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let's go to sort of. cool. these are all top stories. top scientific. issues the countries involved to get their share of. the chief of staff says the plan was. probably. be focusing on global security.
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next a former u.s. presidential advisor speaks about dangerous times from the past and gives us his take on the modern day war on terror. has advised u.s. presidents for decades and served as the national security adviser under the carter administration he sits down now with r.t. dr brzezinski thank you so much for joining us we do appreciate this opportunity it's very nice to be with you it's been nine years a sense nine eleven and there are still no signs of osama bin laden and your book the grand chessboard you write for america the chief geo political prize is eurasia america's global primacy is directly dependent on how long and how effectively it's preponderance on the eurasian continent is to staines is that why we're in afghanistan to sustain our global supremacy nowhere in afghanistan before because of nine eleven. nine eleven involved
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a horrendous crime against the american public and its cold for measures designed to make certain that doesn't occur again. american role on the huge continent of europe asia it's much more benign it involves alliances with some key countries it involves improvement in relations with some previous antagonists so it should not be confused with the operation in afghanistan which has a very specific historical motive and a very specific objective now i want to ask in an interview with a french magazine in one thousand nine hundred eight you called the covert funding of the mujahedeen prior to the former soviet union's invasion an excellent idea according to their analysis of what you said the dismantling of the soviet union was to a degree more important than quote some stared at muslims and that you don't regret
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it do you stand by that statement now yes although that version of so-called interview was not really an interview the interview was an extensive interview which was supposed to be translated and sent to me is never was and then excerpts from a to a sort of amalgamated and published but basically the facts that are correct the united states decided to provide sort of covertly funding to the i've got a resistance when it became clear the soviet union was big getting to intervene more actively and directly and eventually when it did intervene actively and directly that was expanded and continued under republican administrations after the president carter left office in turn the resistance in afghanistan led directly to the collapse of the soviet union and that removed from the international scene the horror of a possible nuclear war between the soviet union and america. has made possible the kind of reconciliation but it's not under way in eurasia but more important.
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paralyzing. dilemma a paralyzing danger but hovered over the entire international community so the threat of the soviet union and you're mentioning right now with of course much more important than the threat we say we have now with the so-called war on terror well clearly i mean look in the event of a war between the soviet union and the united states i was involved in the decision making process that would be provoked by an attack i would call for a response so we knew exactly the nature of the threat that we're all facing within a few hours literally within a few hours about eighty five to twenty million people let me repeat those numbers eighty five to about one hundred twenty million people would have been dead in the united states and in the soviet union. there's just no comparison between that and
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terrorism which was nasty and dangerous and horrible particular victims but in terms of scale it's simply not the same ball park let's talk about the future implications of that decision that was made all those years ago. what did you expect the mujahideen what you're calling the afghan resistance to do with the weaponry that the u.s. and other countries provided to them after the soviet union fell on did you expect this weaponry to be given. back the civil war which insinuate after to lead to the formation of what we have now which is the taliban i think the problem you know has to be looked at in a close a historical perspective the war lasted almost a decade it was a terrible brutal war for the soviet union the way against it of guns they killed close to a million of guns they drove about forty five million afghans their country so the process of consolidation the rehabilitation of going to stone was bombed to be
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prolonged and the west unfortunately roughly ten years out. did the attack started and then the soviets left did very little to rehabilitate afghanistan and the taliban phenomenon i wrote was several years after the soviet union departed. the taliban it was not involved in fighting. against the soviets to drive out the foreigners from the economist or the capitalized on the opportunity to develop in afghanistan after the end of the war when it was largely ignored by everyone else as to weapons you know the afghans tradition of being armed individually the weapons are provided mostly very simple weapons mostly and there are a few exceptions the kind most guys could handle without difficulty so you don't believe that the funding of the dean led to the formation of the taliban today no but if i look look look what the osama bin laden himself said. some of bin laden
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described the reasons why he engaged in terrorism against the west and the fact that so it was not. international terrorism that the taliban was involved in imposing enough to understand in medieval concept of society but unfortunately it gave a haven to al qaeda osama bin laden and al qaeda had global aspirations and engage in global terrorism we'd be having this conversation now if we didn't expect the soviet union to the former soviet union to invade prior to our funding the mujahideen so that he was already involved directly into the sun for several years by the time to funding started the funding started at a time when the soviet union was already making preparations to invade afghanistan did you think that that would provoke the so far i have no way of knowing but i was assuming they would go in because they were going in you know approach that was
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evident there was an escalation of soviet involvement and by the time to funding so . heart of the soviet union was already involves quasar militarily with guns don't want to get back to this this idea from your book that eurasia is this very important test player if you well for. the united states you also mention in your book that you're a just us the chess board out much of the struggle for global primacy continues to be played and the most immediate task is to make certain that no state or combination of states gain the capacity to expel the united states from eurasia or even diminishing difficultly it's the states of arbitrary rule now which states at the moment would you say are threatening the u.s. role there and here asia well first of all i think one has to take into account that the soviet union is no longer around so the american soviet competition which in many ways was largely over. for control over your regime is finished we also
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know how much more important participant in this sort of distribution of power across your asia that is china so the nature of so to speak the competition the rivalry or the game has changed it's much more in question of maneuver political accommodation and. balancing to make certain that no one dominates this continent and particularly no one who is imbue it with a global missionary zeal as the soviet union was so i think the nature of the relationships now on the eurasian continent is fundamentally different and provides for much greater opportunity of some accommodation we've seen an accommodation developing still timidly but developing between russia and the united states and that's an important development we have a significant relationship with china. european union japan and others are becoming
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involved so i think it's a much more so to speak balanced and potentially more stable and certainly that's hostile. kind of relationships and i want to switch gears to another region that were influential on the middle east with the israeli palestinian conflict now you helped draft a letter with with lee hamilton that suggested that hamas should be part of this equation what do you make of the current day peace process the one that's taking place right now hamas is not part of that equation how far do you think they'll get in finding a solution to the problem a two state solution ultimately i think it would be very difficult to settle this problem totally unless the more extremist parties on both sides so. i don't. think i would ever come. close on both you know people who are against the settlement so at some stage maybe not right away but at some stage. the sort of
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extremists will have to be drawn into the dialogue because otherwise don't undermine it do you predict that the obama administration before the next election cycle comes that they will engage mosques in this discussion and i'll take it as such prediction because that would be wonderful headline there is no basis for making such a protection because how can one read it and dissipate so precisely a specific historical event but in some fashion if there is going to case we all know this everyone involved knows that. hamas will have to be involved in some fashion syria and israel will have to be involved in a joint direct dialogue in some fashion that hezbollah will have to be fitted into the process so we're dealing here with more or less known pieces that will have to be at different stages drawn into a process that has to be a lasting one but in present circumstances for the negotiations to begin by the
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most moderately inclined participants on both sides makes sense i'm wondering though if we could also now switch to iran since that's the new. big topic now for actually decades. iran has seemed defiant despite sanctions and despite other threats coming from outside forces including some of their allies they've remained defiant do you think that it will eventually lead to airstrikes on their nuclear facilities well i certainly hope not. because i don't think a wider war in the region is to be desired and the u.s. should not support israel if they choose to do that independently i think a wider war in the region is not desirable but we have to be conscious of the fact that it is a boy that would a possible war on iran if it is launched the threatened america's. standing in europe asia i think a war in the region it will spread and of all the america whoever starts it and i think that's not in america's interest i don't think it's in the region's interest
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i don't think it's in the interest of the international community dr brzezinski thank you so much thank you i greatly appreciate it nice to talk to you as to talk to you as well. sure is that so much going to you should visit israel on the mark with another torch more r.v. you will see israel preparing the tunnel is a threat to which me. says. when it's something really crucial what you want to get down to. special coverage. is trying the latest news from the arctic for scientific discussion an expert. on the prison issues of the region. markets
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warning. polar interests. question more. the motion would be so much brighter than if you merely bounce around from phones to permissions. for instance on t.v. . more news today volunteers once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. child hope for
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a shelter old today. headlines moscow plays host to scientific top brass to prevent a battle for the arctic mineral rich countries involved a kid to get their share of what's considered to be a quarter of gas from. russia decided not to sell its defense missile systems to the chief of staff of the russian armed forces says the plan to show because of the latest u.n. sanctions on the islamic republic. and russia and nato have been focusing on global security cooperation on missile defense conventional arms and it's a new meeting took place on the sidelines of the summit. was more dot com twenty four seven of course let's talk sport now it's twenty two yes i. spoke to two hours ago we thought maybe a bit of
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a upset but the big boys it seems one through in tonight. yeah that's right kevin all for russian premier league side safely through the quarter finals of the russian cup the seeding although not entirely straightforward for them details just after this. hello there thank you for watching this and these are the headlines. league of their own denali moscow to lead the charge of top flight clubs into the quarter finals of the russian cup. class collapse of confidence a fears grow over delhi's ability to host the commonwealth games. and rising star we talk to andre call of their is the former russian helps kazakstan reach new heights in ten. stop the football there where premiership side have survived a scare to reach the quarter finals of the russian cup they were on the one side
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ball girl that got it back to one one at the break and three more strikes in the second half for the muscovites cruised to a four one think three allow. you were another top flight side had a bit of trouble against lower league opposition after a goal it's going they needed penalties to be gornja previously not that locomotive lanyon next play rostov who defeated volga gazprom to kneel in a sudden russian darby alexander public bagging a brace that another needs there is growing doubt over indies ability to host the commonwealth games after a bridge collapse near the main stadium in delhi at least twenty three people were injured when it fell down while a full ceiling near the weightlifting arena caved in on wednesday delhi is ji to host the games from october the third but several countries have concerns over safety and the quality of the athletes village which isn't finished high profile athletes who've been drawn include one hundred meter world record holder the same bold understudy and discus world champion dani samuels' who explained her decision
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. for over a year now i've been slowly focused on winning a gold medal at the calm of games new delhi for myself my family my team and of course for australia however has reached the point now where you not justify competing in india as i believe there are too many attention has it's to my health my wellbeing and my life all of which are not willing to jeopardize in tennis russia have been drawn against sweden in the first round of next year's davis cup while you come as has it stand or play the czech republic in their opener because it's making the top tier of men's tennis for the first time falling victory over switzerland last week and in no small thanks to their adopted russian. rich poor fleet has caught up with the. and the goal of it was a standout player from kazakhstan's recent davis cup tie was switzerland so good was his play it seems only a matter of time before the twenty three year old makes the world's top twenty return coach eric von harp and has been helping out goal
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a bit and he says the world number thirty nine has the potential to mix it with the world's best i was just talking. comparing him a little bit with. i said the only thing is that he plays only with his upper body . at the same. think he's a. little bit strings or is fast serve and strong forehand which a number of top twenty players have found out to prepare all over the last few months however he says there's still plenty of work to be done i think. it's important. to continue to continue games for not playing a while we go. to have a consistent. career started to move the right direction when he decided to switch allegiances from russia to police because like stan in two thousand and eight a decision he says took him only
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a couple of days to think through he has no regrets about not playing for a country of his birth while his game is improve massively during the last two years in part due to a massive increase in funding from a kazakh tennis federation first i become a couple air that's very important. and their time and doesn't. seem so let's. change and then always have a good deal with the guy. from ten years. my father biggest moment in goal a bit short career with his picture in hamburg to his first ever a.t.p. title this is seen as ranking rise to a high of thirty six in the world but more. really it's giving him a massive confidence boost i knew that they can beat the guys in the gym we need some tournaments but one thing you know you know but in that case i made myself and
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i. was really really good with me been living in training in italy for the last eight years so if you want to be further up the rankings next season for someone who's so young he's incredibly level headed and if he can keep his feet on the ground it won't be long before he's making a name for himself on tennis his biggest stage richmond pool three doxy are still. one to watch now the denver broncos have been paying tribute to teammate kenny kinley who committed suicide at the twenty three year old's body was found by friends on monday police say he shot himself mckinley was a fifth round draft choice out of south carolina last year broncos place have decided to leave his locker in place for the remainder of the season in his memory it would also be a moment of silence before sunday's game against police you know it is tough any time you lose a guy like him though especially young you know we just love for the community you know support his family and support. together we'll get through everything well i
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guess it is a tough moment to lose a family member a little on a team like kenny. mclaren's lewis hamilton expects ferrari and red bull to be major threats at this weekend's singapore grand prix the former world champion is second in the overall standings with just five races left alone his preparations for this latest one have been a bit unusual away from the track hamilton was taking part in a dragon boat race that same banging the drum at the front all part of his promotional activities we are told his boat won as you might expect and i doubt the brit would love to repeat that success on the come sunday he's five points behind red bull's mark webber in the standings and thing is that i am ferrari will be fast . ferrari's seem to be very quick it is. it so are expected to be very competitive as we can dribble for very also last year so. maybe jenson has a. tough battle ahead of us but you know i think that he done
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a great job i'm really excited to get back out of the track i think the car should be between a treatment of the last race so very exciting. funny these old mice times ago but not before you've had a chance to watch all the net busting action from the russian premier league gang week twenty one has finished in some style today but he's go still. liz. liz makes me feel. may live live
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live live . live . live
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. live live live. live . i'm up brings us to the end of the school for now with the weather coming up next.
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here is that so much. mark another towards war are the u.s. and israel preparing the tank is a threat to which maybe. wealthy
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