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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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close leisure. to go clear brotherson the kennel was hotel retreat. three astronauts remain stranded in all but tonight has a technical glitch stops the earth shuttles among docking but mission control says the crew is no danger of god late. cia trained afghan death squads are reportedly fighting the taliban while concerns mount they could join forces as soon as the u.s. is out of the region. also calls for pace and a furious war the biggest gathering of world leaders in the big apple. as the international community calls upon iran to get back to dialogue between president accuses the united states of trying to dominate the world we'll bring you all the latest updates just ahead in the program.
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this is up to you it's eight pm here in moscow thanks for watching this hour on kevin our top stories for the first time ever a soyuz spacecraft has failed to arm dock from the international space station leaving the crew stuck in orbit two russian cosmonauts and astronauts ready to return to warthe earth with an alarm signal take technical problems artie's natalia not a cover it's got the latest tonight. a difficult maneuver and not a good time to hear warning bells after spending nearly six months in orbit three of the current i says crew get held up trying to head for home while trying to undo the automatic lock between the space station and sees landing field to open. an alarm went off aboard the spacecraft seeing that the airlock isn't. properly
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secured and the vehicle isn't isolated from the vacuum of space after a thorough inspection it turned out this was a false alarm and this is no ordinary jammed lock this journey home takes intense preparation. they haven't slept for a day preparing for the landing and checking the spacecraft costumes and testing the air tightness and now they have to go through that all over again which means another day or no rest it's very tough but they're well trained with safety is the watchword here mission control center needs to be one hundred percent certain before giving the next green light we could have proceeded with the undocking and landing today but we decided to do it tomorrow just to be sure there is nothing wrong with either the station or the landing module. now the problem is so nothing should stops a spacecraft from successfully detaching his plans in case of emergency in case the spacecraft fails to undock again there's always a back up module that they can ease to for i pad to earth and there's always
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plan c s then by say you spacecraft that's ready to take off for the isis and bring the stranded crew safely back to earth not only the arty kind of moscow region. elite terror killing teams run by america's intelligence agency of no take in the u.s. led war beyond afghanistan those are the claims in a new book called obama's wars by veteran journalist bob woodward he reveals the secret are we are some three thousand afghan fighters sent to hunt al qaeda and the taliban of no infiltrated pakistan was talk more about this without one of. those towns capital kabul tonight for us paula hi there the fact that the cia has been managing a covert army in afghanistan has never been a particularly guarded secret though is it. now kevin it hasn't i mean u.s. officials for some time have been talking quite openly and brazenly about secret armies operating here although these officials speak anonymously some of them have
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gone so far as to actually brag and boast that some of their most effective counterinsurgency efforts have been thanks to groups like this now in a book that will be released next week and titled obama's wars written by bob woodward he suggests that there are as many as three thousand afghan assassins who have been directly trained and funded by the cia to carry out a plan to sign operations in which they capture and kill al qaeda and taliban fighters and leaders here in afghanistan and also across the border in pakistan and this is something that is not going to go down well with islam but there has always been a red light on u.s. forces operating here in afghanistan not to cross over into pakistan and this coupled with the fact that the u.s. has been firing missiles from unmanned u.s. drone aircraft to do rate higher than the bush administration does point to an enlargement of the u.s. president barack obama's closer to go in the region i mean you need to remember
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that we're talking about a paramilitary group the size of an army brigade it also directly links to a strategy review at the end of november two thousand and nine in which the u.s. president barack obama said that it was a priority to directly why plant. al qaida and the afghan taliban particularly in these enclaves along the pakistan afghanistan border so paula what is the best educated thought of what will happen to these heavily armed units when the americans eventually do lose interest in the region. well that is the million dollar question what does happen to these heavily trained heavily equipped and heavily funded groups if and when the u.s. loses interest in this part of the world this is a decades old strategy we're not talking about something new we're talking about a system where for whatever reasons it is not politically or economically or militarily viable to the united states to take some kind of direct action it employs proxy armies the same thing or
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a very similar type of operation happened in iraq against al qaida there we saw the same thing happening back in the one nine hundred eighty s. here in afghanistan when the cia sponsored initiated into take on the soviets and very often people refer to this as the salvador option a throwback to the seventy's and eighty's when the u.s. sponsored diffs squads in countries in latin america to take on its enemies hero in afghanistan many people suspect that when we're talking about these three thousand afghan assassins we're talking about be the private militia of warlords who operate here today ok or policy thanks for bringing us there from afghanistan's capital kabul more on a two hour caray she from the thing time project for pakistan in the twenty first century says that the death squads may become a major source of problems for both afghanistan and pakistan. but the united states continues to rely on warlords in afghanistan when when i heard about the this
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mercenary force of three thousand well trained up guns i still there's one part of the story that is still missing and that is where these three thousand of gun volunteers for this mercenary army came from and i have no doubt about the answer to this question and that is they came and they were recommended by some of the warlords of course as you know there is a there's a problem of loyalty and enough to understand you cannot recruit people without knowing exactly where they coming from so most of this three thousand force must have come recommended from some of the warlords and these warlords are really milking the u.s. government and the u.s. military they're making a lot of money and of course we all know the story of what happened in toto back in november and in december two thousand and one when it was some of bin laden actually escaped from tora bora thanks actually to the very allies of the u.s. military the of gone warlords who some of them according to reports took money and let many almost one thousand al qaeda fighters really skate so you really these are
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really shifting loyalties and these three thousand fighters must have come from somewhere and they must have loyalties to some warlords inside afghanistan and this confirms actually that we will have problems about these militias and these mercenaries getting out of control at some point in the future. just ahead here tonight. closer to you on a journey that explores the ethnic diversity of the sakhalin region in russia's far east. achieving peace should be the focus of the u.n. general assembly instead mahmoud ahmadinejad stole the show with a tirade against the west now that the u.s. could be behind the nine eleven attacks it sent delegates heading for the exits with barack obama calling the remarks hateful and offensive but artie's in a sincere new york says the iranian president was not a character. obviously president mahmoud ahmadinejad has earned himself a reputation over these last couple of years and is known to traditionally come up
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with theatricals when he addresses the united nations general assembly but yesterday's speech was in fact a surprise this was the first time that the reading of president mentioned the events of september eleventh and the underlining message that he sent to the international community was something that sent the u.s. delegation out of the assembly hall yet. there were three viewpoints first that a very powerful and complex terrorist group able to successfully cross all the years of the american intelligence and security car you don't get to talk this is a privilege you point which has been supported mainly obligated by american statesman second that some segments within the u.s. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining american economy and its grips in the middle east in order to steve design a strategy the majority of the american people as well as most nations and politicians around the world agree with this view while mahmoud ahmadinejad also took time to extensively criticize dominating nations he talk
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a lot about the history of certain world powers dominating others other nations and of course in these last couple of days mahmoud ahmadinejad has really been a one man reality t.v. show he's been in new york for several days and he has said he has had several media appearances and has really been sending out mixed messages to to the to the international community while the international community has been trying to say that we're ready for dialogue we want dialogue to resume again and of course here in new york yesterday thursday one. shot was giving his speech one of the biggest protests took place we saw buses of people arriving with signs saying mahmoud ahmadinejad is a terrorist a tie around and so on there was a bow cartoonish figure of ahmadinejad right outside the united nations and people were really getting worked up criticizing the era. union human rights situation as well as it's controversial you read him in richmond program barack obama of course who was also addressing the u.n.
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general assembly on thursday obviously brought up the issue of iran he said that the united states is still expecting that dialogue could resume and hoping that iran would start negotiating directly get and not sending out different messages but the u.s. does says it still wants iran to prove that its intentions are peaceful yesterday russian minister russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said what the international community wants iran to do is start cooperating with the international atomic energy agency sign up to the important international nonproliferation treaties as well as really get rid of all suspicions and really prove that it's open and it has nothing to hide. we can count on the fact that this signal was heard we see signs proving that to iran is seriously reviewing the current situation and studying the propositions which were given to worry iranian colleagues the foreign ministers of russia the u.s. china france germany the you carry hold
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a meeting where the i mean big it was lee confirmed that our emails to start negotiations we expect that soon we will hear from iran that they were ready to begin this process well even though these calls from the international community came repeatedly asking iran to join the dialogue again we have definitely been seeing very mixed messages from the iranian leader over the last couple of days starting from the. speech at the united nations general assembly to sending out messages and giving contradicting statements used he said that if the united states continues attacking iran if the united states attacks iran's you read. facilities that a war would take off then she was saying that yes iran is ready for dialogue but iran is not happy with the format of the dialogue being suggested and then she would say that iran has been ready for dialogue this entire time so we're going to have to wait and see if a real dialogue takes place any time soon. just take a minute to websites not always plenty of their feet exposed people are now in line
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to go home singapore was accused of inflating its economy and expanding its coast guard with sand smuggled from neighboring countries one of our top stories out tonight take a look for non-coding already. employed muscovite says he is the victim of a three million dollars theft. police on the case to find out how the money was lifted from a safe deposit vault mr a story that when you get it online tonight at r.t. dot com. here in the top watchdog's naturally rejected a resolution proposed by arab nations to get israel to open up about its nuclear activities the proposal argued that israel's widely assumed atomic arsenal threatens regional security while the u.s. is always concerned that the draft text could jeopardize fragile peace talks in the region before middle east implements says that israel must sign the nonproliferation treaty for peace to be possible. if one one middle eastern power would have would possess nuclear nuclear armaments and the others i guess security
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in the region would be under threat there is no either have maintained that they want they think that it is their national interest to do to be ambiguous as far as. their perception of looking or not but of course the whole world the whole world knows that israel has nuclear weapons and we don't see any need for these weapons in the middle east in the middle east and of course we will never reach a comprehensive peaceful settlement as as long as israel hasn't joined the n.p.t. and hasn't accepted the additional protocols of the of the n.p.t. . more today's top stories now japan says it's ready to release a chinese fishing boat captains arrested more than two weeks ago he was detained
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after an apparent collision with two japanese coast guard vessels in the taiwan beijing says the detention was illegal and is sending a plane to bring him back the instant cause diplomatic dispute between china and japan. australia as a limpid committee president says awarding the commonwealth games to new delhi was wrong john cote started that the multinational body behind the event didn't have the resources to make sure preparations were done properly on time some countries taking part are delaying their arrival because of concerns over incomplete buildings and squalid conditions of the athletes' village the six billion dollars games are due to start next week. the first time in nearly a century the u.s. state of virginia has put a woman to death to rescind lewis was executed by lethal injection she was found guilty of orchestrating the murder of her husband and stepson in a bid to collect insurance money the court heard how lewis had hired two men to carry out the killings judges rejected the lawyers appeal that a death sentence would be unconstitutional given woman's low i.q.
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in light aircraft crashed and burst into flames in the nation in indonesia the plane was flying too low as it performed spitting maneuver to the ground the pilot survived and is seriously ill in hospital no one else was on board hundreds of children saw the plane crash by watching the show which was marking the city's bison. all the way our close up to take another road trip to bring you the very best of russia. another style wedding seventy thousand kilometers from moscow to the country's far east russia's biggest island sakhalin is also one of the country's most prosperous regions there it is all about located not far from japan it was the scene of territorial struggle between moscow and tokyo in the early twentieth century in the late one hundred thirty cycling became home to thousands of koreans by japan is
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cheap labor jeff ski for spoke to members of that unique community who still call the island their home. artie's close up team continues its inside in the cycling region in the russian far east and this time we'll talk about what this region is like in terms of its social structure now this region has more than a powerful million residents predominantly russian more than eighty four percent of the people living in the cycling island and everywhere around the region are ethnic russians also we have less than six percent of ethnic koreans the diaspora which was sent here by japan at the time when this island was occupied by the land of the rising sun and the korean diaspora in the cycling is the largest of all russia we know that all this half a million koreans living in everywhere across russian mainland but the biggest chunk of this diaspora is living in here in the circle in region and we did
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a report with inside on the tragic story of these labor migrants in this part of russia let's have a look at this report right now. korean prefers to be coerced the idea or russian style this nineteen year old man worked inside the school mines for more than four decades ago was under two different political regimes he still really. embers the night his life changed completely. japanese soldiers came to our village in korea in one thousand nine hundred three and dragged me and some of my family out of our house they said they were taking us to sakhalin to work in a mine and promised we would only be there for two years but as you can see i'm still here. kim lives in a small mining village in eastern sakhalin home to several hundred people whose share his story koreans were sent to cycling by japan as forced labor migrants to work in coal mines thus they supply talk with the resources needed for the war. the
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japanese occupation and more than six decades ago and most of the coal mines are no longer operational but the koreans are still here. just under a thousand koreans were sent to suckling by talk while their country was on the japanese rule thanks. they're almost fifty times as many living on the island and if the third generation has adapted to live here some of the older people who see themselves as forced migrants still dream of going back given their holiday gatherings turn into political rallies as you can demand historic justice. this organization deals with we've got three ation and has helped more than fifteen hundred koreans return home over the past twenty years its president says this number would be higher if you took your provided help you said
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because. as we believe japan is guilty of causing the situation in the first place since nine hundred eighty five we've heard tokyo apologize twice you know but it hasn't gone anywhere from there there's been no action that's why we rely on our own resources and help from russia and south korea. moskos stance is to assist the repechage ation of the suffering koreans and local authorities say they try to do just that but the number of people wanting to leave is diminishing every year but it is going to go with a but will fully cooperate with local green organizations on a pattern but ethnic koreans are getting more and more into south and in life they held positions in administration there is successful in regional business and they get a good education and that's why some even come back after a patch nation to korea. happily returned to korea but all of his family are here so like many within the diaspora he sees no point in leaving
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his home even if this was not the home he chose lets you assess the r.t. reporting from the cycling region. now one invention that centrality made the world smaller is television and later the hundreds looks back at the days before our high definition high five flat screens to watch soviet life as seen on t.v. . first television broadcast that was in one nine hundred thirty one by the night and fifty's people in the u.s.s.r. could watch three television channels on the scene like this one here. televisual observer will join martin about ten minutes before that let's check out tight spaces from charlotte.
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hello and welcome to the business program with me charlayne was folly the world bank is planning to jump start lending in russia with a fund to buy bad debts from banks it's hope this will free up cash to the banks can ease credit the banks international finance corporation is in talks with bank of russia's deposit insurance agency to set up in two thousand and eight to buy troubled lenders but debts in russia are believed to be around seventy billion dollars given that investors trade about twenty percent of non-performing loans this means russia has a potential market of thirteen billion dollars. now global mergers and acquisitions have risen for the third consecutive quarter and showing their strongest results in two years activity total six hundred billion dollars up thirty five percent from a year ago a recovery in financing options allowed companies to pursue deals previously first on hold during the crisis growth is being driven mainly by emerging markets in
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particular the bric countries of brazil russia india and china which accounted for a fifth of m n a activity so far this year activity in the u.s. has held steady offsetting a slow performance in europe. told have a look at the markets now here moscow the polls have ended the week in the black box from earlier losses in the session because dick sentiment was in line with global trends after good monday factual data from the u.s. and the rise in german business confidence provided the most support was gaining more than two point five percent. and staying with the markets and it's been a quiet week here in russia although generally more positive than negative. investment bank gives his verdict on the last five days. people expect that there is going to be probably some appreciation no open market committee in the united states decided from she was very the market for the basic review is going to be some increase in purchases over the summer a pick from good news from them so what we believe is going to be not happening
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until the older we are beginning of november the look of the things i'm offered a small rally your base it was it was so we've seen some rather negative fifty six coming out which was pretty much like nothing out of the market for what sort of this positive number member of the market was trying to gain now the metal unions of russian and gold mining. plans to raise up to four hundred million dollars by holding an i.p.o. on the hong kong stock exchange a source of investment fund says the company has already begun the order book is to close the six take on pricing is juice take place will be the second russian firm to be listed in hong kong after aluminum to do so. russia office tremendous potential for comp and trading that's according to a group of international experts who've gathered here in moscow to discuss the possibilities for developing the markets one some say could be worth moving to a half billion dollars a year would you know question has the details. carbon trading was one of the key elements for reducing greenhouse gas emissions agreed and the key are the product
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called russia was the last to ratify the product which came into effect in two thousand and five and to the trading system a government issue permits to kompany. volume of greenhouse gas if a company then once to invent more c o two equivalent than it can buy the rights from in another company that will emit less the system also works between countries but even if the maccan is were widely adopted it still would not properly address the problem of greenhouse gas emissions the challenges are it's more from what your political level i mean we have you know china is a new power in the world so it is growing and it's growing its emissions we have the united states that is still a bit reluctant. to reduce emissions because that will hurt the economy we have for europe europe that's very active the first domestic carbon trading proposal was
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made by russia's knowledge his bank is burbank the c.m. thirty five companies made beds for seventy seven point five million tons of c o two equivalent meanwhile ukraine's national environmental investment agency wants to create a joint carom and trading platform between russia and belarus carbon trading russia just kicked off the approval of fifteen projects which produce emissions study small scale so far we've only seen somewhere you know just under forty million tonnes of carbon to put out the context of surrounds three hundred fifty million euros but the potential is much greater however the private sector is has a tenant about making long term investment in content trading as the kyoto protocol exploits in twenty twelve and its success has not yet been a great the weak governmental support for missions trading is adding to the uncertainty of these markets. with a long term view because we believe that the spider if you could do so we are
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observing in terms of finding a new international agreement we believe that we would be living in a mere suit to constrain war so far very little money has been made from carbon trading in russia without profit incentives it's hard to persuade private companies to get involved in the markets but the governments will get any another chance to rewrite the rules in two thousand and twelve when the g.i. to protocol expires and possibly build in more financial incentives for companies to go green might you know question a business i want to. measure up there for this hour you can always find more stories on our website r.t. dot com slash business.
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and. her. new book.
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this history still keeps its secrets but now it's time to reveal it in the soviet files house on the embankment on. the. wealthy british. market. find out what's really happening to the global.


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