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do it in california. let's go to. the arctic ice breaker moscow plays host to scientific top brass to prevent a battle for mineral resources. territory for dialogue or disputes hundreds are gathering in moscow for the international market for all the details in just a few moments. russia says it won't be selling its air defense missiles to iran as it falls under the latest u.n. sanctions on the islamic republic. part talks are gripping the big apple as world leaders brainstorm on how to eradicate global poverty and ensure peace in the middle east. reports the russians still make an effort to spend on gold and with the new company on the london stock exchange we have the
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details in about twenty minutes time. you're watching r t coming to you live from the russian capital welcome to the program and all to our top story the arctic's on tap natural wealth is a source of great temptation for the countries surrounding the icecap of billions of barrels of oil lie beneath the sea and the arctic nations are keen to secure their share of some of the finest scientific minds have gathered in moscow to make sure a different kind of cold war doesn't break out and let's get more now from qatar you know. no to you now with all these undiscovered natural resources could we see the arctic becoming a reason for a future conflict. well it's really a lessening a lot of interest all of the. untapped resources in the seabed in the arctic of
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course the oil the gas the minerals that's got enough basically to make a many countries drool and wish for a bigger slice of the pie of course the five major contenders in norway denmark russia the united states and canada already figuring out ways to divvy up the share of that in a way that nobody gets left out and at the same time of course protecting national interests and wanting to make sure that each side gets a bigger share but so far the discussions are very diplomatic very friendly and all sides agreeing that the way to do this would be to keep in mind national interest but also keep in mind the fragile eco system that exists in the north pole and basically have a frank and open dialogue that allows for the two for all of the participants not only the arctic states to take the most and make the most out of what the arctic has to offer and that of course has been one of the subjects on the agenda at the
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international arctic forum here today and to talk a little bit more about what else is on the agenda and we get a chance to put those questions to him mr all of the time from the research council of norway thank you so much for being here no tell me about today's conference what do you think was the most important part of today's discussions will be the most important for you is do they believe that the various forums the room. all you know for solutions to this or you. really would just sort of agree with all. of these questions move forces to the. home of you supposed to you because we remember that. the united states will build a school on the forums for you to do with. the last year or so and would reconsider you know is the. these are the green policies or indeed planning to go
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overseas through the soul of the foreign ministers that's a one issue for the next six years well for you go to the offshore environment and it could strain that we want you to explore resources which i know you're coming in very good deal with wind up in the post and the price of oil in some cases right throughout the ecosystem and one of the problems in this connection is that the oil is on the surface we know this about your big if you do but most of the so we don't actually know whether it will possibly be consistent over that there with the fisheries how much they would be affected by resources but they say this we need to do that and of course we need to be able to predict how climate would change in the future and what would happen that the snow the ice the real. how do you think that the the differences and of course each of the arctic states wanting to have a share in all of the resources do you think that they will manage to move past the
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point of discussions and actually into actions where all the five states will sit down and calmly divide what each country has a right to claim to but for most of the areas this is there's no dispute on those disputes for most of these areas there's no question what is the russian coastline what this russian territory is actually it's not by the way you say because there are only a few minor points where there are disputes most of this is undisputed so we're in a territory now as to say there's a boundary going on in the ocean which is all the limitation of the continental shelf that has to be free through another process which is to make it to unite the nations of the world to see but that's common everywhere in the world because nothing special about the for most of this this is actually not a phobia ereal. it may have been if this is her. within the course of twenty or
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thirty or forty years ago but the ice was had been disappearing and this was an area of a military strike and will go on to search the potential disagreement but this is not for today i think what we all want to go through large groups that can be used in the fight is that we can go forward peacefully and this is no the issue of those who are in the in the fight it's a different war very complex for all three of them of the states that opposed to the become so there's a number called base right in europe right or indeed that you know being there and china and all this group also very interesting though in the summer because of this you know it goes to the resource that goes to the potential of making a short route from a syria you are so there are many many problems this is but i don't see any people today see these as
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a problems that will end up in. receipt of this program so they have to scroll through talking to the exchange of knowledge or understanding or the oval office to see if it is forced territorial issues or there's a debate going there's. the fantastic while i hopefully the discussions and the dialogues will continue with forums like these mr heigham thank you so much for being here as you see chess so it's no mean feat dividing up the architecture but it certainly has a lot of potential and discussions like games do seem to promise the eventual solution that will benefit and satisfy everybody involved all right thank you very much for that that was our team's cutting. and iceland's the president says a moscow plays a key role in preventing the arctic from becoming a battleground for its natural well. the arctic has become one of the most crucial parts of the world wolf because of the energy resources that can be pumped
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in the arctic because of climate change because of the opening up of the new sheet or so therefore it is very important that we have constructive dialogue that corporation russia is shipped by being able to my country on the all the countries of the arctic got russia researchers and scientists to come to the corporation with russia in a very constructive way so this forum in my opinion is a very strong and positive signal for russia to watch a positive but effective corporation in the arctic. russia will not supply its advance air defense missile systems to iran the chief of staff of the russian armed forces says moscow shelled the plant because the missiles fall under the latest u.n. sanctions on iran artie's that's all they know because the has the details. people that russia is not anymore going to ask three hundred and so i misspelled defense systems do iran i do to the recently imposed by the un security council sanctions
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against the country's nuclear program and the extensions suggest that any sale of the. country including military planes helicopters tanks and we're going to take this nuclear defense shield now then you should be even going to run the lines back in two thousand and seven when launches leaflets tell you that the world has begun to play to the country you know they didn't have to be heard but a point you want people out there they're going this one check to be canceled all together will depend on iran's actions we're still waiting to hear how the runs going this decision the launch of the thirty's russia has already once was food delivery will get things done but missed out to iran last winter and the decision was not at all balkans in iran so it is unlikely that would be welcomed at this time but she was asleep on the trade here do you feel you did you listen to the
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bill together the nuclear plant the first nuclear plant in iran in the physical carriage the oakley it doesn't look like there's some moderation between the two countries and that we're so we still have to keep our hear from hearing in other words igor hawk north from the moscow based institute of world economy at international relations says the roughest decision to stop selling its missiles to iran is also likely to have serious long term consequences i guess that will third for the relations with current us where they enjoy the regime but you know russia iran has been neighbors for centrists so i think. the situation will change to sort the way maybe the sanctions are lifted maybe anything else changes that are thinking of the longer it will not affect. russian iranian relations but i think the iranian. have to understand the message the message from international community is they have to change something in view of the attitude towards the
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outer world and they have to think twice before going on with their nuclear program . there's been increasing speculation surrounding the possibility of ease role in the u.s. bombing nuclear sites in iran later peter lavelle and his crosstalk guests discuss whether terror run poses a threat to its neighbors and whether such an attack is being prepared. anything in iran is negative according to the united states only thing that iran has yet to be accused of by the united states is global warming and perhaps that will come up later on but i think what is more important is anything to do with iran taking hostages with iran killing marines in lebanon with marines attacking military views and why do you. think you are you know i think you actually are a war actor you know you're very kind of the bad and that's why they have a problem with you know i think i think you i think you have a problem with your history classes in the united states iranian american relations
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didn't begin with the embassy takeover they began with the united states overthrowing the national government in iran through a coup d'etat installing a puppet shar and then draining the country's resources for decades. well you can watch crosstalk in just over an hour here on r.t. and i will be on to our next story of long standing pledges to eradicate world poverty and hunger are sharp focus of the u.n. summit in new york also on the sidelines of the meeting middle east peace quartet try to encourage israelis and palestinians to finally achieve a breakthrough and let's get more from artie's an assistant is monitoring the event for us hello to you now can you just talk us through what is going to be tackled today. well tess you know it's a very packed day here in new york at the united nations headquarters there are
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several events we're expecting to take place and among them of course is the nato russia meeting that is taking place this morning the issues that are being tackled are security missile defense in afghanistan russia is of course helping nato forces to tackle drug smuggling in the area and among the issues that are going to be discussed are the relationship between russia and nato because the secretary general of nato has been saying that the relationship between russia and the alliance is definitely not as cold as it was in the last couple of years that russia and nato are not adverse to raise any more and he's actually proposing that russia and nato when discussing the issue of cooperating in the area of missile defense consider building a joint project having a joint project so that russia has its security ensured and so does nato among other things that are happening today is the meeting of the five permanent members of the security council plus germany on iran now we have been hearing that the u.s.
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ambassador to the united nations has been saying that at this meeting what is going to be discussed is how exactly what kind of an impact the existing sanctions of the first round of sanctions that were imposed in june by the security council have had on iran whether more pressure should be put on iran or not putting aside diplomacy they're going to be considering exactly what kind of additional steps they can take when it comes to iran continuing to not follow the recommendations of the international community and of course they do earlier we had russian foreign minister sergei lavrov see that he believes that it's not the best idea for certain nations to try to impose further economic sanctions on other countries who didn't mix he didn't call any names and around so far has been sending mixed messages saying that a war is a possibility if it's nuclear if it's uranium enrichment facilities are tackled and then saying that iran has the door open for dialogue so we're going to have to wait and see how that unravels moving on to the talks on the sidelines what's been the
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outcome of the peace negotiations by the middle east quartet. well test the middle east peace peace quartet has urged israel to extend its freeze on the settlement construction in the west bank and gaza basically there is a moratorium existing a freeze that expand that expires at the end of the month september twenty sixth and with just days to go this is a very important issue whether or not this freeze will be extended because the palestinian people believe that this is an important a very big milestone in the direct talks between israel and the palestinians and this is something that is going to basically if not extended going to put an end to the talks between israel and the palestinians which of course have been taking place for the first time this month in as much as two years ok thank you very much for that was artie's on us to see a chill get up talking to us from new york and coming up later in the program summer lovers and summer fighters. simply fighting for find out how
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a vigilante group are saving young couples from violence and persecution. and out to some other international news this hour at least ten people have been killed in an explosion in the town of northwestern iran about twenty others were injured it occurred during a military parade as the country marks the thirtieth anniversary of the beginning of the war with iraq a provincial governor believes that kurdish separatists are behind the attack. china has demanded the japan release the captain of a fishing boat who was detained in the east china sea the country's premier wen jiabao has threatened to take action against japan if the situation is not addressed the chinese vessel crashed into two japanese coast guard boats near taiwan to weeks ago the crew were arrested because causing it to suspend contact with tokyo. the commonwealth games in new delhi has been hit by further setbacks
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after two athletes pulled out and others counseled their. flights in that sponsored event over forty officials and competitors from the scottish team have already postponed their journey it comes after questions over safety were raised following the collapse of a foot bridge which injured twenty seven laborers the games take place every four years among many former british colonies. the us supreme court has refused to block the state of virginia's first execution of a woman in nearly a century lisa lewis is convicted of two hard killings to collect insurance money judge just rejected her lawyers appeal that this will be unconstitutional as the woman has a low i.q. the execution is cloud the first thursday couples in india who marry against their parents' wishes could face violence and even death all in the name of protecting family honor but a group of so-called love commandos aims to shelter such newlyweds from harm
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artie's charan singh miss a team of volunteers behind the venture. your life's in danger your girlfriend's been kept captive welcome to the love commandos a newly formed helpline taking calls from distraught couples who have dared to marry against their family's wishes because. whenever we get a call that a couple is being threatened we contact our commandos and tell them to go there immediately to help them if they face any problem we inform the police our team of lawyers also reach there so that the couple is not attacked threatened or mistreated. the love commandos include lawyer and social activists and claims to have attracted one hundred forty thousand volunteers across india they have helped rescue many couples from debt by forcing police to intervene sanjay not the other young couple in love who ran away from with their families
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against a marriage they had nowhere else. we need five complaints to the police but no one to count when i heard of the helpline i felt some who helped us right away and were staying in there see if. they're having the sand without them we may not have survived. the hell playing started following the recent upsurge in honor killings in northern india in some villages local councils death sentences against couples for marrying outside their caste or within the same clan i did your parents to do i have forgotten they too were young at some point they were also attracted to people and tried to fall in love not all were successful of course i think they take their frustration out on today's youngsters. one. anonymous
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a priority for the volunteers who have been targeted by angry relatives and the village councils the helpline operates from five secret locations in the capital and visitors are carefully screened. the work we do we have to do it quietly if anyone asks us our address we don't just give it to us we first ask him to reach a public spot in our center we check to see whether he's a troublemaker who only want to assure that he needs help then we take him with. love can sometimes be a dangerous thing in india especially in rural communities but with the love commandos just a phone call away there's a blast a glimmer of hope for the many couples endangered by their feelings for each other . over more stories just head to r.t. dot com and here's a taste of what's online right now. find themselves forced out of the same country fill their post and. trading. and be optimistic
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the russian scientist says the material. the world around you with the positive attitude find out more often dot com. and charlotte is here with the business update of charlotte we hear some moves ahead for russian steelmakers sever star hello yes according to reports the company plans to spin off its gold assets unless the new company on the london stock exchange will have the details later in the program but first this hour two new car plows operated by foreign companies have opened in st petersburg experts say they're going to fracture ease will substantially the development of the country's automobile industry prime minister vladimir putin officially opened both enterprises and promised to continue supporting foreign investors clover reports from st petersburg. it took a lot of effort and money to steer the car industry out of the crisis and though it's too early to reap all the benefits some progress can already be seen as sales
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of locally made cars are back to growth and global brands expand their presence the russian government is seeking to develop the domestic manufacturing base by ensuring local production of car components but. we will create more attractive investment terms in russia to make it profitable for foreign companies to work here we will also make sure the production will be of the necessary quality in volume to cover the demands of the internal russian market and provide good terms for export . st petersburg with its automotive cluster is seen as setting an example of how russia goes about further industrial development prime minister vladimir putin has opened the facilities of two more residents of this techno paulk the huge die plant which will be its first full cycle cup production enterprise in russia and magna auto parts factory intended to be a major supplier a car utility plant built by the canadian company will have an annual production
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capacity equivalent to one hundred million dollars the canary and also components produce a silent supply agreements with a general motors that rests on already working in st petersburg area even before its own blog has been officially opened with magnus enterprise the idea to localize full cycle call production in russia will finally become a reality. magnus crow chief executive officer believes russia should continue creating incentives for investors and says he's company is keen to open more plants and car companies having to somebody plants here will continue to grow which means the auto parts industry needs to grow so whether we have ten plants here in ten years or thirty points here really depends on what we're being asked to do by our customers and how competitive we are but it is a st very key growth. area strategy for for magno to grow our business in russia as much as sixty percent of policy russian cut production could be made locally within
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the next six years the government believes the increase localization along with more full cycle call factories will provide russia's auto industry with a much needed shot in the arm at business same. staying with the car industry sales of luxury models in russia a booming one of the main beneficiaries has been rolls royce as the company's c.e.o. explains to business. russia is for us one of the most important global luxury car markets in the world or we have tripled our sales compared to last years up to now this year we should see you this year increase of twenty percent of the least for the luxury car market segment of course china is currently big go in the russian market for the growth potential in a way of how fast markets are developing you can see that more of us will the same level in china as you see that in russia but of course on
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a different level of the figures. tom see how the markets performing now in u.s. stocks the fluctuating in early trading as traders turned to buying treasuries in gold after the federal reserve failed to take any immediate steps to help the economy yesterday the dow jones is currently hovering and. there's much the same story in europe where stocks a mixed bank a leading market is low on concerns over the pace of the global economic recovery lloyds banking group are shedding two point three percent of the footsie but mine is a lending some support on the high of gold price and here in moscow markets are climbing as we neared the end of the session after earlier losses of weakness in banking stocks have been dragging on the indices bank shutting one point two percent on the line sex but also look on with watching this downward trend up to thirty percent. the russians still make a sevastopol is reportedly planning to spin off its gold assets and list a new company on the london stock exchange the financial times newspaper says the
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offering may take place later this year and could be worth as much as four billion dollars citing people close to the company the paper adds that sevastopol will retain a seventy percent stake in the gold unit severstal has been expanding its portfolio of gold assets in a series of acquisitions including the recent purchase of canada's crude gold meanwhile bullion prices are currently ever recorded highs as investors use the precious metal as a hedge against economic uncertainty and information. update for this hour you can always find more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business.
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some team has been to the our hangal speak. for the first russian fleet was born. on martin goes to the area which holds tom position in oil and gas resources. where the biggest russian salmon can be are processing factories located. where unique species of farm fauna can be found. to some clean region. should close up on our teeth.
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are not stopped going. back. we'll have a rally we'll sell lots of beer low. they will wear uniforms that will damage is the black memo there but very little damning the wife. and they are the key to our problem are already. more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images cobol has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations today.
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they faced this is not a provocation but warning. let me show you some stairs are you sure the supreme retreat speaks of they have no idea about the hardships the you face. businesses are all going to need to move the army the life of abuse is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism of those who understand it fully but you have to live it.


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