank you so much for a military many say it is walking on thin ice deciding the arctic future but everybody here certainly seems optimistic. our aslan's a president says moscow plays a key role in preventing the arctic from becoming a battleground for its natural wealth. because become one of the most crucial parts of the world both because of the energy resources that can be pumped
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in the arctic because of climate change because of the opening up of the new sea to go therefore it is not important that we have constructive dialogue the whole ratio of russia issued by both my country all the countries of the arctic. is just and scientists to come to cooperate with russia in a very constructive way so this forum in my opinion is a very strong and positive six russia was so positive that effective corporation and they don't do. russia will not supply its advanced air defense missile systems to iran the chief of staff of the russian armed forces says moscow shelved the plan because the missiles fall under the latest u.n. sanctions on iran for more details that cross live to our natalee and novikov up there and that's all you have now moscow struck a deal with terrorism a few years ago on the delivery of these weapons now has that a deal been cancelled. well indeed according to the russian chief of staff russia
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is not anymore going to sell its ass three hundred and i missed defense systems to iran juju the recently imposed by the u.n. security council sanctions against the country's nuclear program and them stanchions suggest that any sale weapons limiting the country including military airplanes three helicopters tanks and of course anti-missile defense shield now then usually given the most went to iran with signs back in two thousand and seven when the launches we just showed by that i mean hundreds to the country now they didn't have to be very fond of going to the government chief of staff whether this contract will be cancelled aid together will depend on iran's actions or how is a moscow's decision likely to affect russia or iran relations. well we're still waiting to hear how the rumor on in this decision of the russian authorities but
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russia has already once was phoned the delivery or best thing hundred misfiled to iran last winter and said the decision was not at all welcomes in iran so it is unlikely that it will be welcomed at this time. so we still waiting to hear from you want to find out what they think about it but actually going out in front of me here these are all nuclear energy recently i think built together a nuclear plant the first nuclear plant in iran in the future will be shared so it doesn't look like there's a strong migration between the two countries and that fears that we still have to start here from hearing in the region. thank you very much for that that was the target novikov are bringing us the latest on russia's decision to stop selling air missile systems to iran and now for more on the fallout of russia's announcement i'm joined by igor hocknull from the a moscow based institute of world economy and international relations thank you
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very much for joining us now it's been more than three months since the a sanctions against iran were adopted and why did it take a moscow so long announcing that it's stopping the sale of missiles to iran actually russian officials have announced from the very beginning right after the sanctions were imposed back three months ago in june that russia is going to fall all international regulations and international law and if those are the system as three hundred. falls under the sanctions it means it will not be shipped to iran before the situation changes either sanctions are lifted all the situation is usual in any other way russian prime minister was in report and said all right after the sanctions your impost actually today i. wanted to see here where there was a quotation of sergei lavrov so. the opposite seeing thing but actually that was a very short piece catch out of the interview that covered absolutely different
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topic so russian officials have always been very prudent and have always followed the international line international community it has imposed of the fourth round of sanctions against iran it means no legal sales will ever take place before either the sanctions only have to it or the situation has changed in any other way so russian position has not changed russia full of international law ok now russia is planning to increase military cooperation with israel is this linked with today's announcement oh actually you know or there are a lot of speculations about vested interests or is there a lot b. or uranium lobby in russia actually russia has been called the ratings we are all one hundred contras selling its military gear and now russia is going to sell military gear to afghanistan russia is doing business with saudi arabia russia has a lot of multi-billion quantities these real. russian and israeli kompany is developed
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for literature hardware and selling them to india you know so russian military industrial complex saw a large suv has links to almost all conscious all over the world and you know it's quite it's quite clear and reasonable to clearly vested interests i don't think there is any link between the current announcement and any kind of cooperation with israel but all of course israel cooperate or russia cooperates with israel as well as its called periods with hundreds of other countries ok well iran reportedly are already owns similar missiles a scene from other sources so how much is actually rely on the contract with moscow you know iran is totally dependent on on its contract with more score if it wants to provide security for its. for its space. you know there is no other way to get similar missiles but to purchase them from russia russian as
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three hundred complex it's not only missiles launch pads it also read our facilities and so on is the state of the art equipment international experts all agree it's very it's perfect while protecting urban areas because it has a unique feature it's called mortar start and there's no other way to get this kind of complex but to purchase it from russia especially if iran wants to protect its airspace and in fancy its air defensive capabilities against all kind of targets those are planes supersonic jets of water crafts cruise missiles and even ballistic missiles at certain parts of their trajectories having said that he said that they were dependent now how likely will this decision of moscow to a stop the deliveries affect the relationship between the two countries i guess that will affect their relations with current or some of the judge regime in iran but you know russia and iran has been have been neighbors for centuries and the
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relation. centuries ago so i think. the situation will change to sort of wait maybe the saying lifted maybe anything else changes then i think in the long run it will not affect russian iranian relations but i think that the iranian. have to understand the message the message from international community is they have to change something view their attitude towards the outer world and they have to think twice before go in on with their nuclear program all right thank you very much for your insight that was eaglehawk law from the moscow based institute of world economy and international relations and a coming up later in the program summer of lovers and summer fighters but in any other is are simply fighting for mark find out how we differ larger group are saving young couples from violence and persecution. longstanding pledges to eradicate world poverty and
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hunger are focus at the u.n. summit in new york and also on the sidelines of the meeting the middle east peace quartet trying to encourage israelis and palestinians to make a breakthrough in relations the group of format after direct peace talks between the two sides last week with settlements and major stumbling block earlier and israeli security guards shot dead a palestinian man in contested east through celeb sparking riots israeli police fired tear gas to disperse the protesters and thus to see a true can now has more on the peace negotiations and the issues facing politicians at the u.n. summit. holding talks on the sidelines of the united nations general assembly the middle east peace quartet which consists of russia the united states the european union and the united nations has urged israel to extend its freeze on settlement construction in the west bank and gaza palestinians have said that israel can forget about direct talks if this moratorium is not extended and with these to go
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before the deadline of the moratorium israel has already said it is refusing to extend this moratorium so now the clock is ticking and after being on and off and on and off again direct talks between the israelis and palestinians did not take place for as long as two years and actually took place for the first time in two years earlier this month now meanwhile the united nations millennium development goal summit has also been taking place back in the year two thousand world leaders have agreed on a set of eight targeted goals which they hope to meet by the year twenty fifteen and these include things like eradicating poverty and hunger in the world a very difficult task and so far results have been mixed especially considering the difficult economic situations that many countries are faced with right now and the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov was giving a speech at the summit he outlined that russia had donated as much as eight hundred million dollars. two developing nations in the last year alone an interesting and important point that he had means is that he calls upon countries to not try to ask
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other nations to impose unilateral economic sanctions against other nations take a listen to what he had to say which is sometimes to resolve the issues in the un charter the world community has to resort to such measures like economic sanctions but it has long been agreed that it's necessary to observe the so-called humanitarian boundaries of the sanctions to prevent the negative influence on the people in the country social and economic development. we're concerned about the unilateral measures of restraint forcibly introduced by some states against developing countries exceeding in the u.n. security council chancellor. this practice contradicts the effects of the millennium development goals and has to be stored. now foreign minister sergei lavrov did not mention countries names but of course we know that the united states was pushing nations to impose unilateral economic sanctions against iran even after
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the united nations security council had imposed a fourth round of sanctions against the country there have been a number of protests taking place in new york city the biggest one of them we're expecting will take place on thursday when mahmoud ahmadinejad addresses the one general assembly and many more speeches and events are taking place throughout the week among them a meeting of the five permanent members of the security council plus germany on iran and of course we will keep our viewers posted on all the latest details. and now to some other international news this hour at least ten people killed in an explosion in the town of mob out in northwestern iran about twenty others were injured it occurred during a military parade as the country marks the thirtieth anniversary of the beginning of the war with iraq a provincial governor believes that kurdish separatists are behind the attack. china has demanded that japan release the captain of a fishing boat who was detained in the east china sea the country's premier wen
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jiabao has threatened to take action against japan if the situation is not addressed the chinese vessel crashed into two japanese coast guard boats near talk i want to weeks ago the crew were arrested causing beijing to suspend contact with tokyo. the commonwealth games in new delhi has been hit by further setbacks after two athletes pulled out and others cancelled their flights of next month's event over forty officials and competitors from the scottish team have already perspective their journey it comes after questions over safety were raised following the collapse of a foot bridge which injured twenty seven laborers the games take place every four years among mainly former british colonies. the us supreme court has refused to block the state of virginia's first execution of a woman in nearly a century the resul lewis is convicted of killing heart to heart killings to collect insurance money judges rejected her lawyers appeal that this would be unconstitutional as the woman has a low i.q.
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the execution is planned for thursday. couples in india who marry against their parents' wishes could face violence and even death all in the name of protecting family honor but a group of so-called love commandos aims to shelter such newlyweds from harm artie's charan singh meets the team of volunteers behind the venture. but your life's in danger your girlfriend's been kept captive welcome to the love commandos a newly formed helpline taking calls from distraught couples who have dared to marry against their family's wishes john because i don't think that it is whenever we get a call that a couple is being threatened if we can't talk talk commandos and tell them to go there immediately to help them if they face any problem we inform the police our team of lawyers also reach there so that the couple is not attacked and threatened or mistreated. the love commandos include lawyers and social activists
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and claims to have attracted one hundred forty thousand volunteers across india they have helped rescue many couples from death by forcing police to intervene. sanjay not the other young couple in love who ran away from their families against their marriage they had nowhere else. we made five complaints to the police but no one to count when i heard of the helpline i felt some who helped us right away and were staying in there see if. they're having a cent with. the help playing started following the recent upsurge in honor killings in northern india in some villages local councils that sentences against couples formatting outside their caste or within the same clan. parents should have forgotten they too were young at some
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point they were also attracted to people in trying to fall in love not all were successful of course i think really take their frustration out on today's youngsters. anonymous a priority for the volunteers who have been targeted by angry relatives and the village councils the helpline operates from five secret locations in the capital and visitors are carefully screened. the work we do we have to do it quietly if anyone asks us our address we don't just give it to us we first ask them to reach a public spot and here our center we check to see whether he's a troublemaker who only want to assure that he needs help then we take him with. love can sometimes be a dangerous thing in india especially in rural communities but with the love commandos just a phone call away there's a blast a glimmer of hope for the many couples endangered by their feelings for each other
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and saying r t. well for more stories just head to r.t. dot com and here's a taste of what's on live right now for them is to find themselves forced out of a livelihood saying their country failed them but it will post a new ban on street trading. and be optimistic a russian scientist says you can change the material world around with a positive attitude find out more dot com. and up next all the way does business news miss charlotte and that's after a short break. this amar region is economically and socially one of russia's better developed provinces the region has a significant scientific and industrial capacity that will realize its full potential after the construction of the. park can tell you he has completed the i
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t. park or has r. and d. projects in the spheres of automotive construction aerospace and oil chemistry high tech data center furbished with cutting edge servers and communication equipment will be constructed at the core of the park the project has been personally approved by prime minister vladimir putin the federal government is planning to allocate sizable funding for the parks construction investors will be given benefits such as property tax exemption low land rental prices and other preferences this is a region government is open to mutually beneficial cooperation we invite investors to participate in existing projects and we are ready to give a hand in fulfilling your projects and growing your business in this small region. and i welcome to the business program with main shot line follow me to a new call paul's operated by foreign companies a very same pages but experts say
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the higher end i am not going to factories will substantially to the development of countries over time i will industry prime minister vladimir putin officially open both enterprises and promise to continue supporting foreign investors until you have clover reports say. it took russia a lot of effort and money to stay in the car industry out of the crisis and i would say to all the benefits some progress can already be seen sales of locally made calls a back to growth and global brands expand their presence the russian government is seeking to develop the domestic manufacturing base by ensuring local production of caucus. but. we will create more trying. to make it profitable for foreign companies to work here we will also make sure the production. quality and volume come with the demands of the internal market and provide good terms for export to. st petersburg where this automotive
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cluster is seen as setting an example of how russia goes about further industrial development prime minister vladimir putin has opened the facilities of two more residents of this techno park the hume di plant which will be its first full cycle cup production enterprise in russia and magna all to parts factory intended to be a major supplier a car utility plant built by the canadian company will have an annual production capacity equivalent to one hundred million dollars the canadian auto components produce a silent supply agreements with hay and a general motors that already working in same area even before its own blog has been officially opened what magnus enterprise the idea to localize full cycle call production in russia will finally become a reality. magnus crow chief executive officer believes russia should continue creating incentives for investors and says he's company is keen to open more plants
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in russia car companies have an assembly plant here will continue to grow which means the auto parts industry needs to grow so whether we have an plants here in ten years or thirty plants here really depends on what we're being asked to do by our customers and how competitive we are but it is a key growth. area strategy for. your business in russia as much as sixty percent of policy russian car production for be made locally within the next six years the government believes the increase localization along with most of the cycle call factories will provide russia's auto industry with a much needed shot. st petersburg. and staying with the car industry sells of luxury models in russia booming one of the main beneficiaries is being rolls royces the company's c.e.o. explains to business r.t. . russia is for us one of the most important global luxury car markets in the
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world or we have tripled our sales compared to last year's ophthalmologists year. so you this year i mean krzysztof twenty percent of the least for the luxury car market segment of course china is currently bigger than the russian market but the growth potential in a way of how fast markets are developing you can see that more of us will the same level in china as you see that in russia but of course on a different level of the figures. time they'll take a look at how the markets are performing and is the sea of red today with european stock sliding reversing early against banks and leading markets low on concerns over the pace of the global economic recovery following chooses report from the federal reserve noids is shedding two point three percent in the foot sea this hour for miners lending some support on a higher gold price. and here in moscow markets are down with weakness in vanishing stocks driving on the indices bad bank is shedding one point two percent on the my sixth gas form is also suffering there were also
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a commons bucking the downward trend of a third of a percent this. now russia is still make a service dollars reportedly planning to spin off its gold assets and list the new company on the london stock exchange the financial times newspaper says the offering may take place later this year and could be worth as much as four billion dollars sizing people close to the company the paper service style will retain a seventy percent stake in the gold unit have a star has been expanding its portfolio of gold assets in a series about positions including the recent purchase of canada's crude gold meanwhile bullion prices are currently at record highs as investors use the precious metal. against economic uncertainty inflation. and i should update for this hour we can always find more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business.
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it's a. mum. mum . mum.
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her mum coming up. this is street still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal the him and the soviet fines house on the embankment and on t.v. . more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are on the day . every month we give you the future we help you understand how we'll get there and what tomorrow brings the best in science and technology from across russia and iran .


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