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i told her review it told with her hotel mckown. everyone's after a piece of the arctics mineral treasury the best scientific minds come together in moscow to make sure exploration doesn't need to exploitation. one can stand alone in the arctic russia's prime minister vladimir putin says nature shows we must cooperate in resolving some of the coldest issues at the mall scope forum join me you can see the actual full more on the main highlights of the forum in just a few seconds. calling for unity in new york as international leaders focus on the global poverty middle east peace and world security. big political messages are sent out from the new one as the general debate unravels in new york but are some leaders turning the event into a theatrical get all the latest updates from the big apple just ahead in the
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program and a violent martial arts fighter with extremist views is seeking political asylum in norway after escaping from a russian psychiatric facility last month. you're watching r t seven pm here in moscow thank you for joining us and also our top story it may be one of the world's most inhospitable places but it's also among the most keenly sought after and that's why several nations including russia canada and the united states are in the race for the billions of tons of oil and gas which lie beneath the arctic leading scientists and politicians are in moscow to ensure a cup pro-competition does not destroy conservation it got that you know got two of our reports. by far the horst issue surrounding one of the world's coldest regions
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is territorial claims put forward by the arctic states at the moment several countries the united states canada russia norway and denmark are trying to prove their rights to the arctic continental shelf to the territories in the north pole but the question is with this lucrative pie at stake who is going to get bored and what will be the principle of dividing up sharing this pie and now russia's stance is that. the main idea behind the principle is through dialogue and through sitting together and trying to find a common solution now what we have the current situation is that climate change in the arctic is melting which means that the access to this vast resources untapped natural resources an estimated quarter of the world's oil and gas deposits has become easier now russia denmark norway and many other countries are of course now boosting scientific work to find collect. to provide territorial claims with
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some scientific reports and so on and russia is also among these countries the prime minister today said that of course the whole region is a sphere of strategic interests but any talk of any fierce fighting of the cape of the world is a good exaggerated to say the very least. just talked about that we have to hear some futuristic forecasts of the battle for the arctic are responsible analysis shows the majority of the frightening scenarios on the future of the arctic have no grounds whatsoever their goal is to provoke clashes among the arctic states and so that those who make the predictions can fish for something in the murky waters but i'm absolutely sure that all the existing problems including the ones over the continental shelf can be resolved in a matter of partnership and according to the law the problem is the country's going to ensure that there would be another disaster similar to that which happened in the gulf of mexico because with
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a specific very delicate environment like in the arctic case even a small or even a small accident could lead to much more serious consequences. now the largest a form of world leaders is culminating with nearly two hundred nations rounding off the u.n. general assembly within the past hour president obama again told the assembly that iran needs to open up its nuclear program he also praised the progress on cutting nuclear weapons with russia now let's get more from artists. in new york hi there now all countries get their say at the u.n. today but eyes are fixed on a few keynote speeches can you take us through some of what obama's just been saying. well it tells me you know it's interesting i'd like to start off by saying that new york has turned into complete madness in these last couple of days and because today's the day when the speech is addressed to the general assembly general debate are taking place it's a complete frenzy of insanity here lots of traffic lots of policemen everywhere and
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it's ironic that barack obama was supposed to make a speech earlier today at a certain time and he was actually linked to apparently because of the traffic and it's interesting that he did focus largely on the middle east how more for the process can be made when it comes to the relationship between these release and palestinians however it was noted that these really delegation seats were empty while barack obama was making his speech at the assembly hall a very important issue that he focused on as you mentioned was the issue of nonproliferation and he did create the fact that russia and the united states were able to sign the new start treaty and he did say that he hopes this issue can continue to move forward with iran as well saying that the doors are for dialogue are still open if iran agrees to have an open relationship with the international community to take a listen to what he had to say as we pursue the world's most dangerous to extremists we're also denying them the world's most dangerous weapons and pursuing
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the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons we have joined with russia to sign the most comprehensive arms control treaty in decades and here at the united nations we came together to strengthen the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. as part of our effort on nonproliferation i offered the islamic republic of iran an extended hand last year and underscored that it has both rights and responsibilities as a member of the international community iran is the only part of the n.p.t. that cannot demonstrate the peace the peaceful intentions of its nuclear program. and those are of consequence. well love weather around here is this message or not is the big question of the day we are
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expecting that mahmoud ahmadinejad is also addressing the united nations general assembly today but in the in the last couple of days he has definitely been playing a lot of mind games with the international community saying that yes in iran is ready for dialogue then saying that if the united states continues pushing iran and possibly attacks its uranium facilities there might be a war kicked off so really a lot of mixed messages from the reunion president and when he gives his speech today we're going to have to wait and see if that turns into a traditional theatrical or maybe a step forward will be made but many analysts are really not predicting that any substantial information and messages will come out of africa in his speech it's important to mention that protests are taking place today the biggest ones during his speech we have just outside the united nations we have a big blowup balloon of a cartoonish looking after dinner lots and lots of protesters gathering since the morning right outside our studios i saw a bus earlier today unloading dozens of people who were headed to these protests
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and the boss said after dinner shot is a murderer a tyrant and terrorist so definitely did a shot is trying to steal the show yet again and we're going to have to wait and see exactly what comes out of his message today with our well it's certainly one of those rare chances for so many nations to hammer out things between the and what other progress has been is being made. well tessie yesterday was an important day when the media rushed up council meeting took place because the secretary general of nato was saying that it's important for russia and the alliance to build a closer relationship when it comes to joint security he has been calling in these last couple of days for a joint missile defense project a joint missile defense plan between russia and nato saying that both russia and nato really need each other and need to build their relationship and this meeting came summit being discussed to be held possibly in november in lisbon however we are hearing that the kremlin has not yet received an official invitation to that
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summit oh all right thank you for that that's our teens honest to see it sure could not talking to us from new york help peace in the middle east has featured heavily at the u.n. summit but there's also been speculation over the possibility of israel and the u.s. bombing iran but some experts say the war is over before it even began as four u.s. banks plan to open branches in the islamic republic later mark's kaiser gives his view. as you know on this show i said do if you want to avoid getting beyond this fall by israel's last goldman sachs allow goldman sachs and citibank to open a bank and into a room and therefore they've got a billion or ten or under a billion dollars of loans and you will get bombed that you know that world war three started and is and were you aware that well it's on you love the process and i knew where the gate world war three started and now it's over.
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well you can wash a car as a reporter in just twenty minutes here on r.t. . now a martial arts champion who escaped from a russian psychiatric hospital has turned up in norway where he's pleading to be allowed to stay extreme nationalists just love dot sick has a history of violence and was armed when he showed up to immigration officials. takes up the story. he ran it decided he could no longer hide not long after his escape from the psychiatric facility in st petersburg. six has emerged in norway where he handed himself david to authorities asking them to grant him political asylum and that thank you for being a his aggressive fighting within there were
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a. day as well as highs of the last this party this love it this grabbing the attention wearing a t. shirt with a swastika and carrying a loaded gun he turns himself and he makes a right equinox calling for the ugly to die and praising his slavic god for a party members have openly supported him. when he called me several hours before that video was made and said he was going to turn himself in i replied that it was up to him he thanked me for supporting him murder threats assault and robbery and an alleged psychotic breakdown placed in high security psychiatric can but after transfer to a low security facility he made light work of escaping whipping up a wire fence of his hands he simply walked away the doctors a dissing him too intimidated to intervene serious questions have been raised as to how exactly a psychiatric patient managed to escape and make it out of russia without being
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caught but there is a little money they tell us that he's totally insane and all he does a screaming in reply to any question however he managed to cross to borders and he brought his weapon along i know one member of the slav again who originally came from us because don he asked for political asylum and was granted a residence visa i'm not sure what will happen with datsik but anything is possible . now under arrest in norway the former fighters fate hangs on whether he'll be extradited back to russia to political asylum south r.c. mosque a. t.v. reporter style told us that people there are asking how an armed psychotic patient could get into their country so easily. that's a very good question everybody here asks the same thing of course a lot a lot of illegal immigrants come to norway every single day it's not that hard to
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get into norway is such a high profile person the videos of him are on you tube and internet and the pictures of him and he's a high profile person he likes the attention just like now in court really stood up and made the nazi salute to all the journalists who was there and he wanted the court to be open and he argued for that the court proceedings should remain open so obviously he does get a lot of attention here from the public i think most people the general public. would like him to be sent back to run through as possible and there is of course a fear that the whole right extremist environment in norway will grow up again we've had some very very bad incidents in the past with murders and church burnings and so on and nobody wants to return to that state and still ahead for you in the program as the year of. the grown from is still in your wallets marty finds out what they want to see is that he. russia has
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given poland more than twenty volumes of documents detailing the mass killing of polish officers in the soviet union in the one nine hundred forty s. it's part of moscow's fourteen year long investigation into the massacre thousands of imprisoned poles were executed indicative of forest here smile yet russia has since acknowledged that soviet forces were responsible for the deaths but still wanted further investigation into the incident this is the second handover of evidence relating to the case following war source calls for legal assistance. the vice president has been wounded in a grenade attack on his house. but wasn't seriously injured in the bombing which a country's leader said was aimed at destabilizing the republic is a small nation located on the eastern shore of the black sea in the early ninety's after the collapse of the soviet union it fought
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a war for its independence from georgia and then after be georgia a setian conflict in two thousand and eight the country's independence was recognized by russia and other countries georgia still considers a part of its territory. and now to some other international stories and grief this hour pressure is mounting on officials in delhi as more countries delay their arrival for the commonwealth games in india new zealand along with canada and scotland how postpone their travel plans to the event it all comes after in organizers face criticism over poor accommodation for athletes and the collapse of a foot bridge which injured twenty seven workers the games are due to begin next week with local officials insisting that the facilities will be completed on time. a un investigation has concluded that the israeli military broke international laws during a raid on a gaza bound a fool to let him make the record describes the violence that left nine dead as
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disproportionate but insists the soldiers were acting in self-defense it all happened i think about those boarded the six boys as it tried to breach an israeli naval blockade of gaza. hundreds of thousands of people in france are protesting against the atomic age from sixty to sixty two public transport and air traffic are being hit by a twenty four hour stoppage while over two hundred protests are planned to try and force a government rethink however parliament's expected to pass along with ease as france struggles to slash its budget deficit. and made. or we discuss the impact of islamic extremists on the world peace and stability with the former head of the libyan islamic fighting group no one but not men who once worked alongside a solid lot it says the violence has never brought any benefit to the middle east. it's a total failure of the outcomes of the jihad movement it's
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a total failure that means we need to change the strategy that's at the end of the period so i think now the main solution is all the islamic groups they should give up their struggle and give it back to the governments what it would be we like them or not it's not love and hate it's politics. well you can find out what else a former militant leader had to say about islamist extremism and his former colleague asama bin laden in just over an hour here on r.t. . now estonia is gearing up to become the first country from the former soviet union to adopt the euro and in the new year will see the new currency adopted a move being hailed by the country's politicians as historic but with a single european currency on shaky ground many estonians fear that joining the club could lead to financial uncertainty hartings tom barton has more. a day at the market and experience you live fares will become considerably more expensive with
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the impending arrival of the single currency which. as a regular housewife i mean against the doctrine of the euro because with that adoption prices for basic groceries such as sugar potatoes and carrots who will go up on january the first stone will become the seventeenth country to join the euro area it's taken years of economic reform and government spending cuts to get here we need to keep inflation low but this means also we need to keep our salaries low and cannot have. high growth we need and that's why according to my understanding the timing of joining there also is not a court but an exhibition to mark the euro countdown politicians and economists came together to convince the estonian public of the currencies virtues. as late as the spring of two thousand and nine europe was skeptical about dystonia joining the
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euro zone but the attitude changed within half a year and people started to see a store near as a prospect maybe even a good example for the eurozone. however such tough measures are because a stonier joined other baltic states in over leverage in their economies sacrificing long term stability for short term growth after. became the second most severely affected e.u. member state in terms of. the severity of this adjustment revealed that the period of raw. output growth was to some extent also a period of imbalance growth and economic overheating despite a painful struggle to get it here this genyen government has brought the euro to its people's doorstep. first only or more than other countries the crown represents something uniquely cherished by its people because of a short eighteen year history independence both political and economic but i would
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like to start by expressing my appreciation for this story in crone we should be proud of our country and our nation many estonians feel this mistake but many also say they can accept its disappearance if the loss of control over their country's financial instruments really worries them. when we get the euro me hostage of the stability or instability of the whole you're a system. meaning that paying for those groceries in a stone year could become a whole lot harder tom bottom party. well keep ahead of what's happening by logging onto our website and there's plenty for you to see right now what r.t. dot com does nationalism things ground zero europe followed by austrians edge towards regional power this coming on a wave of anti islamism. media group of vigilantes fighting for love in india these commandos have taken it upon themselves to protect in the red tie
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the law against their parents' wishes for more just head to dot com. and next it's the business update with charlotte. hello welcome to the business program with me charlayne was folly gold prices are at all time highs near thirteen hundred dollars per ounce many analysts expect the rally to continue which is seen prices rise thirty six percent since the beginning of the year seen as a hedge against economic uncertainty gold has been one of the best performing asset classes throughout the financial crisis to mccutcheon c.e.o. would have a gold explains people are taking into account the overall situation in the global economy clearly as a whole the global economy is not doing as well as i think i would like and so all gold is doing is basically acting as an insurance policy if you will on future economic and uncertainty but also is doing of course
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a goal always does traditionally is act as a real absolute way of storing wealth i suppose a nominal value such as national currencies i think the gold still has legs i think it's going to go higher although the reality is the gold's been going up now since over ten years so but i don't say that gold is going to go up higher lightly i really think it will because i see massive amount of money printing throughout the world not only in the u.s. i see other places too for example the bank of japan just intervened on their currencies behalf essentially devaluing the currency and so all of these things taken into account basically mean that been nominal value of gold which is what we see on our screens every day is going to go higher so you can if you can has a way it's going to get over. now in other news the russian government believes it will be able to achieve a zero budget deficit sometime soon after two thousand and thirteen but prime minister putin says this will be dependent on generated income from other sources the rule materials. we will continue to decrease our budget deficit in the future by two thousand and thirteen the deficit will be less than three percent of
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g.d.p. . zero deficit judging by the changes that happened this year it could happen quickly first of all to balance the budget we count you want economic growth it's quality development and we need not just the revenues from material. time now to have a look at the markets and here in moscow the forces of close thursday session in a narrow range that follows losses earlier in the day in line with trends in the global markets as worries grew over the pace of economic recovery energy majors were the main drive home to more than one percent on the r.t.s. bucking the trend they were bad bank which closed up one point nine percent. now the world bank's private sector lending international finance corporation is to buy a fifteen percent stake in a creative financial one hundred million dollars ahead of its i.p.o. accrete is an emerging its commercial and investment banks into
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a single lender before a potential i.p.o. an early two thousand and twelve very courageous plans to raise three hundred seventy five million dollars to fund expansion and acquisitions i.f.c. already owns a quarter of one of the creature major shareholders. and also invested two point four billion dollars in russia its second biggest investment worldwide providing financing for banks health care i will coach a telecommunications a manufacturing. carbon trading was one of the key elements of the character protocol to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to say russia offers tremendous potential for carbon trading as it ran up a huge carbon deficit at the beginning of the decade when industrial production was low earlier i spoke to michael wilkins head of carbon markets at standard and poor's explained how the trading system works and what it's worth in russia. essentially carbon trading is when one country trades carbon reductions with
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another one so if you reduce the amount of greenhouse gases you put into the atmosphere you can sell that reduction to another country for profit and the same as any other commodity in that respect the only big difference is that it's very strictly regulated under the kyoto protocol united nations so it is essentially a commodity market it's worth around one hundred forty four billion dollars a year in terms of global allowance trading and most of the activity is in the european emissions trading scheme but other countries are increasingly selling credits into the trading scheme including russia is there is it possible to make money from it if there isn't a possibility to make money essentially if you reduce the amount of carbon you put into view atmosphere and you invest money to do so then you earn a carbon credit that carbon credit can then be sold at a profit into an emissions trading scheme so it is possible to make money out of your hair and not skate for a conference the carbon markets and investment and left as they say should know what potential it does russia offer for carbon trading well russia at the moment is
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and bought on a major milestone in terms of its carbon trading activity it's just approved the first fifteen and mission reduction projects under the j i scheme stands for joint implementation those fifteen projects account for somewhere in the region of thirty seven million tonnes of carbon reductions and they are going to be solved into the international market now while that's not a huge amount of carbon reduction we're talking about three hundred seventy million euros in terms of the value compared to one hundred forty four billion overall globally is still an important start for russia we've been waiting for for years to get to this stage and more importantly russia is now going to carry on tendering out more more projects under j.i. and the estimated value of the market for russia is somewhere in the region of two point seven billion euros on the sumption of it it generates one hundred billion tonnes of carbon reduction per year. and the update for this hour you can always find more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business.
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wealthy british scientists some time to. market. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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