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tv   [untitled]    September 23, 2010 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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from pundits to. stunts on t.v. don't come. with our t.v. it's now time to have a look at our top stories for this hour the best scientific minds have gathered in moscow to ensure the arctic doesn't turn into a battlefield for mineral resources several nations including russia canada and the u.s. are in the race for the billions of tons of oil and gas in the region. world leaders toggled global poverty the middle east peace and a world security at the u.n. will lead him summit in new york on the sidelines of russia and nato met to discuss cooperation on missile defense and arms limits in europe. after russian
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martial arts fighter with a history of violence and extremism is seeking political asylum in norway dot seek escape from the psychiatric facility last month. and up next we get an inside look of what it's like to work for the most wanted man on earth osama bin ladin know about bin autumn and reveals what was happening behind the scenes and why he's now encouraging extremists to give up violence. i'm in london today saying whether a leopard really can change its spots i'm talking to no man but not who is a former senior leader of the libyan islamic fighting group he spent several years with bin laden in afghanistan and in siege on in the one nine hundred ninety s. but he now advises on counter extremism for the quilliam foundation in london mr bennett meant thank you very much for talking to r.t. now you maintain that you strongly discouraged just all the knowledge and from
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going ahead with the september eleventh attacks what do you think has been the net result of those attacks for muslims all over the world i think it's. it's a total chaos and disaster the outcomes it's negative for me for you take it from a muslim perspective i don't believe it's helping the muslims which set up these as and based on this if you like strategy he said i would like to liberate the hold was the more so i believe one very important issue here blood and he said he would like to talk to defeat the enemy of islam and at the time he labeled the us the head of this like a coalition against us now but now he's ended up fighting every single muslim country how do you think that's happened yeah i think this is the problem when you can't maintain the difference between strategy and tactics and you start to take over to compile your tactics this is exactly what's happened and this is one of the explanation why and i heavily laden like terrorist activities because the flaws the
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strategy i don't believe whatsoever they have strategy running up to september the eleventh what was the mood like in the in a circle we used to talk about the escalation of the war itself against the u.s. and the west and we are we're like blood and he's going to escalate the war after the have to be i think the ninety eight. attack against the the two u.s. embassies in east africa so that was the be me. the main argument about about you need to stop you have to stop this war because it's going to chaos and disaster and harm muslims and afghanistan specifically but he insists that the time like he has like one operation he cannot cancel it now because it's too late and he said it's going to demoralize the whole grains asian he should carry on and then he said after that he will really really try to do his best to stop the war using can stand like as the pace for his strategy to attack the world but by then it was too late right bin laden vastly underestimated the response of the us to september eleventh
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so they never ever imagined retaliation or the way how the us going to retaliate or to respond to attack what he was born myself and the people we want him like if you attack the homeland it's going to be really really very very tough. response from the u.s. and i remember i thought i told him and already it's not going to afghanistan the u.s. will try to dominate the whole region let's go back into history for a moment because you fought with and are proud of having fought with them what you had seen in afghanistan against the safe union how much do you know about links between the mujahideen and the cia at the time from the muslim perspective the war it's not against russia which the exist country now it was against communism even the soviet union muslims they've been provoked because of communism you know it's problematic issue even in the. muslim countries in the west because you know
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communism used to be labeled like the anti religion and god you know muslim christian or jewish so it's very important like the ideological motivation how a lot of muslims. participate or he'd like to go on for there but i know it was within the context of the cold war between the son. the union and the u.s. so the mujahideen and when they fought there if you take it from the of going in perspective you know it's just a country being invaded and as i told you from a muslim perspective it was like by the power of god and to religion it's very this is this is the main if you like argument behind this in the muslim muslim world so then there's the element politics which is like the whole war if you like that all but the western world and the muslim countries the course and they support the war against the soviet union so when we went there. fully aware of the political
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context. not me. but the main issue here does that our agenda or not this is the main issue so if you ask me i didn't go there to hold the u.s. or the cia i wanted to help muslims there to help the afghan people against a global jihad believe it's real to islam i know the cia involvement in that war but i would like just to ask him if he can give us a single evidence or just one evidence that there at the time there's a communication or link between the cia and the i can issue to you it's very hard to prove that and even with the afghan mujahideen themselves you know there used to be a second part about i am aware did they deal with the pakistani intelligence service . so even themselves didn't do the deal directly at some time and there's a meeting but but used to control every single issue especially like the military
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stuff emissions fund it's all it has to go to. afghanistan and why we talk about the cia a soldier or b. as a muslim country and one of the leading muslim countries in the world heavily participated at the time on the war so here we have some very simple powerful muslim country involved in the war were you receiving weapons from the u.s. no it's not talk about the arab when we were. we just get the weapons if you ask me of my own experience it's from two main parties you know i am my personal experience here i thought would just that i didn't have any now he's very famous because of what's called a kind of network so our weapons it used to be from his like from his commanders and these people you know on the frontline and from. as well the. libyans we used to cooperate with him a lot so it's that if you talk about morality i believe if you ask any single arab or muslim you know he's not a gun and he participate in the jihad he will give you the name of
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a local commander so you never directly met any cia representative in afghanistan i've never ever seen anyone. for a minute i've seen either don't know this or once it happened like the you after the horse battle which is very flames when i was there but you know see like people from the u.s. they are from different countries the been there and they entered the city to stop to get help to the locals i'm like yes but i've never ever seen any like that even pakistani i've never ever seen any books thing for sure but this. was like very supportive to the media as a i think it's a myth to see even the level of you know if you'd like to go down very deep but this is you all the witness it was a soviet made you know it's like the eastern bloc still very proud of the time you spent in afghanistan now the u.s. is the invading force that what's the difference between those two conflicts in
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most of the muslim scholars in the world. they have a different point of view now from the war what's going on the most of them delivered as if it's a civil war you know muslim be killing each other despite the presence of american natives here so we don't have like a significant real support from muslims around the world you know like skulls and talk about the religious happens and it was the case when you talk about the first war against the soviet union communism you haven't renounced jihads entirely you still support something that's called defensive jihad that seems like rather a gray area particularly when it concerns countries like iraq and afghanistan no it's it's like this. when you talk about jihad as a religious duty or concept it's something to mention in the koran at least for the time we believe koran it's something been revealed by god to prophet muhammad peace be upon him it's not like someone just come up with the idea jihad it's not just religious duty and then we said this is exactly what the doing so it's
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a religious duty don't mean just don't kill yourself i think jihad should be and should be understood within the statistical correlations because it's at the end of the day war what we see now was a kind of call jihad or other jihadi groups didn't have the support from the muslim countries themselves and they don't have the support from the cause which is really for reported issues the religious taboos every single war you know don't support the jihad people there are sponsible war everywhere in the world against many nations and countries and societies they don't have the difference between soldiers and combat troops and civilians and they hijacked jihad first of all then to islam itself as a religion i think we should really start to talk about jihad not within the muslim perspective it's too late now so we need to accept that other people from different nations in the war they have the right to start to talk with us about jihad and how
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we should control it how to. what's the meaning of jihad but you yourself have launched jihad against the libyan government what would you say is the relationship between what you are saying now and your fair of any repercussions from this possibility in government regarding libya. yeah i think it was wrong from the beginning you know to to to start like a totally and. a conflict and using violence against against the government and the regime because it's like you cannot fight against the government by its own society itself will be forced to involve in this conflict sometimes you have a legitimate claim you need something to do you need to achieve something yeah i can tell you i'm one hundred percent sure using violence from the muslim groups it's been proved by history we have it now it's more than thirty years now it's stronger the outcomes it's
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a total failure and not the first time saying i have the right and one of the few people have the right to say this because i said this in the year two thousand and nobody at the time listening or aware of this and i'm saying this with people all of them they're still alive and they can talk they were there when i said it's a total failure the outcomes of the jihad movement it's a total failure that means we need to change their strategy that's the end of the period so i think now the main solution is all the islamic groups they should give up their struggle and give it back to the governments whether with the will like them or not it's not love and hate it's politics so you need to give it back to the government of the selves and you should so involved in political struggle if you have still have a political issue and use your twenty's twenty five years as a bank round there someone being proud of himself you've been in danger if you put your life on the line i use that as if you like a background if i may say you know we create yourself as
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a politician. use that could be a good model be a role model because now i think it's pretty dangerous to go from one conflict to another one conflict on the i think we're region especially in the middle east can't stand these forces anymore. thank you very much thank you.
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are. going to. be all. the rally will sell lots of beer will wrong wrong they will wear uniforms that will damage is the black and a million but very little damning the white. they are the key to our problem are already. for the full story
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we've gone to. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. the best scientific minds have gathered in moscow to ensure the arctic doesn't turn into a battlefield for minimal resources several nations including russia and the us are in the race for the billions of tons of gas in the region. world leaders talk all global poverty middle east peace and security at the u.n. millennium summit in new york on the sidelines russia and nato met to discuss more information on missile defense on arms limits in europe. and our russian martial arts fighter with a history of violence and extremism is seeking political asylum in norway vicious love dot sick escaped from a psychiatric facility last month. and up next is all the sports highlights for
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that. hello there welcome to the sport thanks for joining me and these are the headlines into the quarter finals dinar my hope their russian cup run will boost their flagging league campaign. while. the bar searches they move up to third in linger. many of steel we take an in-depth look at one of the carrot shells most successful teams met in magnitogorsk. but first hope their run in the russian couple catalyze their league form the muscovites reached the quarter finals with a four one win against a lower league side folder last night the visitors did take a surprisingly. well taking go before and got us just new
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skis got an equaliser on the stroke of half time and then three more strikes in the second half for the muscovites victory a number like taking the penny and i want to see this one star. at the moment the russian cup is very important for us because we were. between a struggle the premier league so the compass crucial. but then you have the top flight side you had a bit of trouble against the legal position so you asked for a goal is needed penalties to be gone iraqi previously not bad luck i might see if i learn your next player astafy defeated valving gazprom to the sudden russian darby alexander problem kept bagging a brace there. while it was a starry night for premier league sides over in england the chelsea liverpool and manchester city all went crashing out of the third round of the carling cup however holders managed united aston villa and wigan progress while in spain defending champions barcelona have moved up to third in the league and they got an
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unconvincing one no win no below the sporting hero they feel is going. the difference at the nou camp. but i don't see it fail to regain the top spot after just salvaging a one one draw against visiting athletico madrid semi-open eighteen minutes and following a swift athletico counter-attack believe me did happen an artist adored it so i shortly after this strike i headed home i say valencia blushes i said then minutes from time i thank you thank you i find reality i don't know if i know the good news from the sporting boss bento has been officially unveiled as new coach of the portugal national team the forty one year old is expected to stay in charge at least until the end of the qualifying campaign for you're a twenty twelve they were in the south in two thousand and four but have just one point in their opening three this. would like to think the pool to just football federation for the transcript put to me and i hope we can achieve our goal
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of qualifying for your twenty twelve but to do this all the support i can get from the technical team the federation play is and also from journalists as you all know our completely has been far from perfect so far. elsewhere delhi officials have hit back at criticism over preparations for the commonwealth games the city is cheap to host the event in just over a week with athletes voicing concern about health and safety some say the village athletes' village is hygiene problems and is uninhabitable while delhi is struggling with an outbreak of dengue fever a pedestrian bridge that collapsed near the main stadium is also generate a concern and there are fears over security after two tourists were shot in delhi last sunday for athletes including three world championships a power pole dad is training government is giving strict advice which athletes intend to complete but indian officials insist delhi will be ready and security is good. i understand from talking to these try and saying that they'll have some very
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strict travel restrictions in place for games athletes in terms of traveling outside the village and outside games facilities and of course the strand authorities are working through our heart commission talking directly with the indian authorities but also talking to the commonwealth games federation who in the end they to make the call about all the games facilities and obviously the start of the of the sporting event security arrangements in delhi are very good very effective. if a particular country wants to should have grazie that is within their own freedom. but i can only say. that our many countries which you know really is going to have security issues what was on. the new season is still only a couple of weeks old but one team desperate to be champions this time around i met in the my feet of course they've never won the guarin cup despite winning just about every other on a river down you know takes a closer look at the team and the time built from steel.
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strike world are in this heart that's what this team has consistently done to be gone one of the giants of russian and european ice hockey three time domestic champions two time you're awake winners from when you the worst one of russia's largest industrial in mining cities are more often than not labeled a spray birds in every tournament they put a spade in meanwhile the kontinental hockey league and its major trophy the garden cup remains elusive. goal is if you know that from season to season we have the same game planes are potential and get to the finals just a simple as that the kid chill has become a much stronger competition recently so this season must be even tougher.
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nevertheless mental health gets significant during foresman for the challenge ahead and you head coach gary hay killer little committee to the good girl and go finals in two thousand and nine and really was named the league's best goalie then and pull his coach the pull of the ural mountains of course here is like a lot of experience in this game has been reading i guess you see all the flags up in the roof so this team is know how doing and there's lots of experienced players so. of course we have a lot like a new coaching staff and we have a new system there's some new players and it's always take a while you know everybody to get used to used to this systems and. and i think like like every other way. there's no point looking too forward making big plans and predictions you should just work hard every day and see what happens my only aim is to help with the luke leaf the garden club or the little. the steel makers
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have another a c. in their pack losses in little rock signed one of the greatest russian players ever three time in the chill stanley cup winner sergei further of the four year old superstar fully aware that this move to give the board was about much more than goals in assists. i talked a few people on the management. constantly talking to some coaches team. give me some of the responses. asking a lot of interesting. questions i've been very careful to say too much or too low or i just want to. let them know what i feel or what i think and sort of decide what to do next now it's time to finally be more about the magic mountain city which is the english form of the course it's definitely best known for its steel and iron works the city's role during world war two going to be overestimated
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as it supplied much of the steel for the soviet army at the same time its location near the ural mountains made it related to see from nazi invaders by the way monkey of the worst is one of those places where different parts of the world collide i mean asia if you step forward i mean europe no. every european trends are certainly more evident here. especially when it comes to ice hockey in a welcome addition discount from west to east. and works it's like a sightseeing the city can be but besides this the filmmakers were the very first russian hockey club to be supported by their own cheerleaders. of course there is one other very important element fans meet middle biggest them on. the list but i never miss
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a single home game work if there were canters you in hockey give up the work that's my motto actually i'm already retired so there's nothing to stop me from supporting my favorite teams. are. the trop enjoying his time in the euros that's it from a finance i'm back with more sports. to go as you say. we've got the future covered.
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i. stopped going to. the rally will sell lots of beer. they will wear uniforms that will damage the black. but very little damming the white. and they are the key to our problems are all right.
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just keep.


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