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i. return of the twenty second space mission to baikonur is delayed by twenty four hours due to technical difficulties while i'm talking from the international space station. risk assessment and corp in missile defense dominate talks of un general assembly president mahmoud ahmadinejad's steals the show as he prompts a walkout. big political messages have been sent from the united nations get the latest updates in our report from new york and head the program. in pursuit of happiness the american dream has competition as india develops into a hub for new opportunities attracting creasing numbers of foreigners many of whom are from the u.s. . and coming up in the business news we look at the development of
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a carbon trading market in moscow that much more in twenty minutes live. on air and online you're watching r.t. welcome to the program two russian cosmonauts on the nasa astronauts are stuck in orbit after a fault they were unable to leave the international space station so you spacecraft failed to undock on time. brings us the latest on this. the crew is safe but it was originally decided that say you spacecraft would undocked from the international space station at three thirty am g.m.t. but due to technical difficulties with the automatic lock that connects the two together so you spacecraft failed to do so right now engineers are working to fix
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it originally it was decided that the undocking would be dispelled by three hours now at the time was extended to twenty four hours currently there are six people in the international space station among them there are two cosmonauts russian cosmonauts including a captain i like sun that score itself and engineer. and the astronaut from nasa tracy caldwell now the mission spent nearly six months and they are assess and apart from maintaining the space station their duties included unloading progress space crafts as well as some scientific experiments right now of the mission is that into the international space station and they're all safe is. an alarm went off aboard the spacecraft saying that the airlock isn't properly secured and the vehicle isn't isolated from the vacuum of space after a thorough inspection it turned out this was a false alarm we could have proceeded with the undocking and landing today but we
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decided to do it tomorrow just to be sure there is nothing wrong with either the station or the landing module. now in case of emergency in case the spacecraft fails to undock again there's always a back up. job that they can he's too far i back to earth however that model only fits three people inside and considering there are six people in their eyes says right now it is unlikely that they will use it and in the worst case scenario as new and different so you spacecraft will be sent to the international space station to bring the train just seconds mission back. now a speech at the u.n. general assembly by the iranian president has caused a public outcry both inside and outside the new york building the u.s. and e.u. delegates walked out during mahmoud ahmadinejad's address as he lashed out at western dominance and pointed to conspiracy theories surrounding the attacks of nine eleven and a situation as more. considering how hard the international community especially in
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the last couple of days have been trying to say over and over again that they're willing to reach out a hand of dialogue to leave the door of dialogue open with iran it's like man who definition tries to provoke the community more and more and see how far he can take it he did end up crossing the line with the u.s. delegation again when he talked about nine eleven. there were several viewpoints first that a very powerful and complex terrorist group able to successfully cross all the years of the american intelligence and security card to date the attack this is a privilege viewpoint which has been supported and mainly obligated by american statesman second that some segments within the u.s. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining american economy and its grips in the middle east in order to steve design is the majority of the american people as well as most nations and politicians around the world agree with this view quite a lot of protests have been taking place here in new york in this these last couple
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of days today was the biggest ones were taking place you see buses people arriving just outside our studio because we're two blocks away from the united nations headquarters carrying people to these protests people carrying banners saying medina shot is a tyrant to murder a terrorist they're criticizing him for the human rights situation in iran as well as of course are controversial uranium enrichment program obama of course did mention iran widely he spoke a lot about nuclear nonproliferation and he said that the united states while being very satisfied with the fact that russia and the united states have been able to sign a new start treaty he's really hoping of that iran will come back for dialogue offered the islamic republic of iran an extended hand last year. and underscored that if they're as both rights and responsibilities as a member of the international community. iran is the only part of the n.p.t.
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that cannot demonstrate the peace the peaceful intentions of its nuclear program. and those actions have consequences speaking on the sidelines of the un general assembly russian foreign minister sergey lavrov has explained exactly what kind of signals the international community has been sending to iran now what the international community wants iran to do is to start fully cooperating with the international atomic energy agency as well as prove that all of its intentions are peaceful and put an end to all of the concerns of the international community as well as sign up to a range of international documents on nuclear nonproliferation and the russian foreign minister said that this is a way for iran to become a country free of economic sanctions. we see signs proving that to iran is seriously reviewing the current situations and studying the propositions which were given to worry iranian colleagues the foreign ministers of russia the us china france germany the u.k. held a meeting where the i mean big u.s.
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lee confirmed that our emails to start negotiations we expect that soon we will hear from iran that they are ready to begin this process another important issue commented on by the russian foreign minister is the latest proposals of the of nato secretary general to call upon russia and the north atlantic treaty organization to try to plan together when it comes to missile defense and work together in that area the russian foreign minister has said that it's important that the interests of both sides are considered taken into consideration and really worked on before any specific plans can be put in place he has said that the scheme that is currently being discussed and put on the table of by the barack obama administration is definitely more balanced than what has been pushed by the bush admin astri. in the last couple of years however the russian foreign minister said that before any decisions are made all the risks and concerns of all parties have to be taken into consideration we want to have a clearer view would need to his new strategic concept will be like firstly how
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ready are need to colleagues to start making the principle of indivisible security established in the one nine hundred ninety s. a fact of secondly what is russia to nato we were assured that need to views us as partners and not opponents the third thing is what is needles attitude to the international law first of all regarding the principles of use of force in modern foreign affairs security is a very important issue between the alliance and russia so this is something that was underlined repeatedly however no plans were set in stone and this was a meeting that took place ahead of a big summit that is being planned in november this year in lisbon we're still ahead in the program a new land of opportunity find out why america is brains are looking to india for their career break. status and travelling but you don't have to pack your bags to join our close up table as we explore the vast and varied regions of russia .
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yesterday we continue our journey across russia suffered in region in the country's far east it's not only famous for its study beauty and the wildlife it's also one of the most i think diverse parts of the country. ski reports. auntie's close up team continues its inside in the soccer region in the russian far east and this time we'll talk about what this region is like in terms of its social structure and now to talk about what this soccer the region is like in times if it's ethnicity and social we joined in usenet the capital of the region by the professor from the state university mr alexander many thanks for joining us for being us here in the southern region and my first question to you obviously the most generally one what the second region is like ethnically can you tell us more
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about that thank you oh well cycling is quite an interesting place of the russian far east in terms of it it's an ethnic composition we have historically had different minority groups here all struggling in particular probably the most visible one is cycling career they compose about six percent of the entire population besides we also have the presence of muslim population here most of them. need around migrants from central asia and they probably compose five. percent or something like that and another interesting minority group that is native sapolio or we call them the indigenous people of sakhalin leafs and other nations so. it should be noted is that historically the end of the world the second world war of the region here on the population of here was formed by the
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migrants we from all over the country i mean people from the brain from caucasus from other parts of fashion came here so it's kind of. well to call for many thanks this was alexander professor from the socket in state university now we mentioned population north koreans living in the soccer lane and we did that report with the inside on the tragic story. of these labor migrants in this part of russia let's have a look at this report right now. korean team you in there prefers to be called the idea color russian style this nineteen year old man worked and suffered in school mines for more than four decades under two different political regimes he still remembers the night his life changed completely. japanese soldiers came to our village in korea in one thousand nine hundred three and dragged me and some of my family out of our house they said they were taking us to sakhalin to work in
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a mine and promised we would only be there for two years but as you can see i'm still here. kim lives in a small mining village in eastern sakhalin home to several hundred people who share his story koreans were sent to sakhalin by japan as forced labor migrants to work and call mines thus they supply talk with resources needed for the war. the japanese occupation ended more than six decades ago and most of the coal mines are no longer operational but the koreans are still here. just under a thousand koreans were sent to cycling by talk while their country was on the japanese rule. now there are almost fifty times as many living on the island and if the third generation has adapted to life here some of the older people who see themselves as forced migrants still dream of going back
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given their holiday gatherings turn into political rallies i think we demand historic justice. this organization deals with we've actually ation and has helped more than fifteen hundred koreans return home over the past twenty years its president says this number would be higher if talkee or provided help. because. as we believe japan is guilty of causing the situation in the first place since nine hundred eighty five we've heard tokyo apologize twice but it hasn't gone anywhere from there there's been no action that's why we rely on our own resources and help from russia and south korea. moskos stance is to assist the repechage relations of the cycling koreans and local authorities say they try to do just that but the number of people wanting to leave is diminishing every year but it is with a but will fully cooperate with local korean organizations on the pattern but ethnic koreans are getting more and more into someone in life they held positions
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and then ministration there is successful in regional business and they get a good education that's why some even come back after a patch ration to korea. says he'd happily return to korea but all of his family are here so like many within the diaspora he sees no point in leaving his home even if this was not the home he chose. russia ski r.t. reporting from the cycling region. israel has rebuffed the united nations report that concluded its rate of gaza bound aid for terror when they broke international law the probe described the incident turkish activists were killed as brutal disproportionate israel criticised the findings as biased soldiers at the hands reported will be submitted to the un rights council on monday chamberlain who was arrested for being on or party to the ship's un report is credible.
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force that was used as the united nations. group said the force that was used was extremely brutal all necessary and it was it was way over proportion to anything that was on board any of the vessels that was not armed civilians on board a vessel that mostly humanitarian person go over there this was a very concise process that was created a by the united a united nations group they interviewed a lot of people in the united kingdom in france and in geneva and also in the middle east they also they asked persons that were on the flotilla myself as a c c man they asked me what i had seen and it was point to point it was to the face there was no blasting of the information. i was saying that and he was on board of the ships in the terror. well that's look at some of the international
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stories making headlines today the u.s. has carried out its first execution of a woman find years to raise and lewis was convicted in two thousand and two of conspiring to kill her husband and stepson to claim their life insurance she enticed two men with offers of sex and money to carry out the killings both gunmen were sentenced to life in prison one committed suicide four years ago judges rejected in the pill by luce's lawyers who argued her execution would be unconstitutional as the woman had learning difficulties. japan has said it will release the captain of a chinese fishing boat was arrested disputed waters sparked a diplomatic row beijing suspended the high level content to take one of the incident chinese vessel eventually crashed into two japanese patrol boats that i want a fortnight ago early at four japanese men were detained in china illegal filming in the military. columbia's military forces have killed the top military strategist
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of the country's main rebel army the fark working with him as that one of the hallway died in a military operation targeting a rebel stronghold he was responsible for a number of attacks from security forces in the one nine hundred ninety s. government officials say when his death is the most significant strike against the group in recent years. opponents and supporters of the venezuelan president hugo chavez held their final rallies ahead of sunday's parliamentary election the socialist leader denounced his opponents as. candidates hundred sixty five seats in the national assembly are up for grabs a present it's almost entirely. eighteen million or registered to vote more than three hundred candidates competing in the polls. and there's been some good news for. gold lovers hotel in the dritte has installed an unusual a.t.m. it dispenses go for just forty euros customers or see one grab go.
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and no worry of being short changed either as prices are checked in line with international markets every ten minutes the first go to go vending machine was installed in a hotel in darby earlier this year. now with the world economic crisis still lingering in the minds of many in the u.s. some are seeking pastures new india seems to offer a better chance of living the american dream at the financial perks come with pitfalls ex-pat struggle with a huge culture shock. to see whether the grass is greener on the other side. it's thursday morning in bangalore india. in the morning bustle is just beginning. but beyond the bustle on the other side of bangalore a different kind of morning is underway a quiet morning at the center of what's being called india's i t boom there's definitely
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a sense of excitement here things are looking up for india even throughout this recession things have remained positive here and you can't really say the same thing about the states for collin murphy that excitement drew him here to the campus of one of india's biggest i.t. companies infosys the forty three acre self-contained community boast twenty first century architecture who are made dining and environmentally friendly transportation for the outsourcing giant's employees we have students from stanford students from harvard students from mit they get to understand what is infosys what's the id industry because most of the internships are based in india what is india and part of that is just about breaking bad's and misconceptions it's an ironic twist after decades of what was called the indian brain drain a new era has begun one in which thousands of americans are packing up their things and for. anding better jobs in this land of new opportunity infosys is one of a handful of indian companies that is actively courting america's top talent every
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year the company brings more than one hundred elite american students to its campus for a ten week training program to learn about india and its prospects. economic opportunities people from all over the globe. that we leave. and happening in china and india valerie risen skee came to work in an indian startup after spending three years in silicon valley india has been increasingly interesting market and as it becomes easier and easier to be here with better infrastructure and things like that. more and more people are bound to come most americans who come to bangalore for work don't live on the modern manicured campus at infosys and when you move house boy or cross the planet to india you also have to deal with the problems here like traffic congestion power outages in my soon but despite experts predict that by twenty fifteen american companies will move three
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point five million jobs abroad and many of those jobs will come right here to india globalization is all about people from different nationalities coming together in pursuit of a common goal this is all. the power of globalization it's all about raising the bar of the new economic. order a new economic order that might just turn the world upside down preassure either r.t. bangalore india where online twenty four hours a day r.t. dot com where we have plenty of other stories which is the stuff that has just a selection russia's state going with it wanted to have it ready twenty five thousand dollars in the united states but it's just a book which details the college. and find out why most of it so seeing less. patients on the streets of the russian capital for details log on to r.t. .
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stephanie joins us now with a business update and good news for the russian economy or the country could you look at deficits soon after two thousand and thirteen understands that yes that's according to the russian government bought it will depend on diversification we have more on that from prime minister putin in just a moment but first russia office tremendous potential for carbon trading a group of international experts have gathered in moscow to discuss the possibilities for developing the market which some say could be worth more than two and a half billion dollars a year but dean a question of a has the details. carbon trading was one of the key elements for reducing greenhouse gas emissions agreed and vicki are the product called russia was the last to run to find the product called which came into fact in two thousand
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and five under the trading system and government issue permits to kompany. volume of greenhouse gas if a company than once to invent more c o two equivalent than it can buy the right from in another company that will last the system also works between countries but even if the mechanism were widely adopted it still would not properly address the problem of greenhouse gas emissions the challenges are it's more from what your political level i mean we have you know china is a new power in the world that is growing and it's growing its emissions we have the united states that is still a bit reluctant. to reduce the emissions because that will hurt sort of the economy we have for europe europe that's very active the first amassed. the carbon trading proposal was made by russia's largest bank its burbank the c.m. thirty five companies made bids for seventy seven point five million tons of c o
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two equivalent meanwhile ukraine's national environmental investment agency wants to created join carmen trading platform between russia kazakstan and belarus carbon trading russia really just kicked off the approval of fifteen projects which produce emissions thirty small scale so far we've only seen somewhere we have to know just under forty million tons of carbon to put out the context that surrounds three hundred fifty million euros but the potential is much greater however the private sector is has a tenant about making long term investment in content trading as the kyoto protocol expires in twenty twelve and its successor has not yet been a great the weak governmental support for emissions trading is adding to the uncertainty of these markets with a long term view because we believe that this by the difficulties we are observing in terms of finding a new international agreement we believe that we will be leaving it to you to
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constrain the war so far very little money has been made from carbon trading in russia without profit incentives it's hard to persuade private companies to get involved in the markets but the governments will get another chance to rewrite the rules in two thousand and twelve when the kyoto protocol expires and possibly build in more financial incentives for companies to go green might you know question a business i want to see and in other news the russian government believes it will be able to achieve zero budget deficit sometime soon after two thousand and thirteen the promise of britain says this will be dependent on generating income from sources other than war materials. we will continue to decrease our budget deficit in the future by two thousand and thirteen the deficit will be less than three percent of g.d.p. . zero deficit judging by the changes that happened this year it could happen quickly first of all to balance the budget we're counting on economic growth it's
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quality development we need not just revenues from materials. the takeover battle for neurosurgical between two of russia's most notable billionaires has become a little clearer the dispute escalated at this year's a.g.m. one better pascoe's reso last one seat on the real sport in favor of blood a mere platonic interest group that a past claimed this went against a previous agreement to share control of the minor and said he would challenge the vote in court but at a meeting of no nichols board of directors in moscow its chairman claimed everything was done in accordance with the rules. we believe that the annual general meeting that took place in june was in strict compliance with russian law and we recommend that the makeup of the board remains as it is. and that's a quick look at how the acting markets are doing in asia stocks a mix the nikkei turns briefly positive after the dollar spiked high against the
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yen pulling speculation of intervention in the currency markets by japanese authorities but it's not one percent in the threat western expected u.s. jobless claims data pushed u.s. stocks lower overnight a fall in irish g.d.p. and a weak euro zone purchasing managers index are damaging investor confidence in european economic recovery. and here in moscow the r.t.s. has opened just slightly lower having finished flat on thursday the my sexual stock trading in just a few minutes it closed but you know in the previous session in line with trends on the global markets and the majors with the main track. and that's your business update for now but i'll be back with all of you next hour and of course it was far more stories on our website that's r.t. dot com slash that's us.
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you know. this history still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal this to the soviet files house on the embankment and on. morning news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada.


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